Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where have I been all your life...

or just this week.....
I had pink eye and sat at home and did NOTHING!! I did not go out in public and spread my diseased eye. I sat at home and watched movies!
So I hope the people at Netflix wash their hands after handling those movies I turned back in....

I promise to post more this weekend...
so for now I must go surfing the web to find more uselessly interesting stuff for you to check out.
I'm half way sure that uselessly is a word....I'll check on that too.

By the way, that is not my eye.... mine is pur-ti-er!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


....suddenly seems like a really cool sport.

Ohhh my....

I just got home from a cheer coach meeting. Wow! I cannot begin to describe that meeting. I'm really not sure how I feel other than I'm glad I'm just a coach!!! I love my little girls and their cheerfulness.
And to think I had no idea just how crazy pee-wee football is.
This is all just plum crazy!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sooo Close....

We did not beat the lions, but we had fun and our little cheerleaders looked great! They did the halftime dance and did not drop the flyer! Go girls!!!
And, blonde correction from a previous post...... the scrimmage game was tied one touchdown each, with would make the score 6-6. But hey, you knew what I meant right? Yesterday the other team got two touchdowns and we got one, which makes it 12-6. I didn't notice any extra points or field goals made. I think.
I'll work on that score thing.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

While you wait...

for me to get back from the football game, here is a time waste.

BEAT the Lions!

First game is today.... and we're playing the lions.
This is also the first time we'll perform our halftime dance.
I'm nervous.
Just don't drop the flyer during the stunt. Just don't drop the flyer during the stunt.
I don't ask for much.
I'm still groggy from starting the second job last night, which I have to go right after the game.
Yawn..... a couple more weeks and we can add a full college load to this mess.
BUT, when I get my own talk show.......

PS Last week we tied during the scrimmage. 1-1.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Broken Promise

I know I promised not to blog anymore on the Prison Break thing, but this is one I can't let go unmentioned. I was used as an extra on the show. They came back for a second taping in my big town.
Yep, very exciting day I had Monday. Happy Day. I got to walk down a sidewalk in front of a store. So, basically, you have to look past the main characters, out the window to notice me walking by. Annnnddd. that's if, it makes it past the editing department.
That was one hurry up and wait kinda day.
But, it'll do for a start. Soon, it will be me as the main character.
I won't mention the vehicle I abuse on a daily basis got more coverage than I did.
Hey I did get to be really close to the FBI agent guy. He was pretty nice.
I was more fascinated with the crew. All that stuff. So much technical stuff. I was amazed.
I still haven't figured out the guys that stand in for the characters. But that's why this is Kat's Blonde Moments and not Kat's Brilliant Moments.

Show Me The Money

Well, I called my little school and heard Monday that I got financial aid. So I call back Tuesday to talk to my little financial aid lady and she needs for me to submit two more documents. Today I did and called to verify that she received everything. She did.
So what's happens next I ask?
Well, it goes before another committee. It'll take another two weeks to decide. Two weeks?
Don't they know how nervous that makes me? Two weeks?
I liked the guy at the beginning of the week better. He told me I could registar for classes today.
Bummer. Two more weeks.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Survivor News.........

I heard a Survivor rumor today and rolled my eyes. Whatever I said. A fellow fan mentioned that he was told this was going to be four tribes divided by race.
Imagine how raised my eyebrows became when I came across this link. I'm surprised.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gizmo Flushes

On reason why the water bill could be so high.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My day off...

........was nice. I drove around handling "official" cheer coach business. I did a little house cleaning that was badly needed. Then I decided to strategize for this weekend's scrimmage. I think I woke up from that strategizing around 5pm. It was great.
Now I'll go play with some glitter glue.

226---- small number or big number?

What if that is the number of times you've been arrested?
Story here.
Craziest part of the story.... people out there with 500 arrests!
Wow, and to think I thought I had a lot with 72 arrests on my record.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Go team!!!

I just got offered a lead role in a play!!! YEAH!! I am VERY excited! It doesn't open until April and the wait is going to drive me crazy!!! I auditioned last night, got a call back for today and then got a telephone call afterward offering the part.
Mother, I refuse to discuss that the role is a dingy, high-strung, Texan....... don't mention the phrase type-cast, blonde!
Until then, I am coaching a pee-wee cheerleading team..... stop laughing, I'm actually doing a good job! We have our first scrimmage this weekend. I'm nervous. We'll have fun though.
So, the fact that we had pee-wee cheer camp last week might explain my absence in blogging.
To my vast audience of 3 1/2 I apologize.
To my manager, thank you soooo much for all the encouragement this weekend! We're on the way, I tell ya!!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Just for you Dad!

Office Space Trailer Recut

This is very funny recut. It makes it seem like this is a thriller.

Friday, August 4, 2006

100th Post!!!

Congrats to me! Hey and look those people are just as excited as you are!! Cool, huh?

And there might be a better chance of me getting rained on than you not already guessing that I cannot tell a short story. I am completely incapable of it. It's my one fault. I am 99% perfect.

Scary thing: My 18 or 19 kids are worse than me! Eeekk!

Please help me!!!

You see, my parent's are going to sell their sweet, little home and move. Before it goes on the market a couple of things could be done to help it sell, such as the back fence needed replacing horribly! Their side yard is concrete blocks and their back yard used to be old, rotted, falling apart, wooden fence. They could pay Lowe's to build it for a pretty penny. But why do that when you have free labor in the form of your children, in which, you raised. Yes, guilt still works.
So here's the dilema.
Replace the wooden fence or put up concrete blocks? Let me add, the wood, will have to be purchased for full price available in their town. The concrete blocks---REALLY cheap in another town 45 minutes away.
Either way, I think building a wooden fence is eaiser and the guy at Lowe's agrees with me. My brother, who is a nerd, thinks the concrete blocks would be just as easy.
Any professional opinions? Expert witnesses? Past experiences?
Heck, I'll just settle for thoughts.
(Actual pic)

News Media in Town....

Unsure which tv station this is..... but more importantly, we have our own professional Wise County Messenger's Joe Duty on board to capture the mess.
Exciting times!

One more and I'm over it..... (at least for today)

K- So they filmed outside this morning (1st pic). I was amazed on how much is involved in a tv show. Too many thoughts to list. But I am very impressed with how friendly the crew was. They were VERY kind to us gawkers (3rd pic.) And no I was not hanging over the balcony to see the stars. (Well, at least not at that moment!)
But the difficult part was when they moved inside and every five minutes you would hear QUIET ON THE SET! ROLLING! QUIET PLEASE! That wasn't bad in itself, BUT if you were trying to get work done and go home, it puts a damper on things when you get stuck in the hallway between offices. I swear I made a mistake in my choice of shoes today. I may not have been discovered, but I did personally discover those things are loud as heck! Craziness!
Pic #2 and the events directly after made my day. I got a close up shot (on break) annndd I waved and blew a kiss at him and he waved back. Even if he probably did roll his eyes behind his sunglasses and mutter a couple of unnice things under his breath & behind his smile, it still made my decade.
I'm good.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Soooo Tempting....

I drove by my little office building and noticed every parking spot had a pretty little cone in front of it.....
There are going to make me walk!
This is cruel and HORRIBLE punishment!
That sooo goes against my fascination with being lazy!!

But it does bring me back to the Ambulance Driving 101 course I took in my first round of college. Like I said, soooo tempting...

Hello....Prison Break

I am suddenly a HUGE fan of the show!!!
The building I work in will be used to film an episode of Prison Break.
Any chance I could offer him my services as a beautiful co-star?
Where is my stinking manager?! Oh my.... she is in such big trouble!!
I am sooooo docking her pay for this one!
A tv show being filmed downstairs and I have no part in it?!
Not sure I will recover from this one......
I think he's upset too.