Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Schooling

  • Who was the last person to wake up this morning? This gal!!! Yep, both of my alarms were turned off by my sleepily self. Thankfully, both kids got up on time, got themselves ready, and my sweet husband decided he should make sure I was alert and oriented before he left for work. 
  • That could have been a disaster. But it all worked out well, thanks to an evening of preparation yesterday. School supplies and back packs were all ready in the car. Clothes were already laid out and ready to slip on. ANNND The 3rd Grader even had the time to brush her teeth. (I can't wait until the age when she is self aware and doesn't require constant nagging from me. The 8th Grader spends a good hour in the morning perfecting her look.)
  • We even continued our tradition of donuts for the first day of school.   
  • Big kid delivered to her 1st day of 8th grade 40 minutes early. She's very particular about her school mornings. She requires early arrival so she can sit around with her little group of bff's and check out the cute boys. 
  • The 3rd grader might have had to sweat a little because the traffic around the middle school and the intermediate school directly across the street from each other had a horrible traffic jam that resulted in cops showing up to direct traffic. We didn't see that last year. It took us a good 30 minutes to drive the 1-1/2 mile (round-trip) to drop off The 8th Grader. 
  • We are Keller ISD - which is the school district that has been all over the news for cutting the bus service out of the budget and now only offering paid bus service regardless of distance from the school. 
  • There were six buses that pulled into the middle school -- all filled up with only 1/3 of students. Those same buses used to be completely packed last year. 
  • Thankfully, we are within walking distance - and normally do walk (with puppies) but -- the fashion diva didn't want to walk and carry all the school supplies. I don't blame her. But man, that bus conflict sure has created a horrible mess of traffic. It was already bad considering their are two schools directly across from each other. I can't imagine how bad it got after we dropped off The 8th Grader way early. 
  • In my head I said "We are ..... Keller" just like they did in the movie "We Are.....Marshall!" 
  • Uh oh. Left hand is getting all numb and I haven't typed very much at all. I have a suspicion that the doctor that performed a carpal tunnel release on on my left wrist earlier this year may have done something wrong. 
  • I should let my wrist rest. In bed. While Napping. 
  • Go ahead...hate on me whilst I enjoy me some sweet slumber during your working hours. 
  • Next post today will be my Hot Sports Opinion on the Cowboys football game that I watched last night. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Morning

  • It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everyone's lookin' forward to the weekend weekend. 
  • And I didn't even have to look up the lyrics. (because I can still hear my husband singing that word for word)
  • I've paused the soap operas, pushed aside the bon-bons' and have decided to allow my blogging talents to return for your reading pleasure. 
  • Life has been good. Yep, marriage with The Great Blogger has been good. Very good. You wouldn't believe how sweet and caring that man is. Yea, yea, yea - I know he has his haters. But he is an incredible guy. 
  • Speaking of sweet, he bought me a new dryer yesterday and amazingly, it was here at 8am this morning after I called Lowe's to pay over the phone last night around 8pm. I heart the Lowe's. (Home Depot and Best Buy just didn't seem interested in our money.) 
  • Husband will finally have clean under-roos when he gets home, just in time for date night. I wouldn't blog how many days with clean unders he went would I? Pfft, of course not. 
  • Today a visit to the doctor for the yearly school medical paperwork for the asthmatic kid and maybe I'll splurge on a little shot of happy estrogen for me while we're there. 
  • Then it's off to chase down some composition notebooks and we're hoping to end the hunt for the pocket folders with brads. Fingers crossed.
  • I should mention The 3rd Grader begged me to sign up for "Room Mom" since I am now a stay at home mom. Eek! 
  • Partyin', partying' yeah! Partyin', partying' yeah! Fun fun Fun Fun. Lookin' forward to the weekend.