Friday, November 19, 2010

Not a bad idea....

Change from the everyday stoplight to an LED light that shows you how much time is left.

There's a slight chance you can click the pic for the link. Maybe.

Car Derby Friday

I have never participated in a car derby before,, much less an edible car derby.
#1) That is waaay harder than it seems.

Our sweet second grader went with limes for the wheels, two garlic bread sticks for the body, hello kitty pencils for the axles (axles were allowed to be non food parts), orange peels to connect the bread sticks to the pencils, tostito chips with sparkly sprinkles for the headlights, rolos in red wrappers for break lights, macaroni colored black for the door handles and one peanut butter cracker with a smiley face poked into it for the driver.
Front View:

Back View:

#2) I have never been so entertained over kid's creations. You can only imagine what a bunch of second graders could come up with.

(Psst--BG - look at the one with the lucky charms cereal on it....they put their lasagna noodles together like a sandwich. Why didn't we think of that?)

#3) Hers didn't win first (or second, third...etc...) but this one with the green apples for wheels traveled 20 feet and did win:

#4) Hers might have fallen apart when it hit the floor after going down the ramp.

Oh well....
She said she had fun and didn't mind it falling apart. That made me happy and proud.

Good times.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I don't generally feel anything until noon; then it's time for my nap. -Bob Hope

  • I woke up in pain all night last night. When I finally decided to get out of bed, I realized I couldn't get out of bed. Literally....or physically. Hubbie had to help me out. I couldn't put pressure on my hands down without a jolt of pain throughout my arms.
  • So, like any good husband would do for his wife, my hubbie cut up a pain pill in itty bitty pieces for me, got the kittens off to school and put me back in bed.
  • I was feeling a little better the last two or three days. I think the moments of using my hands/arms when I probably shouldn't have are catching up with me.
  • Yep, I have The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I've been moping around the house for a week and in pain.
  • I am on restrictions by the doctor's office and can't work until the doc fixes my wrists.
  • Right now I am waiting for the insurance company to approve an EMG study ordered by the the ortho doctor and then I go back to the ortho doc to see what he recommends for treatment.
  • I'm up for anything at the moment....just.get.them.fixed. 
  • I did the steroids. Nothing. I've taken pain pills. Thrown them up. There's one that semi makes me super sleepy - although does nothing for the pain. But I sleep a little better.
  • I have splints that are supposed to stay on all the time. They look goofy. 
  • I watched Dancing With The Stars last night for the first time this season (and for the first time in a long time). I was disgusted to see Brandy get voted out and Bristol still standing there. Maybe that's why I don't watch that show.
  • Could the jawbone found in Arubia be Natalie Holloway? Or could there be a chance that she isn't the only female that has died in the last five years? I'm betting it belongs to someone else.
  • that was some good stuff. I love that show.....except for the awkward parts. any kissing scenes while the kittens are watching.
  • I'm gonna go insane sitting at home all day. Really really soon.
  • I went on a road trip yesterday after walking the older kitten to school. The pup and I made it all the way to the Sonic for a cup of Java. My oh my was that good. 
  • I figured out on day one of staying home that i can tether the pup to my belt loop, wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt, and walk around the neighborhood forever. 
  • This wouldn't be so bad if I had more use of my hands (without pain). 
  • And to answer the age old question: would you rather go without your hands or your feet? That's still up for debate. I'm not sure I would be particularly pleasant without my feet. I love to walk and run way too much. It's frustrating without the hands...but at least I can use them a tiny bit here and a tiny bit there.
  • Good grief the kittens and hubbie have been getting onto me...."put that down!" "leave that alone!" "wait-wait let me do that!" They constantly hollar at me. 
  • Yes, yes...I know, I thankful for what I have. There are plenty of others out there that don't have the luxury of dealing with a loving sweet family to take care of them.
  • But still.....I just wanna be able to help out around here.
  • I've figured out I can continue my daily blogging without pain by taking the entire day to write them....a little at a time. 
  • Now off to bed. I gotta get some no-rest so I can wake up exhausted and still in pain in the morning so I can call an insurance company to find out what a gal has to do to get an EMG study approved and schedule already. 
  • Did I mention they consider this workman's comp? Ugh. 

Thinking Back.....

Remember that wedding in Arkansas we went to last month? I had taken a snap shot of the a couple of items off their gift registry. Made me giggle:

Is it just me or did my cousin leave the scanner unattended for a minute or two too long and let that fiance of hers scan in a couple of items on their gift registry?

(Reminded me of the beer commercial.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday Phone Thoughts

I got a new phone and boy oh boy am I happy camper.
I got the new Epic 4g and dude is it cool as heck. I mean like really really cool.
It had the "swype"technology on the keyboard and is incredibly fast and ready to use when emailing, texting or entering words into anything. It seems kind of crazy to have a slide out keyboard. I think I used the keyboard that slides out twice before I stated testing out the swype technology.
Iphone4? Pffft...forget about it ! I wouldn't trade this phone for one of those for a million bucks....ummm..well then again, maybe I'm not exactly married to it.
The epic also has the dual cameras so I can video conference on it...which I pulled off once so far with a friend that has an iphone 4.
I can also take self portraits with it and be able to see myself on the screen while I take the picture.
So far so good.
Me happy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Thoughts

Poor puppy. The things I put her through.

  • Puppy and I sat on the front porch to hand out candy while the girls went trick or treating with a couple of others and hubbie was spliting time between the ranger's game and hanging with me. It was a good night.
  • Some of those little kids were EXTREMELY adorable. I can't remember how many times hubbie or I would say...."He/She is SO adorable!"
  • Puppy got lots and lots of attention. It's odd how seeing a puppy will cause people to stop, pet her and then proceed to share a story of the animals they have at home.
  • I think the crowds of people coming and going were good for the puppy. She was pretty well behaved.....except when she saw other dogs. She seriously has no idea that she is a small dog and not a big one. That spells trouble.
  • I was shocked on how many kids were trick or treating. We ran out of candy before 8pm and I had bought 5 jumbo bags of candy.
  • When the girls got home they wanted to pass out candy so they started handing out their own. It was cute and sweet.
  • After 8pm it seemed as if the only kids left were tweens and teenagers. We are two houses from an intersection in the neighborhood and a pretty big group of kids --- maybe 20-ish, without adults were running rampart around that intersection. They got honked at a couple of times because they stood in the intersection not letting cars through.
  • They were throwing something, too. Unsure what but it's very possible they might have been throwing eggs.
  • One tween/teen aged child was dressed in plaid, had a mask and was running around after little kids with a fake chainsaw. It was an insane scene.
  • That was about the time we decided to head inside for some frozen pizza and to watch Modern Family from last week together.
  • One of our vendors at work gave us (as in the company) two tickets to the World Series game at the ball park. To keep it fair - they took a poll of who could go and held a drawing.
  • One of the guys at our shop won. Then he was kind enough to send a picture from the game. I'm so hatin' him right now!
  • I hate to say this, but I saw defeat in the eyes of a couple of players around the 6th ending. I have the prediction that this will NOT end well. I hope I'm wrong.
  • Cowboys who? I saw a guy at a Halloween Party Saturday night that had a Romo Jersey, the dorky hat and had his arm in a brace (broken clavicle).
  • The root canal last week wasn't too bad the day it was was late that night that I was really regretting not having pain meds. #1 I am really bad at swallowing pills. #2 I hate the weird feeling that pain drugs give. #3 Pain drugs make me sickly and I hate throwing up. #4 I think doctors tend to give out pain drugs like candy.
  • If I can get through pain without drugs then I'm happy...but that night the tooth and my carpal tunnel was too much too bear. Poor hubbie felt helpless and sad because I laid in bed with little tears falling on my pillow.
  • The carpal tunnel is hurting a lot more over the last month. Ice and advil aren't cutting it any more. I also completely don't understand why it will keep me up at night or wake me up at night. I'm laying still...I'm not doing anything repetitive.
  • I also have a sneaking suspicion that I may have a thyroid problem.
  • This is an odd one...earlier this year I was diagnosed with vitiligo. That would be the disease that Michael Jackson made famous. Go figure, I grow up the awkward ugly duckling, blossom into the swan (cause I'm sooooo good looking) and then get vitiligo. It won't kill me, doesn't hurt, isn't contagious, but still....I'm gonna end up looking so weird if it gets any worse. Right now, its mostly in parts of my body that normally can't be seen.
  • I'm falling apart. Fast.
  • Don't eat too much candy. It'll rot your teeth. But if you do, I highly reccoment Excellent Dental in Decatur. They are nice, nice, nice.
  • Plus, Dr. Renfro made me giggle, when he delivered a message from hubbie's blog that said to give me "Ugh" because of the root canal. Dr. Renfro sees me in the hallway and says, "Ugh". I give him a weird, "Huh?" and he mentions he read hubbie's random thoughts for the day. Ah I get it.
  • Happy Monday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fainting Goat Kittens

Quietly watch this video while I recooperate with a little string cheese snack after going under the knife this morning.

(And I double swear I did NOT giggle at the 1:00 mark. That would probably be wrong.)


Charlie and Spike are two kittens with myotonia congenita, otherwise known as 'fainting goat' syndrome.

At the slightest sound, the kittens respond by collapsing and falling into a rigid paralysis, which lasts about a minute before they return to normal.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calling All Nerds

Our living room TV is going, going, going out. Quickly.

Immediately I thought of the new google tv and was excited about everything that it can do….

BUT we have AT&T Uverse and I don’t think they’ll work together. From what I’ve read – the new google tv will only work with DISH Network.

Any nerds smart people out there know any different (or have a better suggestion)?


I know this comment is spam, but what is the point? I get a bunch of these and just delete them. Most of the time there isn't a product mentioned.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Thoughts


·         I spend a lot of time at work staring at the computer screen while it thinks. A lot of time.

·         Monday back at home. Good ole’ Texas. Yeehaw.

·         This weekend was really nice. The drive was looong, but not bad. Don’t tell my husband, but I think the return trip back was actually record time.

·         On the way there, we didn’t quite take off as early as I planned… we weren’t at Grandma and Papa’s sitting in front of the TV to watch the Ranger’s play. We could still get the play by play action on the radio until we hit Texarkana and completely lost it.

·         Thankfully, hubbie had my guilt-driven quick reaction/thinking to remedy the situation. It would have been better to see it live on tv, but sitting in the car as all four of us held our breaths up until the very last was pretty cool.

·         Mother’s flight turned into an adventure as the Little Rock airport was evacuated due to a tornado. After all was clear and ok, she had to go back through security. Eek! She did eventually make it home A-OK last night.  

·         Cousin went through with the wedding, had an incredible turn out, looked gorgeous and happy. I’m glad we went.

·         Plus, my older daughter, spotted a lit candle catching nearby greenery on fire. I jumped up, hit another cousin to get a move on to help, and we got it put out before anyone knew any better. It was entertaining.

·         I got really excited when the preacher introduced the new Mr. and Mrs. to the full chapel and the stage lights started flashing along with the music of Happy Together. I really thought they were going to break out with a dance routine similar to another that went viral. Nope, no crazy dancing in the church. Drat. I should have known better…Church of Christ – no dancing.  There was dancing at the reception though.

·         The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and swimming in the grandparent’s pool that Papa had warmed and ready for the weekend.

·         Our sweet little Precious puppy was extremely well behaved all weekend. No accidents at all.

·         I still can’t believe she did as well as she did in the car. She didn’t whine at all.

·         I didn’t even pig out like crazy on food this weekend. I found a stash of Slim Fast shakes at Grandma’s so passing on the temptation of food, goodies and cake was a little easier.

·         All in all it was a pretty good weekend.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

World's Cutest Dog?

I'm not sure I agree with that.

If that really is considered the world's cutest dog, I'm scared to see the ugliest dog.

New Movie Violence

Not safe for work due to language and not safe for anywhere else if you can't handle violence, blood and/or guts.

Maybe Dwight Shrute's coworkers from The Office will be a bit nicer to him after seeing that video.

via Spike

Dwight: What weapon?
Andy: My bare hands.
Dwight: That is stupid. I will use a sword and I will cut off your bare hands.
Andy: Then I'll get something too.

Lunchtime Thoughts

We’re going to my grandparents in Arkansas this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. That’s a Looooong Drive!
By flying there, Mother is cheating herself out of all the fun we will be having on that incredibly loooong drive. I looked into flying too, but the cost was waaaay too much for the four of us. Roadtrip alphabet game… we come!
Grandparents have a new house with a pool –is it too cold for swimming in AR? It’ll be heated – but I’m not a fan of the cold.
We’re. Not. Taking. The. Fancy. Pretty. New. Car. We’re taking his that’s not….quite so fancy, but still a great car.
In fashion news……Big kitten was instructed to wear normal fingernail polish and she was upset with me when I informed her that blue is not what I consider normal. It was pretty close to becoming a full fledge argument.
I’ve been pretty good about keeping my mouth shut on her choices of fashion, but blue fingernail polish to a wedding was NOT something I was going to let her get away with.
Ok, summer is over, and since I am such a guru on today’s fashion….. when I wear a nice dress to the wedding Saturday, am I supposed to wear panty hose? I’ve been wearing jeans too long and can’t remember the panty hose rules.
We went to the book store last night to get a couple of books to keep us busy on the trip. Big kid picks out Gossip Girl. I knew that was a tv show at one point – but I never watched it. Then she hands me the book during supper and asks me to read the first sentence. The second word had the f bomb in it. Uh oh. Ok, ok…so I read/skim through more of the book to see if the content or story line is as bad as the language. Yep. So, she is now forbidden to read that book. It talked about sex, drugs, drinking…… all the stuff that we pretend doesn’t exist right now because she is so young.
She has a band concert tonight and she will be sitting first chair. Yay! First all A’s and now 1st chair!
Also, the other morning she accused me of being The Tooth Fairy.  Me? Hmpfh! She better be glad The Tooth Fairy already left her money for her last tooth cause I bet The Tooth Fairy wouldn’t leave her another dime if she thought the kitten didn’t believe in …….. Hey, Wait Just A Cotton Pickin’ Minute…… Wow. That kitten is good!
Did you know that calling someone else’s phone and hearing your own voice for their voice mail message is kinda weird? I had to set up someone’s voice mail at work and recorded the outgoing message verbatim to the one we have on everyone else’s. IT never changed it.  
Speaking of weird, I went by the empty house yesterday to make sure there still wasn’t any bums hiding out in there. I went in my old room, opened the bathroom door and was greeted by the Biggest Lizard EVER in there.
I am not exaggerating (this time) when I tell you it was bigger than our kitten. Seriously, it was like an iguana but different.
I have no clue how it got in there. It’s waaay too big to have come from the bathroom or sink drain. There aren’t any cracks or holes in there and the door sits too close to the floor. The only way I could imagine it getting in there was from the AC vent on the ceiling.
Puppy update: We have now mastered TeeTeePoddy, Sit, Leave It, Stay, Down (belly on floor), We’re working on Take It and the bell – which the cat still thinks is a toy so that hasn’t been going very well. Annnd the barking isn’t bad at all.
I bought two dog books last night, one for training and the other for Yorkshire Terriers. I’m so into this dog thing.
By the way, puppy is going on the trip with us, but the turtle, kitten and other dog isn’t. Is $40 enough for a teenager to turtle sit, doggie sit and kitty sit for a weekend?
I think it’s time for my estrogen shot. I’ve been scatterbrained all week.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stolen. Kinda.

I didn't do this quiz with the intent to post it....because I followed the link from another blog. When I read that it said I'm brilliant, I had to share. I'm just not sure I agree with everything else though.

You Are Puzzled Over

You are quirky, complicated, and brilliant. You tend to feel a bit misunderstood by everyone, and that troubles you.

It's likely that you will have two or three children. You can conceive pretty easily.

You are not easily moved. You are very stoic and not though of as an emotional person.

You are very detail oriented and tidy. Some may even call you obsessive.

You are wilder than most people, even if you don't feel all that wild. And you're a total show off.

OK, the amount of kids was pretty much right on, but I'm not easy and I take offense to the quiz insinuating that I'm a hussy.

... me wild? Pffft! Whatevah! And a show-off? Double Pffft! and Whatevah!

Sooo, theeen I wonder what the quiz would think of my hubbie's belly button.

You Are Well Balanced

You are optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy go lucky. You may have more problems than most people, but you don't make a big deal out of them.

It is likely that you won't have any kids. If you do have kids, it may be hard to conceive.

You are not easily moved. You are very stoic and not though of as an emotional person.

You are very detail oriented and tidy. Some may even call you obsessive.

You are quite conservative. You are neither a flirter or a flaunter.

OK, that might have been a little right on with his belly button.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Missing Boy

....from across the street of our own home. This stuff doesn't really happen does it?

We all get home from school and work. Just like clockwork the door bell rings. I look at my husband with a raised eyebrow, he glares at me, I giggle and get up to get the door - already knowing who is on the other side.
Big girl is practicing her flute in her room, little girl is finishing her spelling word practice, I had just sat down for the third time to work on the playbill for the next play and husband just came down stairs from changing out of his suit.
I go to the door to find one of the boys from across the street, as I expected, but he didn't ask for our little girl, instead he asked for another neighbor boy. We're not done with homework, so we haven't been outside to play yet and nor have we seen the other neighbor boy. Then, as expected, he politely asked how much longer she would be until she could go out to play. I remember hearing the ice cream truck and hoping little girl didn't notice it too. Too late, she came running..."Can we get ice cream? Can we get ice cream? Please, please?" I take a deep breath while having a flashback of two really, really extremely hyper girls staying up wired and giggly past ten o clock the last time we got ice cream on a school night. I shuttered and answered firmly, "No." She tells the boy she'll be done and out in five minutes. To me, "Are you sure...." "She'll be out in five minutes." I repeated towards him and ignoring her question. 
I didn't think twice about why the other boy wouldn't be outside. I figured he'd be around here somewhere. I did notice him mom's SUV in the driveway and still didn't think anything of why the boy, Austin, would ask us where the other boy was.
Brayden is just one of those kids that you have the feeling his mom invests in Calgon and and scented lavender candles in hopes of little boy induced stress. That boy just looks like trouble. Without saying a word, you look at him and he looks like trouble. Cute kid with a quick wit, but probably a handful.
Door shut and we're back to homework,cleaning up and discussing school. Flute sounds practicing scales for a test this week can still be heard from upstairs. Not too much longer, we're done with homework and have put away our back pack and have hit the door running with dog not far behind.
I sit down, once again to work on that playbill. I have a deadline that I want to beat ahead of time for once. Just once I'm not going to be rushed and stressed trying to get it to the printer at the last minute. With a deep breath, I sit in my chair, put the lap top in my lap and put my feet up. She hasn't been outside more than five minutes and I hear the door being thrown wildly open by the little girl and I'm ready to hollar at her for that door. Before I got a chance to say a word she announces that the Brayden boy is missing. I exchange a doubtful, yet unsure glance with my husband and get up once more and go to the door. If I automatically dismissed what she said, I'd regret it later if it were the truth. Outside, I see two police cars across the street and right in front of our house. A chill goes right through my body and stirs at my stomach. I'm now scared of the chips and dip in my stomach that suddenly warn me things can go bad. Really bad.
Seeing the cop cars and adults outside, I had a flashback to a couple of bad calls from my EMS days. I swallow back something you don't want me to describe. It wasn't good. "There really is two cop cars outside." My husband gets up slowly, as if they will all disappear and go away before if he approaches the door carefully. We could hear a helicopter overhead extremely near and I announced to him that they must have a chopper out looking. He promises there is no way the helicopter could be looking for the boy already.
Together we go outside and take a couple of moments to access the scene in front of us. Both mothers from the houses across the street from us are outside with more kids and three other moms. The boy, Austin, comes back over to fill us in with quick facts. "He's gone and his scooter and bike are both in his garage." Hubbie and I both knew this couldn't be good. We've had a bet going on lately on how long it would be before that little kid got hit by a car on that scooter or the bike. He was constantly going across the street from driveway to driveway and "falling over" dramatically in front of any cute looking gal in hopes for attention. Like I said, trouble maker.
I went across to the circle of worried faces of mother's carrying one of my own on my face. I knew the right thing to do would be to see if we had any information to offer and if we could do anything to help. Honestly, I really wanted to direct my little family back inside and away from this entire situation and keep them safely under my watchful eye and pretend nothing was going on so we could all continue to argue over needless things like hairbrushes, clothes, turns on the wii and our family pets.
I know the boy is still just missing because of all the questions being asked and the worried looks. There wasn't any screams of "Why?" or big tearful broken hearted motherly tamptrums, so I got brave and wandered over. I offered what little information I knew of based upon questioning my own daughter. Brayden was on the bus home and made it home. Austin informed us that Brayden had finished his homework and had been outside already and then disappeared. While Brayden's mom went through a series of questions with two officers, another police officer checked her home. A neighbor girl with the loudest voice ever, told me that two cops had already been inside to check all the cabinets and under the beds. "Why do they have to have another one check?" "I know he's been taken!" "He's gone, he's gone!"
I couldn't stand there anymore. I looked down at my dauaghter and realized that she knew this wasn't a joke and realized that these "worried" mom's might have reason to worry. I looked toward my husband and could see the worry and grief was about to over flow out of his eyes. We had to do something. The mom wandered off to get the ...... her voice trailed as she walked back in the house, but every mother in that circle nodded and knew she was going to get the school made ID card and probably that envelope of sample DNA. Spiked gelled blonde hair was part of the description of the boy that was passed around to other neighbors offering to look for him.
I turned to the neighbor and said we'll walk or drive around and look. My husband agreed while both girls conspired of ways to split up and cover more ground. I was silently petrified of what we would soon learn... that feeling I didn't describe earlier was coming back again and this time a little stronger. Probably a little too sternly I advised we would be going together in one car. Normally I automatically hand the car keys to my husband, but I hopped in the driver's seat and we left. For just a second, I almost reached down the seat to my left for that battery switch....but stopped myself knowing this wasn't that ole' diesel box truck.
It took three blocks until I actually heard the dinging of the seatbelt that I forgot to put on. Calm down. Stay calm. We realized pretty quickly that we were not alone. We recgonized other concerned faces around the three to four block area looking for the same little boy we were. Cars driving slowly with windows down calling out the same name of the wild little boy we were hoping to spot, too. We stopped and questioned poeple that were walking with confused looks on their faces or if they seemed oblivious to what was going on around them. The neighborhood normally wasn't this active at this time in the afternoon and we could see an occasional police officer around the area - but not five, and a helicopter in the same two-three block radius. I wouldn't be surprised to see news trucks. 
This just seemed like one of those scenes from a Lifetime made for TV movie. This didn't happen in real life, right? The news would mention things like this or an out of state paper would mention a name of a child with an age near our own - but it still didn't really feel like a real situation.
So, around and around the closet blocks we went passing other neighbors with exchanged, sad, shakes of the head that said he hadn't been found yet.
We discussed different scenerios of what could have happened...the sand volleyball courts, the playground, the soccerball field had probably all been checked ten times already, but maybe we would spot him there, or on his way back home taking a different route. This neighborhood wasn't north, south, east and west streets. It twisted, turned, dead ended and wound around in circles. For a kid not normally allowed to leave his own block before - he could easily lose his way. Sheesh, I did last night trying to take a short cut home from Target to get out from behind Grandma and Grandpa on the Sunday drive. Somehow I wound up several blocks away from our street and not knowing how I made it to where I did. Brayden could easily be skipping along not knowing he was lost yet much less that he was considered missing. Or another possibility, doesn't it take just one boy to dare another? One could say he'd walked all the way to the creek across the busy road before and the other could say, "Oh yea...well I've been all the way to Such and Such street two blocks away from the creek..."
So, let's head to the creek. On the way, we round the curve to our house and see a group laughing on the corner. Little daughter asks if we should stop and ask/inform them...except they are two houses away from Brayden's house. How could they NOT know? We go to turn the corner and a dad offers out that Brayden has been found. We stop, and two cars behind us also stop, all of us very happy to hear the news. Relief felt great. 
Still dazed we pulled on our street as Brayden's mom gives us a relieved smile along with the two neighbor cars behind us. We all pull in to our drive ways, get out of our cars, to hear a chubby, happy officer lecturing a small crowd of children on why it's so important to always "let the adults in your care" know where you are at during all times of your day. Brayden's mom smiles tearfully and nods in our direction. I nod back and bite back my own tears.
Brayden was absolutely clueless the nightmare scenerios we were all thinking. Thankfully, so were our kids and a few others.
Inside and after settling the arugment with the girls on why they had to play in the back yard this time..."because I said so", the husband and I exchange a hug and kiss knowing everything is once again ok and knowing it can all change in the blink of an eye.
He's says, "If something were to happen, it would be unthinkabley horrible for his family, but here...." he glances toward the sound of screams on the trampoline in the back. I didn't let him finish, "I know! I would turn insane. They think I'm mean and crazy now!" 
Brayden met a friend at school and learned that this friend lived on his block...the block that he was told he could ride around by himself as long as he didn't cross the street. His parents didn't get technical with the rule to include...and that doesn't mean you can go in any house on that block.
Thankfully, we're going to bed tonight and tucking our sweet children into bed. Their safe where they should be."

Lunch Time Quicke

·         How much longer will it be until certain four letter words are allowed on network tv? Five years? Ten years?

·         I can always tell when people call for directions when they aren’t listening. Drives me crazy that they travel in a truck over several states and don’t have any clue where they are actually going. We have a directions menu on our phone system – but they still hit “0” for operator and ask me for directions. I generally say three times (at least) that the turn is really easy to miss, the sign for the road is small and it’s not an actual exit. Then…I’ll still get a second call back from them stating they missed the turn.

·         My daughter is sooo tickled after hearing Hubbie talk in his sleep. She sooo wants to get a video of his talking. Of course, I would never post anything like that online. You believe me…..don’t you?

·         I was putting food up in the fridge Saturday when I thought I heard a car alarm outside. I galloped to the front to make sure it wasn’t the new family ride. It wasn’t. I went back to the kitchen and debated for a couple of minutes whether or not to leave lunch out since Hubbie hadn’t eaten yet. I had decided to leave it out, glanced at the game on the tv and noticed he was reviewing a play. I changed my mind, picked up two food boxes, opened the fridge door and our sweet little kitten fell out. My plan after eating was a nap. There’s no telling how long that cat would have stayed in the fridge. I totally didn’t see her in there. Sadly, I’m not sure that will keep her from hoping in there again.

·         Crazy kitten. Crazy, un-named little kitten. We’ve been calling it “Kitty”. I think that may become the name…for now.

·         I then went on to take the longest nap ever and woke up near supper time. We were supposed to go to a birthday party with a couple of friends. I woke up finding hubbie sleeping next to me.

·         We did manage to make Friday night’s double date with friends though. It was good fun and really, really good food.  

·         Puppy is doing really well with the term, “Leave It”. I drop a piece of food on the floor “accidentally”, say “Uh oh.” If she starts walking to it…..she’ll stop look at me, sit down and wait. When I tell her to leave it she just stares at it, looks at me, and eventually will turn and walk away…..unless, I pick it up, say “Yes!” and offer it to her from my hand.

·         We’ve had only two little accidents in the house over the weekend. Not bad. Both times we’re probably due to us not taking her outside. Which has brought me to read up on bell training. I think she can catch on pretty quickly.

·         I had the double crappiest nail experience ever! I made an appointment at my normal place with one of the faster women – cause I knew she would be fast – and told her I would be in a hurry. She took a pedicure seconds before I walked in and left me waiting 30 minutes past my appointment time. I walked out. I went across the street – they offered to get me through a pedicure and manicure at the same time quickly if I could just wait 15 minutes. I agreed. 20 minutes later I experience the slowest service EVER. I can home and noticed the polish already coming off the nails and they were sloppy. Ugh…I could have done a better job. (And that’s saying a LOT!) My normally very patient and happy natured (yet very strange) hubbie got a temper via text when I was finally paying. I didn’t mention to him that I could have texted him to update him waaay sooner – but couldn’t get the phone to work. I had to restart it twice. That was the most frustrating two hours I’ve spent in a while.

·         I might have snuck the puppy in with me in a purse. Shhh….don’t tell.

·         It’s time to get this bad phone situation under control. Quickly.

·         Speaking of an angry husband…..every now and then, I swear he over-reacts. Like THIS would make him mad? Ok, maybe he didn’t over-react. At least he was well rested when he discovered it.

·         Not much to the thoughts today…..(as opposed to any other day).



Poor Justin Beiber

I was gonna make fun of the kid in this video - but I'm scared of what he'll do.

Warning....serveral "f-bombs"

First of all, this kid's parents outta wash his mouth out with soap!

Priceless line: "...and you'll get prank calls and that's the last thing you'll want!"
Forget the FCC, NSA, Homeland Security or FBI.....I'm scared of getting prank phone calls.

Kid loves his Justin Beiber.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I just called one of our jobsite superintendants to let him know I am mailing out some supplies he requested and wanted to verify that he would be onsite to receive the packages from UPS, because UPS will not leave the packages at an unattended jobsite.

So, I go through my whole talk that I make over and over and over every week. The superintendants are generally expecting my call and I could almost just say, “Yada yada yada, You gonna be at Jobsite # 1299 on Monday, right?”

This time, I ask if I’m speaking to David and he answers yes. After I go through the entire bit, the guy is apparently amused with my “Texan” accent and replies back real slow with, “Huun-neee, I believe you may have gotten the wrong David. You got the riiiight company, but we’re at a jobsite in Canada and nauugght in Teexxx-aaas.”


Cute, guy. Real cute.


He was still giggling when we were hanging up the phone.


For starters, I do NOT even talk that slow, second – my accent is NOT that bad and 3rd……well, ok…I have no 3rd. That might have been a little embarrassing, but so not my fault.


Apparently I have an auto-fill formula that fills in the superintendant’s cell phone number for me in an excel spreadsheet where I keep up with all the shipping requests. It’s nice to have – so I don’t have to look up the telephone number every time. BUT it’s off a line when looking up the info – somehow. At least I got a good laugh and a fairly good story out of that long distance call.


Now, I have a sweet friend named Jenny (shout-out to Ninny) …. She has the thickest Texan accent EVER!! Annnd, my younger kitten….hers is pretty distinct, too-BUT she didn’t get that from me.




Afternoon Entertainment

Just some kid performing a lip dub of Kristen Wiig’s part in the Christopher-Walken-guest-starring SNL skit “Surprise Party.” bad. Is he shirtless? Hmph, I didn't even notice.

Friday. Finally.

·         I was being silly with the Precious Puppy this morning. I walked really really slow up to her without saying a word and without breaking eye contact. I thought it would be funny. She didn’t think so. She flipped out….barking, jumping in a circle, jumping at me and then tinkling on the bed. On my side of the bed. Ok, maybe that wasn’t so funny.

·         Last night the hubbie and I were arguing. He was being a pain. Naturally it goes without saying, I was right and he was wrong. The fact that I can’t remember what the deal was is of no concern.  At one moment, after not speaking to each other for a few minutes, he paused the tv. I look his way and asked him a question (once again I can’t remember what specifically I asked – but still, the what is irrelevant). Without a moment’s hesitation, he replied, “Yea, I’m gonna go ahead and answer yes on this one.” Cracked me up.

·         Ugh…it drives me crazy when arguments end that way. It’s supposed to win with me standing tall, with my arms crossed, looking down at him – while he begs for my forgiveness and vows to never doubt me again……not with him making me laugh and forget that we were arguing in the first place. I swear….I have the memory of a goldfish. Unfair.

·         Next week on The Office, all of Michael Scott’s past lovers are coming back to the visit. That outta be nice and awkward. I still say the need the manager from the British Office and Michael Scott to have an episode together with some sort of goofy competition to see which the better Regional Manager is.

·         I still haven’t sat and watch last week’s Survivor yet and I have a feeling I know who got voted off based on The Hubbie’s slip up last night. HE referred to the episode as The Jimmy Johnson one? I’m not sure if he was referring to the episode as the one that Jimmy get’s voted off of, or if he was referring to that show as The Jimmy Johnson one.

·         Either way, I’m watching it this weekend and then I’m turning around and watching this week’s episode right after. I love back to back episodes.

·         Last night Hubbie tried to determine if I was insane for not wanting the kittens to watch the recorded Modern Family with us. Is it wrong that my reason was because it has two gay guys living together and raising an adopted baby? I have friends that are male and gay. Those gay guys have lungs, knees, fingers, toes, hearts, ears…..all the same as myself – and they are also extremely creative, incredibly wonderful, honest, loving, selfless, awesome guys. The Kittens know they are gay….and I take a lotta pride in not judging people and really trying to raise the Kittens to be open minded, not quick to assume anything, and determine the truth for themselves.

·         It’s date night and I’m feeling feisty….like dancing or a new sushi restaurant or going to a batting cage or something. We’re meeting some friends for supper tonight and their stopping by our house to see the improvements and meet the newest family members. I’m very excited to have them over. It’s always fun to hang out with friends.

·         Then my sweet mother is bringing cheesecake over on Sunday, eating supper with us and even putting herself through losing a game of cards to me.

·         My nails are horribly horrible and embarrassingly embarrassing. Do you think my boss would let me take off early so I can get my nails done, jog, and have time to pretty up for the evening?



·         *Cough, cough* Oh dear….I don’t feel well. Do I sound like I have a fever? I should probably go home and rest to make sure this doesn’t turn out to be something really really bad.





Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do What in Front of The Hubbie?

Ok - I was reading an article online giving away hints to a successful marriage. No, there's no trouble brewing in our crib..but good advice is always welcome.

Most of the hints/secrets made sense..

don't let the sun go down on your anger.
always kiss goodnight.
remind each other daily of your love for each other.
be free with your self.

Wait..... be free?
I read on.... it mentions that you should be able to do the five following things in front of your spouse without a problem. If you can do the five following things in front of/around your spouse then you can make it through anything together:
Burp. Ok, that's not too bad....not my style, but not too bad. As long as he doesn't burp the alphabet, then I can live with that.
Sit on the toliet. Ok, if I gotta tinkle...I guess it's not that big of deal. BUT him seeing me do....anything else.....that won't happen. Why? Cause I have kids and I've learned to lock the door.  Oh and there's that whole....I'm not comfortable with someone else in there during my time...thing.
Pass gas. He does that in front of me and it's over. Yep. Over. Me do that in front of him? Ha! Funny....that's not something that I do at all. Ever.
Pick our noses? What? Really...that's on the top five? What are we....toddlers? And they claim everybody does it. Some even in public. Ok, so I've seen that happen....but still for the rest of it...really?
And lastly....
Be comfortable naked.
Right. Yea, totally. Once I read this: "The day you start hiding that stuff is when lies start to happen." I had no doubt that a man wrote that article. Dude, maybe just maybe I'm hiding a little bit of chubby fat or stretch marks.

Maybe I should just stick with reading Cosmo.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FW: Tide made the difference! :-)

Generally I ignore any forwarded emails….but this one was from someone who never forwards emails, so I actually opened it and read it.

Kinda funny.  

From: Rivera, Lyn
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 1:02 PM
To: Rivera, Lyn
Subject: FW: Tide made the difference! :-)

I am writing to say
what an excellent product
you have.
I've used it all of my married life,
as my Mom always told me
it was the best.
Now that I am in my fifties
I find it even better!
In fact, about a month ago,
I spilled some red wine
on my new white blouse.
My inconsiderate and uncaring husband started to belittle me
about how clumsy I was,
and generally started becoming
a pain in the neck.

One thing led to another and somehow I ended up with his blood
on my new white blouse!
I grabbed my bottle
of Tide with bleach alternative,
to my surprise and satisfaction, all of the stains came out!

In fact, the stains came out so well the detectives who came by yesterday
told me that the DNA tests
on my blouse were negative.

Then my attorney called
and said that I was no longer considered a suspect in the disappearance of my husband.

What a relief!
Going through menopause
is bad enough without being
a murder suspect!
I thank you, once again,
for having a great product.

Well, gotta go.
I have to write to
the Hefty bag people.


Please note coverage cannot be bound or altered without confirmation from an agency representative.
This email, including attachments, contains information that is confidential.  This email, including attachments, constitutes non-public information intended to be conveyed only to the designated recipient(s).  If you are not an intended recipient, please delete this email, including attachments, and notify me by return mail, email or reply.  The unauthorized use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of this email, including attachments, is prohibited and may be unlawful.

Oh yea…. And if you don’t copy and repost this on your blog within ten minutes, then you will experience bad luck for the next two seconds. I knew someone who once knew someone who didn’t and they had bad luck for two seconds. It was bad.
If you don’t have a blog to repost this post to, then you will have four seconds of bad luck if you don’t get a blog account and post this to that account within fifteen minutes.

If you do post this, then the only thing that will happen is that this will be posted. You won’t get good luck, a surprise marriage proposal, an unexpected large sum of money or anything else nice and helpful.

EDIT: UGH! I HATE it when pictures don't upload automatically to a post.

 Dear Tide:

Wednesday Whinings and Gripings

·         The girl’s being tired and extremely grumpy sucked. I’m still worn out from that episode.

·         I haven’t gotten to jog in a couple of days…or more. I need my exercise. I can’t get fat. I just can’t. That’s what sets me aside from all the rest of you crazy women…..cause I’m soooo good looking! You know…. tall, skinny, blonde, pretty and extremely smart….everything I am and everything you aren’t.

·         My weight still goes up and down… it’s up and I’m actually feeling it. Yesterday I felt great and skinny, today I feel blah and fat. I can’t end up like all the other crazy women in the world.

·         OK, maybe I’m not all that skinny….or extremely smart….BUT I am tall and just happen to be blonde. That should count for something.

·         I regret eating dinner last night. The Kittens hit me with the ultimate temptation – sushi….and they both asked for that restaurant. I gave in. Way.  Too. Easily.

·         Actually seeing how much it fluctuates on a daily basis is pretty interesting. It’ll be neat to see it after a couple of months…..unless it doesn’t make a downward slope, of course. Then – well, I’ll just sweep that bit of data under the rug.

·         I’m bummed that I haven’t gotten to stop and watch Survivor from last week yet. I started to watch it – but had issues with Kittens and the hubbie. Then when I sat down to watch it – it had been deleted. And ya know, I sure do find it a little suspicious that all of a sudden there is a whole bunch of them sports recordings on the list.

·         I’m still overly sleepy. I think my job has that effect on me. I need to quit my job and stay home so I can eat bon-bons, watch tv, nap, blog and complain about how stressed I am.

·         Umm…..then again….that pretty much already sounds like how it is now…except for the workings part.

·         Due to the car issue and the puppy class, I didn’t get to watch Glee either. Ugh! I better get on that before it “accidentally” disappears, too!

·         Puppy class was fun last night. We’re learning to use a “clicker”. I’ll explain later. That’s one crazy technique that I’m not sure I’m on board with.

·         Kitten still not named. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Big Time.

·         Just cause my husband goes off and buys two new cars after already spending a train load of money over the last few months….he thinks he has the right to be stressed and grumpy? Pfft. Whateva! Boy, better be stressin’ over the possibility of me spending all his bags of money and running out! I can’t be poor again….that leads to depression, which leads to eating, which leads to…well…go back and review my second bullet point.

·         Ok, maybe he does have a good reason to be stressin a little bit. (And I’m kidding about all those bags of money.)

·         Is it Friday yet? I could really, really use a sweet little date night. Maybe I should give in and let him take me over to the Taco Casa for supper dinner instead of demanding a high tone establishment.

·         Enjoy Wednesday.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

·         Little girls singing rock band loudly and way off key to songs they don’t know is pretty entertaining.

·         I am exhausted today. Oddly, for the last three days, I’ve felt just over poweringly sleepy.(I’m pretty sure “poweringly” is a word) At work, where it can be too quiet, I’m having the worst time staying awake. We’re not supposed to listen to music or have headphones on of any kind, but I may have to start breaking the rules. I won’t be alone in the rule breaking. I can hear someone else’s muffled music. It’s either my head hits the desk and I start snoring or I stick one earpiece in and stay awake, alert and in a better mood.

·         Have you heard of the shoes, “TOMS”? Have any of ya actually worn them? I saw a pair Sunday and thought they looked like the silliest things on a guy’s feet – but the guys swore up and down that they were the most comfortable shoes ever! Annnd, when you purchase a pair of Tom’s, the company donates a pair to a child in need in a developing country. Not a bad idea.

·         Speaking of shopping….guess who’s family truckster bit the dust…finally? It’s puppy class tonight, but hubbie needs a new ride to replace the truckster. He, very sweetly, suggested the kittens and I drop him off at the car lot and have us go on to the puppy class so we don’t miss it.  That’s very sweet – but I feel terrible just dropping him off at the car lot. I have a feeling that this won’t be as big of a deal as shopping to replace the ole Pinto, but still, I feel bad just leaving him, as if I’m deserting him.

·         I know what I’m going to be for Halloween but I can’t tell ya yet – cause I don’t want to spoil the surprise and I’m still working on tying in the husband’s costume with mine. I really really like the idea of couple’s Halloween costumes themed together.

·         I can’t tell you how many times my poor patient husband has corrected Kittens and me when we say your house instead of our.

·         Member that one time when I posted that both kittens had made straight A’s? Uhhh, well, turns out that the little kitten’s final grades weren’t actually final yet and she had a math test that brought her grade down just enough that she didn’t make that straight A list. She got an 89 in math. In my mind, I’m rounding it up and counting it as an A. I’m still proud with the B or the A.

·         Man, those kittens were in a bad mood last night. I had all sorts of excitement/just for fun things to do last night with them…..instead they both got sent to their rooms, had to eat separately and both went to bed early. When I woke them both up this morning, I gave a friendly reminder that if their behavior is repeated again, then the same punishment will be repeated also. Wow, were we chipper once those little paws hit the floor.

·         Honestly, I felt more punished than they did. I didn’t get to play with them on the wii, brainstorm scary decorations for Halloween for our yard OR experience the joy of making brownies. I sat in my chair and pouted.

·         This weekend, at a mall, I went shopping with the kittens and picked up a pair of jeans off the rack, just to see if they would fit. The last time I tried that size on, they were waaaay too tight. This time? They didn’t fit again, but this time, they were too big!!! Too big?! I tried on the next smaller size…they fit! THEY FIT?! I’m still shocked. Did I buy them? Well, heck yea!!! And I’ve got a pair on today. Maybe I really really do love the Slimfast stuff. Annnd, I’ve even starting tracking my daily weight as a suggestion from the Hubbie. I’ll report back in a couple of months….IF the results are favorable. If the results AREN’T  favorable, then I’ll deny this conversation ever existed in the first place.

·         Alright…gotta go. We have to go steal legally obtain another automobile, this time for the Hubbie to cruise around in.



100 days!

So I'm browing the inkernet last night and came across this website thay says:

Got a friend who needs cheering up? Or maybe you just want to tell them that you love them/miss them/really like their new haircut…
Well, why not say it with a singing tweetagram! Here’s how it works:
You tweet your messages adding #singingtweetagrams from now until Thursday
We pick the best ones as they come in, and send them straight to the studio
The Rockabellas turn them into lovely little songs within a few hours
We'll let you know when your tweet is ready so you can come here and send it!
So, what will you say in your singing tweetagram?

But I didn't catch that they would pick the best ones as they come in.....I had the idea of what I wanted them to sing before I got all the I typed it up and sent it via tweet.
Then I got a tweet reply this morning:

So, after reading that.....I didn't really expect to get this next tweet just a little while ago: cute is that?! You can listen here.

Oh...and for the record, technically, if you count today as a day of marriage, ten we would be married for 101 days now. Either way.... I love you, BSG! And, I hope for many, many more!