Friday, July 31, 2009


Time Waste

I cannot play this game nicely.

Its an interactive game with letters like the ones on the refrigerator. You can revert back to your childhood and make words...except a zillion others are doing the same thing at the same time on the spot with the same letters.

Someone kept taking my letters. Also, when they took them they didn't even make sure they were lining them up straight and neat. Drove me crazy.


Or not.


While I was sitting at lunch yesterday, a news program on tv muted in he background shows the following story. A woman at another table gasps at the tv. A guy with her turns around and says, oh yea...pretty horrible story, huh? She says..oh yea, yea that's sad and all, but did you see how ugly the lady they arrested was?

Family and friends who watched Julie Corey show off a newborn baby girl noticed the signs something wasn't quite right with the baby she said she'd given birth to a day earlier: her seeming to pretend to breast-feed a newborn under a blanket when a bottle of formula was nearby and an umbilical cord tied with a ribbon instead of a clamp.

Then they heard Corey's former neighbor had been found dead with a baby cut from her womb.

Corey, 35, of Worcester, Massachusetts, was held on £1.2 million bail in New Hampshire yesterday, one day after being found with a 4-pound baby girl at a homeless shelter.

Appearing in Concord District Court via video from jail, Corey said little during the hearing and did not waive extradition to be brought back to Massachusetts to face kidnapping charges. Judge Gerard Boyle ordered all police affidavits in the case sealed and scheduled a hearing for August 30.

Corey is accused of kidnapping an infant carried by Darlene Haynes, a 23-year-old mother of three who had been eight months' pregnant and was found dead on Monday in her Worcester apartment. Authorities say she had head trauma, but an exact cause of death has not been determined. The missing fetus was discovered during a post-mortem examination.

Neighbors say Corey and her boyfriend, Alex Dion, used to live in the apartment building where Ms Haynes' body was found.

Dion's relatives told the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester that they met the baby at a family gathering on Saturday, and something didn't seem quite right.

They told the newspaper Corey appeared to be breast-feeding under a blanket although there was a bottle of formula. The baby's umbilical cord also did not look like it had been cut by a doctor, they said.

Police confirmed the baby was found with a ribbon wrapped around her umbilical cord.

Corey has not been charged in Ms Haynes' death, and Worcester, Massachusetts, District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said investigators are still trying to determine who was involved.

They also want to know if Corey really was pregnant.

Is there any doubt out there that she (and boyfriend) killed the woman?

Full Story here.

Friday's Thoughts

  • Twenty pending future inventions as predicted from the past.
  • I tried playing a typing game on facebook last night. I realized two of the high scores I was trying to beat are both very experienced 911 call takers/police dispatchers. Sheesh...their type sure can type fast. A third score might have been my mothers. How does she type so fast?
  • My girls and I walked from our house to a restaurant last night for dinner. It was nice on the way and we all wished we had taken the station wagon for the way back thanks to the full bellies.
  • Yesterday at my desk I realized halfway through the morning that I didn't hear the trapped creature in the air vent. Yesterday I think the bosses were mocking me...they teased that it was probably a tarantula. (By the way, Tara, don't click on that link. Its NSFT=Not Safe For Tara.)
  • Now I wait for the dead creature smell to begin.
  • My grass is finally coming back alive this week, just in time for the kids to go to Baby Daddy's for one last week. Weather prediction for next week: It'll be a scorcher, causing grass to die.
  • Last year I was obsessed with my yard. This year....notsomuch. It seems I can either have a clean house inside or a great looking yard.
  • I'm getting HBO. Seinfeld together on Curb in a closest thing to a reunion as we'll get kind of way.
  • I can't tell you how many times yesterday I made circles with my foot and tried to draw the #6 with my hand and not letting my foot change directions. Failed.
  • I love my dogs....but this is dumb. That just taking things a little too far.
  • K-it's Friday....and, shhhh...don't tell, but I get to take my girls to a Ranger's Game tonight. Let's go Rangers!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update to the wedding Entrance Dance:

Ohhh no....divorce?

You might have seen the original wedding dance entrance here.

Actually Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Jill have been married a month and are still doing fine.

Whew...which is good, too many marriages end in dance offs these days.

You might be a bad driver if......

I think I had this argument with my brother and my mother. I still say I can drive just fine while texting under the influence of texting.

Mike Lukovich

Random Quiz

You Want to Impress Strangers

You want strangers to think you're attractive. You want to be seen as gorgeous and sexy.

You want your friends and family members to think you're smart. You like been seen as insightful and wise.

You are at your most playful when you are around people you don't know well. You're more serious around those you're close to.

You let strangers see parts of you right away, but you believe in keeping some things private.

You are open to becoming close to people, but it takes some time. You don't let just anyone in.

Stupid Human Tricks.....

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change directions and there's nothing you can do about it.

Thursday's Thoughts

  • You a fan of lists? You'll love this guy...that's his whole gig.
  • When I saw the MJ/TB dog pic below...I literally said, "Oh my." out loud.
  • I'm afraid to go into work to find the creature stuck in the vent (above my desk) died overnight. I fear dead creature-smell over my desk. That would not be good.
  • My mother is finally going to get to see Harry Potter this weekend. She was sweet enough to invite my children and me. The invite specified an exclusion for any non-scifi fans. So, my older daughter will attend...and that other kid of mine will have to settle for a date with me in non scifi land.
  • You can find anything on the inkernet. (I refuse to admit I found that for a facebook update.)
  • I finally figured out that on the iphone you can listen to podcasts directly from the itunes app without downloading the podcast. Yea!! (islow)
  • I've also started using google reader more. I followed all sorts of stuff in there forever but never read it in there until recently.
  • I remember when twitter first came out you would see on someone's profile additional tabs to view that person's friends/followers updates and then to view that person with their friends all in one timeline. I miss that feature.
  • I used to work as an EMT-I (in an ambulance) and I still like reading stuff like this. It takes me back to the good ole days. I miss EMS. On occasion I would work in dispatch to help out but I sooo prefered being in the truck.
  • It's almost August 1st. Yep....Lily is going to make another appearance. (I still chuckle over that.)
  • This week I've turned into an insomniac. Every so often I have the worst time going to sleep. This whole week has been like that. Mornings are miserable..... afternoon's are *h*e*double hockey stick.
  • In honor of Thursday...I'll sleep in past eight in two days.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh. My.

I'm shaking my head

Gidget. the Taco Bell Dog and Michael Jackson.


The Hangover

I think I shouldn't admit to loving that movie.

I laughed so much and pretty hard. It was very tensely funny. I saw it in the afternoon Saturday and the theatre was packed. One of the reasons I love watching a movie in the theatre as opposed to at home is to hear the crowd reaction.

A couple of rows up and on the other side of the theatre there were four ladies that were "loud laughers"....and one of them had a laugh louder than the entire theater. It was great!

The movie started out at the end of the movie and then switched to two days earlier to explain what happened. Guys go to Vegas for the bachelor party and wake up missing the groom. They spend the rest of the movie following clues of where they went the previous night hour by hour to find him. Watch the trailer. The mystery of what happened the entire night is explained in pictures during the credits. The concept reminded me of the backwards Seinfeld episode.

There were three moments during the movie that were a little uncomfortable: two involving a baby and one involving a male body part being shown.
(Oh my, I just remembered that a certain male body part made an appearance twice in the movie by two different men.)

After the movie was over, I remember scrambling for the tickets for the rating. "R"? I'll be. I'm shocked it was only rated "R".

Still, funny movie.

(I wrote this up Sunday night and hit save instead of publish. My bad.)

Could this kid be any cuter?

5-year-old boy plays "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash

Someone in the comments of youtube wrote:
"Hope that guy you shot in Reno was the one who gave you that ridiculos haircut.
Maybe for your next number you wanna do Boy Named Sue. "

Hump Day Blogging

  • Crazy can rate other people's body parts. I would upload a pic there, but there wasn't a catergory for elbows.
  • The girls and I went to the water park last night after work. My six year old finally got to ride one of the "big" slides. Fun. Fun. Fun.
  • There is a creature stuck in the AC vent above my desk. You better believe my first task of the day was to send an email to the bosses......I'm not sure they are as concerned as I am. I did note that it could die and stink up the place. This is serious!!
  • Decatur school starts back on August 24th. One year ago (on the first day of school) I accepted a position with my current employer. I like it here. I miss everyone at my last job
  • Peter Pan got married? The self-proclaimed "fairy princess" and "pixie boi" exchanged vows with lyrics from a Led Zeppelin song, and then pinky swears. "A pinky swear, after all," writes the bridegroom, "is unconditionally forever, and something not done unless one really really really means it!"
  • People are wierd.
  • Not me....I'm soooo normal!!
  • My girls will be gone next week for their last summer week with the baby daddy. I'm not sure what I'll do next week. I might clean house, do yardwork, possibly water the lawn in their absence...
  • Look: you can tape yourself and share with the inkernet. I can probably add that to the list of things I probably won't do while childless next week. Probably....
  • I seem to be watching less and less tv these days. The home tv's tend to just stay on the kid's channels. That might change when Survivor comes back on tv.
  • Update on my shin splint injury. I don't think I'll make that full marathon in November. I still want to do a marathon, but it probably won't happen in 2009. Dang shin splint.
  • Now, back on with the day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world -

Wow on different levels.

The aquarium is amazing. It's huge! If I could grab my girls by the hands, hop a plane to see this in person...I'd do it!

The song is beautiful. I love the calm, slow, soothing sound.

The people look so tiny. How small would you feel with one of those creatures swimming around you?

Now, watch this in the dark, with everything in the house completely still. It's even better.

(song is Please Don't Go By Barcelona)

New moon sneak peek 2

Yep, we watched this over and over.

Protect your ears at the mark.

I'm just glad she didn't discover this video.

Remind me to keep that child away from inkernets.

New moon sneak peek 1

I kid you not, my daughter heard this from the other side of the house and came running.

How did she know what it was?

Can you guess what I'll be posting at 10:15am that made her all ga-ga?

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Three internet videos were watched over and over in my house tonight. The first two I'll post at 10 and 10:15am. Hmmm....wonder who was the fan of those two? The second at 2:00p this afternoon.
  • It's good to have my girls home. My house smells like an odd mixture of cheezits and finger nail polish. I did not sleep comfortably at all with both girls in my bed, yet I didn't mind one bit. Girls are home. I even smiled when they babies are back.
  • I got a text message from the babysitter tonight....she ended it with calling me a Dummie. Made me giggle. She is either A) is a smart child and figured me out. or B) her mother clued her in. (Probably both.)
  • Oh, and of course, I'm sure it was unwarranted!
  • The girls and I discoved a new chinese food buffet in the old KFC building in Decatur Sunday night. Oh my....not bad. Not the biggest selection of all, but it was clean. Very clean. Simple and clean....did I mention it was clean? Maybe it will cause the "competition" to....hmmm....what's the word? Oh yeah.....CLEAN!
  • Sushi wasn't real sushi, it was only buffet sushi, but still....a little wasabi, ginger, soy sauce and a piece of tuna wrapped in rice, vegetable, and seaweed....and you have yourself two little girls giggling at mom's eyes tearing up from too much wasabi.
  • I need to find a sushi joint. My craving is getting worse. Me needs me some sushi. Real sushi.
  • I love love love the rain. I especially love leaving my water sprinkler on while its raining. Three times now, I have had to turn off the water sprinkler in the rain. I turn the sprinkler on while its hot and dry...within thirty minutes it pours outside. It's like I'm turning on the faucet that reaches the clouds above. I'm magical.
  • First time jogging tonight went fairly well. I felt very little shin and ankle pain. I stayed on the treadmill for an hour but took it very easy. It was nice...just nice. I have sooo missed that!
  • I'll pretend that I didn't see the school supply lists out at Walmart this evening when I went there for the second time in the same night. It's still summer. Those pieces of paper should be banned until at least August. It's bad enough that they have been slowly sneaking bins of glue sticks, sharpies and pencils here and there around the grocery isles.....but the lists? Just at least let me have July.
  • We have two outside activities planned for this week. One is a short hangout at a waterpark and the other is an outside trail by a creek that has two bridges and two playgrounds. We're keeping fingers crossed that we can pull this off. (I should probably keep the water sprinkler off both nights.)
  • Monday was long and tiresome at work and it wasn't even that crazy. I like my work. Mondays just aren't my favorite days up there. I think the guys have learned to semi-let me be on Mondays.
  • ADD Thought: I think I got a right second toe injury from wearing flip flops too much on vacation.
  • You may now proceed with your Tuesday.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Simon's Cat 'Fly Guy'

I swear that is my missing cat Mr. Fluff.

Made me giggle.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • Kids. Are. Home.
  • During the bedtime argument: Me: It's 30 minutes passed your bed time. I'm feeling crazy for giving you guys this long....Kid replies: "Well maybe it's cause you're the nicest mom ever." Good point. Kid wins. How can i argue with that?
  • Same kid explaining why she loves milk: "Cause it makes my teeth whiter and cause I love cows."
  • When my brother had come for a visit he introduced my kids to Ramen Soup and they loved it! I'm not sure why I've been holding back on that stuff especially since it costs around...15 cents a package.
  • My kids are bottomless pits. Don't let their cute small girlish frames fool ya...those chicks can put some food down. I might have been the same way at their age.
  • I went for a bike ride Saturday with my jacket, helmet and gloves on. It was unbelievably hot! It almost made the ride unenjoyable. Almost, but not quite. I love riding.
  • My Monday morning started with backing my station wagon into the garage....again. This time the glass completely shattered. Nice.
    Happy Monday to me.


Did you see Alexis Cohen on American Idol 2006 and 2007. I do remember her in this.

She was killed by a car this weekend. Her body was found 300 yards away from her own vehicle.

I found a quote off of her myspace page:
"Some people are bringing sexy back, I am bringing the finger back."

RIP Alexis.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yea! The pinto has new shoes!!

Driving with good tires is alot different. I'm not in constant fear of a tire blowing.

Now I can get my weekend rolling.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lunchtime Thoughts

  • I had an ADD Thought a couple of nights ago: I wonder if there has been any movies made lately that have Twitter mentioned in them. There's gotta be one out there somewhere.
  • On my long commute to work the other day I heard Kidd Kraddick talking about the Chante Mallard case. They also mentioned a movie that was made out of the story. I had completely forgotten about the entire ordeal. I never saw the movie.
  • I saw spider monkeys on vacation last week. I squealled at the sight of them and then just stood there smiling big and in disbelief that I was standing that close to actual spider monkeys. That was too cool!
  • I had a hamburger with the family during the 4th of July weekend. I hadn't eaten a hamburger in at least of couple of years before that. Chicken sandwhiches sure. Hamburgers? Nope. And can you believe I've never eaten a White Castle Burger either.
  • A guy at work was talking about driving to West Texas this weekend to visit his son. He mentioned Anson and that they had lived there for about 4 years. I asked, "What do you think of the Anson Lights?" He was clueless. Here's a good description. I saw them in high school. They are freaky. And yes, they are real.
  • Ugh. I'm getting two new tires today. They are badly badly badly needed but I can't stand sitting and waiting while the car gets worked on. I've gone to the same place for the past ten years and they are extremely nice, professional, but I can't stand to just sit there. Put me anywhere else waiting on anything else and I'm fine. Waiting in an automechanic shop? Not so much.
  • Good grief tires are expensive.
  • Two weeks ago I had the underneath of my hair colored dark purple, but the hair was sooo blonde it took two tries to get it. Now it just looks brown. Still cool and I like it, but the gal I originally saw it on had it just the right shade of purple. I'll probably go back all blonde before too long.
  • My girls were in shock when they saw the purple. Made me giggle until the older one asked if she can have pink put in hers.
  • Girls come home in two days. The yard has suffered almost to death in their absence. They need to come home and play in the water sprinkler again.
  • I've lost ten pounds in the last month. I'm shocked I didn't gain a ton last week.
  • There's a possibility I might try to run for the first time since the shin splints this weekend. It'll be a short distance for a short period of time. Fingers crossed. I miss my jogging. Power walking just isn't the same.
  • Hey, it's Friday....I'm a happy camper.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time Waste

Slow motion lighter

....yes still so fascinating.

Wednesday's Thoughts

  • This time last week I was trying to remember what day of the week it was. I miss the vacation.
  • My kiddos are out of town this week with the baby daddy and I always get tickled over the random text messages and emails that I get from them.
  • I sent the, Love you, how's your day one yesterday and got back an "Ugh" in reply.
  • Craziest wedding hook up ever? I'm pretty sure that searching my own name won't result in husband #8 for me.
  • There's a youtube video of Brittney Spears getting hollered at by some woman to get the $#&@! out of Hollywood. What cracked me up was the paparazzi's response to the woman. Be careful not to watch the entire'll get motion sickness. Oh and of course, the has F Bombs in it. Good grief what a pain to be her and followed by that many wonder she's crazy.
  • I got gas this morning next to the cutest guy ever who stopped to compliment me on my husky in the backseat. Hey now...could my dog be a cute guy magnet? I so need to take her out with me more.
  • It's already hump day....which means 4 more days till my kiddos come home. Woo hoo!!!
  • My mom got an iphone yesterday. She lost twenty or more pounds. She text messages me something and throws out the term TMI.....she's become hip. I don't even know her anymore.
  • In other own older daughter stares at me blankly sometimes and asks if I'm "for real". My mom becomes hip and I become....unhip.
  • Did I mention its already Wednesday? (Looking at watch.) How long till I can sleep in Saturday morning?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DEADLINE post-it stop motion

I'm always a fan of the Stop Motion type of videos. Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie will always be my favorite.....unless Colby Donaldson throws one out there.

I'm fascinated by how many pictures it would take to make one.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Blue does not EVEN begin to describe the color of that water. It was gorgeous!!

Monday's Thoughts

  • Today is the day I have not been looking forward to all week. Monday=back to real world.
  • I arrived home yesterday and went straight from the DFW airport to the doctor's office. I am so glad my doctor's office has extended hours.
  • (Walmart pharmacy is a pain!!!)
  • Standing in an airport in another country fighting to keep the contents of my tummy, barely able to see out side of a horrible pounding in my head and being in a lot of pain is not a fun ride back home.
  • I spent yesterday waiting for the antibiotics to take in effect. They're working, but I'm not quite 100% yet. I'll get there.
  • I was happy upon happiness to have a clean home upon return. Ahhhh......
  • Not much time for blogging at the moment for now, other than I am alive and pouty on my way to work.
  • I wanna go back to bed until my headache is completely gone.
  • I am sooooo gonna miss my friends that I hung around all week. Oh! And not to forget the ease of being in a resort. No cooking, cleaning for a week was pretty nice. Pretty, pretty nice.
about that pic......the lines you see in the pic are scratches on the window. That window was my view from the airplane......and those scratches were not on the inside of the window. Eek! (Made me double nervous.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lunch Time Thoughts

  • I've been a busy girl this week. It took almost the whole week to clean the house after last week's visit by my brother. It really wasn't that messy--I just lacked the time.
  • I'm went a little crazy at the hair salon Tuesday night. I go back tonight for my masterpiece to be finished. I'll post a pic tomorrow.'s different (and I like it).
  • I did a photo shoot last night for some very dear friends of mine. We went to a couple of locations and did pics for their engagement annoucement. I'm very pleased with the pics. Even though it was hot, we had a good time.
  • Speaking of a good time, we ended up at Hooter's for dinner afterward. How did I like it? Hmmm....let's see: I had a fruity margarita and sat with a big screen tv in my view that was playing the Ranger game...yada, yada, yada, and that's about all that was worth mentioning. I vote Bone Daddy's in Grapevine is way way way better if you are looking for that type of joint.
  • I have a follower of my blog that loves to drop annonymous tips for my love life which they know nothing about. Its always interesting to see a viewpoint of someone that is absolutely clueless.
  • And to the person that left the comment on the dog....I debated posting that one....but to respond: Idgit, that is not why that was done. Don't be gross.
  • I'm wondering how long it will be before someone finds out where the secret location of Michael Jackson's grave sight is. And I have no clue why I'm so fascinated with that, but I think within a week someone will know where he was buried.
  • Another Micheal Jackson tidbit. He is being buried wearing one white glove.
  • I'll be out of town for a week starting Saturday. No blogging while I'm gone....and possibly no twittering either. (How will I manage?)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pic of the Weekend

My cousins, Kami and Beverly had the pleasure of the last ride of the day. I sat post watching in case something went wrong. My older daughter held my camera.

Kami and Beverly decided to ride on their knees and see how long they would last. Everyone agreed it would not be long before one of them fell off.

Surprisingly they lasted awhile. I looked back at my daughter and told her be ready for a picture oppurtunity. She winked and said, "I'm all over it."

I looked back at my cousins just in time to see the tube hit a wave just right, catch air and send them straight up into the air. At that very daughter (and yes, I am very proud) took the attached pic.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Tusday Thoughts

  • Is it just me or do you also get drawn into Michael Jackson's face? It just doesn't seem natural.
  • Speaking of staring at celebrities, can you look at Sara Palin and not see Tina Fey? I still giggle.
  • I watched the tv show Lie To Me tonight. Yawn. I also got caught up on cleaning, emailing, and eating a snack.
  • I saw previews for some new show by TMZ called, Byond Twisted, pssst...looks goofy.
  • A friend of mine is getting married Friday. I'm still in shock. I saw her tonight. (Way to go, Nin.)
  • I had an incredible time at the lake house this weekend with the family. That entire area was peaceful, beautiful and the company was just great to be around. I spent more time just laughing.
  • I have always had a very strange fear of open water. Lakes tend to not be my friend. I get in water where I can't see anything around me and I get a panicked, horrible feeling inside. Oddly, I got past that feeling this weekend. Tubing was the cure.
  • My cousin and daughter went first and stayed on without any problems. Next, my younger daughter and I went. When the boat first started going forward there was too much weight in the front of the tube and not enough weight in the middle to the end where our feet were. The water went over the front, flipped over and dumped both of us off the tube. No biggie, I tend to stay very calm under pressure. Both of us were wearing life jackets and my daughter just needed some reassurance that everything was going to be ok. I quickly swam to her and calmed her down. We got back on the tube and successfully tubed. Good fun.
  • Later another cousin, her daughter and my daughter tube together, both little girls are the same age. Once again the tube does the same thing to them that it did to me, but it happened when the boat slowed down instead of speeding up. Everyone got dumped off. I remember having a bottled tea in my hand one sec and diving in the next. Somewhere between my mother said you better go in, but I'm not sure I had waited for permission. My cousin's daughter had taken a ton of talking into to get on the tube and I had a feeling that two panicky little girls might be a bit much for my cousin. So I dove and swam. So there ya water rescue for the summer.
  • The trip, one way, was seven hours. I'm very impressed on how well behaved my girls were on the trip...of course, they had plenty of electronic devices in the back seat to keep them busy.
  • When we got home, I walked in the house, walked out to unload the car, felt something on my left shoulder, felt a sudden horrible burning, heard a buzzing sound and then cried like a baby for my mommy.
  • I was two seconds from ripping my shirt off in the driveway. Amazing, my kid gets dumped in the lake..I act quickly, calmly and got control of the situation. I get attacked by a vicious horrible possibly deadly bee and I melt and cry for my mother.
  • Back to the lake, my father and I entered a contest to see who could take the best lake pic that day. We both lost. My older daughter won. I'll post the winning pic later today.
  • Last shoulder still hurts and is swollen. I have been willing evil thoughts upon that bee for the past 24 hours.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My daughter's iPhone app artwork

Thursdays Thoughts

  • I knew it wouldn't be long before someone posted a pic of the cover of OK Magazine's Michael Jackson Death Pic. I'm kinda surprised that the pic didn't go for more than the $500,000.
  • Same blog mentions that Michael Jackson may have had a secret stash of 100 songs for the legacy of his childrens.
  • Didn't he claim bankruptcy not too long ago?
  • This weekend will find me hanging out at my grandparent's lake cabin and just having a good time with some family.
  • The downfall of this weekend will be the drive to/from grandma and papa's place....7 hours. Worth it, but still.....7 hours.
  • Six kids last night...I got off work late, went home, escaped eargerly to Walmart, fed kids, cleaned kids, took kids for a walk, bathed kids and kissed them all goodnight. I could never EVER have that many kids full time. I'd go insane. Heck, I'd commit myself.
  • Today my mother is at the house with them and my brother. No one is answering their phones. I'm betting the kids have the adults tied to the kitchen chairs.
  • I moved my belt back a notch. In celebration, I had chicken express for lunch!
  • If I were really smart I would have had ice cream in celebration.

It's JULY!!

Lily's ready for July....

...bring on the heat!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lunchtime Quickie

  • I had no internet AGAIN last night. Cable internet SUCKS!
  • If I hear one more Michael Jackson joke.......
  • The play went smoothly and was tremendous....details later.
  • It's July! I owe you a beginning of the month picture of Lily.....if my memory serves me correctly, this months is one of my favorites! I'll get on that later tonight.
  • Grapefruit diet? I tried, it went well while on it, but as feared, the second you see, smell or lick a gain thirty pounds.
  • My brother is in town for a couple of days....with his, fun, fun. Well, mostly, except the baby slept in my bed last night and went back and forth between handing me the remote control and trying to push me out of bed. This would have been cuter if it wasn't past midnight.
  • I sleepy today.
  • I'm also happy my youngest is not a baby anymore. Diapers? Ewww......
  • I'm working today and brother is watching all (six) kids. Eek! I fear for the safety and cleanliness of my house.
  • Come on, admit it, you missed me terribly while I was busy doing the play.