Friday, October 30, 2009

Liberally Lean's Barry Green's Halloween Costume

Yep, I've got it all on tape!

Shhhh....don't tell him I put this video up!

"Unruly Things"


Finally Friday

  • Yea!! It's Friday! For real!! I'm not kidding this time!
  • I cleaned last night. Big time! I'll be sneezing for three days now, thanks to the dust bunnies removed from around my room.
  • It's also busy day at work day.
  • Mexican Food tonight. Yum...then a quick search at the last minute costume touch-ups.
  • Tomorrow hang out with some friends. Should be fun and entertaining.

Wake Up!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Afternoon Amazement

Walmart Selling Caskets

From cradle to grave...and the laundry soap from isle 9 that you'll need in buy it at Walmart for an everyday low price.

You think I'm kidding?

Discount Death.

Emoticon Pumpkin!

Emoticon Pumpkin!
Originally uploaded by denovich

Nerdy Pumpkin.......and I like it!


Your Inner Child Is Surprised

You see many things through the eyes of a child.

Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.

You cherish all of the details in life.

Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.

Your turn! Let me know....or I'll throw a tantrum!!!

Making it Rain

And this is why I didn't bother turning on the curling iron.

100% chance?

Ending of Week Thoughts

  • Screw, off! I'm joking! Ok, so it's Thursday.
  • Last night was some good happy times at the First Baptist Church's Trunk or Treat.
  • One of the kids left there candy bag in my car. Wonder if I'll remember to tell them?
  • The kids begged to eat candy after it was over. I let the them each have a piece if they agreed to jog home.
  • They did! They were let free two (lonng) blocks from home. (There's no telling what the neighbors thought of that.)
  • Survivor tonight! (Woo hoo!!)
  • I spent waaay too much time last night on importing my old blog into this blog and trying to add those cute little labels. Way. Too. Much. Time.
  • That's all I needed, another night with little sleep.
  • Don't expect to hear from me until 3pm on Saturday. I'll be catching up with some zzz's.
  • Another 5k in three weeks and a 10k over the Thanksgiving weekend...BUT my sweet momma is doing both....yeppers..her first 10k.
  • I have some friends coming to town from out of state next month. Excitement doesn't even come close to describing how I feel.
  • My sweet mommy may have or may not have posted a comment yesterday in regards to the Cheerios commercial. Since she signed it, :Mom" and not "Double Fake Mom" I believe it to have been her....and I disagree with her comment.
  • I'm pretty sure that I remember her promising me a cereal box cover if I would just smile and sit still for two seconds.
  • Hey, Halloween is two days away. Bring me chocolate. Now.
  • Pic attached is another piece of my Halloween outfit. Suspense. Wonder what it could be?!
  • Enjoy Thursday, y'all. :-)

Fat Boy Slim - Weapon of Choice

Still the greatest dance video.

Available in HD here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Movies That Made Me Cry

  • Pay It Forward: the ending when everyone shows up in the street for the candle light vigil.
  • Everafter: When the StepMom threw her Utopia book in the fireplace. I was so mad that I cried.
  • The Notebook Isn't this the all time favorite of pretty much any chic?
  • The Passion of the Christ: through most of it.
  • My Girl: When Thomas J died....and then cried more when she went to the doctor's office.
  • Man on the Moon: (Both Movies) The one with Reese Witherspoon and the one with Jim Carey
  • Ghost: Most of the movies on this list would make me cry again...this one probably wouldn't, but it did the first time.
  • Cruel Intentions the end when he gets hit by the car.
  • Slumdog Millionaire: the ending starting at when Lakita got away.
  • Good Will Hunting: Twice. First when Will was showing Skyler his scars. Second, when they Chuckie showed up to pick up Will and he was gone to go see about a girl.
  • Armageddon: the ending when Harry said goodbye to Grace

Yep, I'm a chick! I love, love, love movies that make me cry or scare the heck out of me. I'm sure there are more but this is all I could come up with at this moment.

When Geeks Have Twins

Originally uploaded by dave_banks_geekdad

...pretty funny!

Mystery Theatre.....

last night in Decatur...was cool!!!

I got a call to help out with a mystery theatre and play the part of the pushy reporter.

I loved it!

The crowd was small but great! My part was pretty easy considering the director was awesome enough to allow me a little cheating by putting some lines on a notepad for me.

It looked authentic. I dressed up a bit, curled my hair and I even got to carry around a microphone. Props! How fun is that?

An officer from Decatur PD came out in uniform and did an excellent job. The way he interrogated the suspects seemed to come naturally to him!

It was an interactive mystery theatre as in, two hosts led the crowd through each scene and let them inspect the crime scenes, look over the evidence and listen in on the questioning by the officer.

After all the evidence was shown, all the witnesses interviewed, the audience got to look through their notes and write down who they believed the murderer was. The winner got a gift card to Walmart and all audience members were given a goody bag.

It was fun and I would definitely do it again!

I actually had an audition to a live mystery theatre in the metroplex earlier this year and chickened out last minute. I felt terrible for not going, wrote a letter of apology to the director and thanked him for the opportunity. I wish I had gone through with that. It was a paid weekend gig and tonight's glimpse into the mystery theatre scene was fantastic.

I love acting!

Wonderful Wednesday

  • I feel bad. Progress reports came out yesterday and I griped over two high B's. I should feel bad when the kid has waaaay better grades than I did!
  • Then again, that still won't keep me from encouraging her to try harder and keep going. She sure does make me proud. (Both of them do.)
  • Someone in Tuesday's comments suggested adopting an angel for Christmas with the kiddos. We've always discussed the meaning of Christmas, made sure we are thankful for what we are blessed with and understand it's a tough world out there with so many bad things happening. It's one thing to discuss not taking for granted what we have and it's a completely different thing to actually do something to make a difference.
  • Thanks, commenter, for the early reminder, and that's a great idea. I do believe we will.
  • Pic attached was me around four. Wasn't I the cutest little kid ever?
  • Close call, I've hidden all the baby pictures. I was born at a healthy 9 lbs 12 oz. and that was not a very pretty site. I was red, chubby and bald.
  • I will brag that my first "acting audition" was for a Cheerio's. My mom took a pic of me and mailed it in.....I'm thinking it was for a spot on the box or something like that.
  • I need better thoughts today. Or at least more of them.
  • Some days I can go on and on....others....I'm sitting here staring at the screen tapping the keyboard.
  • Now back to thinking of candy weekend on the way.

Wake Up!

2 Rules this morning:

1.) Don't hit snooze.

2.) Don't throw the alarm clock at me.

I think they're kinda cute. :-)

Now go brush your teeth....seriously, I'm not kidding!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


....I knew I was forgetting something.

I meant to attach this pic with my Tuesday Thoughts.


I may have to rename this Kat's Blonde Moments!

-- Posted from my iPhone


"There must be a spice of mischief and willfulness thrown into the cup of our existence to give it its sharp taste and sparkling color."

For txjlh


Tuesday Thoughts

  • It's only uphill one more day....tomorrow we tip the hump and slide down to the weekend. We're practically almost there. I can smell Friday's chips and salsa already.
  • Pic attached is part of my Halloween costume. Any guesses on what it'll be? (Hint: Those are NOT motorcycle gloves.)
  • I want THIS guys job. This guy is brilliant. His whole deal is to wear your company's shirt for a day. Wonder if I can apply to be the cute chic wearing shirts everyday and twitting, blogging and face booking about it.
  • Hey....shhh....don't tell my little one, but I kinda, sorta cleaned out her toy boxes and reorganized over the past several days. I started out looking for something and completely forgot what I was looking for.
  • Either way.... I can totally see her floor....all of it! AND it's nice and organized in my very own OCD way.
  • Can I cancel Christmas so they don't bring anymore toys into the house? Would that be wrong?
  • Last night wore me out.....other than the fact it was still was ballet class and Cub Scout day. I need a nap today.
  • I'm falling behind on my Survivor...I haven't watched the last episode yet.
  • Maybe I'll do that tonight....don't tell me who got voted off. I'll hollar at ya if ya do!
  • My Caption This Photo Post got lost yesterday. I'm totally sure that it wasn't me that messed sooo had to have been the blogger at fault....not the blonde.
  • I'll throw it out there later today. Hopefully.
  • Now on with the Tuesday. I insist.

Fake or Real?

I call fake.

Give the guy some credit, we're in tough times.

Last sentence of the article:

The owner of the land is now selling tickets to people who want to see the crater, reportedly to pay for wear and tear on the road.

I wonder if someone will go throw Balloon Boy into a video with the fake meteor.

Wake up and jump out of bed!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's hereditary

Someone's lil girl took a chair test today!!

Guess who's lil girl is first chair flute in band??!!

Guess what mama is over joyed, excited and superproud?!

Jingle bells is now my favorite song of the week!!!

Woo hoo!!!

The answer is me, mine and myself!!!!

-- Posted from my iPhone

Another For AnObiter Junior

It's the Lego Kitchen.

(Kinda cool.)


Monday Thoughts

  • I got to see Paranormal Activity Saturday. Not bad. I refuse to admit that at the end I was breathing a little nervously fast. For me, it was totally believable. There were only four characters total and the two main characters seemed like excerpts from my life....the ice maker sounds in the middle of the night, the screaming over the spider...etc.
  • I actually read a review about Paranormal Activity last month and saved the website so I would make sure to see it...with a warning for language, the review made me wanna see it. There's a couple more on their list I want to see.
  • Friday night dinner date was at Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant. It was actually pretty good. The chicken, beef, shrimp and quail was pretty good....well, ok, I didn't eat the quail cause I felt I felt bad for the poor little bird and just couldn't bring myself to try it. I wussed out.
  • Saturday morning jog with my dog was pretty good, but that crazy dog stopping abruptly in front of me is going to send me tripping and flying across the side walk one of these days.
  • That same dog howling at trains in the middle of the night is gonna drive me batty.
  • Sunday....I slept most of the day. I liked Sunday. I should really attempt to get more sleep during the week so I don't crash and play catch up during the weekends.
  • I might be going back to see another Cowboys game next month. Fingers crossed that works out.
  • I also have another 5k and a 10k next month. Eek! (Note to self...lay off the chocolate.)
  • I have a weekly weigh-in on Sundays. Yesterday showed a loss of half a pound last week. I know, I know...every little bit adds up...but good grief..half a pound is frustrating to see after being a good little eater and exerciser all week long.
  • The U2 Webcast last night was pretty freakin cool. I could see his forehead wrinkle while singing.....and I have the bigger screen monitor for my computer and it was great to watch. I caught that on a tech blog.
  • Good grief, that was one heck of a big crowd. Makes me feel like this is a great big world we live in.
  • Enjoy your Monday.

Attached pic was evidence of someone walking out of The Movie Tavern with a mug! They blatantly took it out of the theatre. Can you believe the nerve of some crazy people?!

Wake Up Music


Thursday, October 22, 2009

They read my mind.....


Afternoon Entertainment

(Thank you, Scott!)

*Language warning with the music...turn down the sound and enjoy the show.

Nasa gone hip

  • Wow! Nasa has a Twitter?
  • And they twit pic'd this picture of the size of the Anartica in comparison to the United States (minus AK and HI).
  • Wait. Nasa has a twitter?
  • Why does it sound weird in my head to say this out loud: "Look Nasa Twitpic'd a picture of Anartica vs the US."?

And on a side note in terms of punctuation, is that last bullet point anywhere near correct (cause this will drive me crazy)?

Friday Eve Thoughts

  • Yea! One day to Friday!!!!
  • I jogged last night.
  • Really.
  • The point? Well, my sweet nephew (who ran a crazy 2nd place finish this weekend at a 1k) decides to give me a million questions over the treadmill. With promises of good behavior for the evening from him, I agree to seriously consider allowing him to try it out after supper.
  • The kid can run. Seriously! He's almost a freak of nature with the running bit.....and hello to the new form of medication for that hyperactivity issue.
  • I know it sounds crazy, but signing him up for a 5k is in the works. He broke school records in kindergarten. I'm telling ya, the kid can run.
  • If he beats me....I'm not blogging about it. It never happened. Deny. Deny. Deny.
  • For Halloween......dangit, a sweet commenter advised against the motorcycle babe outfit? Drat and I have the jacket and the helmet in pink!
  • I might post a pic of the chosen outfit. Maybe.
  • Nice weather Tuesday evening and I didn't mow. I looked out the window and told myself I was going to....and then didn't.
  • I'm regretting it now.
  • Kinda.
  • Ok, I'm not really regretting it.
  • I might mow this weekend. Or not. Probably not.
  • Whatever I do this weekend, I'll take ya with me and keep you informed of all the up to the minute happenings.
  • Ok, I wouldn't torture you that way.
  • I'm getting sucked in/addicted to youtube videos. I came across the "fat man demanding his chicken" video with some serious language. I feel terribly bad for the man.....without the chicken....that just happens to be a size larger than myself.
  • Oh...and I looovve rumors! Google (I read this on more than one site) is possibly looking to add a little music to their see sea of knowledge.
  • Enjoy the day before Friday. :-)
  • Off.

Get Up!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I heart it

Hump Day!

  • We switched insurances at work yesterday, so I had the pleasure of showing up to work half an hour early to help out. I'm still worn out and it was only half an hour early.
  • I'm mostly excited that we have better insurance.
  • I had a friend email me last night with a funny memory from their younger days. I refuse to admit #1) what it was or #2) that I had to erase that from The Google Contraption.
  • I've been giggling and reading tweets about a guy that doesn't know his room mate is tweeting about him. Shhh, don't tell Steve.
  • If Steve reads about that here, figures out he's the target, then I demand credit, an interview, or an autographed picture of the whole bunch.
  • I swear that Steve thing is worse than a soap gets updated all the time!
  • Ugh. I also saw yesterday on the twitter thingie that an artist I'm crazy over has a new painting.....I'm refraining from it. (or at least trying really, really, really hard to)
  • I had a really normal, boring, uneventful day yesterday.
  • I'm gonna work hard at making today crazier.
  • Now.

Wake Up!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ramp Carnage

Breaking News:

From the interesection of FM 51 and the access road, the road leading to the southbound Hwy 287 on ramp is closed for repaving.

Hey! I said it was breaking not exciting.

- Posted from my iPhone

Norman Vincent Peale

"Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture...Do not build up obstacles in your imagination."

I'm stable and together...

You Don't Have Any of The 5 Personality Factors


You have low extroversion.

You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.

A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.

You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.


You have low conscientiousness.

Impulsive and off the wall, you don't take life too seriously.

Unfortunately, you sometimes end up regretting your snap decisions.

Overall, you tend to lack focus, and it's difficult for you to get important things done.


You have low agreeableness.

Your self interest comes first, and others come later, if at all.

In general, you feel that people are not to be trusted.

And you're skeptical that anyone else really feels differently.


You have low neuroticism.

You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.

Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.

Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is low.

You're a pretty conservative person, and you favor what's socially acceptable.

You think that change for novelty's sake is a very bad idea.

While some may see this as boring, many see you as dependable and wise.

Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!

Do you think this guy would favor the same result from this test?

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Tuesday means there's only 4 days left to the weekend.
  • I'm sitting at my desk this afternoon and heard my daughter outside approaching the door and crying. I jump up quickly, as she is normally calm and collected like myself, to find her really crying. I grab her quickly and ask what is wrong.....she mumbles something. I calm her down...try again, calmly tell me what's wrong (my heart pounding fearing the worst) she saw a....a....a...huge, big, gigantic.....sp...spi....spf....spid....spider (more tears). I ask her to show me and sure enough....there it is...a huge tarantula nearby in the grass.
  • Ewwww......I still shutter. Ick....
  • (Even worse is that I had to google how to spell that....ick...images popped up.
  • Halloween in 12 days. I sorta excited. I'm going to a Halloween Party that should be off the hook. (Isn't that what the young kids call it?) But I don't get to take my kids trick or treating because Halloween just happens to fall on the Baby Daddy's weekend this year. Dangit. Now how am I supposed to get buckets of chocolate and pencils? Buy them? Pfft..whatever!
  • I decided to play with a "how to" I learned how to download a youtube video and add a song to it. Doesn't that seem like it would be a simple task?
  • I'm kinda really getting back into this flute playing bit. I'm most amazed at how the memory of everything comes rushing back into my little brain.
  • Someone was kind enough to forward a site with a ton of free sheet music on it. I'm excited!
  • Hey look! You can drunk tweet or tweet and wine!!
  • Ok, carry on. I apologize for torturing you with my thoughts. (There should be a warning label somewhere.)

Wake Up

Monday, October 19, 2009

Caption This

-- Posted from my iPhone

10/15/09 - Never Forget


Monday Thoughts

  • I ran my (5k) race Saturday and almost beat my best ever time. I was less than a minute away from it. (I blame the dog stopping know.)
  • I didn't place though my mother did. 2nd place in her age group. She smoked her best time by several minutes. I'm trying to talk her into a 10k next month.
  • I watched the Texas-OU game after the race, but fell asleep through part of it and woke up in the 3rd quarter. I had to back up and watch the miss parts later.
  • After the game I did what any normal person would have done: laundry and flute playing. I can now pay Titanic and Greensleeves on the flute.
  • I have a friend that sends me a text message to call them. (They've done this three times this last week.) Hey! Just call and skip the text.
  • I didn't blog anything Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I feel bad.
  • Most annoying website.
  • Monday...

Wake Up!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter Addiction

How addicted to Twitter are you?

Created by The Oatmeal

Thursday's Links

  • This super rad dude above would like you to see a comparison of four generations. (Language warning.)
  • Homeless Beauty Pageant. Seriously? Are we entertained that easy?
  • New Twitter game
  • You can be a blogger for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you think?

Slideshow with more here.

So yes or no?

I think it's creative and different.
The person that sent me the link thinks not so much.

Wednesday Throughts

  • I think I have a head cold, but I refuse to admit that. I did not get to give my Tuesday thoughts yesterday.
  • Five NEW Things That Will Blow Your Time article from 2005.
  • I know someone who went to the State Fair today and I quote: "So I broke down and went to the fair. Talk about feeling you arteries harden!! Whew! Wore me out. I tried fried butter, fried coke, fried peaches n cream, and chicken fried bacon. What a workout!!"
  • I get THAT email after I spent my time on the treadmill last night and eating my "Smart One" TV dinner with the kids eating fish sticks and tater tots.
  • Hey! Both my kids made Honor Rolls!! Heck yeah!!!!
  • Speaking of school, have you ever heard of a "Cough Spot" before? The kids are reporting how vigilant the teachers are with keeping germs contained. If you cough, you don't cover your mouth with your hands anymore-you cough into your elbow.
  • My kids get their flu shots today....shhh...don't tell them!
  • I finished a photo last night that I randomly took of a couple at another wedding earlier this year. They have decided to get married and are using my pic as an announcement. I made some minor changes, added their names and wedding date and really like the pic.
  • I also went through this weekend's pics of a wedding I took and am happy with those pics too.
  • Another wedding in a couple of weeks and these are really good friends of mine. 
  • Halloween costume shopping can be 
  • That's it for now. Enjoy Wednesday. Yep...Wednesday already! Gotta love a Holiday week that goes fast.

Wake up!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's it?


Created by

I sooo figured it would be more!

Random Quote

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances." 

Thomas Jefferson

Oprah have a fried cheesecake

Link to the Oprah video of her visit at the State Fair.

I love reading signs being held by audiences....always cracks me up!!

Wake Up!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Caption This

Monday Thoughts

  • Oh, oh, poor, sweet blonde daughter. I sent her a text message and she actually asked me to repeat what I texted. I was giggling when I told her to go back and read the text again. 
  • I did a photo shoot Saturday for a anniversary celebration (15 years). Very cute couple. Good family...but good grief I walked around in heals for four hours taking pics...I haven't worn heals in forever. I was actually missing my steel toe boots!
  • Speaking of photos...I get very excited not only of the arrival of a photoshop app for the iphone...but also, because it's FREE!! Woo hoo!!
  • To start using the app I need to set up an online account....but I can't because I get:

...when I tried to follow a link to create an account. Nice.
  • Wanna see an actual tv show on TLC about couples that raise baby monkeys as their own children? (and you thought I was am wierd!)
  • We'll watch anything on tv these days, won't we?
  • I went jogging last night. I knew it wasn't gonna be fun because I goofed off and started kinda late. I stepped outside and it was refreshingly chilly and a smidge misty. When I got three miles away it was heavy drizzle and cold. 
  • Also yesterday, I passed a cop driving down a main street in the metroplex and he was texting! Texting while driving!! I was so apalled and thought about blogging about that....but since I was driving I just made a note on my notes app on the iphone instead. Yep, while driving, I typed up a note to myself about how upset I was to see a cop texting while driving. 
  • I not very smart sometimes.
  • It's know what's coming this afternoon, right? Right...Caption This....
  • Happy Columbus Day.

Morning debut song

Go to for his debut song.

I listened to it and not bad...

.....I just felt faked out by the way it started. I thought it would be an upbeat song.

-- Posted from my iPhone

Wake Up!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Middle of the Night


Why for art those telemarketers sending me text messages during nighty-night time?

,...isn't there some kind of law against that?

And do their mother's know they are sending text messages that late?

Friday, October 9, 2009


"Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff." Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts

Friday Thoughts

  • Some people have waaay too much times on their hands. Let me know if that is actually real and you can really pull off that timing.
  • Wow, we've had some mighty rain this week. 
  • My sweet puppies got to sleep inside last night.
  • I have no idea.
  • I don't have much on Friday morning. 
  • Shhhhh.....

Friday Wake Up Alarm

After another week, we wake up and realize it's FRIDAY!!! WOO HOO!!

Hop out of bed and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

DO try this at home:

Routine, routine, routine is GREAT for kids.
They come home, do homework, play for a little bit, eat dinner, clean up, get ready for the next day, take baths and go to bed.....yada, yada, yada....

OK, so last night,  I had my two offsprings, my brother and his three offsprings so I made everybody have a turn at the cooking. I declared the evening to be "Cook Your Own Omelet" Night. Fun. Fun. Fun.

You wanna try it?
You need:

2-3 eggs per person
1 ziploc baggie (zipping kind) per person
and whatever you can dream to put in an omelet.
1 big pot of rolling, boiling water
We keep it simple with just the eggs, pre-diced ham and shredded cheese.
You could also get creative and add onions, bell peppers, different meats, spices....whatever your taste buds desire!

OK, 1st lecture everyone on the importance of handwashing....and how easy it is to spread germs.

Next label everyone's ziploc baggie with a sharpie, so when they are done, you will know whose omelet is whose.

Everyone can crack eggs, add ingredients of their choosing and then zip shut. 

My favorite part is the mixing up the omelets. You can shake the bag, squish it up, roll it around, turn it upside down....mix, mix, mix it all up!

Kids are great at this and I first did this recipe with a troop of girl scouts on a camping trip. They loved it.

Once everyone's omelets are in the baggies, sealed and completely mixed up, you place the bags in the pot of rolling, boiling water for 12 minutes.  You can check it before removing the baggies, but it should be ready at the 12 minute mark.

Once it is finished you just unzip the baggie, and dump the contents onto a plate. You can add a couple of strips of bacon and toast on the side.

Yum. Your tummy will thank me. Enjoy!

...Phong is Ringing


....if someone's cell phone dies and they just happen to have their charger on them and are in a public place, is it illegal to plug into an electrical socket and charge up?

I snuck a pic of culprit in action.Shhh......

Reference to the title.

Thursday Thoughts

  • Hey, I went to high school, with this guy.
  • Don't get me grouching on the many downfalls of owning an original iphone. Sigh...I ain't got no MMS. sniff. sniff. That makes me all sorts of sad.
  • Hey, APPLE! If you aren't gonna bestow upon me the capability to enjoy some MMS'in then AT LEAST, come up with some sort of message to a person sending a pic to me that I'm an IDIOT and still own an original iphone and will NOT be getting a pic.
  • OK, I'm calm...I'm calm. Sorry, I get passionate over the pic situation.
  • Yesterday, my poor little sweet pea's lungs suffered the effects of some good ole fashioned allergies. Yeppers...asthma attack all the way. She was pretty easy, she played on the computer, watched cartoons, took her medicine and let me watch a little tivo and clean.
  • She was upset that she was missing school and was scared she wasn't gonna make a slumber party this Saturday if it was a cold or the flu.
  • Poor baby.
  • One more day at home resting those sweet little lungs outta do it.
  • I'll admit, I got sucked in and played with the lights for a bit. I'm not sure who is supposed to go them. I looked at that sight at 10:03 PM last night and there was 16 other people moving the camera and playing with the lights. I'm looking again tonight.
  • There is someone that I know that keeps accidentally calling me from their cell and they'll leave a message that is them walking with cell phone probably in their pocket or them talking to someone or.....I've gotten three different phone calls with messages now. I keep forgetting to call them back and let them know.
  • Someone in my neighborhood as wifi and my iphone hops a ride on it at home....but I only get it at certain spots in my house and not consistently. I sure appreciate it though.
  • My brother's interview yesterday was really a testing session in two different locations. He feels pretty good about it. Fingers. Crossed.
  • Hey...make today a GREAT Thursday!!! (Or just get through the day with thoughts of tomorrow being Friday!)
PS. I took the attached pic a couple of weeks ago. If you hate feet, I'm so sorry you had to see that.

Wake Up!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From my Facebook

(Click to enlarge.)

See, I are smart.

(I should probably disable comments for this one.)

-- Posted from my iPhone

The Diary of Anne Frank

A couple of nights ago I was "stumbling" through the internet and came across a website when I came across a list of banned books, that included The Diary of Anne Frank.
Not only did I read that in high school, but I also auditioned for a part in the play in middle school. It was actually the first part I auditioned for.

How strange I stumbled upon Anne Frank again.

Another user wrote: "Who knows what she could have become."

And I'll be if I canNOT for the life of me find the list of banned books webpage that I read the other night.

Wednesday Thoughts

  • So I got my hair done did last night. Yea....I feel better. Thursday is the kid's turn.
  • Then I get home to dog chaos. My little precious, Siberian Husky, decided to allegedly "attack" the other dog. They get separated and my wittle precious gets put in the garage. I walk in from an evening at the hairdresser and demand answers. My sweet pea wouldn't do something like that. No one really has answers. So I figure, the other dog called my dog a bitch....and wouldn't you retaliate if your backyard mate did the same to you?
  • (No, Mother, I did NOT cuss.....the definition of a "bitch" is a female dog....and Mallie was probably feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and had a female "moment". Annnd, if you read definition #2, you know how overbearing Mallie can be....that might apply to her also.)
  • Hey....look, they caught Erin Andrew's stalker. The guy was crazy enough to attempt to sell the video to TMZ. Nut.
  • My. Oh. My. Wise County got it some buckets and buckets of rain dumped upon it yesterday afternoon. I was hard at work at my desk, turned around to glance out the door and did a double take to notice how dark it was outside. It almost looked like it was 7:00pm out there.
  • My favorite posts so far are the Caption This on Mondays. You guys "quack" me up! Love it!
  • My brother is on a job interview/testing today. Throw some happy-good wishes his way.
  • I think one of the most memorable moments of him in my house was when he stood in front of my daughter's closet and shook his head at all the shoes in there. Guys will never EVER understand our love for shoes.
  • My brother isn't as big on the online social network as I am, so it was rather funny when he broke the silence with, "I soooo need to twitpic that!"
  • Speaking of pictures....I have a photo gig this weekend and I am excited. It's an anniversary party. Yea!! I love parties!
  • It's now Wednesday. Does anything exciting happen on Wednesdays?

Edit: Home with sick baby. She didn't look 100% last night and woke up with a fever this morning. I was excited over the possibility of a little nap this morning....but...noooo, Albuterol and Tylenol seem to have an energizing effect on her.

After rereading my above "thoughts" that were actually written last night, I have come to the conclusion that I am a dork.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You're gonna miss me....


I love stuff like this!

Tuesday Quiz

You Are Blissful

You are passionate about life and thrilled with the world.

You aren't just feeling good... you're feeling great. Happiness comes easily to you.

You are a truly radiant person. People feel your warm, jubilant vibes.

You truly make the world a happier place. And a better place too.

OK, I'll buy that.

Midmorning Laugh

Made me giggle.

1st Belt Buckle

Let me start by saying, my kiddo does posess nicer clothes. We went to the stick horse rodeo and my lil one isn't exactly a dainty, cute little girl....she's beautiful in her own loud and rough kind of way. I just knew before even leaving the house that within an hour she would be "accidently" rolling around in and sliding through the dirt.

Off we go. Yee-haw. Cousins are gonna do it too. We actually have three of the four age groups covered.

Nephew is incredible. He, too, was born a ham and does incredible.

They have to go through five events:

Bronc Riding
Calf Roping
Barrell Racing
Flag Racing
Bull Riding

They get judged in each catergory and awarded ribbons to 1, 2, and 3 places. She placed in all five events and then my little stinker won overall in her age group!!

Woo hoo!!!

Am I a proud mama??
Heck yea!

Awesome nephew and neice also won ribbons. Neice is ready to do another "radio".

I felt really really bad for one little girl that left in tears because she didn't win anything. I wanted to scoop her up and give her a big ole hug.

All in all it was fun, the kids had fun, the adults in charge did an awesome job keeping all the kids going.

-- Posted from my iPhone

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts and Stuff:

  • (Written Monday Night.)
  • Oh my. Save this read until you get home. It just might make you cry.
  • I haven't backed up or synced my iphone since early September. That tends to cause problems.
  • I tried twice this week and it kept freezing. I had to ask the Great Google what to do.
  • It's backing up....taking forever. (I'm starting to get concerned.)
  • On nights like this I wish I were a little on the smarter side.
  • I found what you can do next weekend in Wise County next weekend: Music Fest and 5k Run in Decatur. Sara's Cure.
  • I read alot of facebook updates this weekend talking about yard work being done. I kinda wish I had done my yard work. It's supposed to rain for the next two days?
  • Someone called my weed-eater ghetto when I described what kind it was.
  • I've hear the Party in The USA Song over and over and over and finally happened to see who is singing it......oh no. Wasn't that girl just 12 years old 3 months ago? What is she now? 30? Good grief.
  • iphone synced, yea...but still having troubles.
  • I'm done for the night. My pillow calls.


Well, not every iPhone, the original iPhone is being left out of the MMS party because of hardware differences. Users still connected via their first-gen iPhone are omitted from this particular firmware update feature. Apple stated at their iPhone 3.0 event in March that there are enough hardware changes from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G that MMS and Stereo Bluetooth will not be available on the original iPhone.

Ahh. Ha! And now I know why I was having troubles. Nice. So no MMS for me! (suddenly "the soup Nazi" pops into my head.)

(Thanks to my "nerdy" emailer friend for the depressing tip.)

Caption This

Go ahead, take a quack at it!

Monday Thoughts

  • I watched a bit of the Dallas Denver game and kept noticing that Denver had pink gloves on. It bugged me because it totally clashed with their team colors. When I finally noticed that one of Dallas' players had pink on his cleats, I guessed it was Breast Cancer Awareness. I was right.
  • I went to the doctor Saturday and almost didn't get seen because of all the flu victims. I also found out that a monthly injection I get is not being covered by my insurance. My doctor's office appealed and appealed and are now giving the uncovered balance to me to pay. Nice.... a whole year's worth of shots and I am just now finding out that it's not covered.
  • It's almost not worth having insurance....except we (work) are fixing to switch companies.
  • I've caught some episodes of South Park over the last couple of weeks. That's one strange show. (I swear I did NOT laugh at it last night!)
  • My older daughter informed me after dinner last night....out of the blue...."Two more years and I'll be in high school." I'm pretty sure that was the moment I almost had a heart attack. I told that child I will NOT allow her to be going to high school.
  • Where'd I put that paper bag.?
  • I wore shorts yesterday.
  • I regretted wearing shorts yesterday.
  • I wish I had a fireplace.
  • I went to the Stickhorse Rodeo. Oh my, that was cute, incredibly fun....and that deserves it's own post. I might have to brag for a milli-sec.
  • I wish everyone would use block form when writing. It's bugs me if everything isn't nice and neat on both sides.
  • My thoughts might be blonde and skattered but at least it looks nice.
  • It's Monday. All day. Yuk.

Morning Music

Morning Music Video here.

I would put the video up here, but youtube video owner has the embedded link disabled. Boo.

It is a good song though. It's Fireflies by Owl City. I bought it on itunes and love it!

Happy Monday.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

100 Greatest Hits of YOUTUBE in 4 minutes

"Professional" Stick Horse Rodeo

How cute is that sound?! One of the adults involved in helping told me that not only would th cowboy/girl be judged but the performance of the stick horse would be also.

Oh and they said they take this stuff seriously! Belt buckles awarded and Rodeo Clowns on site!

Hey look, Wise's tomorrow at the Rodeo Grounds!

Bless Me

I got the flu shot yesterday.

I'm sneezing today.

Is grouchiness a side effect too?

-- Posted from my iPhone

Yes, they call him The Streak....

This is completely safe for the work environment because....

...this guy isn't really naked as a jaybird. He's really wearing flesh colored speedos and they put the blurry spot over his mid-section for comedic effect.

Let's all gather some inspiration from this fellow and have a care-free uninhibited weekend.

Friday Thoughts with stuff I found

  • OK I came across the above pic and funny (but not a bad idea). I was gonna jokingly post that I want those until I feel in love with #10 on this list.
  • My eyes are seriously getting bad. I left my glasses in my a different purse yesterday and suffered all day. I had a headache by noon.
  • I found a good bathroom reading site.....not that I spend enough time to sit in there and read....ok.....nough' of that....ahem.... enjoy reading where ever you are with this site.
  • Michael Jackson' Autopsy Report from AP News.
  • I like flickr. I like sunsets. I like reflections. All in one.
  • I haven't watched Survivor yet. I'm saving it for this weekend. So, don't talk to me about it.
  • I wasted waaay too much time looking at this.
  • I jogged last night with the puppy dog and got home to no electricity in the entire neighborhood. So I went for a walk, got back-electricity back on. I fiddled for half an hour and jumped in the shower.
  • Conditioner in hair, soap on body.....lights go out. Nice. I showered in the dark.
  • I'm still scared Survivor didn't record on the TiVo. I have a back up plan if it didn't.
  • On with the Friday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"I gotta feeling"

I have heard this song a zillion times.

But this video of the Black Eyed Pea's I Got a Feeling was clever. It was made by 172 communications students at the University of Quebec at two hours!

Lunchtime Blogging

  • Yea...blogging and a chicken paramasian diet dinner. Yum!
  • Last night I took a couple of little girls to the park so I could jog with the dog. After jogging the girls talked me into the trail by a creek. Can you guess what the crazy dog did? Yep..pic above. She jumped right in. I had no idea snow dogs would be such big fans of bodies of water.
  • I just read that a UK Court has order a writ to be served via Twitter. That's crazy. Who ever is behind this Twitter account is gonna get in trouble.
  • I have been waking up in the middle of the night for the past three nights. That's not normal for me at all. I'm the type that can sleep through a tornado.
  • I got a flu shot today at my office. They gave me a looney tunes band-aid and a sucker. 
  • Report cards come out Monday. Woo hoo! 1st 6 weeks over! 5 more to go until Summer. 
  • I'm now addicted to itunes App Store on the iphone. Every night I browse through and read them. I'm so addicted.
  • On my facebook, on my relation to my brother I chose 'sister'. Dang facebook makes the other person accept that first. was still funny even if he was the only one that saw it.
  • I got more to blog but I lack the time. I sacrificed some lunchtime to run to the store for some yummy Red Bull.
  • Red Bull is not the same as the Bad Girl drink and I miss that stuff---they stopped making it. I'm still going through withdrawals.
  • K-Later! :-)

Hello October!

Lily can't wait to go trick or treating!


Wake Up and Get Your Cheap Thursday!

Get the album for $3.99.

You can blame the Guitar Hero Wii for making me a fan of Paramore.

Can there be anything more fun than jump up and down singing in your own living room with one kid on the guitar and the other on the drums?