Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post Cowtown Half Marathon

Barry - 1:59:42
Kat - 2:38:32

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday is here

·         Dinner at Sagebrush Café last night followed by Arsenic and Old Lace with my mother and daughters was an excellent way to spend the evening.

·         Tomorrow is the Cowtown half marathon in Fort  Worth. Please, please, please let me #1 finish and #2 at least beat my time from last year.

·         I fully appreciate the water stations and all the work involved, but that lone individual that stands on a street corner holding a bag of tootsie rolls or a box of Kleenex’s is pure gold.

·         This will be my third year to do the Half. I plan on going downtown tonight to pick up my race packet, which I have been getting the morning of.

·         There is a 5 year series medal awarded in the half, full and ultra that started last year. (pretty sure last year was the first year). Each piece of the five will fit together to be one bigger medal. That is my goal – to get all five.

·         I’m going to write out a longer post on the Sagebrush Café and the play later today.

·         I missed Survivor and didn’t record it on my TV thinking I could just watch it on the web, but for some reason my connection sucks at home and it’s not easy to watch.

·         I learned an excel trick that made me happy. If you have a workbook with several sheets  in it, you can select several of the sheets and edit something on one and it will affect all the sheets you had selected. That just made changing the date field on 50 pages of guy’s timesheets a much easier process. Yay. That made me happy.

·         I have the worst time remembering when to use effect as opposed affect. I must have missed English class that day.

·         My older daughter has perfect attendance for the year at school. This will be the third time she’s pulled that off…..hoping she pulls that off.

·         What I would really really love is for her to pull off straight A’s, she’s come extremely close all year. One class she’ll get between and 86 and 88 in. I get a bumper sticker if she pulls that off…..and I will soooo wear it on my forehead with pride.

·         For now, I’m extremely happy with her just the way she is.

·         There is a gal I have been around that has the same thickness of really thin straight hair as I do and the same size shape face as I do. I adore her hair style. It includes longer bangs that go towards the sides of her face and the length is just sitting on her shoulders.

·         I seriously contemplated getting mine cut very similar to hers. I think I’ve changed my mind. It’s taken me forever to grow it out to the length it is now.

·         Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve my mind.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Play Time

Go see Arsenic and Lace at The Stage in Bridgeport put on by The Off 380 Players.

I'm hearing that it is sooo worth it.

I'm going tonight!

Jenny Bizaillion's Memorial Service

Jenny Bizaillion's memorial service will be streamed lived at

It start's at 1pm today.

Watch live streaming video from rhchurch at

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

  • I'm still here. No such luck for my loving haters out there.
  • Yesterday I did (and got very excited about) something very very nerdy. I threw together a Microsoft Access Database and used the information that I entered into it to merged into a Word document and drastically reducing time spent on paperwork for a safety project. (Thanks, Debbye and Becky for all that time you spent teaching me that little gem.)
  • I ran into another fan yesterday. She said she is a HUGE fan of me and asked for my autograph. Ok, the second sentence isn't exactly true, but it was cool to have someone I hadn't met tell me in public, Hi! I read your blog. And, bless her heart...she is a school teacher. (I envy, admire and appreciate the heck out of you and your chosen field of work.)
  • Yesterday I looked over the calendar to realize I dismissed an appointment on my calendar....the badly needed estrogen shot. I sooo wish I had found that forgotten appointment before I sent that long, mean email. Eh, he's a guy.
  • Three different bosses at work have been sick this week. One with some nasty sounding respiratory gunk (audible) and the other two with some nasty sounding (in a descriptive way) stomach viruses. I have been chugging the OJ and washing and rewashing my hands.
  • I'm doing the Cowtown (half) Marathon this weekend. I just wanna finish. This year I don't have shin splints....please let me beat my time from last year.
  • After the half marathon I will start training for a full marathon. My first ever.
  • Eventually, I would like to run the same marathon that my dad did in New Mexico.
  • I avoided the inkernet for a whole day, a day or two ago....I hit record on The Bachelor's reunion show thinking it would involve Jake making a choice. I really thought it would play out the same as the Survivor does. We watched part of it over supper and then decided to watch the remainder the next day. I admit, I was a little perplexed why they would have the reunion show before The Proposal, but I really, really thought that they were going to show the final right after.
  • They didn't. Bummer. I avoided the inkernet like The Plague so I wouldn't find out who he proposed to only to come home to continue watching and find out that....the finale is NEXT week? Ugh.
  • Last night, I was cleaning out my dresser....that has two drawers on the bottom and then two shelves that are you ever have those moments where little, insignificant things that have happened over a period of time just suddenly come together to make sense of a bigger picture? I just did.
  • I woke up the last week to find my Siberian Husky (Mallie) in my closet....any ladies out there feel my pain/anger when I awoke to that sight? I assumed she was chewing on my beautiful, precious shoes. Kat's World War III was about to break out in the middle of the night.
  • Thinking back I remember she was digging around a mound of black heals. She wasn't chewing or gnawing....she was digging. Dang dog....I hollared at her and fell right back to sleep.
  • A couple of nights later I could have sworn I saw something out of the corner of my eye by my dresser...looked over to find nothing and was quickly distracted with a question from the kiddos.
  • I also forgot that my brother and nephew warned me that they saw a mouse. I should have listened.
  • So, now...there is a mouse in my house. I'm moving out.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Concert

....was at the Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX.

When you walk inside the building the initial thought you might have would be you are somewhere a bit high-tone and somewhat unremarkable at first. Don't get me wrong, the outside is artsy and very pretty, but the inside is incredible.

Once you walk in the auditorium (which I'm not sure is the best word to use) you can be a bit taken away.
First of all, it's a lot bigger than you might have thought it would be after looking at it from the outside. It's huge with several levels of balconies and a huge stage.

Isn't it beautiful? Showing you a picture just isn't the same as seeing it in person.
This isn't a stage that begs for entertainers, this place hosts bigger names. This place is fixing to host Tony Bennett. Look.

Also the inside has a huge underground maze with security checkpoints (we went through two of them to get to the warm up room) and guards.  I could spend all day roaming around in a place like that.

So, basically, since I got to perform there Saturday with the Azle Community Band, I will have technically (kinda sorta) have shared a stage with Tony Bennett.

Yep, I'm big time now, baby!!

Seriously, it was truly a great experience. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Afternoon Break

Out Of A Forest from Tobias Gundorff Boesen on Vimeo.

How 3-D Works

How 3-D Works
Via: Online Schools that's how that works.

Hump Day

  • Buzz Kill. Google admits that Google Buzz could have used a little more testing before going live. I had no idea it was coming and I'm still not sure I'm interested in it.
  • My brother came by for the last of his stuff. Drat...he took his tv with him. Now it's back to my tv and its not as good.
  • Update on him: he's getting back together with the mama. Good job. I think. Now, I shall pray for her really really hard! The little boy seems to like his new school. I was afraid for him of the change. I guess change isn't always bad.
  • Great timing. I finally figured out how to turn the wii on all by myself while using his tv.
  • I like people that think they are the only ones that thought of something. It's cute.
  • My daughter at dinner last night:
Her: Knock-Knock
Me: Who there?
Her: Banana.
Me: Banana Who?

Her: Knock-Knock

Me: Who there?
Her: Banana.

Me: Banana Who?

Her: Knock-Knock

Me: Who there?
Her: Banana.

Me: Banana Who?
Her: Knock-Knock
Me: Who there?
Her: Banana.
Me: Banana Who?

Her: Knock-Knock

Me: Who there?
Her: Banana.

Me: Banana Who?

Her: Knock-Knock

Me: Who there?
Her: Banana.

Me: Banana Who?

Her: Knock-Knock
Me: Who there?
Her: Banana.

Me: Banana Who?

Her: Knock-Knock.
Me: Who's there?
Her: Apple.
Me: Apple Who?

Her: Aren't you glad I didn't say banana again?

Me: Huh?
Her: Get it? Get it? (laughs)
Me: Oh boy. (shaking head)
I didn't have much today. Carry on. It's all downhill from here. (Watch out for bumps - they can be dangerous!)

PS- I know it's genius and not jenius. I was being trying to be silly. I are a excellent grammer user.









Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I'm pretty sure I'm in no position to be watching The Bachelor, but if I were crazy enough to be watching The Bachelor, I'd tell ya that boy is crazy if he picks Vienna in the end. I can't stand that gal.
  • In more lovey news....I, with the help of someone else, found the most beautiful and romantic place in all of Costa Rica...and someone else went and proposed to their loved one in that same spot.
  • Ok, seriously, what's up with facebook not letting me message people? I need to communicate. It did it to me again last night.
  • The last two days I have felt sooo lazy at home. Last night, I sat and sang rock band with the girls. I scored a 97% on medium difficulty on one of the songs....yep, I'm talented
  • I've had four or five friends ask when I'm doing a play again.
  • The last two points combined might have been the reason why I dreamt that I was onstage playing the role of Christine in the Phantom of the Opera. We were working on the Masquarade song/scene over and over.....that song is now stuck in my head.
  • I guess it could be could be the Pink Panther theme again. Yea, I'm good with any Andrew Lloyd Weber song.
  • Speaking of music on stage, I get to play in a concert this weekend (flute) at the Myerson. Very nice place. I'm looking forward to it.
  • There's still snow on the ground. I'm sad to see it melting. I want more.

Photoshop Cook

Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo.

You know I love the stop motion videos.

Monday, February 15, 2010

We are the World 25 Haiti

Phhhh, Monday

  • I was tortured this weekend by being made to sit through Ali G video's. I wasn't sure if I was really buying into the authenticity of the pranks.
  • How was your Thursday snow day? Mine was interesting. A big fan of the referenced website asked me if his shoulder was made out of paper mache. Pretty funny.
  • I'm in Dallas at a Manager's Meeting today. I'm not looking forward to the drive there or back.
  • It's not that I'm not a good driver, it's more like, I'm an impatient driver. I'm the most patient laid back person you'll ever meet, I save all my aggression for driving.
  • Cowtown Half Marathon in less than two weeks. I'm not ready. I fear it won't be pleasant.
  • I should probably rethink that full marathon.
  • Hey, Wise County - look we have a website with all the happenings.
  • Any idea why facebook keeps crashing on me when I try to respond to a message? It's done it to me with three separate message threads.
  • Google buzzkill = another social site. Considered me overflowed.
  • I'm trying to declutter my house with stuff we don't need, never use or have out grown. We have way too much junk.
  • Garage sell vs. me delivering stuff to a donation center. Why box up stuff and haul it off when people will come to my drive way and give me money to take it away? Garage sell it is. I'm jenius.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Triple Cold Thursday

  • My Husky loves the snow. Go figure the chihuahua doesn't.
  • I got a call from the school's automatic alert system advising me of the school delay and then again with the school closing.
  • I put the school closing phone call on speaker. I had one kid scream, "Yay!" and the other kid gave a boo.
  • While waiting out the weather, I got to make pancakes. Man those were yummy. Well, at least the ones I didn't burn were.
  • I had a dinner birthday party at my house planned for tonight. Thanks, winter snow. I finally obtain the PERFECT gift for someone and I don't get to give it to him tonight. Bummer.
  • You know you lost the snowball fight when one kid hits ya in the face with a snowball and the other stuffs snow down your britches.
  • Man those kids are ruthless!
  • Speaking of kids.....just my luck, school ya'd think I wouldn't have to go to work. Nope, their dad is off work and on the way to pick them up.
  • Double bummer.
  • Now I get to work on hazard identification paperwork and payroll.
  • Maybe I'll toss a snowball at the bosses. That's not a terminable offense is it?
  • Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aternoon Pic Me Up

It's cold outside?

Cavern Sneek Peak poor little monkey was in danger of being swolled by a whale! It feared for it's stuffed life.

Wednesday Written When It's Not Yet Wednesday

  • I'm sitting here watching American Idol and saw Casey James sing on stage in Hollywood. I noticed he was from Fort Worth and I really thought his name looked familiar before I even saw where he was from. Very familiar. Has he sung around here?
  • Science fair at the elementary school tonight was great. I feel bad for not reminding you ahead of time that it was going on tonight. I even had a good time...I was worried that I might need a distraction (book on iphone in purse).
  • I never touched it.
  • I was chit chatting with a teacher at the first activity table we got to and she introduced herself and I introduced myself. She automatically had that look on her face that something "clicked" and she said "Oh, I know who you are." My thought? Uhhh, with nervous beads on my forehead...ummmm, (gulp) yea?
  • She says, "Yes, I LOVED, following the videos of Costa Rica."
  • That's twice this week, someone has mentioned to me in person that they read/watch my blog.
  • I think I pinky promised her I would update with some links to pictures of Costa Rica. I'll work on that. I got some cool pics.
  • I got some good Carlsbad Cavern Pics too. I think I drove my mom a little crazy while doing the self guided tour because my older daughter and I were on a mission to find something more mystical in that cave than our imaginations of the different formations. We were hoping for some cave creatures but would have settled for a little cricket. Anything.
  • My mother's nerdiest moment ever (that was cute) was during an interview with one of the Cave Rangers by my daughter and my daughter asked which Cavern anywhere was her favorite and she mentioned Zion. My mom BEAMED. She'd been there. 
  • My mom also only lacks one cavern to having conquered all available. That's pretty cool.
  • What is it about little girls that make them dance in twirly circles when they walk from point A to point B. My younger kiddo and middle niece do that. In fact, I just hollared at my little princess to get in the tub and wash that daily grub...she whirled away with a smirk.
  • If I see any more commercials on Robin's Brothers/Jared'd/Kay's I'm gonna gag myself.
  • Four movies I want to see this month: Avatar, Valentine's Day, Dear John and This is It.
  • I'm reading Dear John, A friend gave a post description of Avatar of: "It's like Dance's With Wolves." and my girls are dying to see This is It. Valentine's Day? Well, it's packed with love, hate and a ton of big names.
  • Hey, did you get your loved one a big beautiful gift for Valentine's Day? Do you wanna know what I really really want? Hint: It goes around my finger. Pic here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Musical Multi-Tasking

Ccouldn't they come up with a shorter title than:
A Babe Musician Creates A Looping Song From Violens And Drums Then Puts Her Unusual Voice Into The Mix ::

(Thanks, D)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Carlsbad, NM

  • Populaiton about 27,000 people, around 400,000 bats, but only one woman at the age of 104. 
  • The Pecos River runs through town and there is a beach area blocked off with lifeguards for water fun.
  • There are pedal boats you can rent to cruise up and down the river. (more the fit type of person)
  • Last night we discovered that out of the three Mexican restaurants only one was open last night and the words "and Entertainment Bar" worried me just a smidge.
  • So we chose one of the six chinese buffets in town. 
  • Yesterday we stopped by my Great-Grandmother's to see her and she looked pretty good. 
  • After dinner we took a dip in the pool. Me? I checked out the hot tub....ahhhh......
  • Today? Party at Grandma's, then the Caverns and then the short trip home....five, six hours? 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Long day that wasn't too bad.
Work is crazy busy. Crazy crazy busy. I stopped down everything and went to the main office to hop into another's orientation and learned a lot. The girl that trained me didn't feel it necessary for me to go through the office training. My sweet boss hooked me up. I really thought it was going to be basic and was scared of being bored, but we went into things I didn't even know existed. It was great.
And we're getting upgraded to better stuff....I snooped to see who is doing the upgrading. (I might get upgraded sooner if I am lucky.)
I love how the place really encourages you to learn, to think differently and if it doesn't suit you to figure out how you can do it differently.
It's a good place to be.
I just miss working around females. I didn't really realize that until today. I was surrounded my women with good memories..."Hey, Kat, how's that marathon training?"
I wish The Google had a way to view the wave, voice, email, documents, latitude....everything you have with them on one page. That'd make me happy.
For now, I finally got an add-on to my Firefox bar that has the ones I want to one click to.
Once again, the inkernet has given me too much to play with. I'm overwhelmed again.
Someone told me it's supposed to snow on Monday and Tuesday. That's just insane.
So, who wants to join me in jumping the Groundhog? If it does snow again, then I blame him!
Yes, I wrote a long post to Mzchief last night. Some of you have followed since day 1 of this entire journey with my brother, so I decided to share.
That was the update. My brother and his kiddos have moved to their own place and I'm back to being the aunt a couple hours away.
Now on with my Thursday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.....and now, the rest of the story.

Correction to sweet Mzchief on my brother.

It wasn't a just a bag of fertilizer, it was the thingie you put the stuff in. He was positive it was his cause he had one somewhere at some point and was pretty sure he didn't toss it out.
I had no doubt in my mind that it was mine, because I use it throughout the spring, summer and fall on my yard. I just got it when I moved in four years ago and have spent alot of time on my yard and now have it down to a nice rhythm.
It was a small goofy thing to argue over and I gave in way too quickly and extremely annoyed. He has absolutely no clue on how much to be thankful because I never let on how much I did that he didn't realize I was doing.

Sometimes he can be way blonder than I can.

I actually didn't want him to take my fertilizer thingie. I have worked alot on this yard and house little by little and really enjoy seeing the results of my efforts.
That fertilizer thingie...and yes, it can be very easily replaced and no, it was not a gift from a rock star or a political figure. It was a little thing I bought that made me feel like a grown up. It was one of many things I did differently when I moved in here. I wasn't just living paycheck to paycheck anymore. I was starting to work on a future.

So it may seem silly to be upset over such a small thing, but while I slowly pushed that little cart with fertilizer, weed killer...or whatever I used it for, I listened to books, I cried over books, I listened to financial advice, I laughed at podcasters and I sang along with all sorts of music. I walked slowly over every inch of my lawn and felt like a grown up. I watched my kids play in the water sprinklers to cool off, play on the tire swing, jump on the trampoline and run around the yard.
Every now and then I would get to that certain spot in the yard when I could time it just right and lean it against the tree and join them with a surprise attack.

At that moment, I didn't want to let go of THAT little item.

I knew stuff would get mixed up, I knew I risked things getting broken, taken or whatever...but the whole ordeal was just a little longer than I bargained for.

Overall was he grateful, thankful, appreciative? I'm sure he was.

We stood on my street at the end of that night, looked at the truck and trailer full of stuff and he said, "Thank you. Thank you for every single thing you did. I appreciated every bit of it." Then he gave me his good ole brother hug.

I was happy for just that, but had originally just wanted for the kids to have a chance to live their lives like we did growing up: Clueless and happy. I wanted him to take this position that he didn't chose to be in and take advantage of it.

That particular gripe was one of those moments where it wasn't just about that particular item. It was a whole lot of everything rolled into one stressful moment.

In a couple of months, I'll visit Lowe's again and replace that fertilizer thingie and have every one of those moments with my lawn and kids again just like I have for the last four summers here.

If for some reason my path/destiny/choices lead me somewhere else, then I'll imagine that tool will be used by someone else and I'll still have moments with my kids that I'll cherish forever and will find another hobby that will make me just as happy.

I loved having my brother close by and I immensely adored his kids this close too. I can't tell you how much I've missed (just over two days) the two year's hugs and kisses, the four year old's very random I love you's and the way she always, without fail, referred to me as "Cool Aunt Trina". The boy? Oh wow, what a character. He started out very very rocky and actually made me give myself a timeout just to hide in my bathroom and cry...within the first week of being here. He doesn't act the same way these days that he did then. He's still quite the handful, but seeing him achieve all A's on his report cards? That's just plain cool. I didn't give him those A's. He earned them. I didn't make him do his homework, his dad did. I just got to share my insight, experience and let them witness my kids firsthand. My influence contributed. THEY did it, I got to help a little bit.

This started out in my random thoughts and somehow my thoughts just flooded the post. I didn't mean to portray him in that light. I am glad that Mzchief went off in my defense on what I wrote but I thought she needed to know the whole story.

I have never met Mzchief, but oddly she has always been that little whisper of positive encouragement with honesty since day 1 of this entire ordeal. I have no idea what she looks like and very few clues as to who she is. I just know that she made a difference throughout the experience. I just couldn't let that moment pass without her understanding. I know there are alot of people that can't stand her. But I'm not one of them. I like to form my own opinions.

One of these days I'll learn not to keep all the little things bottled up inside and wait to the last minute to get pushed over the edge by something that normally wouldn't be a big deal. Maybe. If I don't then, I'll continue to be the same ole me: be great, calm, and collected for 95% of the time and then have 5% crazy.

So that chapter in my strange and weird life has closed. I feel a little lost, numb and unsure what to do next.

We'll figure it out. We always do. No matter what, it'll be fun. :-)

All the Pretty Colors

MDT from Viewers Like You on Vimeo.

Bonus: Watch for it at the end, a kid ends up almost passing out.

Go Longhorns! basically Academy didn't have to reopen late at night on the 7th.

Hump Day

  • My daughter got on to me last night. "Hey, listen to me, when I'm talking to you." I giggled. She's so cute when she's mad.
  • After my day, I feel a little brain dead today. I had to use my brain a smidge too much today. Ok, I way over used my brain. I have a ton going on at work, at home, everywhere. Calgon?
  • A commenter actually busted me on a misspelled word. ME. I'm normally have fantastic grammar skills. See? My brain couldn't handle it today.
  • Yesterday was Groundhog Day. My seven year old told me that we are to have seven more weeks of winter. I told her the groundhog is really in a conspiracy with Mother Nature.
  • I don't think she believed me.
  • Last night my brother, the kids and the Mom came over to load up a trailer and truck with their stuff.
  • I'm a little upset. He took my fertilizer. He swore it was his. I gave up. Irritated. I gave up. How often in the last year has he used one? I still can't believe he took actually believing it was his and actually thinking he'd use it. But of all the battles I could have gotten into with him...I didn't feel it warranted the energy. I'll get over it. After I go buy another one. Ugh.
  • This weekend's dance is coming up way too fast. I'm trying really really hard to coordinate a cute look between the kids. My daughter begs me not to go overboard. I'm merely adding accessories to hint coordination.
  • Of course, she's also way excited. Way.
  • Her aunt bought her a dress. Her aunt did a really good job. It's simply gorgeous.
  • Ok, maybe I'm slightly excited about the dance. Slightly.
  • I spent most of the morning mentally preparing for a Safety Committee Meeting only to find out that it was Tuesday today. The meeting is on Wednesday. Then I spent the remainder of the morning bummed out because it wasn't Wednesday.
  • Today is Wednesday, right? I have plans for Wednesday. Now I'm in a good mood.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Today's thoughts are in between a plethera of meetings while inhaling some Chicken Express.
  • It's food like this that makes me stop and realize why I'm feeling a little plump.
  • The scale actually read 142 last weekend. That made me nervous enough to almost be nervous. Then again, I'm not really your high tone kind of gal, so I'm good.
  • What kind of Monday was it when I gave you grown up Doogie Howser with a nice looking chest for the pick me up and I get nothing? Sheesh, this is a tough crowd.
  • I was worn out yesterday. Big time. I gave up Red Bull's cold turkey. I'm starting to regret that...
  • I watched The Bachelor last night. I'm hooked and that drives me crazy. I have never gotten into shows like that. Ever.
  • I need some Survivor to go ahead and started.
  • Just a little warning...the second Colby gets voted off. I'm gonna cry and you all know I go crazy and take pics at Walmart when I get all depressed.
  • Did I mention that my profile says I whine alot and I'm pretty much boring?
  • I do love it when someone reads something I've written and assumes I'm referring to them or speaking directly to them. That's fun.
  • I usually decide when reading other sites that it has nothing to do with me unless it mentions my name directly. Every now and then I'll raise an eyebrow - but not very often.
    I was spotted in public last weekend by a blog reader and they made a comment over my look. I appreciated that. Very much. That made me happy. (I'm a closet freak over my appearance. Keep that on the downlow.)
  • Alright, brother comes back today with Uhual. Yay. I get to see the kids again. Double yay.
    Already my house is looking oddly empty. Very empty.
  • Sitting with my girls at dinner last night seemed like we were in another land. We really weren't sure what to do.
  • Desert in front of the tv - two of us konked out.
  • We didn't accomplish much last night.
  • Have I mentioned my big girl went from 2nd chair back to first chair again? That's my girl!
  • (She is soooo gonna pass my skill level before she's out of middle school.)
  • Update: 104. My great grandmother will be 104 this weekend. I come from a long line of stubborn woman. I'll be around for a long long time. (Thanks, Mom.)
  • Live long and prosper.
  • Back to work.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Afternoon Pic Me Up

Maybe he just hasn't met the right girl yet.

The Grammy's Missed One

via Fark

Monday Thoughts

  • My girls came home this weekend to me. Just me. No uncle or cousins. Then we cleaned and I imagine we'll do a ton of that all week. It was a very exciting day.
  • First we had a celebratory dinner: Taco Bell. Nothing beats the Taco Bell slide....except that play place is getting really hard on my knees.
  • Just before bedtime we blew through the tivo'd Grammy's. Man, I love tivo.
  • Beyonce's and P!nk's performances were fantastic. I've always love P!nk.
  • My daughter was extremely excited to watch Taylor Swift perform but when Taylor Swift was singing with Stevie Nicks, I was afraid of one of those crazy moments. Whew, didn't happen.
  • This weekend, I gave a surprise party for a hunky guy this weekend. He had no clue ahead of time and had a good time. I would say it was a close-to-his-birthday-not-his-actual-birthday-and-we-didn't-mention-his-birthday-kind-of-birthday. Good times - and the venue rocked.
  • Speaking of birthdays, my great grandmother's birthday is this weekend. I should know whether she is fixing to be 104 or 105, but my older daughter keeps arguing with me, so now I'm doubtful on whether or not she's right or I'm right.
  • Speaking of the girl....I finally looked up to see what Sadie Hawkins was.
  • People that publicly "threaten" to delete an online account or make it private but then never do....or that actually go through it and then turn around make it public again make me giggle. Hey, if that's what you can do to get those ratings or sympathy you're looking for, then go for it.
  • As for me, if I ever tire from my little hobby of blogging then I won't give much warning. I reckon one can figure it out if they type in the web address and find it not there.
  • My Husky was having a nightmare last night. She growled in her sleep.
  • Have I ever told you that I'm not a big fan of Mondays?