Friday, November 19, 2010

Not a bad idea....

Change from the everyday stoplight to an LED light that shows you how much time is left.

There's a slight chance you can click the pic for the link. Maybe.

Car Derby Friday

I have never participated in a car derby before,, much less an edible car derby.
#1) That is waaay harder than it seems.

Our sweet second grader went with limes for the wheels, two garlic bread sticks for the body, hello kitty pencils for the axles (axles were allowed to be non food parts), orange peels to connect the bread sticks to the pencils, tostito chips with sparkly sprinkles for the headlights, rolos in red wrappers for break lights, macaroni colored black for the door handles and one peanut butter cracker with a smiley face poked into it for the driver.
Front View:

Back View:

#2) I have never been so entertained over kid's creations. You can only imagine what a bunch of second graders could come up with.

(Psst--BG - look at the one with the lucky charms cereal on it....they put their lasagna noodles together like a sandwich. Why didn't we think of that?)

#3) Hers didn't win first (or second, third...etc...) but this one with the green apples for wheels traveled 20 feet and did win:

#4) Hers might have fallen apart when it hit the floor after going down the ramp.

Oh well....
She said she had fun and didn't mind it falling apart. That made me happy and proud.

Good times.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I don't generally feel anything until noon; then it's time for my nap. -Bob Hope

  • I woke up in pain all night last night. When I finally decided to get out of bed, I realized I couldn't get out of bed. Literally....or physically. Hubbie had to help me out. I couldn't put pressure on my hands down without a jolt of pain throughout my arms.
  • So, like any good husband would do for his wife, my hubbie cut up a pain pill in itty bitty pieces for me, got the kittens off to school and put me back in bed.
  • I was feeling a little better the last two or three days. I think the moments of using my hands/arms when I probably shouldn't have are catching up with me.
  • Yep, I have The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I've been moping around the house for a week and in pain.
  • I am on restrictions by the doctor's office and can't work until the doc fixes my wrists.
  • Right now I am waiting for the insurance company to approve an EMG study ordered by the the ortho doctor and then I go back to the ortho doc to see what he recommends for treatment.
  • I'm up for anything at the moment....just.get.them.fixed. 
  • I did the steroids. Nothing. I've taken pain pills. Thrown them up. There's one that semi makes me super sleepy - although does nothing for the pain. But I sleep a little better.
  • I have splints that are supposed to stay on all the time. They look goofy. 
  • I watched Dancing With The Stars last night for the first time this season (and for the first time in a long time). I was disgusted to see Brandy get voted out and Bristol still standing there. Maybe that's why I don't watch that show.
  • Could the jawbone found in Arubia be Natalie Holloway? Or could there be a chance that she isn't the only female that has died in the last five years? I'm betting it belongs to someone else.
  • that was some good stuff. I love that show.....except for the awkward parts. any kissing scenes while the kittens are watching.
  • I'm gonna go insane sitting at home all day. Really really soon.
  • I went on a road trip yesterday after walking the older kitten to school. The pup and I made it all the way to the Sonic for a cup of Java. My oh my was that good. 
  • I figured out on day one of staying home that i can tether the pup to my belt loop, wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt, and walk around the neighborhood forever. 
  • This wouldn't be so bad if I had more use of my hands (without pain). 
  • And to answer the age old question: would you rather go without your hands or your feet? That's still up for debate. I'm not sure I would be particularly pleasant without my feet. I love to walk and run way too much. It's frustrating without the hands...but at least I can use them a tiny bit here and a tiny bit there.
  • Good grief the kittens and hubbie have been getting onto me...."put that down!" "leave that alone!" "wait-wait let me do that!" They constantly hollar at me. 
  • Yes, yes...I know, I thankful for what I have. There are plenty of others out there that don't have the luxury of dealing with a loving sweet family to take care of them.
  • But still.....I just wanna be able to help out around here.
  • I've figured out I can continue my daily blogging without pain by taking the entire day to write them....a little at a time. 
  • Now off to bed. I gotta get some no-rest so I can wake up exhausted and still in pain in the morning so I can call an insurance company to find out what a gal has to do to get an EMG study approved and schedule already. 
  • Did I mention they consider this workman's comp? Ugh. 

Thinking Back.....

Remember that wedding in Arkansas we went to last month? I had taken a snap shot of the a couple of items off their gift registry. Made me giggle:

Is it just me or did my cousin leave the scanner unattended for a minute or two too long and let that fiance of hers scan in a couple of items on their gift registry?

(Reminded me of the beer commercial.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday Phone Thoughts

I got a new phone and boy oh boy am I happy camper.
I got the new Epic 4g and dude is it cool as heck. I mean like really really cool.
It had the "swype"technology on the keyboard and is incredibly fast and ready to use when emailing, texting or entering words into anything. It seems kind of crazy to have a slide out keyboard. I think I used the keyboard that slides out twice before I stated testing out the swype technology.
Iphone4? Pffft...forget about it ! I wouldn't trade this phone for one of those for a million bucks....ummm..well then again, maybe I'm not exactly married to it.
The epic also has the dual cameras so I can video conference on it...which I pulled off once so far with a friend that has an iphone 4.
I can also take self portraits with it and be able to see myself on the screen while I take the picture.
So far so good.
Me happy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Thoughts

Poor puppy. The things I put her through.

  • Puppy and I sat on the front porch to hand out candy while the girls went trick or treating with a couple of others and hubbie was spliting time between the ranger's game and hanging with me. It was a good night.
  • Some of those little kids were EXTREMELY adorable. I can't remember how many times hubbie or I would say...."He/She is SO adorable!"
  • Puppy got lots and lots of attention. It's odd how seeing a puppy will cause people to stop, pet her and then proceed to share a story of the animals they have at home.
  • I think the crowds of people coming and going were good for the puppy. She was pretty well behaved.....except when she saw other dogs. She seriously has no idea that she is a small dog and not a big one. That spells trouble.
  • I was shocked on how many kids were trick or treating. We ran out of candy before 8pm and I had bought 5 jumbo bags of candy.
  • When the girls got home they wanted to pass out candy so they started handing out their own. It was cute and sweet.
  • After 8pm it seemed as if the only kids left were tweens and teenagers. We are two houses from an intersection in the neighborhood and a pretty big group of kids --- maybe 20-ish, without adults were running rampart around that intersection. They got honked at a couple of times because they stood in the intersection not letting cars through.
  • They were throwing something, too. Unsure what but it's very possible they might have been throwing eggs.
  • One tween/teen aged child was dressed in plaid, had a mask and was running around after little kids with a fake chainsaw. It was an insane scene.
  • That was about the time we decided to head inside for some frozen pizza and to watch Modern Family from last week together.
  • One of our vendors at work gave us (as in the company) two tickets to the World Series game at the ball park. To keep it fair - they took a poll of who could go and held a drawing.
  • One of the guys at our shop won. Then he was kind enough to send a picture from the game. I'm so hatin' him right now!
  • I hate to say this, but I saw defeat in the eyes of a couple of players around the 6th ending. I have the prediction that this will NOT end well. I hope I'm wrong.
  • Cowboys who? I saw a guy at a Halloween Party Saturday night that had a Romo Jersey, the dorky hat and had his arm in a brace (broken clavicle).
  • The root canal last week wasn't too bad the day it was was late that night that I was really regretting not having pain meds. #1 I am really bad at swallowing pills. #2 I hate the weird feeling that pain drugs give. #3 Pain drugs make me sickly and I hate throwing up. #4 I think doctors tend to give out pain drugs like candy.
  • If I can get through pain without drugs then I'm happy...but that night the tooth and my carpal tunnel was too much too bear. Poor hubbie felt helpless and sad because I laid in bed with little tears falling on my pillow.
  • The carpal tunnel is hurting a lot more over the last month. Ice and advil aren't cutting it any more. I also completely don't understand why it will keep me up at night or wake me up at night. I'm laying still...I'm not doing anything repetitive.
  • I also have a sneaking suspicion that I may have a thyroid problem.
  • This is an odd one...earlier this year I was diagnosed with vitiligo. That would be the disease that Michael Jackson made famous. Go figure, I grow up the awkward ugly duckling, blossom into the swan (cause I'm sooooo good looking) and then get vitiligo. It won't kill me, doesn't hurt, isn't contagious, but still....I'm gonna end up looking so weird if it gets any worse. Right now, its mostly in parts of my body that normally can't be seen.
  • I'm falling apart. Fast.
  • Don't eat too much candy. It'll rot your teeth. But if you do, I highly reccoment Excellent Dental in Decatur. They are nice, nice, nice.
  • Plus, Dr. Renfro made me giggle, when he delivered a message from hubbie's blog that said to give me "Ugh" because of the root canal. Dr. Renfro sees me in the hallway and says, "Ugh". I give him a weird, "Huh?" and he mentions he read hubbie's random thoughts for the day. Ah I get it.
  • Happy Monday.