Friday, January 29, 2010

Lunctime Quicke

It’s snowing. That makes me happy.

It’s Friday. That makes me happier.

It’s lunctime. That makes me eat.

It’s worktime. That makes this post over.



Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream after afterall. Now I’m on a silly sugar rush.



EDIT: My brother just called me – he’s leaving early to get to the new town before the weather holds them back.

I did not expect to get teary at the mere thought of them leaving. They’ve been packing and cleaning all week. This should not be a shock.


I’m now convinced that I’m mental.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Warm Me Up

He's looking right into my eyes and telling me (with a sexy Australian accent) that he's patiently waiting to wrap me up inside his jacket so he can keep me safe and warm.

Sam Worthington

Afternoon Entertainment

I never saw this movie (Anchorman) and it may be funnier than I thought it would be.

Thursday Thoughts - Lunch Edition

  • I think I've become addicted to the Teriyaki Bowls at The Jack in the Cra... Box. They are pretty darn yummy. Plus it's healthy because the drive thru sign has one of those heart stickers next to it.
  • Muy niephew and I cooked dinner last night. We made a ham and broccoli casserole, except I forgot to put the broccoli in it. I worry about my memory sometimes.
  • My brother told me that he and his son chased a mouse around the house last weekend while I was out. I wasn't too worried about it until I heard something behind the tv last night. Something that could make me scream and jump on top of a couch, chair, dining room table.....fridge.
  • I visited a friend for a little bit last night.....almost walked out with their cats. Cute daughter's cat ran away. I'm pretty sure we could love a cat in my house.
  • It's that or I'm moving out. Isn't Costa Rica nice this time of year? I'm pretty sure they don't got them mices down there.
  • Ick...change of subject, change of subject.
  • Did I tell you my daughter had a chair test in band and got 2nd chair?! Woo hoo! That's my girl!! She blamed missing out on first chair on missing one note. She flipped two notes when playing. BUT she remained calm despite her mistake and continued. That's what made me super happy.
  • Ugh...on the other hand I am VERY unhappy to announce that the school is having a dance and she has a date. AND her freakin' father ujmped at the chance to buy her a dress. How are we supposed to keep up with the pact that she would never EVER be allowed to date or marry if he's encouraging this type of behavior? Bad, Baby Daddy. To think I've always carried a respect for him no matter what because of how involved he is with them. I may rethink that.
  • What type of educational benefit is that dance gonna have anyway? None. Zero. Zilch.
  • I wonder if her little sister can tag along? The school will allow that, right?
  • Ugh. It's driving me crazy that they are growing up so fast.
  • Speaking of crazy. I might have broken down and went a little nuts last weekend. After a little communication and a calm caring sweet person. I'm better. I feel bad and embarrassed, but better.
  • I'll work on keeping that in check.
  • K-now go bundle up, it's getting chilly quick out there.

Mock You, Blogger

Ads drive me crazy. I feel stalked.

It seemed a little odd to see an add on the screen after I hit the publish button.

Let me guess....the people NOT using the blogger draft version aren't getting those adds in the control panels.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pick Hump UP

I think I got the Title Wrong. I meant something else. Really....hold on let me think about that.

Seriously, if we all pull together and think warm, warm thoughts then it won't seem so cold outside today.
Come on ladies, help me out. We can do this.
(Thanks, Tara, for that suggestion.)
Any names mentioned in this post may have been changed to protect the presumed innocent from getting in trouble for talking about Matthew McConaughey and his awesome, hawt body with their spouses.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some inkernet searching to do to see if I can find the photographer.....surely there's a more recent picture.....say....five seconds recenter? He didn't lose his britches in the ocean water did he?

Today's Quote

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life.

courtesy of......

Hump Day

  • I ran into Walmart for a quick second and left about forty minutes later.
  • I was talking to a friend when I realized a guy a few feet away had been standing nearby and just staring. He didn't look the least bit familiar and realized I had my radar on him. He started walking off only to make eye contact with me and mouth the word Wow.
  • I can't tell you how paranoid I was...bugar? bad posture? something on my shirt? Why do I automatically assume I have a defect when someone does that?
  • And was that a pick up gesture? What the heck was the point of that? Annnd, I had very little make-up, jeans, a jacket and a baseball cap. There's not a chance in Pluto I was a "wow" at that moment.
  • I bet I said something extremely smart and it was my intelligence that sparked it.
  • Either way, men are weird. Woman? Yay, we're totally normal.
  • Insomnia sucks.
  • In Costa Rica I was in bed before nine and up happily by around five or six.
  • Oh, yea, it was in the high 60's to low 70's at night and I slept with the windows open to be woken by friendly neighbor howler monkeys and the neighbor roosters.
  • I'm sure you totally not tired of hearing about Costa Rica at all, right?
  • Sigh. I miss Costa Rica. I miss the monkeys, nice weather and smell of the ocean.
  • I'm ready to move. My allergies and insomnia would be cured.
  • Happy Wednesday. Kinda.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Pick Me Up

I was debating whether or not it's ok to post a pic of a hot guy in his underoos until my A.D.D. kicked in and I remembered I was a "sexy nurse" for Halloween....I think I still have that outfit.

Excuse me, Doc....I'll take care of this patient.

Lunar Halo

Yea, that's totally what we saw outside last night.

Actually it was what we were supposed to see outside last night. My sweet neighbor sent me a text to go look at it, but it wasn't doing it when we went.
I did, however, enjoy sitting on the deck with my little girls and our puppy dogs in our pajamas and bath robes. We shared a moment of giggles while exploring what we thought "lunar halo" might mean.

I wanna say my great grandmother (Handley) used to say that if there was a ring around the moon then it would rain the next day. I meant to google that last night but got distracted.....with my head hitting the pillow and me falling asleep.

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • I tried to download a chic flcik from itunes in my deep dark depression this weekend, but ended up having to sit through a two hour download. Ugh.

  • I gave up and fell asleep crying into my pillow while watching a Kurt and Courtney documentary. In the meantime, I have a movie rented from itunes just waiting for me to watch it...but I'm not in a deep dark depression anymore.

  • Did I tell you my brother got a place? He's moving this Friday and Saturday. I hope. (I might keep that depression movie available just in case he says last minute that it didn't work out.)

  • I love my brother and his kids, but good needs me some space. It's been a smidge longer than I figured it would be for him to figure out his situation.

  • It's gonna be awfully quiet and lonely in this house.....after the big party, of course!

  • The heater was broke at work yesterday. Thank goodness we have a maintenance guy onsite for our equipment that got it fixed the same day. It was getting a bit chilly at my desk.

  • I didn't sleep very well this weekend, thanks to being a tad stressed. Last night I slept like a baby...annnd that was with both girls and both dogs sleeping in my room yesterday.

  • I figured out (with help) last night that the Pages (at the top of the bar) in Blogger are only available if you use "Blogger in Draft".

  • Contact Update: The left one drove me crazy yesterday. Today the right one is driving me crazy. I'm also paranoid that I'm going to get them mixed up. My eyes have different corrections.

  • Happy Tuesday.

Coffins, Death and Sports

I heard a discussion on the radio yesterday on buying a coffin for yourself. I think making prearrangements is an awesome idea. The loved ones left behind (ahem: to my parents) don't have to deal with it and the price difference between buying a coffin for yourself ahead of time versus your loved one to buy it and arrange details was significantly different (ahead of time being the cheaper way to go).

The point to this? Well, the discussion was on the sports radio talk station and they were discussing and exploring the details of people buying coffins decorated with their favorite sports teams. My thought, was first: Seriously, anyone out there that big of a Dallas Cowboys fan? Yea, right.

One caller was a gentleman that has his own business of airbrush painting and has painted coffins for individuals wanting their favorite sports teams lots of times. The most bizarre and costly was a 60 year old man that wanted his coffin to reflect his favorite NASCAR team car. Yep, there has been a guy that has paid someone $9,500 to get his coffin painted to appear 3D ish to look like Dayle Earnheart's Car. Now, that is crazy. CRAZY.

Someone let my kids know that I love Colby Donaldson and if he won't come around, I'd like to go ahead and be buried with a replica of his body next to me. I would be happy to cuddle with Colby for eternity even if it was a fake Colby.

Two Second Post

I'm happy again.

...and I almost regret eating my feelings this weekend. That ice cream was super yummy.
Did it solve my problems? No.
Did it taste good? Yes.

Carry on.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, Badly Needed, Pic me Up

Happy breakfast bowls, indeed!

I've always heard that breakfast is the most important part of the day.

Lunchtime Snack

Created by a 19 year old. He's has lots more for you to nibble on here.

Android Does

Can the iphone do that?


  • It's Monday and I'm never excited to see a Monday. Sometimes I feel bad for how I perceive Monday. Poor Monday.
  • I finally went to the eye doctor this weekend. I walked out of there looking like I was on crack cocaine and wearing contacts. I've never worn contacts before. I also have two different visions in my eyes. My right eye isn't too bad and my left one is worse. I also have The Astigmatism in both eyes. I have a temporary pair right now and they've special ordered what ever it is that my eyes need.
  • If you wear contacts, good grief, I feel for ya. Those are a pain in the neck to wear. I'm sure I will get used to wearing them, but today was a learning experience.
  • I'm glad I finally went to the eye doctor even if it wasn't in my budget. Someone made fun of how old my glasses were. Finally getting contacts and not having to walk around in glasses that....apparently were out of fashion and probably had seen better days...was nice. I needed to replace those glasses a long, long, long time ago. I actually tried to buy a pair from Walmart but didn't get the right ones. It was worth a shot, but didn't work.
  • Back to the crack cocaine comment. I let the doctor do the dilation bit to check for The diseases and The infections ( I got none ) and man oh man, the kid accidentally squeezed that bottle a tad too hard over my left eye, put way too much solution in my eye to dilate and it stung forever.
  • He failed to warn me how my eyesight would change when he did the dilation bit. I almost had a panic attack when I realized I couldn't see a thing in the close range. I reached for my phone to look at the time and couldn't tell what the screen said. At all!
  • He giggled and explained that it would last for three or four hours.
  • Huh?
  • He was also the one assigned to teach me how to put my contacts in and teach me how to care for them. I'll admit, for the kid that had trouble operating a little bottle with solution - he left me feeling a little nervous when he was going to put a contact in my eye. He turned out to be pretty teaching contact wear....just not so much on the forewarning of side effects. At least he was honest and apologized for the slight mishap.
  • I appreciate honesty. I appreciate someone that actually cares.
  • I had them in for a couple of hours until I got back home. It felt good to take them out. I'm not sure I truly had the chance to appreciate the clarity they'll add to my vision since I couldn't see worth anything.
  • Imagine my drive home. Little stressful...I was praying I didn't get pulled over. I'm not sure a cop would have believed me if I claimed to not be on drugs.
  • I did pull off a photo shoot after the doc's office. I'll have to look at those pictures again. My left eye was still stinging. My eyes felt sensitive and I was feeling the weight of the contacts in my eyes. Annnd, I had a raging headache. They were happy with the pics, but I'll need to reevaluate after I can sit and look at them again more clearly.
  • The couple was cute. I've known the family for a while and this was engagement pics. The couple were really cute together. Awww.....poor young love.
  • I've had a bad weekend. I don't even wanna get into it, but we'll just say that I'm not a happy camper.
  • I've also learned last week that a gal I thought was a nice and decent person isn't. See I can be wrong every now and then. I'm not always right. I'm glad she's had fun hurting my feelings and portraying me as something I'm not. Wait. No, I'm not glad. I think she's a stinker and unkind. Poo on her.
  • On a brighter note, anyone notice that Blogger added the ability to create up to ten pages to your blog? They are a smidge slow in adding that ability, but nonetheless, I think I might enjoy playing around with that.
  • Annnnd, my radio station told me that Brad Pitt and that other girl have broken up. I'm gonna feel bad when I break the news to Brad that I am still not going to date him.
  • Don't worry, Colby Donaldson, I still love you. I won't let that smooth talking, cute Brad get in between us. I'm still saving my heart for you.
  • Speaking of Colby Donaldson, he's gonna be on the next Survivor. I cannot wait until that starts. I'm drooling already.

Wake Up

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today is the day. It's Friday . It's here. Today can be translated to staying up really really really late (10:30pm) and then sleeping in till....9am tomorrow morning. Heck yea, cause I'm a rebel like that.
My brother is moving out in one week to place of his own with himself and his kids. (Wondering when he's gonna start packing up.)
The next weekend I gots me some cleaning and rearranging to do.
Half marathon next month. Am I ready? Am I ready? Am I ready?
Last night was band practice. There were some tough, tough pieces involved.
I can't wait to pick apart the hard parts and master them. Plus, it's exciting to play at the Myerson in Dallas. That place is amazing and beautiful on the inside.
This year it doesn't interfere with the half marathon in Fort Worth.

EDIT: I got distracted and never did finish my Friday posting. I was so optimistic about having a good weekend.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm in a bad mood....

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

  • My eyes are getting bad. It didn't just happen's been happening more and more over time but I just refused to accept it until recently. I finally soaked in the fact that I could only see longer distances when it really mattered and in focus when I had my telephoto lens on my happy fancy camera. I've worn my prescription glasses for three days in a row and man oh man is my head free of aching and my eyes and sight happier.
  • BUT, and yes there is always a butt....I know my aged, very aged glasses aren't quite right....they are older than dirt and not quite up to what might sight has become.
  • Millions, Billions, what point have we raised enough money to buy enough sand and concrete to rebuild that island?
  • That was the most insinsitieve comment I've made in....2 months.
  • Wait....I think I had bad thoughts about some guy that has caused me grief today...I take back the 2 month rough estimate, make that ten minutes instead.
  • Days like today and yesterday leave me very irritated with myself that I work behind a desk.
  • Today and, well, yes, yesterday was too....very irritating. BUT, I've had estrogen and feel better. I, a happy girl again.
  • Have you been reading this blog long enough to figure out that I lack the ovaries to deal with life on a day to day basis with medically injected estrogen?
  • Please tell me you've obeyed Miss March's orders to clink on the calender link on this page. She's pretty dang annoying. She keeps asking if anyone has asked for autographs or at least bought a calender.
  • I hate hate hate it when I realize I still have a gmail in draft that I thought I sent but is sitting in the draft folder.
  • I had a two hour conversation with my mother last night. Ahhh....nothing beats being a mama's girl.
  • By the way, my sweet mini-me's got big kisses and hugs tonight from me. I am super duper proud of my girls. They are good kids. I'm beyond lucky.

Monday, January 18, 2010


  • My body is out of estrogen. This probably isn't going to be a good day. I was feeling overly grumpy, tired and blah yesterday. Maybe I'll go get my shot tonight. I wonder if my sweet nurse still reads my blog. I'd like to go ahead and made an appointment for 4:15 ish.
  • The girls had the pleasure and fun of washing all the sheets on all three beds. I flip my mattress after I wash sheets. Oh hidden diary right there under my mattress...I snagged it up only to find two more on the other side. They belonged to my older daughter. Made me giggle. When did she hide those there and who gave her that idea?
  • I'm back on the strict diet and exercise routine starting last night. I've been exercising but just to get it done. Now I'm working toward two goals: one half marathon and then my full marathon. Here we go.
  • I'm not sure I can possibly sneeze one more time. Wait. Bless me. I was wrong.
  • I had massive sneeze attacks yesterday and last night. You'd be amazed how worn out you can feel when you have ten to twelve hard sneezes back to back.
  • I had close to twenty last night, grabbed my credit card, glasses and keys and made my way to the garage - ran to Walmart, got the good stuff, (children's liquid allergy) and chugged it up in the parking lot.
  • Grape flavor isn't too bad. (I can't take pills - I would have made a horrible drug addict.)
  • Ten minutes later I felt a huge relief. Five minutes after that I couldn't drive thanks to the sneeze tantrum, I had to sit on the side of the road for with my flashers on.
  • Now it's 6am and I'm waking up to more sneezing. I might work on that pill problem for some Zyrtec.
  • Happy Tuesday.

Afternoon Pic Me Up

A man in a suit.....

....gets me everytime. Yummy Bradley Cooper.

Afternoon Entertainment

Freezelight Magic Forest from FREEZELIGHT.RU on Vimeo.


  • Man, there's a ton of crap on the inkernet. I'm starting to have trouble keeping up with everything I stalk.
  • Is it really true that if a truckdriver honks at a chic on the freeway that he's giving code for wanting to see boobs?
  • I've tried before to do a Flickr photo project called 365. I'm trying again. The concept of the group I joined is to do a self protrait once a day. Last time I tried to do this,I got bored within a month. I'm trying again.
  • I've spent the majority of Saturday watching movies and Sunday trying to upload Costa Rica pictures to my flickr site. I feel pretty unproductive after this weekend. I did get a lot of cleaning done, but feel like I sat around all weekend.
  • My brother is moving out. He found a place. I'm gonna feel lost with only two kids in the house. It'll be weird. Then what will I do?
  • I'm ready for another book. Any suggestions? I kinda like the tear jerkers. I like the real life crime biographies too. Make me cry or make me think.
  • Dear John comes out the 5th of February. I think I'm gonna take my little girls to go see it at the Fort Worth Movie Tavern. Maybe.
  • After that I wanna see this movie:

....wander if I can find me a hot date by then.

  • My older daughter got a red eared baby turtle for Christmas. That thing is cute as can be. Right now it is in my bathroom in it's little turtle home. I can hear it crawling around at night. It gives me the creeps, because I keep thinking there is a little mouse crawling around.
  • Monday is payroll day which only stresses me out on the items that build up while I'm working on getting the time sheets in.
  • I'm not a fan of Mondays....especially holiday Mondays when I'm working.

Wake Up (unless you're off, then sleep in)

Cute and Poisonous

...pic taken during a hike through the jungle near the area of Manzanillo, Costa Rica.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Lovely Bones

(written before watching the movie while waiting in the theater for it to start)

Ok, I read the book and I am set to see the movie. I am beyond excited.

I knew the movie was opening last night and already had a hot date set to watch it with me at The Movie Tavern in Bedford.

I even knew what I wanted to order. I've looked forward to this since I chose this book to read.

Sounds like I had it all lined out, right?


Saturday mornings are my long jogs and there is a 12:00 showing. I figured I could pull that off.

I slept in. My bad.

So the next showing is at 3:00 and there is a new Movie Tavern near downtown Fort Worth.

Verdict on the theater? Nice. Very nice. It's my new favorite. If you thought the Bedford Movie Tavern was nice, you'll love this one. It's nicer, newer and sitting in a renovated neighborhood near downtown.

(written the day after)

Up in The Air was not bad at all. It was funny and I liked it. It made me laugh and I really felt myself rooting for Goerge Clooney's character, Ryan Bingham. Not bad, but I would be ok if I had waited to see it at home on DVD.

The Lovely Bones
was pretty good, BUT there was so much left out of the book that would have really helped that movie out. There were also a couple of things that were changed from the book to the movie that upset me just a smidge.
Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 37% which I feel was kind of harsh. It did come out third in the box office from this weekend.
Susan Sarandon played the part of Grandma Lynn and I think she portrayed the character pretty much exact as the book did. She was perfect for that part and I loved her in it. If you don't like to cry in public, then wait and see it at home.
The ending in the book and in the movie was kinda of kooky. I had trouble with how it ended.
I'm still happy that I finished the book annd got to the movie after.

Confession? I still had 5 minutes of reading left that I finished Sunday morning after the movie. I kinda liked not knowing exactly how the movie was going to end.

(This was half written in the theater waiting for the previews and half at home the day after.)

I was at : Address not available

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Cause flute playing makes you cool!

Meet the Sloth

Sloths are a strange looking creature.

(Anyone out there throw the sloooowwww...voice out in there their head while reading that?)


  • I think at least once a week I have that moment of, "Oh wow...this week is going by fast!!" Today is of no exception.
  • Today my lil entertainer auditions for the talent show at school. I'm pretty sure I'm more nervous for her than she is.
  • My older daughter really loves to put together outfits and had a blast putting the outfit together.
  • 7 seven quakes in Haiti? Wow. Google Eye's before and after pics. Could you imagine going from day to day life one second and the next is completely frightening and a fight for your own life?
  • Life is preciously short.
  • I am so tired of hearing the airlines increasing the price of an airline ticket $20 on the news. That's news? $20?
  • I saw some self posted baby pics on facebook of some friends. I would have jumped on the bandwagon too but all my baby pics were destroyed by a firebreathing dragon. I'm pretty sure that's what my folks told me.
  • I signed in to Ustream last night while cooking dinner and set the laptop in the corner of the kitchen and let the video roll. The kids had a tad too much fun with it at times, but it was pretty cool overall. We streamed live video during our evening activities.
  • We had a couple of views from other countries and it was really neat to see them respond to the kid's questions.
  • We also had some friends viewing also and sending messages to the kids. We might try that again tonight.
  • I might...MIGHT have been busted on a certain Christmas tree still up. (Good thing the video didn't show the lights on top of the house.)
  • We might do another video tonight. Maybe it can include the Christmas tree coming down.
  • 100 skills everyone should master. I can't read what #82 unimportant....the rest I can do.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


  • I was sitting in the car with my younger daughter when she said, out of the blue, "You need an umbrella." Sometimes I fear her blondness. It's too similar to mine.
  • My older daughter is reading (and halfway through) with Breaking Dawn.
  • I officially miss the baby monkey. Big time. I'm fairly certain that a monkey would fit into my family nicely.
  • I'm not sure I can explain the glee I felt inside when this monkey crawled over me...and even more so, when I held the sweet pea in my arms while it slept.
  • Oh my that thing was incredibly adorable.

  • I finally understand the real meaning of depression.
  • After luggage being lost, I have finally been reunited with my moisturizer. My face is happy once again.
  • I put sun tan lotion and bug spray on in Costa Rica like crazy after getting sun burnt the first day in Costa Rica. I got bit by mosquitos like crazy. You are urged, strongly, to resist scratching the bites because they can get infected pretty easily from dirt or bacteria under your nails.
  • Good grief, I itch like crazy...still!!! I've tried three different creams and they aren't working! I'm going to go insane.....well, more insane.
  • I'm covered almost as much as one would be covered with Chicken Pox, except only in the places I put the bug "repellent".
  • Maybe Survivor will cheer me up and distract me. They are bringing COLBY back!!!
  • (Colby, I still love you.)

Oh my sweet my! He is even cuter than he was during Australia! Wow! I sooo didn't think that was possible!
  • Seriously, I'm seriously, for real, absolutely stoked about watching Colby....I mean watching Surivor this season. It sounds to be pretty interesting. As always, there seems to be a bit of a twist involved. I can't wait.
  • I'm not sure I've ever watch a season of America's Got Talent, but I just saw that Howie Mandel will replace David Hasselhoff. I can't stand either of them. It's odd how much I really dislike them both.
  • I am almost almost almost done with reading The Lovely Bones. I tried to read it at lunch today, but I didn't want to be caught sobbing at my desk.
  • It opens this Friday. THIS FRIDAY!!!
  • I've almost read a book in its entirety. My older daughter who is on her fourth Twilight Book high fived me. I almost felt a little silly but still happy. I have not actually read, read a book in awhile. I think The Shack was the last one I got all the way through and that was on my ipod while I drove to my grandparents (seven hour drive). I cried through most of it.
  • Ok, enough sharing of my sad sobby feelings....let's get on with Tuesday.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday-Monday in Wise County.

It's just not a good day unless you are greeted with a mobile home in the median of the highway.

I sure did miss this place.


Well, sorta.

Should I even mention that i have back to work Monday blues/depression?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Costa Rica - Day 8

  • Last day in Costa Rica. Right now we are at the airport four hours early. (It never hurts to be on the safe side.)
  • The following video is the last night in Cocles with friends.

  • We fly back to Dallas via a stop in Miami Florida. After leaving the house at 6:00am we will set foot at DFW airport around 10:30pm. Wow...that's a long traveling day.
  • Did you know there is a exit tax coming out of Costa Rica? I had no idea.
  • Ugh...I have to board TWO planes today. I'm double nervous.
  • I'm excited to get to go home and hug the heck out of my girls and sad to be leaving such beauty at the same time.
  • You have no idea how beautiful, laid back and wonderful that place is. Amazing.
  • San Jose...not so much. San Jose is dirty, fast, and filled with crazy drivers.
  • San Jose has a ton of women that walk around in the highest heals. I don't understand that one bit at all.
  • Ok...time to search for preflight medication and little bite to eat. Breakfast at 5:30am was a long time ago. 
Just checked out the weather in Miami, Florida. they are under a freeze warning and it is 50 degree and raining right now. Dallas is in the 20's. Please, please, please let me get home. I don't wanna be stuck in an airport in the middle of somewhere. I wanna go straight from Costa Rica to home, sweet, home.

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Costa rica Day 7

    We came back to our favorite little wifi cafe to check the score.
    We didn't get to see the game on tv because they only had espn on tv. No fox sports.
    The gal we are staying with got a job at the monkey/sloth/snake sanctuary that is called the jaguar rescue that doesn't have any jaguars. I'm soooo jealous. I'm blogging to you with the sounds of ocean in the background interrupted by 20 something year old backpackers playing cards while they wait for the tides to calm down enough to surf on. She is cuddling baby monkeys and talking to tourists right now.
    Last night I was woken up three times: once by a huge storm, second by a bunch of holler monkeys extremely nearby and third by the rooster that I'd like to put my hands on.
    Eat more chicken? Heck yeah!!
    No video right now because I didn't charge it up last night. I blonde.
    Sooo, is it cold back there in Texas?

    Pic is authentic local tourist hottie with a French accent. Hey. Now.

    -- Posted from my iPhone

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Costa Rica - Day 7

    Volcano erupting in Costa Rica?
    Schools shut down in Texas due to ice?
    Will I get home?

    • We fly out in two days. (Boo.)
    • Today we went on a zipline tour and got some awesome pictures.
    • I uploaded a video from my google phone from a adventure booking place last night and didn't think it uploaded. It did! Yea!
    • I had actually meant to upload the video where I was attacked by a monkey and had to fight it for my hair clip. (It was VERY funny!)
    • We rode bikes today from the house to a hostel to check internet and we are going to a restaurant to actually watch the UT game at a place called TexMex. I got good feelings about this game.
    • We have actually searched all week to see if the game might be playing somewhere to no avail.
    • Today while waiting for a car to pick us up for the ziplining adventure I saw a guy riding a bike wearing a Longhorn shirt. I held up the UT sign and he did that back. We giggled because we figured he randomly got that shirt and happened to wear it today and then just so happened to give me the same sign back.
    • Then he yells back something about BCS and slows down to turn around, we chit chated with the guy to learn that he went to the University of Texas and will be watching the game tonight. I'm so excited!!
    • Tomorrow is our last full day and I'm not really sure what we are doing yet. The plan for today was the extreme multi-activity adventure but it was all booked up. So we did the zipline today and were going to rent ATV's tomorrow to take to a place where we could hike to a waterfall but all the ATV's were booked up too.
    • No worries, whatever we do will be fun.

    Enjoy today's video, more tomorrow!

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010



    I was at : 1500 N Main St, Euless, TX 76039,

    Costa Rica - Day 6

    Day 6? Seriously? No way! Make it stop!!! I need to freeze time and make it stand still.

    I got word that the temperatures back in Texas are near freezing. It's kinda odd considering I took a hike and sweated like crazy! The hike went through the jungle with a guide, who happen to have graduated as a biologist in San Jose and got tired of the fast life there and moved to the coast to give tours. He was loads of information.

    We saw poisonous tree frogs, baby pit vipers in a tree, tucans, black hawks, dragon flies, protected trees, and sloths.

    The hike was very interesting and maybe full of just a tad too much infor for my brain to take in. The hike ended up at a gorgeous point that overlooked the coast from above and is one of the more popular places to snag pictures.

    Here is a video from this morning before the tour:

    This video is from when we got back and you can sneak a peek at our friend's Drew that we are staying with.

    (and I had no idea I was staying with Kenny Chesney.)

    Tomorrow is an eight hour excursion that includes ATV'ing, hiking, zip lining, tree climbing, water fall repelling, and lunch somewhere in between. It's one of those excursions that they only allow four people at a time including the guide and it's an extreme type of activity and not for the light at heart.
    It should be a blast.

    Thanks for the comments and support on the trip, the videos and the updates. The videos are getting a pretty good amount of views. I'm trying to talk my cohost into doing more when we get back to the states. If you have liked it so far, let us know and I'll bug him more. :-)

    I also plan on uploading the videos from my google phone from the monkey loving and the hike when we get back, so there will be more to see. (Unless I can get it to work before.)

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    Random Thoughts

    • This place is incredibly hot...or is my sunburn effecting the way I perceive the current temperature? I'm sitting in the shade and I'm feeling heat still radiating from my shoulders and thighs. Ouch! 
    • There is a hostel that has a cafe with wifi access that is incredibly fascinating. I'm trying to figure the people staying here's deal. There is apparently a whole culture that I am completely unaware of.  They seem to mostly be of college age and free spirited.
    • Every now and then you can catch a whiff of something that you wouldn't normally get a whiff of around my part of the world.
    • The hostel is actually not a bad idea. You can rent a hammock w/showers for $4 a night. You are put in one big area with a bunch of other people. It kinda seems a little nuts, but I guess that is one way to backpack around South America and not spend a ton of money. 
    • The coast here is beautiful. Quiet. Clean. It almost seems too good to be true.
    • I had the same thought river rafting yesterday. This is too beautiful to be real. Did someone slip drugs to me and make me hallucinate?
    • I was so excited this morning to get skype to work. I made a couple of phone calls to get things under control back  home. I had a little trouble hearing on the other end of the line, but was happy to be able to make a phone call from Costa Rica to home and not get charged out the whazoo in roaming.
    • The town we're staying at is Cocless and is old. The beach and area is protected so there are a ton of rules, laws and regulations to keep it natural. I appreciate that, big time!
    • It's great here, but I sure do miss some conveniences of home.I may not have much but down here I feel like I have a ton. I am thankful for what I do have. I couldn't imagine sleeping with a cardboard box in a downtown area. I could never imagine doing that.

    The above was written yesterdday but my computer died beofre I could hit send.

    We have had two more days of adventures....I'll catch ya up soon. For now, enjoy our latest video from the hostel.

    (Ugh, hopefully the video link will work.)

    Below is a pic of my bedroom at our friends house. I'll upload all the pics to flickr soon.

      Teaser for the day:
      I SAW, HELD, KISSED, and shared some tree leaves with monkeys today. I was even attacked by one that thought my hair barret was a flower to eat. We got that on video too!  I'll upload all soon.

      Monday, January 4, 2010

      Costa Rica Day 4

      Another video (edit - couldn't upload so, it's coming soon tomorrow-or the next inkernet cafe I stop at) for ya giving ya a sneak peek of the upstairs of the little rented bungalow that we're staying at.
      This place is NOT equipped with:
      paved streets
      hot water
      fancy technology.
      This place IS equipped with:
      relaxing jungle sounds
      sloths very near by
      iguanas everywhere
      monkeys near by (hopefully)
      5 minute walk to a clean, deserted, soft sanded, gorgeous clear water.

      This place is great.

      Very good times.

      Today is wondering around the area and taking care of business. ATM (yea - - we got money, we got money), taking care of issues back home and sending love to offspring and family members.

      We'll decide today at some point what the next excursion will be.

      A dog just wandered into the internet cafe that I'm sitting at with a ball....made me giggle.

      We've done more videos but they are too big to email to the blog, so I'll have to take the time to download them.

      My internet is limited at the cafe and I had to get stuff situated. We gots some exploration to fun!

      Sunday, January 3, 2010

      Costa Rica - Day 3

      Two minutes to give ya a post.

      No video update tonight.

      Hey and I saw a baby lazy fat sloth in the tree during the trip.
      More tomorrow.

      We did the River Rafting....Not a boat.....we RIVER RAFTED!!! I SOOOO Misunderstood!!!

      He0re are a couple pics from yesterday.

      Saturday, January 2, 2010

      Costa Rica - Day 2

      Today's "interesting" adventure was the Hot Springs and Volcano Viewing Day Trip. Watch the video and enjoy a giggle over that Grumpy guy. We'll post pics very soon.

      Tomorrow we move from San Jose (which is not a very nice town) to the area of Cocles. Getting there will include a river rafting trip as part of the commute. (This outta be interesting.)

      Hopefully the link will work, but just in case, try this link.

      Friday, January 1, 2010

      Costa Rica Arrival


      We've arrived in Costa Rica...all safe and sound.

      Tomorrow is Volcano Day Trip to see it erupt. I'm assured it's 84.23% safe.

      ...and the trip begins

      We arrive at the airport and are approached in the security check to be advised that we were about to be "randomly" selected for a secondary screening....before we had even been through the first one.

      So we go through and the cute guy behind me got put through the x-ray machine! I got to stand there and watch. (Superman undie-roos? I had noooo idea!)

      I grab my cell to take a pic when another security agent offers to take one of us together! Cracked me up! The entire group of officers were very funny, laid back and in great moods!

      Now....excuse me, I must concentrate on my pre-flight "medication".

      Destination: Costa Rica.

      I'll give ya updates as I go along.

      Happy New Year's!

      (Not me pictured! I would never wear those shoes without my toe nails painted!)