Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thurdays Thoughts

  • I think I over use the words also and well. I try to keep myself from doing so, but I still say them.
  • It’s probably in my head but I feel a tad bit skinnier today. Maybe I’m starting to like the marathon training.
  • Birfffday Slumber party tomorrow!! Three girls confirmed to spend the night. I’m still trying to figure out details of the fourth.
  • I can’t believe my little girl is going to be 11. Wow, 11? Really?
  • Shhhh, don’t tell, but…my mom got my daughter the movie she’s been begging to get: Twilight. I’ve told her and her dad has told her that she needs to finish reading the book before she can watch the movie. She’s about three-fourths through the book.
  • To all my fellow nerds: Can I rip the movie onto my computer and download it onto her Ipod in the same way that I could a CD?
  • I need to wrap her present from me and I haven’t gotten to take little sister somewhere to let her buy big sister a present yet.
  • Last night I didn’t sleep well at all. I had one kid snoring, one kid grinding teeth and one husky nudging me for a belly rub……all in my bed.
  • I have a queen size bed.
  • I got another photo gig last night. This is for a very dear friend and I won’t charge a dime. I can’t believe he of all people is getting married. I’m in shock.
  • He called to tell me he proposed to her. Ahhhh…..Sigh.
  • I cannot believe Fort Worth ISD closed the entire school district from one confirmed case of the flu. Does it really take that long to clean all of that?
  • This morning on the news-bottom of the screen-was a scrolling list of schools closed for the flu. When I first woke up I thought maybe it had snowed outside.
  • I’m still in disbelief.
  • If our school closed for a week and I couldn’t go to work for a week, we wouldn’t make it financially. There’s no way. That and my kids would strangle me before the week went up.
  • Hey, it’s Thursday. I like Thursdays. One more day till Friday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Stop motion video

Not as good as the last one I posted....but this one has a pig.

Kat's Pic Wednesday

SWF, loves the outdoors, likes to fish, go to the lake, takes life seriously......looking for a catch.

(Yep, I'm a dork. I apologize.)

Let's just stick to the facts.....

My poor attempt at blogging about the news since last night I watched CNN for five minutes, Jon Stewart for ten minutes and listened to part of ABC with a broken up signal..
And what do I do with all that information? I turn to the interweb that started with a search to see how many students were declared ill yesterday to how many more were proclaimed sick today.

I consulted with my bff, Google, for articles and I found this one. It turned out to be a (non)informative article....
I've taken the liberty of giving you the highlights:'s too soon to tell...
"We have no clue right now ...
...anyone who tries to predict influenza often goes down in flames...
...officials across the country are looking intensively for suspicious cases...
...they don't understand why ...
...also said comparison to past pandemics are difficult....
...There's a historical cause for people to worry...

Hmmm....I'm thinking I have just as much expertise to write that article.

Wednesday Thoughts

  • April the 10th was a very good day! Tall, tan, handsome....
  • I closed one eye and looked closely through the star on my windshield, chuckled to myself, took my camera phone out, snapped a pic, giggled with delight....slowly looked to my right and the car next to me, very good looking guy, was looking at me as if I was on some sort of drugs. Priceless ending to that story would have been to snap a pic of him, smile and drive away under the green light.
  • Was that one of those moments/pics that I was probably the only one to appreciate?
  • Don't answer that. I've learned not knowing the truth is sometimes better.
  • How about that pig/swine flu...errr....H1N1 virus? We went from a big deal of a handful of kids in New York with suspected cases of the virus to how many? 8 to 75 in a couple of days?
  • I heard one of the guys walk by my desk, get coffee, turn around and say, "Damn Pig Flu." (Pause ten seconds with a Hmph response from me.) Then he walks away saying, "End of days. End. Of. Days."
  • Ebay is just a vehicle. The Hand of God was up for auction.
  • My ankles have swollen up bigger than Dallas last weekend Fri-Sun, better Mon and this morning was great....just before lunch..swollen. Tonight....actually starting to hurt. End of feet. End. Of. Feet.
  • My left always swells after treatment, but right now my right is eewwy mushy and bigger than the left.
  • I don't think its the jogging.
  • Have anyone ever mentioned how boring the treadmill can be? (......even in front of the tv.) Now if I had a computer attached to the treadmill....I'd have a fabulous time.
  • Off to find an ice pack and elevate some feet.
  • Happy Hump Day. Happy. Hump. Day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Music Quiz

Your Taste in Music Says You're Wild

Your musical tastes are intense and rebellious.

You are intelligent... but in a very unconventional way.

You are curious about the world. You love doing something new.

In fact, you enjoy taking risks and doing things most people would shy away from.

You are very physical. It's likely that you're athletic, but not into team sports.

You have the soul of an artist. Beauty and harmony are important to you.

All I read was that I am intelligent. That quiz was right on!

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Today I actually heard a woman ask another woman if she should check the ham in her fridge. I really hope she was kidding, but by the blank stare she received in response I'm not sure she was.
  • Slumber party in four nights. Keep me in your thoughts. Please?
  • Frankly, my house is nowhere near the level of clean that it needs to be.
  • No one ever uses the word frankly anymore. I like that word.
  • I have a workout video that I've been trying to master. Never have I ever felt more "white" than standing in my living room trying to replicate "the booty roll". So embarrassing and yet so impossible.
  • That video is called the The Booty Beat by Flirty Girl Fitness. And no, I don't have a "pole" in my house.
  • Seriously, don't believe me? I'll prove it.
  • (Note to self: hide the stripper pole.)
  • Murder? Insanity? Death? What could cause all that?
  • I spent too much time playing with this website instead of cleaning last night. I'm a bad mommy....yet I'm in love. It's kinda cool to add that to the good ole twitter.
  • Wait. I cooked, signed stuff (unsure what I agreed to), watched the Disney shows....and cleaned up after supper.
  • Supper is another good word I like.
  • (Second note to self: go to bed...)
  • Happy Tuesday.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gary Jules-Mad World

Incredibly beautiful sound.

Mr. Trucker

Out there is a very funny, witty, smart guy with a great personlity and pretty good looks. It's been over a month, but we went on a date. One date. We spent alot of time on the phone-talking and texting. He has an incredible sense of humor and found me intelligently funny. (Gotta love the guy for that.) He also told someone else who broke the secrecy bond they had by telling me that he thought I was a knockout. (Guy has good taste too!)

It didn't work out because of his crazy work schedule. I might have trailed off a bit and lost interest. while he worked nights I work during the day and his schedule changed every week. I'm sure that schedule was perfect for him, but it didn't really work out in the dating scheme of things. I will only date on the weekends when the kids are gone. I refuse to get a sitter to go on a date. I like the kids on a schedule. If it were a serious relationship, that'd be different, but a first second or third date? Fahgettaboudit.

So, still single and I'm not sure I'm unhappy or complaining about that. It's not bad at all.....for now.

Monday Thoughts

  • My poor daughter (younger) fell off my bed and I had the worst time not giggling. I'm pretty sure she didn't see me restraining my was funny....straight up America's Funniest Home Videos Funny.
  • My older daughter bailed to get the ice, without even being asked. Little nerd was giggling it up in front of the icebox. Unfair.
  • I couldn't decide Friday between a 15k race or my scheduled long 12 mile long run. I did the training run. I chose not to do the race. I probably could have done ok, but I'm glad I stuck to the training.
  • I think exercising first thing sets the tone for how the day's diet will go. I eat better if I've exercised. If I exercise last then I spend the day thinking, oh its ok if I eat this ten pounds of chocolate...I'll make up for it later tonight when I work out.
  • The tune up on my bike went well. It had been sitting for a long time and there was reason for concern on what would be involved in getting it running.
  • Next on the bike agenda will be new tires, chain and sprockets.
  • Is sprockets plural or singular?
  • It's gonna be a while before I'm actually up and running on that thing. It takes money to get it running and we run a tight budget around here.
  • My double fake husband needs to get a job, I swear! I'm pulling the weight for all of us.
  • I have two photo gigs coming up, but they are weddings and won't be until June. (Hello electric bill gettin' paid up in here.)
  • I'll appreciate those gigs when I'm sitting in an AC controlled house....enjoying the AC.
  • Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Follow up

Wow. I'll be.....yesterday's 5k winner was the winner of the Cowtown Ultra Marathon. And do you know exactly how many miles an Ultra Marathon is? Well, let me tell ya 50k = 31 miles. Wow. There's got to be a pic out there somewhere. That dude was pure muscle. Short. Bald. I kind of looked for one yesterday but didn't put forth a whole lot of effort.

Way to go dude.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


...goes to:


Lookie! Lookie!

She got first in her division! Way to go!! THAT is exciting. 

I better watch out, at her rate she's gonna be waiting for me at the finish lines. 

As a side note, I walked into her house last night and gave her a double look. The chic has dropped ten pounds. Nice job. It shows!! Now, how is it that I've gained? I'd whine unfair, but she looks great!! I have a feeling she's not stopping there. 

I did not place at this race. If I were an age group lower or higher I could have....there were some smoking runners in my age group. I wanna say my time was 29:45 -ish, which is not a bad time for me. There was a long slow hill against the wind for the first mile that was a little rough. I didn't want to push too hard because of my right leg and I have a long run tomorrow. I am happy with my time. Mom's was great too! We're thinking it was about 40 or 41 minutes. All in all.....good race. Luke's Locker should have the results posted online in the next couple of days.

Oh! The overall first place runner was also the runner and winner of the ultra marathon at the cow town marathon this year. I have yet to check that out, but I will. Today, the guy ran effortlessly while pushing a baby buggie. 

Good Morning 5k.....

Just to clarify since I didn't say where I would be racing today and I know this disappoints you, but I will not be at this race tomorrow. I will be somewhere else.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Friday. I love Friday. Friday is normally fond of me too.

Since my life is engulfed marathon training, I actually made another blog for my marathon training updates. If there is a betting pool going on somewhere on how long until I bail on the marathon...(I get $5 on week 3.) So now you can ignore my boring whining over what hurts and what shouldn't be giggling.

I could use some encouragement, throw some that way. I'd appreciate and a even a little goes a long way.

Oh and I soak up advice, tips, secrets, lessons learned like a sponge so feel free....I accept all forms of shared knowledge.

Blog here.

I'll post updates on tomorrow's 5k here afterward. For my twitter updates for my mind shattering revelations as I journey through my day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend Plans.

Looks like:

Mostly hanging with mom:

Friday: Dinner, possibly a play and cards.
Saturday: Early morning 5k, trip to Abilene for nephew birthday party and more cards with ladies from ole' church.
Sunday: Possibility A) Church and lunch with Mom followed up with my 12 mile long run around the Weatherford lake. Possibility B) Listen to a sermon podcast, go to a local German fest, run a 15k race, walk around German fest, head home for a follow up 3 miles.

Random Thoughts on my Offspring

Older Child
  • If I have to fill out one more party invitation then I think I will go into convulsions. I swear!
  • Party is a week and a half away. I can totally see why people hire party coordinators.
  • My daughter is the worst on procrastinating.....well, second worst. Party planning is one of those things we are terrible about. Both of us.
  • Her room has been a disaster area for over a week. Yuk. I threatened loss of phone privileges starting tonight if the room didn't get clean.
  • As of 9:30p and after three days of cleaning...(it got worse before it got better)'s now the closet to spotless I've seen in a long time.
  • We have a new boyfriend. I call him Curly, because of his hair. He is the cutest kid ever. If you are reading this and you figured out who that is, you didn't hear that from me. It's supposed to be kept on the "down low".
  • I'm still very very happy with the kid for her Math Taks score. Whew. I don't why the kid had to scare me like that. (Bombing the benchmark pretest.) She was one point shy of being commended with a high grade....she got commended last year. Math is more of her subject.
That other kid.
  • She wants everyone to know that her classroom at school has baby chics.
  • I saw the baby chics today. They were cute! I told one little boy I was pretty sure they were really dinosaurs in disguise.
  • He laughed and told me that wasn't possible because dinosaurs are in the ground. You have to dig to find them. I agreed with him because, "those things don't have any dirt on them."
  • Another little girl looked at him and said, "Yea and the devil is in there too." I resisted asking her if she meant in with the chics or the dinosaurs.
  • Kindergartners are the funniest kids ever. I love their laughs. And they think I'm funny too.
  • I also love the thought process of the kindergartner. Speaking of chics.....
  • I wish I had recorded the conversation with my kindergartner over where chicken nuggets come from.
  • She told me that the nuggets come from chickens, from chickens, (not a typo)but they're not chicken. I looked at her blankly and said, "Do what?" She then responded with, "I don't even know what I'm saying anymore." I laughed. It was a good ten minute conversation involving where "they" get the chicken from. We discussed "they" give them to "Mac-En-Donald's" cold. Me: "Like, the chickens are cold and need a coat?" Child: "No, are you crazy?!"
  • That conversation still makes me giggle. She tried to explain it in more detail throughout the remainder of the evening. It stayed funny.
  • When she gets frustrated with me, she'll call me "Muuuh--tthher!"
  • Her reading is incredible. Incredible. I've heard a bunch of kids read and she has a ton of talent in that area.
As far as kids go, I am beyond blessed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kat's Pic Wednesday

If you think you are a little too much on the heavy side to wear a halter top, then throw a wife beater t shirt under it. There, better?

Then again.........

Wednesday's Thoughts

  • I like Wednesdays. Wednesday equals out to sleeping in will occur in three mornings and counting.
  • I announced I'm going to train for a marathon and stepped on the scale to get an idea of what my starting weight will be. I think my whole body slumped when I saw how much I weigh. Sigh.
  • I ran four miles outside and two miles inside. I have always claimed the treadmill is harder than the road. During the last mile I was tired. I started considering slowing down to a walk when my younger kid popped up and gave me a thumbs up, huge goofy smile and a "way to go go...." That was all I needed.
  • I like the mapmyrun website. It's pretty nifty. I get to map out runs, figure the distance and save them for future use and share them if I choose.
  • I already have one friend on mapmyrun. I'm not alone.
  • I'm pretty positive I'm gonna qualify for the Boston Marathon at my San Antonio Marathon.
  • If you just spit out your coffee with a burst of laughter after my last statement, then I give you a "I beg your pardon! That was NOT necessary."
  • OK, maybe Boston is a little out of my reach at the moment. Maybe someday it will be. Maybe.
  • I'm trying to throw some mental motivation around my frequented areas....desk, bedroom, mirrors, car..... constant reminders should keep me on track.
  • I was worried about my right leg yesterday. I had a bit of a painful limp going on. Today it feels great.
  • I moved the treadmill to my bedroom in front of the tv. There was no way I was gonna be able to survive running in the garage any longer. That's just cruel.
  • I'm still disappointed over my weight. I'll weigh again in two weeks and see if there is any improvement.
  • Now go clean up that coffee off the computer screen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nerd Quiz

I am nerdier than 50% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

As promised last week, THIS week's quiz is not a facebook quiz. And hey, look-I'm only halfway nerdy!

Post your results in the comments.

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Last Wednesday I shared with you that I know a guy owing over $90,000 in credit card debt. He tells me over the weekend that he bought a pair of shoes on sales at Sears and then saved an additional 10% by accepting their credit card offer. What are the chances he will actually give money for that pair of shoes?
  • I watch a little bit of Larry King last night with guest Perez Hilton on his show. I was pretty impressed with how calm, smooth and well spoken Perez was at that moment. I'm not saying right or wrong but the video of him asking Miss California whether or not she believed other states should follow suit with Vermont in regards to gay marriage was pretty interesting. After her answer he seems to have this deep inner anger that he is attempting to control. I was shocked that he wasn't more prepared mentally for that type of answer. That was almost a drunken about to be sick look.
  • Did I watch the pagent? No. Maybe I should, I had forgotten how entertaining that event is.
  • I made a decision over the last couple of days to follow through with a goal I've had set for myself. At some point I wanted to do a full marathon. My dad did and I wanted to also. I've completed two half marathons and really felt I could be capable with some training. So here we go. This will be my first marathon.
  • I have another 5k race this weekend. I will be in bed the night before by 9pm. I swear! This one is a small town race around their high school. I feel pretty good about it.
  • In two weekends I will be victim of an 11yo's birthday party/slumber party/celebrating weekend. I'm already tired.
  • Shhh, don't tell her, but I found her a 32GB ipod for her birthday persent. I kinda lost her's after the MS race. I refuse to relive the traumatic memory of how that occured, so just trust was bad.
  • When I got it, I took it out of the package to download some stuff on it and charge it so she could play with it immediately after opening it.
  • I think I'm even more love with the idea of it. It makes me want an Iphone that much more. Did you know the Iphone's have a GPS in them? ....just throwing that bit of information in there.
  • Those Iphones are incredible and make sunsational gifts.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Meet Emris, Jerry, Rob and Barnard. The result is pretty cool, but I wanna know how the idea to stick LED lights on a sheep and play a game was hatched.

Keep with the video.

Monday Thoughts

  • I completely screwed up the 10k this weekend. I’m so mad at myself for that. I will find another one, but I wanted to do that one.
  • I did make the 5k and it was a crowded run. Very crowded.
  • I had signed up as part of a team from work and never saw one person from work. I waited, per email, to meet ahead of time and didn’t see anyone.
  • They always announce for walkers to start at the back and let the runners start towards the front. I wasn’t too far from the starting line in the pack.
  • I swear there was a baby buggie blockade with a row of mom’s walking and little babies holding pinkie’s at the very start of the line.
  • The entire race felt like I was running elbow to elbow.
  • A crowded race slows me down. My time was 29 minutes and something.
  • My mom ran the race. She ran the entire race. Go mom!!!
  • Her time was ten minutes faster than she thought it would be.
  • I waited near the finish line to cheer her on and had the biggest surge of pride seeing her running.
  • I love cheering people on.
  • After the race I still went home and took my huskey on our 7 mile jog.
  • I got up at six this morning and did the elliptical machine. I feel pretty good about myself.
  • Tonight is a rest day. No running scheduled.
  • Next race is this weekend in a small town. Another 5k.
  • I’m bumping my running up from 20 miles a week to gradually getting to 30 miles.
  • I am now officially on a marathon training schedule. Wish me luck. I’ll give more details later.
  • I didn’t run yesterday because my legs are so sore and cramped. I’m pretty sure I did not drink enough water over the weekend.
  • The pain in my legs woke me up at three am this morning. They still hurt.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Plans

  • It looks like the Arts festival
  • Dinner with friends.
  • The 10k followed by the 5k.
  • Hanging with some more friends: lawnmower and weed eater.
  • Church with Sweet Mother.
  • Nap, nap, and maybe one more little nap.
  • Clean.

Dieting Advice

Here is some recent dieting advice I've received:

Look at yourself naked in the mirror. Face the bitter truth in all its shocking horror.

Don't wear stretch pants to the all you can eat buffet. Uhh...ok.

Wear those pants that are a smidge too tight. It'll constantly remind you that you've gained.

Eat smaller meals more often to increase the metabolism in your body. That's hard for me especially if I'm not hungry every three hours.

Exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week. That one I can handle.

Mood: Trying.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On my Ipod.

1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow-Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
2. Where I Stood-Missy Higgins
3. Like Humans Do-David Byrne
4. Sober-P!nk
5. Nobody Does It Better-Carly Simon
6. Cats in the Cradle-Cat Stevens and James Taylor
7. Let Me Let Go-Faith Hill and Vince Gill
8. 50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown-Bleu Edmondson and Matt Powell
9. Realize-Colbie Caillat
10. Lye La Lye-Simon and Garfunkel

All good stuff.

Kat's Pic Wednesday

This sweet dog belongs to my folks and her name is Lilly....or Lillie, or maybe its Lily. At any rate, my parents pretty much went gaga over her. For Christmas 2008 I decide, after joking about it,with my mom, to actually make a calender for my dad of the dog. So here is April. Hopefully, I'll remember to post one of these every month. My dad got the biggest kick out of it, which made me very very happy because he is the world's worst to shop for.

Wednesday's Thoughts

  • Today is the tax deadline. It's the big April 15th. My mom is a CPA but works for one company now. I remember many a tax seasons having an overworked, grumpy, tired mommy. Wonder if she'd switch back.
  • My taxes are generally done (by my favorite CPA) every year in February. I think I got an extension one time....can't remember, but I think that was the first time I had to pay in.
  • I heard a podcast refer to our financial crisis and "The Second Great Depression." It just sounded weird the way he said it.
  • I see it everywhere but it still seems strange to be in a depression.
  • I had a guy admit to me that he owes around $90,000 in credit card debt, he's stopped paying three or four years ago because he got tired of dealing with it. $90,000? That's a ton of money and he lives in a mobile home. I was really tempted to ask if he put his house on the credit card.
  • Daughter's fun run is Friday, we practiced the actual race path this evening. We discussed strategy on being a successful runner. I think I claimed to be an expert.
  • During the kids second supper of eating off my dinner plate (little pigs) my younger one asked me if I got so smart because I ate vegetables. Without hesitation I said yes. Without hesitation my older said, "Yea, right, didn't you see how much chocolate Mom eats?"
  • I'm feeling pretty good about Saturday's races. I'll change my mind and wonder if I lost my sanity somewhere around mile 3 or 4 of the first race.
  • During the second race I'll wonder if there was a point every that I was actually sane.
  • I'm dropping the moods. That's too much work for my brain.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Compromised Activity

I finally get organized financially....mostly.....and I get this letter from my bank that has all my automatic payments coming out of it:

Dear Yadabank Customer,

Yadabank recently learned that a security breach has occurred involving the credit and debit card payment processor used by a merchant where you recently may have used your Yadabank Banking Card. This security breach could have resulted in unauthorized use of your Yadabank Banking Card. To our knowledge, no personal information including your PIN was compromised.

New Yadabank Banking Card

A new Yadabank Banking Card has been issued.......


Mr. Yada L. Yada
Executive Vice President
Director, Yadabank Client Services

Dear Mr. Yada L. Yada,

That sucks.


Ms. Kat Aka Kbuggie
Somewhere Out There

I've had the same card for at least two years now. Its been washed, sat on, dropped, tossed, chewed, swiped, abused.....I'm not ready to part with it. You can't even see the numbers on it. That's how great it is!

Mood: Worn out.

I'm a crazy beeyotch.

Kat completed the quiz "Which crazy beeyotch are you?" with the result Sylvia Plath.
....You are one intense beeyotch. You are almost abnormally introspective but this is where your abundant creativity flows from. You love handsome, brilliant, creative genius types but you pay the price when their egos and lustful ways cause them to betray you. You are a very intelligent, classy lady with a black streak and can be very emotional at times. You do have a bit of a morbid side but your words often lead you to be misunderstood as a dark figure but that is just how you protect your soft mushy insides..

Don't be angry, I'm posting another facebook quiz. I pinky promise to do quizzes with links outside of facebook next time. For real. For now, go read up on Sylvia Plath. Good grief, that was one complicated love story that Plath was a part of.

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Putting on a door is hard work.....especially if you attempt it on your own.
  • I had a guy profess his interest in me and then proceed to debate whether or not he should proceed with a relationship. What annoyed me was him assuming I was interested. I waited two days to burst his bubble and advise I was not interested.
  • Miss New Dog Mallie is a good dog, but scared of cars. I noticed a neighbor up the street has a dog just like her, they could be siblings. I never noticed that dog before. (Our sweet Mallie is prettier.)
  • My daughter has a fun run coming up and she asked if I could go run with her. I just might beg a boss or two for an extended lunch on that day. I think that would be the cutest thing ever to see!
  • I went to the shop where my bike is being worked on last night and got to drool over the prettiest heap of dirty metal ever. I can't wait to ride it!
  • My bike is a piece of junk and the ugliest color of purple I've ever seen. And I like purple. But its mine. Yes I'll be careful. Very.
  • I'll be posting a new poll next week. You're excited, right?
  • I heard more about the President's new dog from Boyd than I cared too and I don't even watch a lot of news.
  • Wasn't Obama going to adopt/rescue a dog?

Mood: Growing Tired of Moods--it's getting too hard to come up with one.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Creative Bunny

The Easter Bunny left gifts at my house once again yesterday. Since it was raining outside, the Easter Bunny hop, hop, hopped around the house and left a bunch of eggs filled with candy, money and even a couple of eggs with clues. (We love mysteries.)
The clues led each of the girls from one location in the house to the next. The first couple of clues were fairly simple: go to the dog food bag for your next clue, go to the trash bag box for your next clue....but then they got a little harder and turned into riddles instead of clues. Lil one's read: your gift is in a place that gets hot, but only after you tell it to. And it only stays hot for as long as you tell it to. The moment the light bulb clicked on in her head was pretty funny. She paced in the kitchen thinking seriously and intently, then suddenly turned towards the microwave in almost a soldier turn sort of way and her eyes just lit up!

Older one's was a little easier, I named a memory (pic) that was on a book shelf. It took her a couple of minutes but she got it. She had to go through the same clues to get to hers that her sister did. She giggled when she realized all of her clues were very very near where she walked and helped her sister through.
All in all it was fun to watch them work together and follow all the rules: 1.) must work together 2.) no opening eggs till all are found 3.) K's clue gets read first and then L can start on hers after K finds her gift. 4.) everything gets split down the middle, candy and money. 5.) must hug mom.

Mood: GO!!

PS No story is complete without a blonde ending.....I almost gave away K's spot. I was cooking dinner while they were searching and almost opened the microwave in front of them during their egg search to warm something up....eep!!
Oh, and no bunnies were harmed in the making of the Egg Hunt/Gift Search 09.

He walks on water.

You can get one of those for starting at around 131,402 American dollars. If you get one....I wanna try that over Lake Bridgeport. Please? I'll be careful, I promise!

And I had to use the currency calculator to figure out how many American dollars 99,000 Euros was.


My ten year old daughter took this picture at the Ranger's Game last week after a homerun....with my mother's cell phone!

Not a bad job at all! Ahh....mommy's little photographer! I'm so proud!

Mood: Impressed.

Monday's Thoughts

  • OK, I didn't go on a road trip. I will take Jarhead's suggestion at some point. That place looks incredibly beautiful and too refreshingly peaceful to pass up. I'll post back with a report when accomplished.
  • Instead of sneaking off, I did a ton of yard work Friday and then went to a play on Saturday. I am so fascinated with this theatre but I'm unsure about their next play: it warns of nudity. I would never go see something like that....would I?
  • I was going to go with my favorite gay friend but he bailed on me last minute. The Man's stomach cancer got in the way of going with me. Since I was being blessed with the best hair day ever and had already purchased my ticket...I went anyway.
  • I still have a ton of yard work to do even after doing a ton.
  • I discovered at the play and other places over the last couple of weeks that cigarette smoke leaves me with a stopped up nose and a headache for a good 18 hours. As an ex-smoker I can smell that out from a mile away.
  • It's Monday and will be so all day. This Monday though is nice. I did my time sheets on Friday. It was so worth it. It's really really nice going in to work knowing I'm on the winning side of the work battle.
  • I'm debating about posting on my latest dating trauma.....if it can be called that. Ugh. No, I really mean...uuggh. I'm starting to really dislike men.
Mood: Mostly pleasant.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oedipus Rex....

performed at The Stone Cottage Theatre in Addison, TX. I took in the show on Saturday (last night).

It was pretty good. It warns of violence, but it wasn't too bad. Of course, this theatre isn't the place you would take your kids to, but I wasn't offended by any violent outbursts.

There is one weekend left to enjoy this play. If you want to get out and see a different kind of play, let me suggest, strongly, you go see this one.

There are three cast members that play different roles and do so fantastically. To understand what I mean by that you have to just go see it in person. They made a choir of three (no singing) that tell a story but do so in such perfect sync with one another in that their movements truly are dance like. Then to turn around and portray a completely different character in the next scene was incredibly impressive. The total cast was six.

It was fantastically done. It puts Greek mythology on stage in a way that, I (the blonde one) can understand it. The creativity really impressed me. Read up on Oedipus Rex first, it'll help.

Inappropriately accompanied is a picture of my very own GPS. In the last week I've gotten lost/confused/mislead twice in the metroplex. One of these days I will get some form of a GPS. I'm holding out for the Iphone fairy to leave one at my door.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fun

  • It's Good Friday.
  • A couple of decades ago in March, I was born on Good Friday. My dad won a chess tournament that same day. Dad might have gotten in trouble with mom for not leaving the tournament to help his laboring wife get to the hospital. For some reason, "I'm winning, hang on," doesn't fly too well with Mama in labor with a 9lb1oz baby (I intentionally left out beautiful). Oh yea, and back in those days---all natural, no drugs. Eek!
  • I went in to work this morning and had alone time of about five hours at my desk. I accomplished alot. I mean alot. My desk hasn't been that clean in over six months.
  • I now regret planning nothing but house work and cleaning at home for tonight. I'm kinda in the mood to shower up, look cute and get out.
  • Oddly, I'm craving a country music concert....outside, lawn chairs, in a festival kinda of way.
  • So off to Wal-mart I'll go for some supper hunting, a little browsing without kids and then home to jog, eat, watch Tvo'd survivor and put up laundry. There is never a lack of laundry in this house. Ever. (Three girls.)
Mood: Bored.

Early Morning Thoughts

  • I'm behind in my blogging. Its been a busy week.
  • I have a crazy race day coming up next week that I have a feeling I'm going to regret. I signed up for a 5k to run as part of a team and my mother will run her first 5k in a long time there. I also decided to run the 10k that starts an hour and half before the 5k. I'm starting to rethink that.
  • I am working today for a little while to get payroll done. I could soooo go back to bed right now.
  • I'm actually fixing to jump on the elliptical for a little bit to get it out of the way. Its too early for something like that.
  • I'm also taking new dog to vet for check up. She's still doing really well at home and continues to impress me with how behaved she is.
Blogging time up--where's my sneakers?

Mood: Groggy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ranger's Game

.....was great!

A very cool friend gave me four tickets with AWESOME seats. We were row 15 behind home plate. With my bad eyes, we were close enough that I could see. That made me all sorts of happy.

Two home runs while we were there annnnd they won. Of course, they won because we ate a hot dog. If we hadn't of eaten that hot dog they would have lost. They can thank me with an autographed team picture.

I decided a baseball game or any sporting event is probably the best place to find cute guys. Uhh....they were everywhere.

We were about ten rows behind three frat boy type guys that were comical. Very comical.

A lady in the next section over got hit on the head by a foul ball that bounced off the section above us, hit here and then wound up a few rows in front of us. If I had caught that ball I would have given it to her. Or I would have debated it......

Mood: Salty.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What kind of shoe am I?

You are defined by Christian Louboutins
You are a sexy and slinky with an edge. There is an aire of mystery about you as you prowl. People around recognize you immediately, but don't much about you, and that's the way you like it; to keep them guessing!

Whew, I was afraid it would be clogs. Those shoes, I'll take.

Now, is it "aire" or "air"?

Mood: Mystical.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Road Trip?

I'm considering a road trip this coming weekend but have no clue where I would go.

I'm off on Friday, I won't have kids, I could leave early Friday.....but I have no clue where I would go and what I would do.

I'd just like to sneak away and do something kind of fun for a weekend. Or I could stay home and work on some projects I've got going on.

Hmmm.....what's a gal to do?

Any suggestions out there?

Mood: Undecided.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meet Mallie

Mallie is the newest dog of our collection. I think I swore I was done "getting dogs" after the last one. This time, I mean it. No more dogs! She was found around my workplace and had been there for about a month. She kept getting skinnier and skinnier. She was also going inside the shop which is not safe when there is welding inside. So, home with me she went.

Mallie is some sort of huskey or malamute mix. She goes to the vet on Tuesday for a checkup and to see if the vet can give us more info. She'll also get heartworm test, rabies shot and possibly fixed.

Speaking of......see Benji behind her? Yep, he likes her. In fact, he likes her so much, he spends half his day liking her. He obviously feels great since the treatment he went through.

Mood: oK-9

Saturday, April 4, 2009

RAPPING Flight Attendant

From my professional opinion, this flight attendant was pretty good.....pretty, pretty good.

Random Weekend Thoughts

  • I've finally come to accept the fact that our cat, Mr. Fluff, is missing in action for good. I'm giving our bag of cat food to the neighbors for their cats.
  • My six year old and ten year old each had a friend spend the night.
  • There is a big difference between six year old girls, ten year old girls and adult girls. They argue differently, they play differently and they think differently. But when it comes to chocolate, we're all the same.
  • We took the go cart around the neighborhood this morning. I'm not sure what the neighbors think of that, but it was fun. I had a rough time letting go of the wheel and letting the big girls go alone.
  • I actually asked my old lady neighbor if she wanted a ride in the go cart. She looked tempted. I think she only said no because her Pomeranian dog was barking at it.
  • I'm wearing my favorite outfit, t-shirt, shorts, light jacket and knee high socks.
  • My mother came over last night and I beat her in cards. If you could understand how good she is, you would know what a mighty triumph that is.
  • I let the little girls sleep in my bed so they could watch tv which left me sleeping in the recliner. I slept great.
  • I slept great until the little friend woke up crying at 3am homesick. I think I promised truckloads of chocolate and barbies if she would go back to sleep.
  • I can't decide if I want to retreat to my mother's house for the night for more cards and a run on her treadmill or if I want to stay here and finish painting my bedroom door.
Mood: Happy weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yuky breaking news

Ugh, I caught this info of a car chase during a text message. I made a couple of phone calls and got the rest of the story.

The officer involved was an incredible guy. Noone wants to hear that an officer has lost his life in the line of duty. Not good.

My heart, thoughts and prayers goes to the family of the officer and every law enforcement officer out there.

Mood: Loss.

Time Management

Two things I learned from The Time Management Class I took last week.

1.) Microsoft Outlook can work against you. It might seem at first thought that the option to have the email alert give you a little pop up with a ding sound would be a good idea, but it's not. If you are in the middle of a task and you get this pop up, you look at it, click on it, read the email and then decide whether or not to deal with it. If you decided to deal with it after you current task then you have just time wasted about sixty seconds from that task. If you, like me, tend to work from your emails and constantly go back and forth between a task and your emails, then you are wasting more time than just sixty seconds at a time. I get around sixty emails a day. Do the math and see how much time I've spent prioritizing emails.

Solution: Turn off the email alert and schedule time through out your day to check your emails. You will be able to get that working task done faster and without the frustration of trying to multi-task. *If you are interested in changing the email notification setup in Outlook, shoot me an email and I'll send ya directions.

2.) You are carrying way too much information in your mind. The instructor advised that the average person carries around thirty to fourty things to remember in their minds, whether it is work related or relating to their personal life. This creates mind clutter, stress, inefficiency, and the risk to forget things. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do ya wake up in the middle of night with the thought of something you were supposed to do and forgot?

Solution: Mind dump. Get a piece of paper and write everything down on a piece of paper all those little things you've been meaning to do. I had somewhere between twenty and thirty. Oil change, inspection sticker, change AC filter at home, send a thank you note, call a friend.....Now treat that piece of paper like a check list and check it off as you go along.

I did do both of these and having been feeling more efficient and have been feeling more at ease this week.

Mood: Carefree.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Blonde Blog Poll

I learned that once you post a poll and someone votes on it you can't change or add anymore answers. My bad. I'll r emember that.

So if you selected "more answers" on the poll, you are more than welcome to add them as comments here.

Mood: Educating myself.

April Fool's Day

I thought google's A.F.D. joke was kinda cute and funny.

The day is young, but I have not been victimized by the A.F.D. as of yet.

I had my doubts of the Conficker Virus causing amuck today. If it does, I say we interrogate every Apple user out there.

Speaking of the virus, do you know the orgin of the word "Conficker Virus"?

Mood: No joking matter?