Tuesday, December 29, 2009

6 Things I never regret doing

1. Correcting the way my kids use the English grammar.
     This barely made the list. My little girl corrected my English grammar the other day. 

2. Giving my girls hugs, kisses and encouragement.
     Please, please, please let my parents wish of me having children that grow up to be just like me not come true. Please? I don't ask for much......errr, well....too much.

3. Smiling when I don't want to.
     If you've seen me cry, it's not a pretty sight. At. All.

4. Saying nothing when I really want to say alot.
     I talk a lot, ALOT. I've been that way my whole life. It's a gift (or a curse if you're stuck having to listen.) Every now and then I hold back when I really want to speak my mind.

5. Making my own decisions.
     It's good to be an adult. My little girl asked if I would be a kid again. My answer? Not a chance. 

6. Hoping for the best.
     I'm a girl. Aren't I supposed to do that and plot evil at the same time?

7. Eating Chocolate. 
    Wait. I said six didn't I? Shoot....remind me to put over talking on my list of regrets too.

There ya go.
For now. 

Several Days of Thoughts

  • I have started daily thoughts three time now and didn't finish them. I'm almost tempted to just copy and paste into one post and label it multiple partial thoughts, but I'm afraid I'd really look ADD. (not that there's anything wrong with that)
  • I got the new HTC Sprint Hero Phone with the Android Operating System. This is going into week two and I like it/am frustrated with it. I'm not ready to declare my ultimate love or hatred with it just yet.
  • There's so much about it that I love that the iphone didn't do and then again, there's some things I actually miss about the iphone.
  • I think the hardest thing to let go of as far as the iphone is concerned is the fact that I was used to the iphone. It was hard to make a switch from something I was very used to. I like things to be the same.
  • Speaking of liking things to be the same...don't get me started on the new purchasing program I have to start using.....or the new payroll book I have to start using after I had the last one to my semi-liking....and all of this during a three day work week before I'm off for a week.
  • Christmas was good in my little world. Christmas was very good. It was strange and drawn out just a bit thanks to a snow storm, but I got to enjoy it with the ones I love. 
  • My brother got stuck in that snow storm on the way back from Abilene going down I20. He almost made it to Clyde.....in three hours. He finally gave up and got a hotel (on Christmas Eve). I almost felt bad for him and the kids...but his kids got to jump on the bed, watch tv, giggle and know that the presents and turkey would still be waiting when they got to my house. 
  • By the time he got to my house, we were really ready for some turkey and presents and his kids were really ready to finally get to play in the snow that they had been staring at for two days. 
  • Monday there was still a snowman in my front yard. I'm amazed that it lasted that long.
  • We're supposed to get snow again today? Haven't we had enough? I mean, really....this is Texas, we're only supposed to get snow in March or July, December.
  • I'll be on a plane flying Friday. I'm not a very good flyer. The person next to me gets the pleasure of one of three different things from me: (A) My hand squeezing their's just short of breaking a bone. (B) Me silently crying or (C) The worst....a combination of A and B mixed with something going in "The Little Convenience Bag" that is typically inside every pouch located at the back of every seat. 
  • Knowing the above...all I needed to see this weekend was not one near hijacking of a plane, but two within two days of each other, both by Nigerian men and both on the same flight. 
  • So the TSA decides to throw in some quirky, new goofy rules including: You can't have anything in your lap or hands for the last hour of the flight. 
  • I failed to mention the importance of my personal routine when flying to make my flight experience as little as the A, B or C occurances mentioned above as possible. A certain magical preflight drinkable connecotion (or two), a preflight snack, music in my ears and bubble gum. If I can get to the point of sleeping, then there's a really good chance I'm home free. 
  • Take away the music in my ears and the tray for my head to sleep upon.....and it won't go well in my little mental world.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how I became such a baby when flying. I've always been that way, by the way. 
  • I'm also thinking the whole....let's keep everyone in their seat and hands clear for the last hour is goofy. If someone is actually able to get something on the plane....I'm not sure that "rule" will do much good. 
  • OK, enough for now. I think.

Frilly's Bikini Night Cancelled

Dang Snow. I swore I was gonna do better than 19th place this time too!

OK, so the snow doesn't look too bad in the pics, but good grief, driving on 287 going to Fort Worth made me a wee bit nervous.

I'll admit (and possibly deny later) that I might have a slight tendency to exceed the speed limit ever so occasionally....on accident.

Last night, I drove 55-60 mph south down Hwy 287 from Decatur about 5:30. There was some heavy, heavy snow falling. Visibility was low and I was amazed that other drivers were going so ridiculously fast.

I'm astonished (and glad) I didn't come across one wreck. Not one.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


  • Shhh, use your 3am voice. I'm listening for Santa!
  • Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and boy are we excited!!!
  • Last night I finally accomplished loading a video from my phone to blogger.
  • I've talked to my daughter a few times on her new phone too and can actually understand her. Yea!!
  • Maybe the Sprint trauma wasn't too bad. I now feel bad for hollaring at the poor guy on the phone.
  • Kinda.
  • Either tonight or tomorrow night we will go Christmas caroling...oh the poor souls...
  • My house smells like cookies. I love little girls that cook me cookies. (Even if the cookies aren't for me.)

Wake Up!!

Is there anyone that doesn't love Snoopy? #8 on the list...and I so didn't mean to slack on these! I have 7 more to go before Christmas Day! (may not happen...be prepared for a Christmas Eve list to finish it off)

(And don't make me post another Fred video!!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silly Girl

This is a video of my brother telling his little two year old goodnight.

My Natural Instincts....

Friday night, we get to the Great Wolf Lodge, ran to the room, tossed the suitcases in, threw on the swimsuits and ran (literally --- we raced...I won) all the way down the hall to the water park. The girls were giggly - excited and ready to jump right in. We did some slides, played in the kiddie park, discussed the hot tub and then heard the "howl" for the wave pool.

It was great....tubes, waves and people everywhere. We were having a great time!

I heard the whistle, looked up to see this sixteen year old lifeguard pointing almost in between another mother and myself. I see something in the bottom of the pool and know without a doubt that there is a tiny lifeform drifting below near me. I take a deep breath and dive in. It took me ten hours....or possibly two seconds to get to the baby. I wasn't the closet person to it but I was the quickest to react.

I reached out my hand to pick up the baby and was already plotting which direction to go from there.....wade back towards the shallow end or swim toward the first life guard and to her side of the pool. One last kick of my feet and I could touch this precious baby's arm and pull her up to the air.......there she was in a cute pink swim suit...I grabbed her arm and realized...

....this was not a baby. I gasped under water when the thought hit me that I had just interrupted a skills test for this lifeguard. I let go of the baby and swam up. I met the eyes of the other mother, looked over to see a scared then confused look on my own children's faces. After a deep breath and a couple of coughs, I mouthed to other woman, "It was a doll."

My poor girls were scared, worried and then confused. I assured them it was just a test for this lifeguard to make sure she was paying attention, alert and able to react to her job. I interrupted her test. I had no idea and neither would have anyone else. I looked over and finally noticed the supervisor in plain clothes. When he left he smiled at me in a strange way. It almost seemed as though he enjoyed and took some sort of amusement in scaring the heck out of me. Sick, crazy man.

Thankfully, the waves were ending and the girls wanted to move on. I just wanted out of that near fake death pool. We went for a family type slide to go down together and discussed why he did what he did, briefed over the type of things that could happen in a place like that and the importance of the need for the lifeguards to be tested randomly and without warning. The slide was fun but I could not wait to hop in the lazy river as I was still feeling a little uneasy and rattled.

The girls grab tubes and we float on down. At this moment I actually start to ease up a little. We started getting back to our giggly, silly selves when we rounded a corner and there he was....baby in his arms. He was tucked back in a corner just waiting to let go of the baby and test the next victim. Ugh...done...I was done. Hot tub time.

Waving Goodbye to 2009

In honor of New Year's only being one week away....

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Christmas Tree is finally all done. Yea!! Now we're ready for Santa.
  • I had a couple of moments of reflection this weekend while spending time with my girls and feeling extremely lucky. They're healthy, beautiful, sweet little girls. I'm not just proud, I'm truly blessed and will be forever grateful.
  • Christmas is in two days? Seriously? Am I a bad daughter if I haven't gotten anything for my dad yet? I struggle year after year on what to get him. The last three years I have been lucky on getting him a gift that made him really laugh and one that he really liked.
  • This year....I'm clueless. Completely clueless.
  • Everyone else is done or is going to arrive within the next day or two.
  • I got the new phones this weekend and I'm impressed with the technology, capability and the way it integrates different apps together. It's cool.
  • But...go figure...first call I make is to Sprint Customer "Service"...and it's a dropped call.
  • I haven't had troubles since, but then again, I don't do a lot of talking on the phone. I do more "networking" on the inkernets....now to find me a good blogger app.
  • OH!! OH!!! I also got a funny video of my brother telling his youngest goodnight. She hasn't the sweetest little cute voice ever...even when she's being a complete two year old.
  • This week and next week I only work three days each. Yea! Then I'm off and out of pocket for a full week after! Double yea!!
  • I still can't get over the death of Brittany Murphy. I think it's because she's only a year older than I am and I really did like her.
  • What do you think about someone tweeting about a family emergency?

Wake Up

Number 6 is "My Favorite Things" but it has to be by Julie Andrew otherwise it's not the same.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • Awww....Mannnn....is it Monday...really? ...but I don't want it to be Monday. ;-(
  • I had a great time with my little girls and couldn't have had a better weekend.
  • Great Wolf Lodge was great fun for all three of us, they were delightfully surprise to learn they would be going there on Friday.
  • I would like to apologize to Great Wolf for jumping on the beds....they started it...and I the pillow was the closest thing I could find to defend myself against the tickle fight.
  • Oh...and I promise we will not have races in the hallways again...I blame the hot cocoa. (But I won!)
  • My only regret was leaving the camera bag behind and over packing. We did not need as much stuff as we took. I'm bad at overpacking.
  • Remind me to tell you about the baby I rescued from the wave pool later.
  • Then yesterday we met up with a hunky photographer at the Gaylord Texan to take some cute pictures instead. I think I'm way more impressed with the inside of that place than the girls were.
  • I heard someone claim that every plant in there is real. They were wrong. There's a bunch of fake plants in there...but there was also a fake tree I've walked passed almost everytime I've been there that I had nooo idea it was fake. A pic found of it here. It's a replica of one from Austin that sits between 5th and 6th streets. Don't ask me why I'm so intrigued by it.
  • At lunch yesterday I caught a tweet that Brittney Murphy died. I'm still shocked. That just seems unbelievable. I loved her in every movie she did, but Uptown Girls was one of my more favorite ones.
  • My older daughter got a Christmas present a little early...a new phone. (We both did.)
  • I'm letting go of ATT&T...and the iphone. You know how long I waited for an iphone?
  • Thursday the parents come over and we have our Christmas together at my house. I'm off that day and will get to spend the day with a house full of kids and spending the day cooking the big meal.
  • I might be nuts and completely lost my mind, but I'm actually looking forward to it. Yep, I've lost it!
  • Enjoy Monday.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Great Wolf....

.......lodge, here we come!!

-- Posted from my iPhone

Location:County Road 3250,Decatur,United States

Fred did it (again)!!!!

Soooo, my little girls get a Christmas present tonight a little early. We'll send you a twit pic later on what it is.

This video will be your clue on what we are doing this evening.

PS. My girls love Fred. Uhhh.....me? Well, let's just say, if I have to be tortured with Fred, then I demand you must also.
PSS. Mom, I'm getting the biggest giggle out of this...who knew Fred was really...real!

Any guesses on "what" their early present is?

(be nice my bigger little girl knows what the surprise is and can't wait to hear your guesses)

Terrible Sports Death Story

Should I admit how many times I looked at this pic before I actually "got" it?

And, that was terrible, btw.

Link here.

Friday...woo hoo!!!

  • One of the guys from the office took pics at xmas party and brought a CD to the office….almost every picture of me had my tongue out being silly. That drives me crazy!
  • We got a company wide email today....help a sista out....when the owners say that "profit sharing bonus will be reduced proportionately" how much is that exactly? Should I be a little worried?
  • My girl’s are getting a Christmas present tomorrow night a little early. I'll send ya a hint at 1:00 cause my older one wants you to guess on what it is.
  • My turn to be "wheels off" in the Christmas gift shipping department. I ordered some presents ahead of time and one of them is making me very...VERY nervous because it is suppose to arrive on Christmas Eve according to the Customer Service Specialist that "helped" me out today by phone.
  • I have payroll to do today and....hopefully a safety meeting to accomplish today and I might...triple MIGHT get out of work early today.
  • Enjoy Friday.... and don't worry that we are only seven days away from Christmas...you have plenty of time.
  • Hey....I forgot to mention....we saw Santa on the back of the fire truck last night on the way home from work. I swear he gets nicer and nicer every year.
  • I got home late yesterday after work because I went to FOUR different places in attempt to get my station wagon inspected.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

From My Email Bag...

Hey lookie-lookie! I got an EXCLUSIVE IN ON AN INCREDIBLE DEAL (my responses in red)!!!!

Hi !.
might , perhaps very interested to know how one can reach 2000 per day of income . Why, yes, I am very interested Please, Sir, do tell!
There is no need to invest much at first. You may commense to receive yields with as small sum of money as 20-100 dollars. ....as small as $100? Wow...heck, I've got those kind of bills laying around the car as pocket change.

AimTrust is what you thought of all the time Amazing...I had no idea you were a mind reader.
AimTrust represents an offshore structure with advanced asset management technologies in production and delivery of pipes for oil and gas. Whooaaa there, Cowboy, hold those horses....that was a lot of big words you used in those sentences....all I got was..an, with, in, and of, for and gas.

Its head office is in Panama with structures around the world. Is it ok it I drop by in a couple of weeks and just give them my $20 in person? Can I get the physical address there?
Do you want to become really rich in short time? Actually I prefer for to take years and years to become rich, but I might allow you to twist my arm to allow me to "become rich in a short time".
That`s your choice That`s what you wish in the long run! It is and I do thank you for abiding by my wishes.

I`m happy and lucky, I began to get income with the help of this company,
and I invite you to do the same. If it gets down to choose a correct partner who uses your savings in a right way - that`s it!.
I make 2G daily, and my first deposit was 1 grand only! Now you don't think I'm gonna fall for that 2G stuff do ya? The competition cell companies tease me with the 3G and I'm not buying into that until I see it in person.
It`s easy to get involved , just click this link ***Censored for your protection***
and go! Let`s take our chance together to get rid of nastiness of the life (Uhhh.....I thought those medical records were private.)

Hey, I know a "Fred".


Boston University's Lipdub


I'm starting to like these as much as the Stop Motion.


  • My tree is up....just in time. Whew....Now to decorate it.
  • I'm not running behind schedule at all this year. It's the schedule that is getting ahead of me.
  • I put the tree up while the kids took turns reading the about the birth of Jesus. It was a good scene until the argument broke out over who created God, who gave birth to Him and how He grew up. How did the argument end? It was settled with the four year interrupting with her out loud thought of: "I want to sleep under that tree." Alrighty then.
  • I only rearranged the living room furniture twice last night. I'm not happy. It still doesn't feel right. It's gonna drive me crazy.
  • I helped decorate a certain good looking person's house this weekend. I used to feel bad for their complete lack of feeling the need to put up a tree and throw tinsels everywhere. After setting out a poinsettia, changing the wreath and hanging some pretty bells on the door....well, I'm envious. Simple wasn't too bad.
  • I'm giving my girls a present early, so I can see them enjoy it for a week before they go with their dad.
  • I'm by no means short on thoughts today, I'm short on energy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let me take a moment to gripe....

Anyone go to the band concerts last night at the High School?

Our tiny little town has three band directors that share responsibility between the 6th grade, 7th and 8th bands, and high school bands.

Great band direction and great sounding music.

The gripe? Oh yea, well let me get to that...how about we shove 7 grades worth of bands into one small auditorium, invite their families to come watch and also let this be the first time that the 6th graders have performed...and also even played together.

Not. Enough. Room.

So here's what happened, our little family got there at 5:30 for the potato fundraiser dinner (which was yummy, I didn't have to cook, and there were no dishes involved). The kids were to be in the band hall by 6:30 pm for warm up. The concert was to start at 7:00 pm. The auditorium wasn't opened up until almost 7:00 pm only to be met by a very packed hallway waiting to get inside. By the time we filtered inside the auditorium, there weren't any seats left. The only seats available were brave souls saving seats....and when I say brave souls...I mean near riot from the many many people left standing.

It was like Titanic.....only different.

I kid not....there were people standing all along the sides of the auditorium and packed in the back. I had no idea the massive high school that sits on top of a hill in Decatur had an auditorium so small.

At one point the band director moved the high school students who were seated in the first several rows to ... possibly back to the band hall just to allow more people in. Even at that point, people were still left standing outside in the hall.

As each band played the seated crowd lightened up a bit and improved the situation, but even as the last band played there were still people standing along the back wall to hear their child play. I found out afterwards that the 6th graders were given slips granting a free "100" if they stayed throughout the entire program.

Could we not have done this at the Multi Purpose Building?

This wasn't an attempt to get Decatur to spring more money for expansions at the almost brand new high school, was it?

Nonetheless, I did get to hear my daughter's band play and loved it. My favorite part was seeing her extremely excited once it was over. I enjoyed knowing she enjoyed performing.

Open Thy Eyes from Thy Sleepy State

Yesterday's trek to work allowed me the pleasure of hearing this song and remembering...oh yea...I like that version of that song.

So here it is on my list of favorites.

What is this #9?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts.

  • Less than one week of school till Christmas break. Woo hoo!!! Please, please, please gimme some snow between now and Christmas Day. In fact, on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day would be great since the work place is already closed.
  • Oh and what do I want for Christmas? Gimme.
  • My contracts with AT&T and my crappy satellite tv service are both up. Now I can do me some shopping for better business. I am VERY interested in the new google phong. I'll take two. My kiddo needs one too. (You think I talk a lot?)
  • I suspect this is going to be another fly by kind of week. Kiddo's band concert, decorating continued, prepping for sweet parents to come over for food and to shower me with gifts as the favorite of them all.
  • Ok...it may be a little tough to compete as ultimate favorite with one of two of the littler kids...but I can try.
  • My 2yo niece seems to like me more and more these days. She hollared at me when I pick her up fast enough when I was fixing supper last night.
  • Her older sister has always called me, "Cool Aunt Trina." Her big brother learned to call me his favorite aunt pretty early (the fact that I was his only aunt is beside the point) BUT he did change after awhile to calling me "Awesome Aunt Trina." I'm still working on the little one but I'm sure I can find another adjective for her. Fabulous maybe?
  • I'll be sad when they get old enough to stop calling me those names.
  • Kids grow into grumps too fast.
  • Ugh, speaking of kids...that boy broke out an "episode" last night. It wasn't too bad but still, what a pill. I did remember how bad his tantrums were when he first got here.
  • Anyone watching Jersey Shore on MTV? I can't remember who told me to watch it but I actually caught a few minutes of an episode this weekend. Good grief...it's just a bunch of overly buffed people walking around barely dressed cursing and hollaring at each other so much that everything gets bleeped out. Ya kidding me? Who wants to see that?
  • I can't find the news article, but there was a list of the top ten high school football kids being recruited. I really thought I would see some kid from my ole high school on that list. I didn't. I did, however, read the author describe one kid as having better moves than a plastic bag in the wind. What the heck, does that mean?
  • Sports can sometimes be a little much for my little brain.
  • Alright, let's get this cold Tuesday started....
now for a new Simon's Cat Video. (I love that stuff...cracks me up.)

Wake Up!

Do they know its Christmas by Band Aid 2 makes it to the tenth spot on my list.

Why? Cause its good to me....that's why. Plain and simple.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Pic Me Up


Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.....

......I declare today to be a day to watch The Notebook again.....I think I can probably rent that on itunes.

Uhh...he's single?

Excuse me, I have an errand to run....I must stalk...errr..meet up with someone in Toronto, Canada...and or maybe in Los Angelos, CA. Now has anyone seen where I put my passport?

Miley's New (ish) Tat

This is not brand new news, but I just caught that Miley got a tatoo that says "Just Breathe" under her left breast. I usually keep that written on the palm of my hand so I don't forget.

Alrighty then....

Monday Thoughts

  • OH Christmas Party, Oh Christmas Party....I do love a good work Christmas Party.
  • Friday morning I woke up not feeling tip top....by 10 am I was running out the door to get home. Me had some icky icky times with the stomach and everything coming back out.
  • I had gotten my blood results back from the doc and it showed slightly low iron levels and slightly low red blood cell count. Sounds about right...no shocker there. The doctor's office had given me some vitamins to take.
  • Ugh...they were some strong strong strong vitamins and shouldn't have been taken on an empty stomach especially when I didn't feel too great to begin with.
  • I was punished. Horribly.
  • My mom just sent me a text message that said "tag". I refused to stoop to her immature level. I responded as any sophisticated individual would: "Marco!"
  • Friday evening I met some friends for Sushi. I still felt yucky....until I ate. Then I felt a zillion times better. Food in the tummy can make all the difference in the world...apparently.
  • I was the only that ordered sushi. I didn't tell anyone that I had eel wrapped inside of mine. It was yummy. Very yummy.
  • Saturday night was my work's Christmas Party. Cocktails at 6:00. Dinner at 7:30 was followed by the Owner's Speech....we had a guy at our table that might have had a little too many cocktails before the Cocktail hour and was a little loud. He might have even said a thing or two that could be heard by the owner during the speech. We had over 40 people in attendance.....with 399 other people listening, one might think its a good time to be quiet.
  • After the speech was made, they announced that under 18 chairs were gift cards. I got a card that said a Skill Saw. Woo hoo!!! It was a Dewalt Skill Saw. Sweet.
  • The most shocking part of the evening was the goodbyes around 11:30 or so and the guy that had too much was still walking around.....talk about a guy that can hold his alcohol.
  • Hey, speaking of shocking...wanna see a naked pic of mine? If you follow me on twitter or are a facebook friend then you might have already seen it.
  • I read in the Messenger that the new elementary school (that will have some great looking bricks, btw) will have pre-k through 5th. Right now we only have pre-k through the 4th grade in the two elementary schools that we already have. That leaves just the sixth grade at the intermediate and then the 7th and 8th grade at the middle school.
  • Why do we have to have four levels? I vote we take out the intermediate and just have middle school with 6th, 7th and 8th. That would be so much simpler.
  • Do we really really really need a third elementary school?
  • Speaking of schools, my high school, Abilene High School sucked BADLY at football when I played the flute in band. We were terrible.
  • This year? Oh my, my.....we don't suck anymore. They are 14-0 and I can't tell you how tempting it is to sneak on over to San Antonio this weekend and watch a football game. I really wish I had stopped what I was doing to see them play at the Cowboy's Stadium a couple of weeks ago...or even been able to see them play this last weekend at Baylor's Stadium.
  • Sheesh, 11 days till Christmas. I'm not ready. I'm not ready. I'm not ready!

Wake Up

I'm a fan of Lenka. I like her music....so I stuck her on my favorite Christmas list at #11.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Thoughts

Ahhh...here it is, finally Friday!
What did we do last night?
We went to the recital for my little babies....so incredibly cute!!!
Any problems? Well of course: video camera fail and camera fail. Ugh.
I could not in my rushed state, get my video camera or fancy smancy camera to work.
Between that, my sweet family and newfound friends meeting for dinner..it's turned into Friday and little time for blogging.
i have come to the conclusion that my family is dysfunctional.
Nevertheless, I love my dysfunctional family because I feel there are families even more dysfunctional than mine is.
I wouldn't trade mine for the world even though mine drives me crazy a little now and then.
I'm craving sushi. Oddly.
Rriday night date calls for sushi-mi, edamame and Saki. Yum.
Enjoy Friday

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Pic ME UP

I feel terrible about yesterday....I kinda left the last post of the day as the chubby Jared.

My brother along with his son has The A.D.D. Is it contagious?

Oh...hey...lookey, lookey...it's a hottie hottie!

(Dude that Ryan Reynolds guy is cute.)

And when I googled male pic me ups for new material.....I found this site that was pretty funny. I don't care if the last pic really is photo-shopped...it's still funny.
Publish Post


Ok, onto the links I've found for you today:

Gift Suggestion Quiz. First of all...if you're having trouble figuring out what to buy for him, her, the kids, the pets, the boss' fish...try this site....pick the person, take a quiz and it will filter out some ideas with links, price comparisons for different stores and prices for gift ideas. Incredibly Genius!

WIFI Names: Ok, I laughed. I'll admit it...I laughed! If you have a wireless router, you can change the name from the brand and give it a personalized name. BEFORE you click on that link, let me explain. People can generally be immature, mean, dumb and not nice when in an anonymous state...but sometimes they can be funny. BUT, if you are cruising through an aread and looking for a unsecure, unlocked wifi connection....if you came across most of the names on that list, wouldn't you giggle?
(Mine is now H1N1.)

Football Sideline Celebration Dances: I'm torn as to which version is better....the actual clips or the skit.Either way... men dancing in a celebratory way can be comical. Warning...language warning in the descriptions under each video.

Google Holiday Cards: So , I got excited seeing this site telling me that Google is offering to mail....snail mail a Holiday Card (limit one) to someone for me. I clicked the link and learned that Google has run out of cards.
They post instructions on how you can print your own Google Holiday Card and you can mail it. If Google ran out, couldn't they just access that same link and mail one for me as teased that they would? Maybe they ran out of paper...or stamps..or....ahhh....forget it...I'll do it myself.

I refuse....


Things mom refuse to do:

Peel Shrimp
Bait a Hook
Pull Teeth
Kill Spiders
Pick up dead rodents

I would use the phrase...."as alleged by my daughters"...but, I'll admit...they're not alleging...it's actually the truth.

Oh and the peeling shrimp? I looove shrimp..but yes, I do refuse to peel it because the process grosses me out and makes me feel really sadly barbaric.


I love a good sunset. I will never forget going to visit my great grandmothers in New Mexico three, four sometimes five times a year and just about every time I would hear my Great Grandmother H proclaim that she has the best Sunsets anywhere on Earth.

I wish I could go back in time with my digital camera, adult brain and take pics from her back yard. It really was one of the best spots.

My other great grandmother? She's still alive. 103..her birthday is in February. Anybody wanna doubt that stubborn women run in my family?

Both pics were taken pretty much back to back. Fantastic Sunset.

When I got home I showed off the pics on my camera and my brother started to say that the saw the same sunset and the clouds reminded him of....(I interrupted...imagine that!) and hollared out: COTTON CANDY!!! My older daughter and I had stood earlier and looked at how pretty it was and discussed how it the clouds in the sky looked like cotton candy.

My brother said he was going to say the same thing.

I shall call this picture:

Night and Day Are Sometimes the Same

And the blonde twist from my daughter. We pulled over in three differnt places to capture the moment. At the first spot, she didn't like it because the Wal-mart sign and the Lowe's store was in the way. (I love that she thinks that way.)
At the second spot she told me to hurry up because the "sun setting was going away".
I looked over at her and giggled. Her response? "Oh...yea"

Either way...that was a fun moment with her.

Thursday Thoughts

  • Two weeks and a day till Christmas. You ready?
  • Did you buy all your gifts for your loved ones?
  • I've worked on the outside lights all week and have just about worn myself out with it.If you look at the lights today compared to Sunday you'll see no difference....but all the yard work is where the real work has been.
  • Tomorrow night...the tree goes up. I'll finish the outside over the weekend. I'm ready to see some twinkle in some kid's eyes.
  • That and I need to let the presents out of hiding. The presents are begging to go out. My favorite part of presents is the guessing game.
  • My mother used to get annoyed with me as a little-girl Kat, when I would correctly guess what a present was. It didn't take her long to start adding things into the package to throw me off...rocks, buttons, bells, putting something small in a bigger package.
  • I loved that part. The guessing was the funnest part.
  • I just proclaimed last night my dog is better behaved than my mom's dog. My brother responds,"I don't know, I sure did hear you say no a whole lot in the last ten minutes."
  • Maybe my dog could use a little work.
  • In the midst of some cost coding drama at work yesterday I added the question of party attendance to the recipient of the email.
  • She hadn't been too responsive or upbeat over the last week or so.
  • She responds back with, "Yep, I'll be there. In jeans, but I'll be there. My house burned in a fire last week."
  • Oh my.
  • She responds with the forwarded story of how it happened and what they've been through since. It was awful.
  • The email was lengthy, but it was a very interesting read and they have a sense of humor on how they are dealing with it.
  • Thankfully no one was hurt and they have insurance but dealing with the insurance is quite the ordeal.
  • They are currently living in a hotel.
  • He ends the email with:
  • Don't get a House Fire!
  • I'm conspiring right now to arrange some crazy Christmas decor around/in their hotel room....even a decorated door, small tree on a Christmas mat and some goodies left to let the little ones "make" tree decorations. Popcorn and string is the best!
  • Could someone get thrown out of a hotel for caroling?
  • Speaking of....my elderly neighbors have noooo idea what's coming to them next week! I feel some songs coming on.
  • Want me to sing to ya? I'll do it...I will!!!
  • Ahem...me me me me me meeeeee.....
  • Deep inhale.......
"Screw off, man...I'm joking!"

Enjoy Thursday! It won't happen again for another seven days.

Wake Up x 12

#12 would be the 12 days of Christmas in honor of my little one reading the 12 days of Christmas last night to her 4yo cousin.

It was a cute scene...and this is an entertainingly funny video.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poor guy

Awww...I kinda feel a little bad for Jared..and I will probably stick with that diet thingy. Might be smart.

(Click on pic for link.)

You feel lucky?

Your Luck Quotient: 77%

You have a high luck quotient.

More often than not, you've felt very lucky in your life.

You may be randomly lucky, but it's probably more than that.

Optimistic and open minded, you take advantage of all the luck that comes your way.

Are those odds enough to buy a scratch off? (Mother, I already know the answer to that!)


  • I'm going out of town in 3 weeks and I'm totally unprepared. A whole week away from Christmas. This is going to be one crazy month.
  • I'm having the family over to my house on Christmas Eve. I'm cooking turkey and alll the fixings...well..except for the stuff I begged my Mommy to bring.
  • I'm trying hard to stay in the Holiday spirit this week. Having five kids in the house helps. Their little eyes light up.
  • Update on my bro that has been living with me. He now has a great job and now needs a great home. Ugh....home searching in Wise County. Ick....gotta get on that. The sooner he finds a home...the sooner I get my home back.
  • Kids are definitely a different bunch than they were at the beginning of the semester. It really hit me last night when my niece let me pick her up and hold her while I was waiting on dinner to cook. (I'm leaving out the part where I had to bribe her with chips for kisses!) For the longest time the niece didn't know anybody else other than her Daddy and my daughter....and she did not like me one bit.
  • She likes me now.
  • This week's goal was to get through the Christmas Decor and clean up with the kids. I forgot how much decorative stuff we've built up over the years. Good grief. So far we have lights on top of the house and all the inside stuff inside.
  • This year I have my girls the first half of Christmas and they go with their dad the second half. I can't wait. I am sooo going to wear them out with Mom/Daughter Time.
  • I read somewhere on a another blog that Tiger Wood has finally accomplished the near impossible - he's become even more well known! I could not imagine being in the middle of that mess.
  • I have watched very little tv the last two months....I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
  • I wanna upgrade my phone, but rumors of the 4g out there make me shy away.
  • I upgrade my phone and my daughter gets an upgrade too (my old). She'd do just about anything to talk me into a new phone. She probably needs one worse than I do. I shouldn't be surprised but she has worn out the buttons from texting so much.
  • Carry on...it's Wednesday.

Wake Up!

#13 on my list is Hark the Harold Angels Sing and I especially love it being sung acapella.

Follow up from yesterday: Zoey

Thanks, Jarhead! I totally forgot about Zoey, she's a great actress too!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pic Me Up Indeed

Now...did ya think I would hold back this pic after this morning's wake up song? Enjoy!

Ok, look, Nick, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to bring up that ex of yours...really.

What? You're not upset about that at all?

Ok...OK......I'll tell them...

Dear Fans of the the Pic Me Up's of Somewhere Out There;

Nick, wanted me to apologize to you all for teasing you gals with him singing this morning and then waiting until the normal 4:00 pm to post a pic. I'm terrible sorry.

And Nickey-sugarplum-honey-bee....I'm also sorry for making you wait around all day without your shirt on.


(PS. I had my fingers crossed on the last part....tee, hee, hee...don't tell Nick, but I'm not sorry at all....and I'm not giving him his shirt back!)

New Moon

Jacob played by Taylor Lautner in Stephanie Meyer's New Moon.

....as if you didn't know what the movie New Moon was, but did you know that he doesn't turn 18 until February? Yep, the little hottie that all the women are swooning over is still underage! Eek!

I took my girls to go see the New Moon movie. We went to the Movie Tavern in Bedford the Tuesday after opening weekend. The theatre was still packed for our showing. In this theatre they were six kids. I brought three and three others were brought by another woman. In fact, the other three and my three knew each other even though we were in Fort Worth instead of Wise County.

The scene where JAcob takes off his shirt to help Bella after she falls off the bike....errupts in giggles from the audience...the audience full of woman my age. Oh my, I felt a tad uncomfortable. I kid you not, there were three couples in the row behind me that met up at the theater....after the movie was over one of them stood up and said, "I'm so glad I already met my Edward!" I looked at my six year old and she actually rolled her eyes in response....that's my girl!

The movie was pretty good. It's not my favorite genre, but it's pretty good. So, now that I'm finishing writing this two weeks after I started....I still suggest you go see it. I think it was a pretty good follow up to Twilight.

Oh...and we are Team Edward (according to my daughters)....and we are almost halfway through Eclipse.

In all seriousness, my older daughter is dyslexic and just getting her to read was a huge battle not too long ago....now she's running away to read for fun. I'm a fan of Stephanie Meyer and don't mind buying the books at all. Go Twilight!


I sooo meant to tell you last week...but Off 380 Players has been holding auditions this weekend and this week for a couple of upcoming plays. You have another chance tonight.

They not only are they auditioning actors but they could always use help backstage with set design, building, costume, props, stage managers, assistants....they would be happy to use whatever talent you have.

Are you interested but don't have experience or the guts?

Hey...seven...eight years ago (give or take) I went for it...I had no intentions of getting a part, but went and read for an audition anyway. I think that was the best audition I ever did. I didn't expect a part I just wanted to know the process. I read with a guy that was so entirely nervous and he wanted that part sooo badly that he was literally almost shaking uncontrollably on stage while reading. I focused all my energy on helping him get through the audition and didn't care how my own went. I just wanted to know the process, the other actors, how the lights felt, the butterflies, how the script felt....it was great just being there. I fell in love with the whole bit in seconds. I had no experience or any training ahead of time. Over time I learned so much from my own mistakes, from others with formal training or from some that just seemed to have what it took. Either way, I've made friends in that group of people that I will love and cherish forever.
If they would have asked if I would have helped out backstage with lights or props, after that first read, I probably would have done so as if it were Broadway. The crazy part is that back then it was really small, unorganized, the plays were already cast, and the groups wasn't always very friendly with newcomers.
It didn't take too long for change to happen and to evolve into something bigger, better and it hasn't stopped yet.

So go for it. Check out the website. If at the very least, you go hang out, meet someone new and add a new group of folks to stalk on facebook (that will entertain ya and make you giggle) it's better than wondering what's going to be on tv, washing dishes and sitting at the computer to blog about it.

Maybe I should go make an appearance. Hey...I might even bestow you an autograph if you show up and ask me. It might just be worth.....millions someday!

Greg the Traffic Ticket Fighter.....

I got the following tweet last night in reply to my "ticket".

@kbug My name is Greg and I can get you out of your traffic ticket. http://bit.ly/a1v4c

I wonder if he can guarantee getting me out of my "ticket"!

That's one tough cop....he's evening holding a set of trophy brains in his hands from the last uncooperative law breaker.


Pfftt...What am I worried about?

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Is it just me in a constant rush every single day or is time really just going full speed?
  • Good grief.
  • So the girls, with Baby Daddy this weekend went to see a Christmas Parade and saw Miss Texas and Miss USA. Now my little girl told me Sunday she is gonna be Miss USA.
  • That wasn't a passing thought. She hasn't let up one bit. She questioned Monday and last night on the steps it takes to become Miss America, what you have to do, how old...Mom, can we google that?
  • My answer? Sure, we can, Sweetie...but let me warn you, Miss America has to be really, really, really super smart and she isn't just a pretty face.
  • Hey, first band concert in forever went ok, for me. The band has a whole sounded fabulous (as they usually do). I had fun. Did I hit every note perfectly? Well, maybe not. But I was extremely impressed with how friendly the flute section was every time I went and also the band director disguised as a second flute next to me to sit down and play a solo part by site. Nice job.
  • I'll get better with a little practice. I was pretty, pretty....pretty good back in my day. For now, it's pretty fun to help the young en practice, and actually be able to help her out and practice with her. I love the heck out of how much she enjoys playing.
  • Hmph...today's random thoughts seemed to ramble on about my sweet peas. I had more stuff, but for today, you get the kid update and my mama bragging.
  • Parental bragging is always a good thing.
  • Alright...enjoy Tuesday.

Wakey..Wakey XME

If there was ever a Team Jessica or Team Nick, I would probably take the t-shirt, bumper stickers, braclet, shower curtains, and whatever for sweet Nick. Cutie.

Which brings me to my #14 top fav Christmas song...I love this song and this weather seems to make it fit just a tad bit more. Honestly, I really like the older version a ton more. I thought I'd give you the above video to tease the ladies with the cute Nick Lachey...oh and I guess you guys could drool over that Jessica chick...but really who likes a dingy blonde anyway?

Hey! I found this Selma Blair version from a Gap commercial:

Wait did I say dingy blonde earlier? Maybe that was harsh...we have love for all the people on the earth, right?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Pic Me Up

I'm being beckoned....later.

Kat's Current "Read"

I have been reading...yes, I have actually been reading (not listening-reading) The Lovely Bones.
I picked it up (via my Barness & Noble App on my iphone) because I saw the preview before a movie and caught that it was Based Upon a Novel.
I like reading books before seeing the movie....it's just that I'm typically an extremely slow reader....I have the attention span of a goldfish and lose interest before the book is anywhere near through.
Audio books are different...they can normally keep my attention.
I do like this book and the way it captures and holds my attention. I'm halfway through and taking my time because the movie doesn't come out into theaters until January 15, 2010.

I had to actually stop reading at one point for about a week because it was so stinking sad and made me cry. I'm pretty sure if I had gotten this on audio I would have been done listening to it all the way through within the first day. It's a little hard for me to read here and there....due to that wet stingy stuff in my eyes.

I might be armed with kleenex when I see it in the theater.

(I really wanted to be through reading this by yesterday.)



  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
K-That's all I got.

Oh wait...and I almost forgot! I sure enjoyed the heck out of that fooseball game Saturday night! Go Horns!!!

K-I'm joking that wasn't all!

  • Have you ever known me not to go on and on?!
  • Next time my brother says....hey you SOOO have to see this website...I'm walking away.
  • Speaking of walking away...good grief that crazy Texas game this weekend was tense. They were extremely close to walking away without a win. I'm typically the type of fan that tries to keep my hollarin' on the down low. I think I know just enough about football to enjoy it and not enough to keep from getting overly angry at bad calls or missed calls.
  • Good grief during the last 15 seconds, I was hollarin and hitting the poor, cute guy next to me and screaming, "What are they doing?...The Clock!! The Clock!!! Are they gonna stop it...what's he (Colt) doing???!!"
  • I'm super excited that UT won. That was tense.
  • We watched the game in a sports bar (which I love to do) and when we walked out of there my clothes...mainly jacket reeked of cigarette smoke. Ewww.... that would be the same jacket I wore to visit a church the next morning with my sweet mother.
  • BTW, I'm pretty sure that would be the same church that I visited as a little girl to compete in a Bible Bowl event. (The thought of Bible Bowl always brings back memories of "homemade" onion rings.)
  • Today, being Monday, should sufficiently suck since I woke up Friday morning, took some cold medicine, zonked back out, then later halfway woke up, texted the bosses after realizing that I took the nighty-nite stuff, zonked back out, woke up and went to work to determine that I only sent a text to one boss. The point of that confusing run-on sentence: I have payroll to do and a TON of paperwork to get caught up on.
  • But hey, in the meantime, check out my "speeding ticket" from last night. That cop was one weird dude!
  • Drive safe this Monday.

Wake Up! X-Mas Edition

The start of my "Top 15 Favorite" Christmas Songs.

...and what do ya know....she songs...just. like. me...(kinda)

I put this song at the 15 spot only to give Santa plenty of time to go over my list since I've been so good!

Friday, December 4, 2009

This weekend...

....I gots me some Curb Your Enthusiasm to catch up on.


The next full moon will be New Year's Eve, which is important information so I could post that pretty pic.

Icky Friday

  • I think I have contracted The Cold. One of the guys at work wouldn't even let me touch a piece of paper today. That wasn't very nice.
  • Go figure the first email I opened this morning was from a vendor reminding me that flu and cold season is not over yet.
  • I think I went through a whole box of Kleenex today. My poor raw nose is like a faucet.
  • And I'm tired...painfully tired. Going five feet is a small feat in itself.
  • I walked into the house and crawled into bed. I stayed there most of the night.
  • I felt really guilty that the kids were eating Ramen Noodle Soup for dinner last night...until I remembered that they loooove that stuff and that I'm the only that hates that stuff.
  • My older daughter couldn't stand for me to miss dinner so the third time she came to my room asking what she could fix me I gave in and asked what the choices were.
  • She said she would make me some soup. I agreed until she came back and asked if I wanted her to fix me Mushroom soup or Tomato Soup....umm... I then decided to flop out of bed and take some NyQuil.
  • Nasty...nasty, nasty stuff...BUT it works. Well.
  • My work Christmas Party is next weekend. I'm semi looking forward to it.
  • They make a pretty big deal out of it and my boss is getting a reward for 20 years with the company. Yea him!
  • This week has been incredibly busy at work. Incredibly.
  • Shoot....what the heck am I wearing to the Christmas party? Ugh.
  • Speaking of wearing.....my dang dog has a lot of dirt on her pretty little coat.
  • I wonder how that happened?
  • Hmm...my sweet neighbor called me this morning to let me know my doggie was on her front porch this morning.
  • I had to run over at lunch and pick up crazy dog from their back yard and put the dog in my house.
  • The dog found the the only six inches of dirt around the entire fenceline that didnt' have a hot wire above it and almost dug to China.
  • I swear I'm gonna start renting the dog out to ditch diggers.
  • I received a marriage proposal by phone today. Cracked me up, unless he was serious then I should feel bad for laughing out loud at him!
  • I have a band concert Sunday. I'm still holding out the option of playing hooky. I have been practicing like crazy though.
  • OK, by request I changed the crazy profile pic, but that doesn't mean I am not keeping an eye out for ya!

Wake Up it's Friday!!!

I blame the NyQuil for sitting through this video in its entirety (and tapping my foot to the music).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm on a very important call.....

"Huh, Sorry, Pauly, I'm getting back reception, I should probably meet you in person. No need to put a shirt on, Sir."

Spelunker Death

This story drives me crazy on so many different levels...I can't seem to take it off my browser.

Awful facts:
He died upside down in a cave during a holiday weekend.
He had a pretty wife and a one year old.
They were announcing news of a expecting second child over the holiday weekend.
He was spelunking with family friends.
It seems he was a good guy and if he wasn't then gosh almighty the media would tear his name up.
The poor Mama will have to raise the babies without him, not to mention labor of the second baby without him.
Bless her heart!

Now all of that being said...

...I don't think that his death is enough to close the cave.
His death is the first and that's with having 5000 to 10000 visitors a year.
I can see and totally agree with not allowing anyone in or restricting that area....but closing it in? I don't agree. That bothers me.

Sex Ofender Shuffle

I had to watch to make sure my neighbors weren't on this video.

(Thanks for the link, "Nerd", unless your real name is Vernon Douglas, then, um...nice knowing ya.)

ohmidog, indeed!

"If it was a normal person then it wouldn't have much effect on people, mutt since it's Michael Vick, it's major."


Thanks, Z!

Thursday Thoughts

  • It's the Thursday downhill slide of the week and this time without snow in the driveway.
  • I awoke (somehow) this morning to no electricity, freezing temperature in the house, and a blanket of beautiful snow covering the ground.
  • I was very excited.
  • The kids jumped up to look outside as if it were an unlimited amount of sugar just waiting for them.
  • Sadly, we had to explain that the alarms didn't go off, there was no power in the neighborhood, but we still had to go to school.
  • Yea, start out your morning explaining to the five children they cannot go outside and play in the first snow of the winter.
  • Not.A.Good.At.All.
  • I feared for my safety.
  • Then it hit me...my mood fell quickly once I realized the blow dryer, curling iron, lights for me to put make up on where not going to work. Ugh.
  • Double fail was realizing that the garage door is electric. Uhhh....am I the only dummy who doesn't know how to deal with an electric garage door when there is no electricity?
  • I'd now like to give a shout out to the google and my big brother. Thanks, guys.
  • So off to work....in the snow. ;-(
  • But my day was incredibly busy--almost too busy and it went in a snap.
  • I arrived home immediately after working eight and a half hours and see the alarm clock blinking 8:47, which means the power came on shortly after I left. Nice.
  • Happy Thursday!

Wake Up. Wake Up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good look.

"Screw off, I'm joking, man!!"

Hmmm, cute boots though.

(Stolen from facebook - I'm checking to see if that's legal.)

-- Posted from my iPhone

Pick Me Up

leonardo dicaprio Pictures, Images and Photos

I've always had a little crush on him.

For AnObiter Jr.

The Lego Hat:


Albert Camus

Nobody realizes that

some people expend

tremendous energy

merely to be


Hump Day

  • I received an email at 10:30 am for a meeting at 1:30 at the main office. I don't mind meetings one bit...but, Sir..a little more warning would have been great. I had to struggle to get a school kid's after school time situated.
  • I also had my yearly review at work (a little late). I like the company more and more. I was really nervous about the review process but walked out of it feeling lifted up, encouraged and clear direction on my time so far and future. I now feel silly for being so nervous.
  • On the way to the main office today for the meeting, a pickup passes me, slows down, I pass him, he speeds up, he passes me, he slows down, I pass him....this goes on for about twenty miles before I decide I'm a bit annoyed and tired of it...he finally gets right next to me and holds up his right arm to show off his muscle. I laughed out loud. He tried to say something using hand motions...I was clueless, uninterested and it was raining. I put my left hand up and pointed at my ring finger, as if to say, I'm married. He fell for it and sped off. Hey it's not my fault the brainiac didn't notice that there wasn't a ring there.
  • The guy in the pickup truck didn't look old enough to be out driving a pickup truck at 1:00 in the afternoon. He looked like he should have been in school.
  • We went to Arkansas for the Thanksgiving Holiday to spend time with family....well, the family spent time together....I retreated to the 4 wheeler to check the trails in the woods.
  • I'm going back in March or April to play .... I mean work on the 4 wheeler (and possibility the big tractor) to clear some paths of fallen trees. It gets harder and harder to leave that place every time I visit. I love the family up there and the area they live in is gorgeous.
  • I broke down and wore an Arkansas Razorback t-shirt for kicks on Thanksgiving Day. I showered afterward!
  • On the way back home, we got stuck in standstill traffic 10 miles east of Texarkana. Then we got to drive five miles an hour in pouring rain all the way to Texarkana. Mother showed me that the google latitude iphone map will show you traffic on the google map. We learned that it will show a red line for stopped traffic (which it did) and a yellow line for slow moving traffic (which it did also). We ended up pulling over and waiting out the storm and traffic. It was tough times but we roughed it out.
  • When we finally crossed the state line my younger daughter yells out..."OH, Texas, I see your flag, I missed you sooo much..it's been soo long since I've seen you!" Stinker cracked me up!
  • I love the family, the time off, the lazy mornings, the talks, hugs, fishing, good church service with excellent singing, the food and the laughs. I'm happy happy that I had the opportunity to get to take my girls with me.
  • I'm also loving being home. Maybe I missed that Texas flag too.

Wake Up!

Timelapse movie: The Alps -- part II (night) from Michael Rissi on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December

Happy Holidays!



Tuesday's Slightly ADD Thoughts

  • (Written Monday Night.)
  • I have a ton of catching up to do since I've been everywhere for the last two weeks.
  • It took me awhile to get back online tonight, but I came to the conclusion during my re-hookup of computer troubles that I really really need (want) a laptop.
  • Why was I offline? I went to AR for family time and took my computer after going for almost a week without it.
  • I can't tell you how annoying it is to sit and listen/watch people play with a laptop for the longest time (while you have a zillion things you could do) and then they act angered when you look down at your iphone.
  • I'm tired. You'd think I would get caught up on sleep after overeating a bunch of turkey...but I didn't.
  • I was sore for two days after the 10k run. (Shhh...yes, I know I just did the 10k 2 days ago.)
  • I talked to a celebrity during lunch today. My Monday went from a little stressful to happy land.
  • Please don't snow Wednesday. Please don't snow Wednesday. Please don't snow Wednesday.
  • Monday's whip me like crazy.....ballet x 2, laundry galore, weekend catch up, Monday-work wore out....
  • I took off one Friday at work...and I'm still paying for it. Taking off the Friday before Thanksgiving Holiday might have been a bad idea...but still waaaay worth it, to hang with some sweet New Jersey tourists.
  • Tonight I have accomplished getting the computer back up, some photog work, cleaned kitchen, swept and ran on the treadmill. Now that I've blogged a little bit...I'm thinking it's bed time.
  • Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

PreRace Thoughts

I did this race two years ago and it was 30 something degrees outside.
We got here an hour early and there are already a ton of people here.
This race is pretty much a crowd of running clubs. They've spent the year doing a tour of races and this is their last one for the year.
The girl that ran overal last time I was here is here again. She's my age. I'm ok with 2nd place.
Everyone is oddly perplexed by the running chips.

This Duck Event is a huge deal in these parts.
I can now say I've been to Stuggart twice in my life....on purpose!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm hungry

You Are Mashed Potatoes

Ordinary, comforting, and more than a little predictable

You're the glue that holds everyone together.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wake Up

Paul Blann sings and records a version of Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

I love his voice and sound.

Very nice.

(And I think he's famous.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

X marks the spot

-- Posted from my iPhone

Lenka The Show

Official video here.

Catchy song.

Oh....and Wake up!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Single Ladies

Joe Jonas vs Beyonce

(RJ = still funny)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello, Darling....


World of Mouth

Heart Sounds


Just now....

..going to do blood work and I learned that Dirk was born in 1978? I could have sworn I read that he was born in 1985. I guess, now thinking back, it really doesn't make sense for him to have been born that early and accomplish what he has.

I've been fasting since yesterday and really feel kinda blah without my caffeine.

I waited later than I meant to because I had a meeting crop up that was unexpected.

I'm hungry, thirsty and want.....errr need Red Bull.

Not sure I can make it.

-- Posted from my iPhone

Microsoft Employees Line Dancing?

...to the Black Eyed Peas, I gotta a feeling.

My thoughts:

For real?

Did they get a bonus for doing that?

Do they get minimum wage?

They lose a sales dare with The Disney Store next door?

Is that song really that long?

How many of those people have ever done that dance sober?

Wednesday Thoughts

  • By the time these thoughts post, I'll be a the doctor's office visiting the vampires taking my blood. A little blood test never hurt anybody, right?
  • Right?
  • Why are you sitting there staring blankly at me in silence? Just tell me it will all be ok and I'll stop whining.
  • I wish I could explain in words the bruises I get. They look terrible. Yucky. Embarrassing. Icky. I should probably check with the doctor to see if it could be The Plague.
  • Actually, its probably my iron, as I've troubled with that plenty of times before.
  • That or The Plague.
  • Anywho. I had an urge to kiss the Baby Daddy yesterday evening.
  • I would like to state for the record....kids will be with me Thanksgiving with the extended family!! Woo Hoo!!!! Yeppers....with me!!! Yea!!!
  • Me = Estatic
  • Basically, we are trading weekends and I'm dealing with the out of school issue for Monday and Tuesday. Fair trade....very fair trade.
  • My brother will most likely have all of his kiddos together too. I foresee a photo opp.
  • I realized tonight that Dirk Nowitzki is eight years younger than me. That struck me as odd. I'm not sure why, but it did.
  • I gave up on the sink. My favorite plumber is coming back today.
  • I hid the cheesecake this time, in my stomach. Now, if he'll pretty please help himself to the Halloween candy I would greatly appreciate it. In fact, I wonder if he'll take pounds of candy as payment for his services.
  • Yea, probably not.
  • Speaking of services, if you are interested in my photo skills, send me an email at kbuggie@gmail.com and I will direct you to another website where I store all my photos. To answer the question, I don't just do photography for friends and family. I am available for hire.