Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Still working

on the Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter's ummm....upper chest.
My guess right this second would be there are real and just a little on the chubby side.
Here is pic from five years ago....
I'll keep digging though.

I did learn that her real name is not Beth Chapman but is actually Alice Barmore. Interesting, very interesting......

Monday, October 30, 2006

By the way....

Saturday was the very last football game. Two weeks ago we had all cheerleaders for the last game of the season and they nailed the halftime dance. I got goosebumps when the crowd cheered for them. I was screaming with the girls when they ran off the field. Awesome job. I couldn't have been prouder.
And this last weekend, we played at a big stadium out of town with astro-turf. I'll learn the correct spelling before I start coaching beyond pee-wee.....definitely before I advance to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!
At any rate...4th quater, we're down one touchdown and our crowd and cheerleaders were going crazy. It was awesome. I think that's the first time we had fun losing. It came so close and the boys faught so hard. It was exciting and sooooo close!
Go Eagles!
Back to homework now.....
I will now hunt for that silly Government book and wipe the dust off of it.
Thanksgiving with the family is coming up. I must cram to show grades off when I get there.


for the following post...I just found the one I was looking for. This one is interesting.


can be pretty creative. I came across this video the other day and he has more including a very sweet one for his pretty wife.

I actually didn't

know this little tidbit of history, but it was very interesting.

I found

the perfect Christmas gift for my kids.....watch ya think? I predict everyone will have one of these very soon. It'll catch on.....or not.

I feel safe

the town I work and live in is not on this list.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ready, Set....GO!

If you need a stop watch on the internet, cause your overpriced cell phone doesn't have one then you can use this one....works great for timing how many multiplication problems you can answer in one minute....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Here is the first of five you tube clips on Dog the Bounty Hunter. When you click on it, you should see links to the next four.

Once you've watched it you can check out the official website here.

Or, if you are a myspacer, then you can join their UNofficial myspace page. It has LOTS of videos on it and they might even let you be their friend.

If you really feel bad for a good guy getting arrested for capturing a bad guy then you can sign the petition to help their cause.

I did learn he has a hearing in November....your homework assignment, should you be a real fan, is to find out the when and what for. Leave me a comment and let me know. I have an essay paper to write over the consititution.

K-I feel better....I should get a raise for this one.... or at least a free pass on cleaning. I vote let Ashley do my section of cleaning just one night....She adores me and wants to be just like me when she grows up! (he, he, he)

Coming in the next few minutes....

The correction plus more to the last post.

And, just for a reminder.....
isn't this blog titled Kat's Blonde Moments?
So does it surprise, my little readers that I some how posted an entry refering to a link that wasn't there?

If it helps any, I couldn't concentrate on my homework until it got fixed....so here I go.

Monday, October 16, 2006


For those Dog, The Bounty Hunter fans out there:

Here is a link to the first video of 5 that tells the whole story. There will be links to the side for the next four. I watched a couple of them, but they are about 7-9 minutes each.
Pup the Bounty Hunter (condensed)

Sorry, boss, I couldn't resist... please don't fire me and ummm... I'm working on it!

I'm soo addicted....

Watch the video below again, but this time, ignore the fight and watch the background.

I think I need to get back to my studies....

I just want to state for the record that niether of those colleges is the one that I send all my money and a couple of my brain cells to.
Miami vs. FIU Brawl (with music)

Where's that ref and his whistle?

I just thought pee-wee was rough....

Anyone catch this game over the weekend? I must have missed it...and I watched a ton of football this weekend!


We made the playoffs!!
There is another game left. I am soooo excited!!

Well, let me take a sec and inform ya that apparently in pee-wee football, everyone makes the playoffs. Almost doesn't seem fair, but if you lose you're out, really, this time for sure!

I would feel really bad if we did actually win the playoff game after only winning one game all season. What if the team in the # 1 spot lost? That would be sad. Then again, there might be a reason they are in the number one spot.

At any rate, wish us luck! Lots! We've had a great time all season.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday's Vocabulary Lesson

When I realized today's date is Friday the 13th I suddenly became frightened.

Did you know that there is a term for having a fear of Friday the 13th? Yep, you can find it here.

Now I want to hear you say it three times really, really fast!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Here are some of the girls....we had two out sick this day......


Hey I made seven of these during homecoming week.

Not a bad job for a first time mum-maker. I might take that up as a little hobby next year and sale them somewhere.

Yes, I patted myself on the back after seeing those seven little faces lit up!

Last game....

....is this Saturday.

Ahhhh.....I'm sad. I'm gonna miss those little girls.

My little, little girl is a soccer player. Turns out she is good at defense tactics. She makes a great goalie. And.....during a scrimmage she escorted another team's player off the field to look for his mommy. She was trying to distract the other team member so we could play better. Now if someone could have just taken the oppurtunity at that moment to score it would have been priceless!

Homework Brain

I worked so hard on an essay for government last night that I fell asleep in the middle a sentence. I wonder if the teacher will mind if there is a little drool on the paper.....

then again, maybe I'll type it up. I have another lesson to do in government and then I'm looking at a midcourse exam. Yikes. I read that it's a three hour exam. Good grief, they're mean!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

To the owner of my favorite steak restaurant....

I am looking for the dog.....I'm all over it! Stay tuned for the results of my incredibly slow investigation!

I'm Baaacck!

Miss me?

I dug out my living room after the mum mess, cleaned my kitchen, took out more than 5 bags of trash....

then I took my youngest kiddo to the hospital and we both went over 24 hours without sleep. But she got to ride in an ambulance from one hospital to another. Fun!

I won't tell ya how far behind I am on homework...but might blog for some answers....would that be considered cheating? Anyone out there found of History?

Mother, I was just kidding, I wouldn't cheat...unless you want to write a paper or 28 for me!!!