Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For Anobiter Junior

More Here.

Lunchtime Blogging

  • I felt a little better last night, until I ate, but I survived, so all is good. I hope.
  • The recession has finally hit. Our hours at work got cut back, but we've only cut back our overtime. I wasn't getting to much overtime and have budgeted for 40 hours. I'll be ok. I feel bad for the rest of the guys that were getting well over 40 hours each week.
  • This is supposed to be temporary. I hope their right. It did take us awhile to get caught up to the recession.
  • I sat and did my budget last night like a good girl. Good grief it takes me too long to do that. I'm probably making it waay harder than it has to be. I was the biggest grump, had the biggest headache and wanted to bad to just goof off on the inkernet.
  • I've decided I'm gonna go ahead and play the lottery and win the big one. (When are those lotto drawings again?)
  • Blogger now has an "add location" feature. What the heck does that thing do?
  • I have a race coming up in 3 weeks. Let the race season begin! Woo hoo! This first race is here in Decatur and my sweet puppy dog gets to come with. (Please please please just let me finish that race!)
  • For the next few months, I'll be getting off half an hour earlier than I used to. It was really wierd doing that yesterday.
  • I worked Satruday and came in early Monday and then it was announced that the cutback was going to take place. I'll already have overtime this week. Whew.
  • Remind me to tell you about the disappointing Volleyball League later tonight.
  • K-get back to work.

It's not everyday .....

....that my sweet Grandmother sends me a package of underwear!

(And, yes, I found it necessary to smudge out the tracking number. I can't have someone stealing my Wonder Woman Under-roos.)

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You Are 52% Phobic

You have a few more phobias than the average person. And you're sometimes developing new ones.

Try to chill out and conquer some of your phobias. Facing your fears is the only way to get rid of them.

How Phobic Are You?

Lions and Tigers and Bears......oh my! Me afraid of anything? I know not this word called fear! (OK....I'm a wuss and anyone who knows me, knows I'm a wuss.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Caption This

Go for it.

Lunchtime Blaaahging

  • I don't feel good today. I didn't feel good yesterday either.
  • This morning I got a hearing test at the hospital as provided by my work place due to the loud noises in our shop.
  • They put you in this little...very little booth....have you wear head phones, give you a clicker to click when you hear any series of beeping, and then shut the door.
  • I took this test last year and knew what to expect. I didn't have a problem with the booth. I normally don't have a big deal with tight spaces.
  • Today I had a problem. I felt hot, nervous, dizzy, was wierd. I knew the booth was fine...I wouldn't get stuck, it wouldn't collapse...but still...panick.
  • My hearing is still good although I've had a loss in hearing in my left ear since last year's test. That's probably not good.
  • I went for a bike ride Saturday to work on payroll since I would be coming in late today. I loved it. I could almost pinky promise that I didn't open that throttle up and go somewhere between 90 and 100 on the freeway.
  • I normally love the smell of the outdoors on the bike....except in a construction zone, I got stuck riding behind a cattle truck. Ick.
  • I hate passing trucks on the bike on the highway. It sucks and scares the heck out of me.
  • I have a big problem with staying under the speed limit when driving my pinto. I have a problem keeping it up to the speed limit when riding on the bike. I'd think that would be opposite.
  • There is a Stick Horse Rodeo this weekend the kids will be doing. I can't wait!!!
  • I "friended" a friend of mine on facebook and saw a photo album that tracked her progress with a battle of cancer. Through pics of baldness, treatments, not good days....she still looks incredible. She has this spirit that shows right through regardless of how she looks. You can seriously see that spunk in her eyes.
  • My older daughter signed up for and was seriously looking forward to volleyball this fall. The league has been cancelled. More on that later.
  • The Iran bit scares the hell out of me.
Back to working....even though I don't feel-a-good.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tween Troubles

My little baby princess was warned more than once to clean that room or she would get grounded from her phone. Uh oh:

Then I get a msg left on my cell yesterday morning of her telling me that her teacher told her to call and let me know that she didn't get her vocabulary homework finished.
I'm wondering if that is the same vocabulary list she told me last night that she "did".
Little stinker.
It's hard to get on to her when she is so responsible and has better grades than I did.
But.... That won't stop me. I'll get on to her anyway. Baby needs to grow up and make lots of money so she can take care of momma when momma gets old.
I think I'm still claiming to be in my 20's, so old age will be a long time for me.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Better Video

Ok, I'll give you another video instead of the one below...and bonus, it's not freaky!

It's my favorite kind...the stop motion.

Drugs? Porn?

Please tell me there really isn't people in the world like this.

I'm scared.

VERY scared.

EDIT: I CANNOT believe that link isn't available. I would try to describe the video...but I lack the words. It was insanely wierd. INSANELY!

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Job searching for my brother is not going well. It's almost like there are no jobs out there. Someone out there please hire my brother. Don't make me beg. (BTW-I'll be MORE than happy to email you his resume.)
  • A certain somebody I know had to take a drug test. A random unannounced drug test. I would give you my left little toe in a bet that this person will NOT fail that test or any test ever!!
  • Said person shows up with entire office and they learned they all had to give hair samples. The women were ticked at how much they had to give and upset the guys with much shorter hair didn't have to give as much.
  • I was thinking more along the lines of.....hey! if hair samples are a timeline showing how LONG you've been using drugs...then you might think the guys have an advantage over not getting caught because they don't have that much hair...and I if I have hair halfway down my back then I'm complaining.
  • Said person also informs me that there is apparently some stuff you can buy at the store to get alcohol out of your system. I'm thinking the people testing might be looking for something different.
  • OF course, I know nothing of the above.. I'm a good where did I put that Homer Simpson bong....spider pig..spider pig... KIDDING. I haven't done any drugs since the 60's.
  • I have a sticky note of blog thoughts in my purse. I've been forgetting about it all week and slowly adding on to it all week. I's still in my purse (which is waaay too far to walk).
  • I decided last night that I would go to bed at 9 pm! Didn't happen.
  • I had a company called OCD Industries. I actually laughed out loud. 
  • Someone at I know today referred to me as "Trouble." I hear that alot. I don't know why. I'm completely innocent. 
  • Oh yea...speaking of license plate light is fixed so now I won't get pulled over by the poo-leece for the light out anymore. We won't discuss the speed.
  • Hey look you can follow weekly absences at the Decatur School District that adds a second column for how many of those were for the swine flu.
  • Tonight is SURVIVOR. Woo HOO!! That makes me happy and excited! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm too immature....

I swear I didn't sit and giggle with the kids last night.

I demanded they NOT laugh at this video and understand this was merely a teaching tool on how NOT to act!

Wednesday Quiz

You Are Driven and Focused

You view people with optimism. You have many meaningful relationships in your life.

You had more conflict with your father than your mother. Your relationship with him was healthy but challenging.

You deal with stress in an effective and competent matter. You are able to remain calm.

You are the type of person who knows how to get a lot done. However, sometimes you can't help but get overwhelmed by life.

OK, let me know your result to this strange little test.

When pigs fly.....

Taken from a daycare in the Decatur area.

And it begins.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walmart Failure.

  • My entire day was insanely busy.
  • At 8:45pm I stared down at blue mouth wash on my carpet of my daughter's room, chewed some serious butt to all four kids and then decided I needed an escape.
  • I got "smart" and took the road to Wal-mart.
  • I put Mr. Uncle in charge of over seeing the clean up of the mouth wash mess and then reading. I was running off to Wal-mart for some weekday dinners.
  • I got what I needed from Wal-mart and was ready to go, when I saw a slightly humorous t-shirt, left the basket, walked 20 feet, looked for my daughter's size, went back to the basket....Wait...where'd the basket go? I only walked off for a thirty seconds.
  • I go to the checker. She offers: Are you shopping alone? (Yes.) Well, if a basket was "picked up" by another employee, it would come to me to put stuff up. (It wouldn't go anywhere else?) No, Ma'am. What did you have in your basket? (Shaving cream, breakfast food, dinners, license plate replacement lights that I searched FORever for.) Are you sure you are shopping alone? (Huh?) There was a gentleman who just checked out and bought license plate lights. (For real? Some guy just bought my stuff? what a nut!) Ma'm I'm very sorry. (Yea, thanks, now I gotta "shop" all over again.")
  • I had to get another basket and go through the "do-over" It's hard enough to remember to get all the stuff in my head once....but to do it back to back a second time. That sucked.
  • I was torn between strange stalker and a trick by walmar hoping to get me to spend more money by shopping again.
  • I made it through....woo hoo.
  • I go through the 10 item express lane, friendly-entertaining gal that made me giggle even though I was very grumpy and tired at this point.
  • I walk away...and right in front of me at the service desk sits......(the one on the left).

  • MY BASKET!!!!

  • Ugh!
  • Dang Wal-mart.
  • It's Tuesday....I'm at home...and staying out of that tricky sneaky Wal-mart.

Kat's Tuesday Afternoon Pick-me-up

In public over a span of one week, I saw two look alikes: Ben Affleck (with the Bronx accent) and Matt Damon.

Judge for yourself and tell me if you agree:

And then in between the two sightings, I take a class with an instructor that looks like a cross between Robin Williams and Sean Connery with the thick Sean Connery accent.

Caption This Follow Up

Real story from yesterday's Caption This:

Labor Day Weekend we take the boat out for a ride around the lake. Papa, Nana, My Brother & kids, Myself & kids....we get to a spot where the kids hop in and swim.

I overcame my extreme fear of lake water and dove in. Within seconds I felt my pretty little jelly shoes slip off. I stopped turned around and felt around for them hoping to catch them before they hit bottom. No luck. Standing their I start feeling nips at my ankles and start to feel that horrible panicky feeling creeping up. I calmly hop out. Not happy. My shoes are gone. Gone. There is no way I'm getting them out.
I start to throw a fit but quickly get questioned to the tenth degree by the nephew. I admit, it's my fault due to my careless behavior of diving in with them on. Then entire loss is my of my own doing. It sucks to lose a pair of shoes I've loved and don't wear out...
My brother hops in "to look for them". I have extremely low expectations but the kids are still swimming happily, my dad is wading in and mother is still let him look, we're in no hurry.

I kid you not, the entire episode was hysterical.....he would squeal like a girl, bend down and pull out a branch...." bad..not it." We'd all laugh. He did that with different items he'd pick up with his was funny.

Then what do ya know....he gets one. He actually gets one. Caption pic was my left shoe. It was funny. He's also now on a serious mission and the kids have decided they can each be the finder of the second shoe. I'm thinking...there's no way. Period...not a chance.

So below...enjoy the second pic...yep, he actually rescued my second shoe. I'm not sure I've laughed that hard in a long time. He's a character and finder of my lost shoes.

.......He found my soul deep in the murky water. It could not be seen by the eye of mankind. It had to be searched blindly in unseen territory with dangers of scaly beasts lurking nearby.

Stay tuned for next week's Caption This.

Here's Your Sign

When I took time to indulge in some dollar store shopping....

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Tuesday Thoughts

  • It's a hard not life....for me...
  • Monday was notagood.
  • I now curse my brother. It's not his fault...but it's his fault. He had to get nosy and dig.
  • He went too far.
  • He discovered my dirty little secret.
  • Which one? Oh, good point.
  • It's the one where I never change the filters in my AC, because I can't remember and I didn't see the point.
  • OK, OK...calm down...back up and read the word "didn't".
  • Yes, I see the point now. Last night, my brother has taught the purpose of the mighty magical filter.
  • The lesson learned? Listen to yo momma....change the filter.
  • Oh...and I got the window open by my desk....a sea of ants.
  • Oh...and and my brother goes to get the water well working this weekend.....a swarm of bees nested in the water well.
  • Ok-I'm done. He can move out now and stop finding stuff.
  • Depressed and hot in a not good way. Happy freakin' Tuesday.
  • High point yesterday? I sat and watched tv for twenty minutes while the kids played outside before the storm and after homework and dinner. Sadly, I got sucked into the Brady Bunch and then distracted with deleting 50 or so recorded episodes of Sponge Bob.

Monday, September 21, 2009

From My Own Email Bag......

Email from a friend:

So I've got a 4th generation iPod Nano sitting around here that I don't really use. My iPod used to be my only method of carrying music, but since I got an iPhone, it has been replaced. So I've decided to sell it on eBay, but before I do I'm sending out an e-mail to all my friends to see if they're interested.

It's the 4th generation Nano. It's not the new one with the camera in it, but the one before it. It's the same really thin size and whatnot. It's the 16 GB model and it's black. It is in perfect working condition and it doesn't have a scratch on the body or the screen. I've got all the accessories that came with it: headphones, dock adapter plate, USB cable.

If you're interested or know anyone interested, let me know. I'm looking to get $100 for it. If not, I'll probably end up selling it on eBay.

If my daughter didn't already have one, I'd be allll over this! Heck of a deal! Email me if you are interested and I'll hook ya up with my buddy.

You can also email me if you are a movie producer of casting agent. Not only am I insanely gorgeous and smart....I have acting experience too!

Caption This

Go for it....

Riverdance Dog

The world is going crazy.....and our little dogs too.

Monday Thoughts

  • My bike is paid off this month. Now I need to pay for the repairs that it needs before its ready to ride.
  • Brother's youngest youngster had a birthday party yesterday. Fun. Her big sister is a camera ham.
    A cute camera ham.
  • I've decided to make a label for each kiddo in flickr. Outta be cool to see how much they change over time. Sheesh, they've changed so much already.
  • I did a double take of a pic of my older daughter at the birthday party. I made a comment that she looked 15 years old in the picture. My mom, "She isn't too far away from that age." I'm ignoring that she said that comment.
  • I go to bed waaay too late at night. I'll look and see that, all of a sudden-- it's midnight. That doesn't make getting kids up at 6:00 or 6:30 very easy.
  • Now that the kids are more into a routine, the evenings are getting better and easier.
  • The boy starts Cub Scouts this week. Good a house with this many girls...he needs that BIG TIME! I can't wait. (His dad is taking him. That should be fun.)
  • Played cards with mother after kids went to bed. I lost. Bad. Very bad.
  • I'm hoping I'll be able to sneak more blogging time in this week.
  • Keep your fingers crossed.
  • I know you love me.
  • Happy Monday.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Question: Which one does she think is hers?

Answer: ALL of them!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

I'm testing a new blogging app. Once again I'm disappointed to get a phone call and lose everything I've written.
I got up early yesterday and took my puppy jogging at the park. She likes the creeks. It was cute to see her wade around.
I should have taken her to the lake on Labor Day. She probably would have loved that.
Brother and kids are still doing good. Brother needs a job. A real job. Then he can get a place to live.
I love my brother and adore his kids but he soooo needs a job and a home.
I took a big, huge, fat nap yesterday and woke up halfway through the Texas Tech, Texas game.
Tech's quarterback, Taylor Potts, looks 35. He's how old?
Today my brother's youngest is having a birthday party. She's officially 2.
We took brother's kids to the homecoming football game. The boy met the Eagle Mascot and became smitton. If you're a facebook friend of mine, check out the homecoming pics. I haven't seen him smile that big with eyes that lit up before.
He REALLY wanted her autograph and declared he was her biggest fan. He was so excited.
I love the football games. The Baby Daddy had the girls there. They love that stuff too, but more for the socializing. I loved hanging out with them.
If the girls went to more of them I probably would too.
K-now time to get up and stop being a lazy bum.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Turns out Three Inches IS alot.

This guage was set out on Saturday AFTER missing the torrential downfall on Friday.

(A year ago we had a "hurricane" pass through the area cause a drizzle of rain in our area.)

I'm a big deal!

  • I'm being followed on twitter by a celebrity. A real celebrity and I don't know what to do or think about it.
  • That's a TON of pressure for a person when updating to twitter.
  • Please, if I something dumb, let it be entertaining.
  • An actual celebrity......and I was listening to his album that hit #5 on Amazon just the other day.
  • I'm speechless. And HE followed me first on my twitter.
  • I should be ashamed of not following him first on twitter.

I think it's cause I'm hawt and say brilliantly, clever, funny things.

(Now I shall close comments so no one will be able to refute that.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Perfect Score

Anytime is a good time to brag.

Yep, that's my nephew....and that's a 100!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update Of The Fam

Kids are doing good. All of them.

I can't tell you the goosebumps I got for The Boy to show off his progress report to show his Dad that he had Three A's and 1 B. GOOD BOY!!

We have less and less tantrums and more and more thinking about what we're fixing to say.
The middle girl seems to be just coming out of a quiet little shell....and my is that one sweet little girl.
#1, my brother has gorgeous girls...but the middle one has the sweetest personality.

The boy has gotten in trouble twice in school over the past week and wanted his dad to understand what happened. The Boy did not throw a tantrum, he convinced me that he should sit down and write a note in his own words for his dad to read since that night his dad would be home after he would be asleep. There was a moment where he started out trying to lie to me and I called him out on it and advised him that I didn't believe him and if he tried that with his dad then his dad WOULD find out, which would increase the amount of trouble he got in.

At that moment, he had the flicker in his eyes...I just knew this was going south into another meltdown....I took a deep breath getting ready for the battle...then he did too.
And he just sat there quiet.
So did I.
Then he went into his inquisitive question mode. We talked it out and I made a point to let him know I was extremely proud on how he was handling the entire situation.
I was even prouder to read the note he wrote to his dad admitting the truth, admitting he shouldn't have done that and apologizing.

He's having more and more moments of questioning what's ok and what's not ok rather than throwing a fit. THAT I can deal with. He's also having sweeter and sweeter moments around the girls and trying to help out.

The boy is looking pretty good.

Even better, Dad is doing great. I have a tough time with stepping aside and letting him be in charge. Their his kids and he's been handling them. I give him hints to help but try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.

Last night I chewed on him for his choice of job and tried for the upteenth time to make him understand that job wasn't gonna work for him or his kids. He could do waaaay better. He has so much more to offer. Today he seems EXTREMELY depressed. Apparently he had a conversation with my parents who both said the same thing.

Poor guy...and to think I was worried about all these changes on the boy. Sheesh. So, this week I'll be more helpful and encouraging. He'll find his way. I just have to remember he can't walk in this place, snap his fingers and have what he wants.
Plus he's dealing with a broken heart.

So you've kept his son in your thoughts and I can't thank you enough for the encouratgement...his son seems to thrive more and more.

Now keep Mr. Dad in your thoughts. He needs the happy vibes. It can't be easy. He is capable of soo much. He has this amazing capability to really excel when he finds that knack.

And here he's got the broken heart, new town, trying to find a good job that will let him be at home at night but still provide for the #1's in his life, finding a home....good grief....once again...poor guy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I did not cry in front of the cute dentist!
I did not cry in front of the cute dentist!
I did not cry in front of the cute dentist!
Toof better. I went straight to work after and the guys got a giggle at work! The bosses asked me a few questions when I got there and I just gave them a look.
Then at lunch, all the guys kept saying hello, small chit chat...I'd halfway smile and nod yes or no.
One guy finally figured out by standing in one spot and just watching, that I (Miss-Rarely-Doesn't-Speak) didn't say one word.
He finally said, "OK, what happened to your mouth?"
"Dentist, Problem fixed, meds wearing off, pain starting"
He laughs, apologizes, wishes me a quick return to my full use of vocabulary and goes along his merry way.

OK, now back to the cute dentist. Ok, maybe my eyes fell a little deceiving yesterday. He was cute, soft spoken and gentle with a pleasant calm demeanor. He also had very pretty eyes, and without the respiratory mask--I noticed he had a pleasant smile too. Go figure, a dentist with a good looking smile. I did learn today that he is married. Boo. BUT, ya should have seen the way his pretty eyes lit up when he spoke of her. I asked long have you been here? Kids? He was even cuter talking about her. Awww....a cute guy in wuv. Now THAT was adorable.

(I work around a bunch of guys dedicated to their wives. It's ALWAYS cute to hear them talk about the wives. There is one that just about melts anytime her name is mentioned....and they've been married awhile...they should be nominated for cutest couple award.)

So, today, I park amongst some crazy construction blocking the entire parking lot. The three construction workers present stop what they're doing and smile and tell me I can go right in the front door. Through their reflection in the glass as I walk away....typical construction guys checking out my backside: One started to make a little gesture that he figured I didn't see....I turned around as I walked in giggling. There's no way he figured out that I saw.

I'm a bit excited to go kinda sorta fake flirt with the guy fixing to work on my broken pearly mostly white...when ...... Helllllooooo Mr. Construction Boss talking to the Dental Clinic. I think the dental hygentist was drooling over him too. What a looker. Wow.....

Good news?
I did get pics of him.

Bad news?
I attempted to get pics of the cute dentist....I got the ceiling, the counter and the wall...None of which had him in the pic. I'm normally better than that...and on the first try.
BUTT (did I spell that right? ;-) enjoy a pic or two of cute construction worker boss sporting the flip flops and shorts. Nice.

Maybe that dentist office isn't so bad after all.

Weekend Boat Fun

We got to go boating and tubing. It was a pretty good weekend.

The boy wasn't too bad. I think he's starting to figure out that when he gets in trouble that he's the only one getting punished. No one else has to miss out on any fun. Just him. It's not as fun to cause trouble and get punished by yourself.

He ended up only having two Saturday morning and the other Sunday evening. I blame Sunday evening's on him being tired/sleepy/grumpy.

The boat was great fun. The boat belongs to my uncle and cousin. It was fresh out of the shop and still a work in progress. I felt a teeny tiny bit guilty because we were the first to take it out for a spin. My dad drove the entire time and was extremely careful.....even when tubing.

Boating problems leaving was my sweet father taking the wrong wrong wrong vehicle to haul the boat. The transmission went out, so I drove my dad and brother from Graham to Abilene to pick up his pick up truck.
I got a text message saying: "What a beating."
Hmmm....stay with five kids or drive my dad two hours? Duhhh..... ;-)
My poor sweet mother took four kids back to her house, fed them lunch, monitored naps and then took them to the park.
I had my dad, brother, my younger daughter for the Abilene trip and then me and the kiddo on the way back following the guys. We had Taylor Swift CDs, a bag of chips w/ ranch dip, and the entire return trip to giggle, sing and munch on chips. Not bad.

Last year Lake Whitney, this year Possum year? We'll see.

-Pic is of my goofball brother after he waded in the same murky spot for ten minutes and actually found not one...but BOTH of my shoes that slipped off when I actually got up the nerve to dive in.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm a little skardy kat of water that I can't see through it. I get panicky.

Jeepers, Creepers....where'd you get those peppers...

Your Blue Eyes Say You're Calm and Confident

You are seen as balanced and peaceful. People turn to you for stability.

You don't let other people see you sweat. In fact, you don't even usually let yourself sweat.

You are an accepting, mild mannered person. You can quietly assess a situation, no matter how good or bad it may be.

You don't have much of a temper, and it's hard to make you angry. You rather move on than hold a grudge.

I don't sweat...I perspire.

Stolen from a serious and logical person.

Youtube Sensation: The Cactus Cuties

I saw these girls at the Cowboy's football game two weeks ago. They were INCREDIBLE.

Website here.

More youtube videos here.

From the website: The Cactus Cuties are Baylee Barrett, Blaire Elbert, Andi Kitten, and Madeline Powell, directed by Cami Caldwell.

Is it just me or do those names seem a little made up? Kitten as a last name? really-is that on her birth certificate?

PS When the screen goes to scan the crowd just before showing the girls on the big screen....I could see myself standing with my hand over my heart, with chill bumps on my arms....yep...way up top.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toof Probwelms


So, I'm sitting at work and minding my own cookie-snack-business when for no reason at all other than because it was being tooth looses a chunk of a filling.




So in three eigths of a second (give or take) I go from enjoying cheating on a diet of three months to tasting blood in the back of my throat.


So I freak out and call the dentist. My little dentist gal giggled over the phone. She apologized for giggling...(I might admit that it was a little funny).

AT any rate. I rush to my sweet old man dentist's office and he's not there. I get stuck with the new (and possibly a smidge cute) young dentist. Hey now. Oh...sorry, Denny, the dentist was a cute male., but if it makes you happy to picture the dentist a all each his .....or her own.

So...tomorrow morning, I get me a new filling....until I can save my nickels and dimes for a crown.

At 8:20 am tomorrow....think of me...I'll be under the funny gas while you're hard at work in the office.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Weekend was fun....for the most part.
I'm worn out.
I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing blogging in bed.
That sounded dirty.
I got home and got into organize mode.
Kids have almost figured out to stay clear when I get this way. Almost.
I didn't eat dinner.
I'm hungry but too tired to eat.
I also don't care enough about food or hunger to get up.
I'm blogging from an app on my phone.
I don't like this app.

Ps I didn't brush my teeth either.
Pss pic is of Hell's Gate at Possum Kingdom lake.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Only my,..

Kid could fall asleep on a boat.


Tubing is great.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Rocks

End of summer. Is it official after labor day?

Seems like the year has flown by and my girls have just sprouted over night.

Everyone is good today. The boy had a melt down this morn but not as bad as others.

This evening he almost had another and then had a change of heart pretty quick. I was really proud of him....and on a weekend day not medicated.

Boating was great. I even hopped in the lake despite my life long fear of being eaten by some water creature. Then I lost my shoes, got nipped on the foot by a big fish and then was done.

Amazingly, my brother found both....yes BOTH shoes. The whole bit was funny.

A ton of boats everywhere. We even saw a helicopter land. Our cabin neighbor told us he is the owner of Pizza Hut and a big partier, especially around 4th of July....where he pays for the firework show.

Time for bed.

In Labor

Holiday weekend at possum kingdom with my parents, brother and too many kids.
Today we went to Hell's Gate, hiked up Devil's Island, and swam. So far so good. Then again it's only 2pm.

At the cabin, ten minutes from Graham, I have zero reception. In the boat, in the middle of the lake I can take a pic of a passing pirate boat on the prowl and blog about it. A (nerdy ;-) friend of mine text's me that this place is like The Bermuda Triangle for cell service.

I believe it!!

Now before I lose complete service I want to check the footba

In Labor

Holiday weekend at possum kingdom with my parents, brother and too many kids.
Today we went to Hell's Gate, hiked up Devil's Island, and swam. So far so good. Then again it's only 2pm.

At the cabin, ten minutes from Graham, I have zero reception. In the boat, in the middle of the lake I can take a pic of a passing pirate boat on the prowl and blog about it. A (nerdy ;-) friend of mine text's me that this place is like The Bermuda Triangle for cell service.

I believe it!!

Now before I lose complete service I want to check the footba

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's today?

  • I tried to add up the hours of sleep I've had this week in my head and it wasn't good.
  • Not the actual adding, but the number.
  • Last night the boy threw the biggest tantrum ever. Last Monday was bad....last night was far worse.
  • He's grounded from anything fun through Friday.
  • He's on medication during the day to help him at school. After school it wears off and he turns into a different kid. Last night he spent twenty minutes just screaming at me from his bed. He was down right angry. I calmly went to him and let him know that it doesn't matter how many times he screams, hits or kicks the wall, or where he throws the pillows and blankets....he is still not going to get his way, he will still be not involved in any fun activities over the next three days and if he keeps it up then his entire lake weekend will be spent that way.
  • He stopped screaming, kicking, hitting and throwing things. He then stayed calm for the remainder of the evening.
  • This all started over him wanting something that I was telling him he could have. Yes, I did type could.
  • I think I felt the saddest when I heard a little sniffle from his room when I was reading the bedtime book to the girls and he had to skip out. My older daughter heard it too and gave me a look of....ohhh, come on...let him come listen.
  • I stood strong and said, no. His behavior will not be tolerated by anyone at all.
  • And good grief that child can say the most hateful mean things when he gets that way and then an hour later can be the sweetest, funniest, cutest kid.
  • I've got a call in to the doc for help. His meds run out this week and he HAS to have them AT LEAST for school. I'm hoping the doc here might have a different solution and different med that he could take at night without being zombied out.
  • Bless his ever loving heart.
  • And good grief, he had a coughing spell at midnight. I got up.
  • My younger one had a coughing spell after. I got up.
  • His little sister walked down the hallway and just stood there. I got up.
  • My older one crawled in bed with me. I woke up.
  • At five I realized I was exhausted and my throat was killing me.
  • At five thirty the alarm went off and my neice got up.
  • I'm at work and am wishing I would have gone back to bed. The older one got picked up by the Babby Daddy at 11 from the school nurse.
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed Baby Daddy lets her rest instead of running her around everywhere.
  • Ugh....speaking of running around....lunch over, time to chase after some purchase orders.
  • I almost posted some funny stuff last night but after cleaning up and emailing I lacked the strength.
  • We might have to make bedtime begin an hour earlier. I tired.
  • Night, ya'll.
  • Wait...not yet....staying awake....going to the coffee machine.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Tuesday.

  • New car seat law is not my friend. It has caused chaos and confusion in my backseat. I had all the kids strategically arranged. Dang law makers.
  • Curriculum night was tonight. Pretty good stuff. I like the kids teachers and have faith this shall be a good year.
  • The third elementary school opening was mentioned. I still have yet to figure out where that thing is going to be. When it does get built....I just wanna say ahead of time...aren't those bricks the best you've ever seen? Fabulous!
  • I went all week last week without watching tv. At all! I have twitter. I don't need the corporate news stations. I'll just get live time twitting instead.
  • Don't ask me how much time I spent reading twitter last week.
  • I have a hater commenter out there. It perplexes me how much time they'll spend checking in on my blog when they dislike me so much.
  • And on the other hand, I have a very sweet commenter out there, that I greatly appreciate.
  • Sometimes, I really dislike the anonymous identity and then again I don't mind at all.
  • My daughter read her 30 minutes yesterday out of a....welding magazine. Right. Can I get a show of hands from all who believe she actually read anything from that magazine?
  • I'm sleepy....
  • This weekend we will be camping at..."Awesome Kingdom", as my niece calls it.
  • I might dispensary for a little bit here and there this weekend to jog. I'll need some Mommy/Aunt quiet time.
  • Yea, I'm back to being a little boring....again. Eh, you still love me, right? Right.

Happy September 1st