Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lunchtime Quickie

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Good luck.
I'm getting hit hard by comment spam...and it's getting hard to figure out which are real and which are spam.
I don't understand the ones in foreign languages.
Speaking of foreign languages....this is insanely horrible.
I'm getting grilled by my older kid over whether or not the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are real. She keeps asking for details concerning Santa Claus too.
I'm still bummed for her (and she is too) over her missing the school day last week for sickness thus ruining her perfect attendance for the year.
The little kids keeps eating my breakfast food. Hey! Mommy is dieting! (I guess I shouldn't gripe if she's choosing carrots and grapes over candy or chips.)
Guess what I did last night..go ahead...guess...give up yet? Ok, I'll tell ya...I mowed. I mowed after I changed the spark plug in my mower. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'm a chick and am not mechnically in tune with....well, anything mechnical.
I honestly asked someone if the Go Kart has a spark plug too. I might have been laughed at.
Mowing my lawn (even if it may be mostly weeds) made me smile BIG time. I think all the fresh air, sunlight and moving around made me feel really good today.
Mouse Thoughts:
I received mucho comments about the mouse....and now I'm scared. I didn't consider the possibility of that mouse bringing in baby mice.
One commenter's guess was right, I couldn't bring myself to killing the mouse with my hands or with a trap, BUT if my choice is kill it by a trap, poison or any other method as opposed to it having babies in my house. Ok...let the slaughter begin. We shall shed blood tonight. (or just put out poisoness stuff cause seeing a slaughtered mouse would make me cry.)
I took a tour of my new neighbor's home last night. It's very cute on the inside.....much cuter than I imagined. I now dislike my house just a smidge more. I love the lot I'm on, the backyard, and the neighborhood (except for the donkeys). But I have a pier and beam house. I can't stand the pier and beam. Why was it necessary to make houses on pier and beam? Whose bright idea was that anyway?
PLEASE let West Virginia win!! I don't care what else happens...i just need West Virginia to win overall and I'm good. Right now I'm sitting 4th out of 224 with my bracket thingie....but if West Virginia wins, then I'm 2nd. There's no prize for second in the tourney I entered, but bragging rights to having finished that well would be prize enough. 1st place gets a $150 gift card to Stagecoach Inn in Bridgeport.......YUM! I've eaten there. It's VERY good food annnd the service is top notch. Trust me, I've looked over the bracket that's gonna win (assuming West Virginia wins) a zillion times just hoping to find a scenerio that would put me as the winner. Nothing. They will beat me by 4 points. FOUR points kept me from a big ole' steak, a hot potato, warm, soft bread, fresh salad, beans.......
I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.
**I'm not bragging....I'm just hoping if I tell myself that over and over then the Stagecoach craving will subside.

Maybe I could just settle for a cookie. ;-)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I keep telling myself that I'm gonna be a better blogger. I don't listen to myself very well. 
  • Tonight was the Open House at the school and also the showcasing of the science fair projects. There are some creatively funny kids out there. My young en's grade? 95. Heck doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • The Decatur Middle School student that died this week had a favorite color of orange. My daughter tells me all will be wearing orange on Wednesday with thoughts of him. My heart goes out to that family. I could not imagine for a second.
  • I received a text yesterday that a school bus and a day care van were involved in a wreck...with my little one on a daycare van and my older one on a school bus - I had a hard time not having a heart attack. Neither of mine were involved...whew. 
  • Go Karts and Lawn mowers are not as easy to maintain as one would think....but I am very thankful for the intervention of The Inkernets that helps me figure out how to do it myself. 
  • If I'm griping about the lawnmower - that might be the first hint that I haven't mowed yet. My lawn is embarrassing. If I don't get the mower started tomorrow, then I'm going to have to call someone to come mow.
  • Kids new beds are great....although, they are sleeping in mine right now. Little one told me she can't sleep in her bed tonight because her leg hurts and she is afraid she will fall off the bed. Tomorrow night she'll be all healed and will sleep in there. 
  • The basketball tourney bracket thingie that I entered in is doing pretty pretty well. If all goes as I hope it does, I'll end up 2nd overall....with over 200 people in there! Not bad for a chick that rarely watches basketball.
  • My brother called me last week to let the kids sing happy birthday. I was so happy I almost cried. 
  • I'm embarrassed to admit that I still have a mouse in my house. I had him trapped in the pantry last night for twenty minutes. I was not going to give in and scream like a little girl.....again. Somehow...I'm not sure how, the little stinker managed to either get past me and my mighty force field that I had built to block his exit through the door or he completely managed to disappear into thin air. 
  • I'm fighting the magical voo doo mouse. The only thing worse is that he chewed into a baggie of Ramen Noodle Soup. Uncool.
  • Yesterday was stressful. Very stressful. I demand today be better. I've had enough miserable and stressful lately. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts

  • I have new neighbors that bought the house across the street from me and they have kids. In fact, within six hours of signing the papers those kids were playing in my backyard. I watched six kids run in my front door and head straight for the backyard.
  • I watched The Marriage Ref on tv tonight because it has Jerry Seinfeld...I love Jerry Seinfeld. That show was dumb. If a show like that can make prime time tv, then I have some award winning ideas.
  • I have spent two days laying around feeling icky. Two nights ago I felt a little naseauted. I woke up in the middle of the night to violently throw up the contents of my stomach over and over again.
  • Yesterday I layed on the couch wondering if I was facing the end of my own times...and it was my birthday.
  • Last night...I woke up to my big girl panicking over feeling bad. Her turn. Poor baby spent the night throwing up over and over again. This morning she didn't get to go to school, she had perfect attendance for the entire year until today. Poor baby.
  • On that note, the big science fair project was due today. I called the school thinking it would be ok to turn it in tomorrow....I mean, afterall - do they really want the two of us up there? Why yes, yes they did, and they actually lectured me over the phone to even suggest waiting until tomorrow. Good grief. I outta argue that she gets credit in attendance for today.
  • I kinda liked staying home with the kids the last two days. It's gonna be hard to go into work tomorrow...especially after having two days off.
  • Even if I was sick sick sick on my birthday - it was still a pretty good day. I got a zillion and two birthday wishes on my facebook and that made me happy. I feel loved. Annd, my sweet mommy got me a tool set....that's pink!
  • Happy Friday - tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Midmorning Giggle

Monday Thoughts

  • Oh my, I read some of Tiger's text messages. Oh my. That guy is a freak. I mean....seriously, he's a freak!
  • I've always held a little grudge toward this March Madness craziness because it interrupts my Survivor. This year I decided to embrace it for the first time and join a couple of fantasy basketball leagues. One is Liberally Lean's and the other is a group of friends. On LL's I went with West Virginia to win and the other I went with Kentucky.
  • A ton of people picked Kansas to win. A ton of people are not happy after this weekend.
  • Apparently cleaning a carburetor is harder than I originally thought. I’m also not so sure the fuel line is busted. And go kart is spelled with a k and not a c.
  • I had a neighbor text me last night that the cops were checking out my house last week for possible marijuana growth. They actually had me going for a little bit there. It’s a science fair project in progress in my garage. It might have something to do with plant growth…..and lights.
  • I am really really close to seriously considering finding a new home for my dog. She has a nasty habit of digging and my back yard looks horrible.
  • I didn’t wear green on St Patrick's Day. I got pinched.
  • Happy Monday.
  • Kids are home finally. Yay! My life is complete once again.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Night Date

I went on a date Saturday night. Fun, fun, fun . It was a surprise destination. I was told almost a month ago that we would be doing something for my birthday, but he wouldn't tell me where or what. I love surprises.
We went to see "Fat Pig" in Dallas. I loved the theater and the actors were fantastic. This was a 90 minute production with no intermission, but the play went so fast, I had no idea it was 90 minutes. Without giving away the ending of the play, I was shocked that it ended the way it did.
After the play they had a "Dr.Pepper/Snapple" sponsored discussion that was pretty interesting. The actors asked the audience for their insight, thoughts, and feelings over different scenarios and situations concerning the the storyline. The crowed was mostly an older crowd so the answers were great. I love crazy old people.
Leaving the theater, my date was sweet enough to have me wait in the lobby while he went for the car. My sweet date comes back and says, "There is no way you should miss this snowy walk." I peek outside and it's snowing!
The snow flakes were huge! I felt like a little kid walking back through the snow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • If I hear a newscast tell me one more time that it is Spring Break I'm gonna hollar!
  • Girls are with Baby Daddy allll week. Ugh. I feel kinda bad for him. Neither of the girls were in a good mood starting off. Big one didn't make the cheer squad and little one didn't want to leave me. She threw a big enough tantrum to bring on an asthma attack. It's not as if she doesn't have a good time, she just didn't want to leave mama for a whole week. Over the phone, she sounded a lot more cheerful yesterday.
  • What does Mama do with the kiddie's gone? Mama cleans! Yay!!! I cleaned out little one's room and will hit big one's room next.
  • One more project for the week is to clean out the carborator (sp?) and replace a busted fuel line on the go cart. I don't have a clue of what I'm doing....but I'm determined to pull it off before they get home.
  • I may have had this weight loss/stay in shape thing all wrong. There is no way that is actually a true story. Is there?
  • Some crazy, mean person left brownies at work yesterday. Chocolate brownies. Sigh.
  • The marathon I wanted to do was filled up in February. The race isn't until June! Now I have to find another one. It had a scheduling conflict anyway.
  • I entered one of those basketball bracket thingies. I'm feeling pretty good about my picks.
  • Happy Tuesday. I gotta get me some coffee....and maybe a donut or two.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy Day we have to wait out the results.

I'll post result when we know.


No go for my girl. Booo.

Oh well, we know what to expect next time and we have a goal to work towards.

Also, her boyfriend tried out for mascot and didn't get it either. I think he was crushed.

Good luck and awesome job to the girls that did get it. :-)

Go Eagles!

I would like to thank the two girls in this video for giving my girl and me a private lesson via a public video on youtube. Shheesh, that fight song dance is one hard dance to master....even for someone as young as me, you know, at the age of 21.

Hey, it's 4:00pm - send cheerful thoughts to my little girl.

How am I doing?

At work on the agenda, I have a performance review today. It could mean that A) I'm getting fired. B) I'm getting laid off or C) They love me so much they want to make me co-owner and give me a big fat hefty raise.
A or B would make more sense to do on a Friday, unless, it's the gal that is doing the - complicated time sheets for you - then you might want to make an exception and do that on a Monday - after the time sheets are complete and turned into Accounting. But - we are in a recession, I do work in construction and nothing is guaranteed.

That's it, only A, B, or C to choose from. I'm taking over.

Party in my cubicle later.

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of reviews. I didn't get a lot of notice on this one. It's a follow up from the last one. The last one was very positive, constructive and gave me a lot to look forward to and be proud of. So maybe it won't be so bad.


I just feel kinda awkward sitting in a room just talking about me. It feels like the whole initial interview all over again. Instead of "Pick Me! Pick Me!" It's "Keep Me! Keep Me!"

I love me some monkeys

(No actual monkeys were harmed in the taking of the pics.)

Arriving like clock work is: Friday

  • Two thoughts on Survivor: #1.) Could someone please send a messenger pigeon to Amanda to put some britches on that bottom of hers? I'm fairly certain that walking around in her under-roos could cause her to catch a cold or something. #2.) Was it wrong to secretly enjoy Jerri getting body slammed into a post?
  • Ok, I'll answer that second question. Yes, yes it was....I blame the fake wrestling shows on tv.
  • I spent last night trying to google and youtube Decatur's fight song and school song for big girl to use to practice with. I actually emailed for help asking..."don't kids these days youtube everything?" (My next lesson of the day will be to explain how tags are used and why they are helpful.)
  • It's Friday. I love the Fridays. Go Eagles. Woooo....go school spirit. I be nervous. I'm really not sure if I'm more nervous if she makes it or more nervous if she doesn't. Either way, she'll be fine. She'll rock as a cheerleader or have fun gearing up for next year.
  • Little ones leaving me today. Boo. I do get to clean their rooms though. Yay.
  • Do kids still toilet paper each other's houses these days? I haven't seen that lately. If they do, I could probably start stocking up now to help out. (Kidding. I would never do that.)
  • Dude! What's up with the superintendent resigning? Wow. I'm very curious as to why he did that.
  • Yes, on occasion I slip and say dude. I don't know where that comes from.
  • Enjoy your Friday.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Financial Advice

I would like to say that I blame my mother for me not looking more like Heidi. My mother, the CPA, told me to never get a credit card.

......seriously, is Heidi's waist really like that from plastic surgery?

Definition of Love

PSA Reminder to get a Mammogram

I can't believe I'm posting this before Liberally Lean.

Thursday Thoughts

  • I'm a bad blogger waiting almost a week from my last post.
  • I actually thought I was going to sit and blog about people as the shopped my driveway in between a card game with my mother. Nope...I sat down for about five minutes and stayed busy the rest of the time. I did get rid of lots of stuff, accomplished trading the old washer and dryer in exchange for the labor of putting the new in, and stayed up too late at night putting the new (very comfortable) bed in my room.
  • Just remind me that being a store owner is hard work.
  • It's been about three weeks since my grandparents brought me a pretty new bed and a working washer and dryer all the way from Arkansas and I still haven't called to tell them thank you yet. I'm a bad grandkid.
  • I'll be your bff for a whole day if you send me a twitter message at 6:00 tomorrow and remind me to call my sweet grandparents.
  • I'm trying very very hard not to get addicted to American Idol. I blame that Casey kid, since he's local...and pretty good.
  • I guess it's ok as long as I don't miss out on any Survivor episodes with my boyfriend, Colby Donaldson.
We shall now pause and sigh as we drool over an obligatory pic of him.


  • You are very welcome.
  • Day 3 of cheer clinic today. I've taken to biting nails. I'm not good with suspense. At all.
  • Speaking of kids, they are leaving me Friday for a week with The Dad for Spring Break. Ugh. A week without kids means......well, I'm not sure what that means yet. I do have a feeling there will be cleaning involved.
  • Enjoy your Thursday. Tomorrow is a big day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tales From a Cheer Mom

I'll start out with a disclaimer of this tale may not last very many days. My little bitty baby girl is trying out for middle school cheerleader.
Let's jump right in with details:

For starters - here is what is expected of tryouts:
#1. Very important: before they even enter the gym they MUST have read, discussed and signed the cheer laws with their parents (which is similar to a small chapter book)
#2 The child shall attend a mandatory cheer clinic for three days, during which they will learn a cheer, a new dance, and the dance to the fight song.
#3 Then the child will tryout, in front of independent judges from the NAACP...or maybe it's the NACCP. Either way, they won't be from this town.

Sound fair?

Well, so far, it does.

My first thought, was...if I can sit in during the clinic, then I can video the cheer and routine and help her practice at home. I suspected that the clinic would be open but the audition would be cosed. I was wrong, both were closed to parents.

Sort of.

There happened to be some sort of clause that would allow a parent to sit in and video if their child could not be at the clinic in person. I did witness parents going in to video, but did not see any parent questioned as to what had prevented their child from attending. Now, I'm sure, these parents had arranged ahead of time and got permission to video....right? Right. (I assume.)

Either way...if there are recordings of the cheer and dance, I'm thinking those recordings are cheer gold right about now.

Day 1 was Tuesday.
Day 2 was today.
Her feelings after day 1 were pretty glum. Today, however, after getting more practice in and retaining more memory of the dances and cheer, she's feeling a bit more optimistic. She's also looking a ton better than she did yesterday.

Either way, I'm glad to see her having fun and her little sister is loving every minute of this. I adore watching the older one practice behind her big sister trying to pick up the moves and words. It's really cute!

Wish her luck!

It's 16 girls (pretty sure on that number) trying out for 5 spots.

Other than me.......

Carry on with your Wednesday activities.

I'm still here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello, Friday

  • I was watching one of those I love the 90's the other night and they showed the beeper. I giggled, I had a beeper. My daughter: "What's a beeper?" Then they were engrossed with the show. "Wow, Mom, things were different back then."
  • Then they ask the question of "what are we growing up in, the thousands?"
  • Hey don't forget to see a local play this weekend. I went last Thursday and it was great! I laughed incredibly hard... the entire audience did. Go see it. Good stuff.
  • I finally watched an episode of Survivor last night. Oh, sweet, Colby,  I still love you. I was sooo scared he was going home last night. Very scared.
  • I loved the part when Boston Rob told Coach to "Man Up". Made me laugh just a bit. I couldn't believe to see Coach crying everywhere.
  • Tomorrow my little house is crazy enough to pull off a garage sale. We'll see how well that works.
  • Did you know that you can buy baby monkeys right off Liberally Lean's Classifieds? I want one. Are those legal to have at home?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunch Time Quickie

  • I am so tired of hearing/seeing Tiger and his naughty behavior in the news. Now his Caddie has made the news with a big bag of "didn't know anything" inside of it. Why is that even a news story? Do we, at this point, really care that much? Wanna give me news about Tiger? Then, tell me what the heck is going on inside that "treatment facility" he's staying at. Who else is there?
  • Speaking of affairs, I read anonymous comments from an online article that Vienna from The Bachelor had been seen around the Dallas area. I'll be, that might have actually been the truth.
  • I was sick Monday and still not 100% on Tuesday of this week and now feel like I'm a week behind on everything. I'm feeling better now, but sheesh, my house can get crazy in a heartbeat. My poor laptop probably thinks I don't care for it this week.
  • The weekend is on, I'm sooo throwing a bunch of junk in my driveway and posting a garage sale sign. Yay, I so can't wait to sit outside all day and chit chat with a bunch of strangers over my junk.
  • I cut my hair off. Yeppers, about three inches. It feels weird. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I feel traumatized over it. Three inches is like ten years of growth on my head. It takes forever to grow.
  • Back to work. Lunch break over.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


See the dangers I risk for you while blogging? 



  • Awww, poor Tenley was rejected and he chose Vienna in the end. Just before the ceremony my daughter sighs, and says, any chance he'll let both go and ask Ali?
  • I missed the Ali too. I still think it was a little weird that she had to leave before it was over. I bet there is so much more to that story. I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.
  • I figured out yesterday that I haven't felt good all weekend. Nothing like a good fever to really start your work week off right. Although, how I felt this weekend made more sense after I realized I was a little on the sick side.
  • I made it through the time sheets like a trooper - the guys kept their distance and then I went home and went back to bed. Ask and ye shall receive.
  • So I awake this morning (for the fourth time) and I think I'll make it. I sit at a desk. I can survive.
  • I still can't believe he chose Vienna. I will say that I really didn't like her until she sat and met with the parents and then I slowly changed my mind too. Dang Ali.
  • Science Fair project in full swing at home. We have eight plants on my kitchen table right now. We also have a question asked, a hypothesis stated and some data collected. Ahhh, to be a kid again.
  • It's Tuesday. Yum. Kinda.

Monday, March 1, 2010


"9 meters into English is what?"


  • Time waste of the day. I got up to a score of 54 before I quit. I decided if I didn't quit, I'd get addicted extremely fast.
  • After the half marathon recovery nap I had a wedding to shoot. Man, oh man, was the hardest wedding to shoot ever. My entire body was sore and I was still exhausted.
  • Sunday was worse. Way worse. My poor body. I looked up mine time from last year and it was two minutes longer. How'd that happen?
  • I can't tell you what a difference four advil and a hot hot bath makes.
  • Time to get serious with the running or I'll never pull off a full marathon. I'm now focused.
  • I saw a new baby nephew yesterday while out on the town. Oh my, what a beautiful little baby. I need to send them a message to put me on their babysitting list for that little one. Good grief, he is gorgeous.
  • Ugh.Woke up this morning in a sickly state. Fever is no fun, but I sloshed down a little advil and hopefully I'll make it long enough to turn all the timesheets in.

Wake Up