Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My sickly hubby.......

....I might get in trouble for posting this but, I wanted to let the blog world know how sick my husband is:

Keep us in your thoughts, would ya?

(And that baby bunny inside his shirt, too.)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football Ball Weekend

First stop, New Orleans Friday night, and yes I got to experience The Bourban Street scene. It was a crazy atmosphere. Insane. Did i get any beads? Hmmm.
I saw street performers galore including a couple of small brass bands that even had a tuba.
There were bunches of people hanging out on balconies with buckets of beads. Mostly men, but there was one with a woman tossing out beads  if you'd show her something.
Saturdays stop was the Washington Huskies playing at Tiger Stadium. We arrived three hours early to check out the tail gating. There must have been 1 billion dollars in RV's in 5000 square feet of alumni parking. If you've never ever caught sight of tail gating before a college game, then you are missing out on some serious over the top school spirit. I went to one of those small colleges that didn't have sports, so I missed out.
While trying to find "Victory Hill" to watch the marching band's entrance i spot this extremely tall man. He turns his head slightly my direction and I instantly realize it's Shaq!NBA star, Shaq. Apparently, Mr. Shaq attended LSU back in his day. Wiki claims he is 7'1", I believe it. That's crazy tall, and that's coming from me. I'm 5'8" barefoot. Toss some girly shoes on me and i can easily be 5'8 or even 5'11.

Today is watching Baylor's Robert Griffin, III play for the Washington Redskins against the New Orleans' Saints. This should be interesting, and i didn't expect the NFL tail gating to be crazier than the college. After walking three blocks to eat breakfast, I might be wrong about that. These locals are crazy!

Oh, i showed my belly button to get beads from the girl on the balcony. She totally wasn't paying attention and tossed me some. Some guy near me hollered at me for cheating.

As I'm blogging this, six men dressed in Washington attire stumbled down the street singing/yelling/chanting something about RGIII.

And yes, Shaq's picture is sideways. I'll eventually figure out how to correct that via the app.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I swear the dog thinks she's a cat.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monkey Humor

I took the little kid to Six Flags and did one of those Guess My.....and let them guess her weight. We won a monkey because the gal guessed wrong. So excited.
Of course, my "mature" husband surprise attacked us with it when we were sitting in my chair reading something.
Then, the next thing I know, the monkey is sitting on the kitchen counter (actual pic above) just waiting for a giggle.
It got three.

I should get the Good Sport Award for today. I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. I hate throwing up with a passion.
Today I was with the daredevil, running or skipping from ride to ride kid that never has a fear of anything. Her sister....shy-ish, quiet, scared, laid back, never in a hurry.
I still have a bit of a headache from some of those rides.
I told her just before we left that I was up in the middle of the night and the sweet girl told me we should stay home, but I couldn't do it. Her sister had "Fish Camp" today at the high school and got to get her schedule.  This was supposed to be a Mommy and Little Sister day. I sucked it up.

I'm glad I did. She's such a cheerful, giggly, happy gal with a very contagious carefree demeanor. This was the best sick day ever.

I love my little family.

(And, yes, Mr. Bag Of Nothing, I caught your comment.....no way! That would give Mr. BSG a heart attack! Lol)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lazy cat

I'm not sure I've ever seen a cat that can sleep while balancing on top of a chair.
Of course, I've stopped thinking we had a normal cat a long time ago.

I'm slowing getting back to blogging. Kinda.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


This has got to be the ugliest car I have ever seen.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Did I do that?

I cleaned so many clothes yesterday that I almost broke the house! 
Fromm Hubbie's Blog:
"Had a "oh, no, the air conditioning at the house isn't working" moment last night. Fortunately I got lucky and diagnosed the issue after only two hours of rising heat. "
One of the comments in response:
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Barry, you have to change your a/c filter. Best every two weeks during July and August. Dirty filter = iced up unit. SEER rating of a unit is only with a new filter in the system. As dust builds up it gradually blocks air flow and the efficiency of the system goes downhill.

Energy tip of the day: Don't run your clothes dryer when it is 100 degrees outside. A clothes dryer pumps cool 70-degree air out of your house. The resulting low pressure sucks 100-degree air into your house. 100% of the cool air in an average 1200 square foot house is sucked out every hour the dryer is running. So dry your clothes early in the morning or move you dryer into your garage."

I might have washed, dried, folded, hung and put away about 7 loads of clothes yesterday

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm not surprised.

8 minutes ago
38383: Hi guys! My name's Marah from DoSomething.org & I send these weekly texts. What are you interested in hearing about? Txt SCHOLARSHIPS or VOLUNTEERING or QUOTES
Me: How can I be removed from the text mailing list?
38383: Thanks for letting us know! If you'd like to opt-out of our messaging please text STOP. Have a great week!
6 minutes ago
Me: stop
38383: Error: this message was not successfully delivered.
38383: Error: this message was not successfully delivered.

I finally did manage to get removed from their list - but it kind of gave me tired head to get there.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Moment Like This

It's very possible I would consider selling my soul to the devil for this house. 

No, I wasn't house hunting - it's Kelly Clarkson's house that she just put up for sell for only 1.495 million.

It has two pools - one for diving and another just for lap swimming! When's the next American Idol auditions? I wanna sign up.

If the property listing boasts dual master bedrooms - does that mean I get one and Mr. LL gets the other? I'm not sure what I would do without being woken up with his sleep talking, sleep yelling and sleep singing. Oh, and the latest -- he slammed his pillow on the floor by his side of the bed and yelled out "Sic' Em"! (Baylor Bears)

Friday, July 13, 2012


Last night while throwing the softball around, my older girl and I realized we had the same type of shoe.
Both purchased at separate times and different places. It seems as though we have the same taste in shoes.
Made me giggle.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Thursday...

... and today I find myself in the library waiting patiently for my little kid to pick out stone books. Alas! We arrive arrived just in time for story hour which just happen to begin with everyone morning in a song of "If You're Happy And You Know It...."

....I think I need to investigate how to turn the picture right side up using the blogger app.
I'll report back.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Poolside Blogging

It's kinda hot out here. The rain over the last couple of days has been really really nice.
I think I got out of the habit of blogging since I had surgery on my wrists for the carpal tunnel.
The wrists are better but I never gained complete strength back. I think the surgeon might have messed up my left one.
I have a major softball tan going on.  My feet are blinding white.
The Older Kid In The House is officially the High School Kid Of The House. It's disturbing to realize she'll be taking drivers ed next summer. I may need counseling. I'm already a wreck sending her to that gigantic school full of hormonal boys.
There's some whiny kids at this pool. Would it be wrong to dunk kids that you don't know? If I hear that mom say, "you need to stop that or I'll make you get out" one more time, I might dunk her instead.
I'm listening to This American Life episode 460. It's a retraction podcast they did over one man's false reporting of Apple's factories in China. The guy that originally did the reporting and lied was interviewed again by Ira Glass. Ira Glass is an incredible interviewer.
The High School Kid Of The House is going to band camp next week. She actually said, "This one time... at band camp....." I told her not to repeat that phrase again and when she's 30 I might allow her to watch that movie so she'll understand why!