Thursday, September 30, 2010


Things that Drive me CrAzEe at work:

-          Sugar left on the counter by the coffee pot.

-          Someone taking the last bit of coffee and dumbly putting the empty pot back on the burner.

-          Receiving an email back from someone that simply says thank you, ok or got it. It feels like a time waste.

-          The smell in the breakroom. How the heck do those guys eat in there day in and day out?

-          Trash that was tossed at the trash can, missed and left on the floor. Ugh.

-          Anyone referring to the concept of this company going “paperless”. My desk swims through a mound of paperwork every day. Not. Gonna. Happen.

-          Having to ask for a day off. (That’s more because I’m a wuss and used up both of my weeks of vacation as soon as they became available.)

-          Anyone within the company that asks for a huge favor minutes before closing time…..when the situation could have been handled waaaay earlier in the day. Anything requested extremely close to closing will result in cuss words flying around the office.

-          Someone who asks for a report that takes time to put together and then doesn’t bother to look at it.

-          A company that tells you that they can’t do something when they’ve done it over and over again.

-          Having to explain the same set of procedures over and over and over again to someone in a position that pays waaaay more than me.

-          Telemarketers that think they are being slick. Get creative would ya?

-          The ever increasing cricket community.

-          Close talkers that never brush their teeth. Eww.

-          My desk top scanner. It’s crappy and cheaply made.


One thing I feel bad about:

-          I might have told someone on the phone yesterday in a loud, slow, obnoxious, rude voice, “In this country….you know, in A-mer-i-ca…the definition of that word is actually….”

-          Even though it was completely warranted, it was still obnoxious and rude….and that came out of my mouth!

-          Anyone else would have cussed the person out, yelled at their supervisor and slammed the phone done.




Ummm, then again….my evaluation is two months overdue. I got a pretty raise last year……maybe all those points aren’t so bad at all.

So, nevermind….that was all crazy talk!




Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Extra Random - Random Thoughts

·         AK47 – UT campus – Reports are that he wasn’t shooting at anybody and in fact had his gun pointed down towards the ground while shooting… maybe he just didn’t have the guts to shoot someone else? I understand that you can purchase an AK47 at a store that sells guns – but why would you? Do a lot of people actually own AK47’s?

·         I would love to have a job of reviewing old cases of people incarcerated for crimes they claim they didn’t commit.

·         Puppy class went well last night. I wasn’t sure about the teacher when I met her, but liked what I saw of another instructor teaching another class. When we walked in last night she was doing really well with an overactive puppy that was pulling on the leash.

·         She also didn’t have the number of puppies that she meant to have in the class, so she bumped the class start date to next week and offered last night as a semi-private class shorter session to make up for it. I almost decided not to go, but then thought…I’d be turning away from a 30 minute free instructional class that would work directly with us and our puppy. Ok, we went. I’m glad we did. We learned a new trick…..for the puppy to learn to only take food out of our hands and not off the floor. It came with two new words for Precious’ vocabulary: “Uh oh!” And “Leave It!”

·         Glee – Brit-Brit – teacher and counselor not being together kills me! It would be like Jim and Pam from the office not being together.

·         Last night episode was pretty entertaining and I watched it on the treadmill. The rock hard abs being flaunted all over the screen was great motivation for me to keep going. I was actually crazy enough to think at that moment that if I ran harder then my abs would look like that too. I blame the lack of oxygen getting to my brain.

·         Modern Family makes me laugh really hard. That show is fantastically funny. I appreciate how they take a sitcom and give the characters one on one time with the camera as if it is a documentary/reality show.

·         I think this year that I have more shows that I’m following at once than I have ever had before.

·         New car is now properly insured, but still has an issue with the lack of a spare tire. It turns out that this model of the Chrysler 300 doesn’t come with a spare tire at all. Instead a bottle of gooey fix a flat and a jack is provided….which was missing.

·         I have the worst time in the world telling someone that they hurt my feelings. I’m even worse at communicating frustration/anger. I’ve always been the type to just want to be left alone to simmer down rather than talking it out. Then I’m good with not dealing with the issue at all. It’s like a bumble bee….”If you leave it alone, then it’ll leave you alone.”

·         Probably not the best plan in the world.






Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the winner is... we got that bad, "This is what happens when you have live tv.."
The winner is actually...

Australia’s Next Top Model host Sarah Murdoch accidentally names wrong contestant as winner during a live taping of the show’s finale.

My favorite part is when the actual winner throws out a "Woo!" to break up the awkwardness.

Poor girls.



Just FYI - I'm waaay ahead of CBS. I was onto this last year.

My brother and I would read the tweets everyday! I would read along the timeline in different voices. It was (and still is) the best twitter feed ever....umm, except for the curse words, of course. Hilarious.

So now, CBS is going to make a sitcom out of it.

Following on the successful launch of its Twitter-inspired comedy "$#*! My Dad Says" last week, CBS has made a script deal for "Shh … Don't Tell Steve," based on a Twitter feed by the same name.

That's it, I need to contact CBS. I could have clued them in on this idea a year ago. Just think of all the ratings and money they missed out on.

Tuesday Lunch Thoughts

Mama got a brand new bag used car.  


·         We searched the inkernet high and low to find the perfect vehicle for our family. Did you know that they stopped making the Pinto in 1980? Bummer. I think they should bring that back.

·         Did you see the news story of the Chrysler auto plant workers in Detroit caught boozing it up and getting high during their lunch break? There’s a video out there, and I didn’t look too hard for it to post it here, but go watch it. I think it almost looks a little fake. Now, I don’t mean I think they photoshopped a beer in one guy’s hand or a joint in another. I just found the reaction of the workers busted by the news crew was a little odd.  Something just wasn’t quite right. I would mention that I noticed one guy laughing while running to his vehicle – but I’m sure your rebuttal might mention that fact that he might have been high on The Marijuana. Still, something didn’t seem right.

·         Please, please, please let me not find out that it was my new ride that was built by those guys.

·         Did I take the doggie to the car lot? Heck yea! I couldn’t leave her home alone. I tried to sneak her around in a bag, but little puppy couldn’t help but stick her little head out and check everything out. A salesman busted me – but went on and on about how cute she was. It took hubbie a few minutes to figure out that we were talking about our little doggie.

·         Salesman was awesome – he offered to let her run around the place, he got her water, and even said they have an awesome cleaning crew if she were to accidently make a mess. Of course, her little paws spent very little time walking around. She’s rotten and gets carried around…everywhere.

·         So the car might be a bit gangster. Here’s a picture of it in our driveway. Go ahead click on it and take a peek.

·         OK, so maybe that’s not the actual car and that’s not our driveway either. Ya think we live in the ghetto? Pffft, we don’t live in Wise County! (kidding about insinuating that Wise County is the ghetto)  

·         I felt a sudden surge of panic when they took the Pinto away for the trade in and I realized I would never see it again. Shoot….did I check the CD player to make sure we didn’t leave Taylor Swift in there? What about the tape player? I’d cry without my Simon and Garfunkel’s greatest hits. Oh my, what’s wrong with me that I didn’t even consider checking the 8 track player….I’ve had The Chipmunks Christmas Special since I was a little girl in pigtails.

·         Ok, maybe that last bullet point was believable until the mention of the 8 track player….but I really did have The Chipmunks on 8 track. I actually do remember that.

·         So, you wanna drive by my work and check out the new ride? Well, tough luck, hubbie wouldn’t let me drive it to work today. As if not having it properly insured and driving it with the spare missing (but on order) is that big of a deal. It’s not like it’s a crime. Or wait….maybe it is.

·         Anyhoo.

·         Cat is still not named. Blue, Boots and Monkey have all been turned down by The Kittens. (Prop, I thought Blue was a cute name – I did try.) I forgot to check on hubbie’s suggestion of “Pixel”. Kittens like the names of Sassy and Cinnamon.

·         Hubbie mentioned this morning that he was talking to him…..and motions towards the turtle. I grimace slightly and correct him that the turtle is actually a she and her name is Shelby. He shakes his head and says, “Well, of course it’s a girl, why would I expect it to be any different?” Poor hubbie is sooo surrounded by girls!  Older kitten suggested last night that we could adopt a baby boy. Uhhhhh… Thanks, but, no. no. no! There’s no way I would start over with a baby right now. I remember how tiring it was with a newborn and a little kid. Now, I was lucky that they are 4 years apart…but still, exhausting….and daycare for two? Forget it! Not again.

·         Alright, that’s it for now. Enjoy Tuesday that feels like a Thursday to me for some strange reason.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Kitchen Witches

Go see it! I've heard and read great reviews. This weekend is the last weekend it will be playing.

It's Finally Friday

·         Somebody went poddy outside last night. Yay!!!! THEN that same somebody went tinkle outside this morning. Fingers triple crossed that we keep this up.

·         Last night when we went to bed she hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet and I was not going to let her put those little paws on the ground until she did. Hubbie took her out twice – once at 9 and then again at midnight. Nada. She wouldn’t go. Then at 3am-ish, she started whining and wanted off the bed. So I took her outside. Nada. I went inside with intentions of putting her in the crate and then got the brainiac idea to take one of the puppy pads outside and see if she would go then.

·         Back outside, I set her on it and keep saying, “Go teeteepoddy.” Then she walks away from it….and yeehaw we were in business!

·         This morning I took her straight out side and wouldn’t let her walk around inside. When we got out there….she went straight for the grass and tinkled. Yay!!!

·         There’s hope for the crazy dog yet.

·         The cat is still not named. I think my favorite suggestion was monkey (by an anon), I thought “Boots” would be cute and I like a couple of suggestions that MzChief had made that were pretty clever, also.  My little kitten wants it to be named Sassy and older kitten wants to call it Cinnamon.

·         The cat figured out a new (and funny) way to torture Precious. While Precious was in her crate, the cat started swatting at Precious from outside the crate. Poor puppy!

·         Last night, I also witness the cat lap up water continuously for six minutes. When she was finished her stomach was the size of a golfball, I swear!

·         There’s a slight chance both the kittens might make the A Honor Rolls this six weeks. Younger kitten has an 89 in math at the moment with A’s in all other subjects and the older kitten has all A’s (even the Pre-Ap classes) and get this….an 88 in band. Yes, an 88 in BAND!! Ugh! That kills me. She is doing extra work to get it back up to an A.

·         My fragile Pinto Station Wagon was dropped off at a mechanic this morning. The guys at work thought they had the mystery sound figured out, fixed – but they failed. Dangit.

·         I would LOVE a newer, nicer, cooler car – but I’m pretty comfortable with the Pinto. Cheap insurance, no car payments, it looks decent…..  So I’m hoping they get it fixed.

·         I got home last night and had huge tired head. I sat down in my chair and felt completely exhausted. I might have dozed off a smidge twice while sitting.

·         I apparently drank my last slim fast last night and totally forgot to bat my eyelashes at my sweet and wonderful hubbie to make his nightly apprearance at the Wallie world and grab me some more. So I am without breakfast this morning.

·         I have made a big time vow to myself to finish up my “to do list” on the old house and get the sucker listed with a realtor……asap. We’ve slacked off BIG time on that thing. Sadly, it doesn’t need very much to get it ready. I’m going into full attack mode on the thing. Someone else will be living there before the end of the year. (I can be a little overly delusionally hopeful sometimes.)

·         This weekend you need to go see Kitchen Witches at The Stage in Bridgeport. I am going to go see it this weekend. It’s gotten some pretty good reviews. (And be sure and check out the very beautiful playbill while you’re there.)

·         It’s Friday….and it’s date night! I love date night! Date night rocks!!

·         Warning to Denney Crane: Don’t read the next bullet post……it’s mushy.

·         Last weekend somebody danced me around a dimly lit living room so a very pretty, slow song. Yep, I’m still in love after 90 days of marriage.

·         OK, have a great weekend!


Friday Quote

Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.

Robert Heinlein (1907 - 1988), Time Enough For Love

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time Lapse Wedding

Joy & Will's Wedding Timelapse from Eliza Truitt on Vimeo.

Pretty cool.

Eliza of Eliza Truitt Photography says:

I made a time-lapse video of a wedding that all took place in one room and it turned out pretty darn cool. One frame per minute x 9 hours compressed into 35 seconds = neato. The shadows moving on the floor are extra cool.

0:32-0:33 — the bride and groom save the last dance for each other. Aw.

Lunch Time Quickie...double quick.

·         Did you know that puppies can get hiccups? Totally cute!

·         Puppies using the bathroom on my bathroom floor? Totally NOT cute.

·         Go figure, I actually wake up in the middle of the night for the first time in a loooong time and whatdoyaknow….there’s a little something-something on the floor waiting for me. Thanks, doggie. Guess who is about to earn herself a few overnight stays in her own bed?

·         Yesterday morning she went you-know-what outside. That makes twice now. Now why can’t she do that at night?

·         The more I watch Jon Stewart, the more I like him. What's happened to me? I used to be so uninterested and very easily amused.

·         My right contact is driving me crazy. It’s always the right one and I’m now starting to wonder if it’s not the correct fit. The left one is generally fine without issues.

·         Survivor coming on tv on Wednesday instead of Thursdays is totally throwing me off. That’s too confusing.

·         I had a dream about Survivor last night. I was going to be on the show – but it was a surprise for me set up by hubbie…..except I was wearing under-roo’s that were made for NOT showing a panty line on the seat of my britches. We were going to London and taking a big chartered bus to the airport…..that my bff – that was also going was driving. That was the first challenge – she flipped the bus and totaled it. Then I realized I didn’t have my passport when the cops started interrogating us on the crash. Odd dream, especially since I never remember dreams.

·         Slimfast. Slimfast. Slimfast. I’ve been on the two shakes a day diet for a couple of weeks and I’ve only dropped 1 pound. One pound….UGH! I’m gonna stick with it for a couple of more weeks to see if there is a difference. The shakes taste decent, leave me feeling filled up and probably give me a ton more vitamins than I’ve had in forever.

·         Did I already tell you about the Slimfast shakes?

·         It’s time for a Pedi this weekend. I can’t decide if I want to take a book or holler at a gal buddy to come with. I need some girl bonding time.

·         Do kids ever take apples to their teachers at school anymore? I think I actually remember doing that as a kid.

·         The Pinto Station Wagon might be fixed. One of the guys at work looked to see if the bearing bars were the problem. He found some loose, tightened them and could check to see if that eliminated the knocking sound if……I had the keys with me. Fail.

·         Good news…hubbie has them in the Family Truckster not too far from me. We’ll just have to wait until the afternoon break to crank her up and see how she purrs.

·         I stood next to the front of the car while he was working on it and accidentally knocked a bolt into the car….it’s about 6 inches down in a really really narrow little spot. My bad.  

·         I also ran off and left my phone in the Family Truckster.




Just a toy car...or is it?

Good grief! Stay with this one.It's only 32 seconds, you couldn't possibly be more ADD than me.

....think that might scare the heck out of some kids at a birthday party?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survivor Thoughts Week 2

  • That Holly chick on the older tribe is crazy. I completely didn't understand what happened with the snails. Were they bad to eat or were they upset because she wasn't sharing?
  • Naonka chick is physco. physco. physco! I can't wait for her to find her socks somewhere. So she takes the "dumb blond's", Fabio's, socks. He tries to say something to her....carefully about the socks she stole from him and she goes off on him. That gal is a nut.
  • I'm starting to slightly dig Jerry Jones' Jimmy Johnson "coaching". Tonight's quote: "Vince Lombardi said fatigue makes cowards of us all." I'm afaird that he's not gonna get voted off soon enough. 
  • From the older tribe, Tyrone is pretty good. He's beginning to make the top of my favorite list. His comment after the shoe escapade: "I'm keeping one eye on Holly and the other on my shoes." Pretty funny.
  • I love it when the younger tribe goes up to the challenge with some sort of chant or some sort of silly march. It looks pretty good...BUT now that they have lost the challenge, I'm feeling pretty good to say they will NOT do that next week......and why is there only one challenge each week?
  • Please, please, please don't let it be Brenda be the one that goes home. It drives me crazy when a tribe has the opportunity to get rid of a player that NEEDS to go but they decide they can do it at a later time. Do it now!!! Ugh!!! Get rid of Naonka....the girl is nuts!
  • Naonka was talking to Brenda about getting rid of Shannon. If she could pull that off I'd root for her to the end. I can't STAND that guy!!
  • Craziest Tribal Council in awhile. I'm shocked over all the drama! Did he really just say that New York is a bunch of gay people?
  • I just paused the tv because I'm still split between Shannon and Brenda. I want Shannon to go but I'm afraid it's going to be Brenda. 
  • In memory of Holly (who somehow always, always, always) knew who was going home, I'm going to say this week's "Holly's Pick" is.......Shannon. 
  • ....ok TV unpaused.
  • All three of us gals have guessed Shannon.
  • YEAAAAA!!! Adios, sucker!!!!
  • If Naonka wins this Survivor, then I'm done with this show. Totally. Completely. 
  • Jerry Jones has got to go in the next three episodes. 

More Like Bump Day

  • I stayed up waaay too late AGAIN last night. I’m gonna go back to laying down at 9p and reading until I fall asleep (or someone yanks the book from me).
  • I giggled over how late it was when I crawled into bed. I’m not giggling now. I’m tired.
  • I got the flu shot today at work. Now I have a big ole’ hematoma right at the injection site….and that sucker HURTS!!!! It also doesn’t help that the band aid burned my skin. (Every now and then the glue from Band-Aids will leave a burn mark – that stings.)
  • One of the guys here told me that the flu shot gives you the flu. Why are we so controversial over the flu.
  • I’m trying super duper hard to keep my arm moving to try and help it not be so sore….but it hurts to move it. Ugh.
  • I’m gonna end up with some bizarre and rare disease like this girl:





  • That girl is crazy! And a baaaaad actress. Another station caught up with her months or so later and she was fine until they interviewed her, then she had an accent that she said was from the disease.
  • Everyone that comes by my desk has done a double look at my arm….”Wow! You got a goose-egg on your arm!”
  • I have to tell you that I had a good reason for staying up late last night. I promised the little one that we would use the expired peanut butter that I was throw away to use to practice her spelling.
  • Yes, you read that right….we used peanut butter. Can you imagine the look on hubbie’s face? He asked when the house went crazy. Little one answered, “when we moved in.” Funny.

  • Here’s what we did:
  • We spread the peanutbutter all over the kitchen counter and let her write her spelling words in the peanutbutter with her fingers. She had a great time, we took pics, and even got a little silly. You can probably do the same thing with soap, shaving cream, sauces…..ketchup maybe?  
  •  Did we make a video last night? Well, heck no. Why? Cause we were too busy playing with our food.
  • Hey…speaking of food…guess who went you know what outside?! Yep, Miss Precious went teeteepoddy OUTSIDE this morning! YAY!!!
  • We were MUCH better last night with keeping her right beside us or in her little cage room……and we’ve stuck to the eating schedule too.
  • Turns out the puppy class doesn't start until next Tuesday. Bummer.
  • A commenter suggested the Bloo Moon Place in Chico - which I've heard is good -- but we're blocks from the PetSmart. Chico would be too far for a lazy person like me.
  • Now…is a rocker arm an important part to the running of an engine? Surely, I’m ok as long as it has oil and is not over heating right? So what if there is a little knocking sound…I can turn the radio up over it.
  • What's up with Honest Propaganda....he hasn't been blogging or facebooking for two weeks. Where'd he go?
  • Warning: 94 days until Christmas.
  • Ugh.
  • Now…I must go take some advil for the painful bump on my arm. I’m a wuss.
  • Happy Bump Day!



Is it bedtime yet?

Is it past midnight already?

I soooo need to get to bed waaaaay earlier!!! Maybe that Mr. LL won't notice me sneaking into bed.

Photo has funny captioned that can be giggled at here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glee-Ful Pic Me Up

How about a little picture of the Glee's hottest teacher, Will Schuester in honor of their brand spankin' new season starting tonight?
Was that a yes I heard?

Crazy clown boxers? Oh well - they'll work - Matthew Morrison without a shirt is still Matthew Morrison without a shirt. I won't be picky.

How does he get his abs to look like that? I have the same fold on my sides too - but mine folds all the way around and not just on the sides. It's probably photoshopped.

Either way I give the guy an A for effort.

Tuesday Lunchtime Quickie

·         The guy that pulls into a parking lot in a brand new “heavy duty” truck at 2 miles an hour as if he’s going to break it…drives me crazy!!!

·         Glee is coming on tonight? Ohhhh yea!!! I’m looking forward to that BIG TIME!!! Hubbie stated on his blog that “75%” of the household is excited over the new Glee tonight. I’d like to see how he came across that figure. (Cause you know, secretly he sings and dances along with the tunes!)

·         Speaking of hubbie….I soooo need to record his sleepy ramblings. It’s cute.

·         I got my hair done did this weekend at my favorite hair salon and actually went for bangs for the first time in four/five years. I’m undecided if I really like them or not. It’s different.

·         I totally forgot I had a “cowlick” in the middle of my bangs.

·         I also got a new groovy curling iron like the professionals use. (It said so on the package.) I’ve burnt myself pretty bad…..twice. It’ll take some getting used to.

·         I’ve referred to my offsprings as kittens on my blogging for a while now and realized last night that it was a little confusing when referring to the kittens and the new kitten. We have sooooo got to name that thing. Huge. Quickly.

·         I fear the computer at work breaking down….that would stress me out BIG time. I figured out today that I have a virus on it and that worries me.

·         We’ve been doing a TON of housekeeping in our office at work. Do they not understand how incredibly lazy I am? I become accustomed to sitting on my bum and managing issues through Outlook.

·         Little kitten went with me to the vet to get Miss Precious her first check up and her shots. Kitten was a little bumfoozled on why they put the thermometer……ahem……where they did. She wanted to know why they didn’t just put it under Precious’ armpit or tongue instead. (And this is my less dingy kitten.) We talked about it.

·         She’s gotten to that age of asking a lot of questions……and that’s above and beyond the incredible amount of talking that she already does.

·         I’m beginning to appreciate her more and more the closer that her sibling gets to that age of 13…..and all other’s ending with in “teen”.

·          Please, please, please, please, puhleeeze, don’t let her turn out to be a handful of a teen. I was soooo sweet and perfect during my teen years. (Any comments attempted to be left by my mother claiming otherwise may be blocked.)

·         My angry commenter sent me an email……ok, ok, ok…maybe she wasn’t so angry afterall and she was actually really helpful. It turns out that she has housebroken several puppies. I feel we are going to become good friends. J I love and appreciate all the help I can get. Hmmmmm….I wonder what she knows of baby monkeys.

·         I’ve decided (after approval from the head of the household) to take the puppy to a puppy class at one of the local pet stores. I’ve watched the trainers in action and am pretty impressed.

·         Assuming, they still have a spot open, we start tonight. It’s a 12 week class……or maybe it was an 8 week class. Sheesh, I can’t remember. Either way, it outta be fairly entertaining. I think the kittens (kiddos) will enjoy it.

·         I’m thinking tonight will be a good time for that weekly video that I kept threatening. Email me if you have any questions for that Liberally Lean dude.

·         K- that’s all you get for now. I’ve got to roam the inkernet in hopes of finding an afternoon pick-me-up. Wish me luck.


Happy Tuesday, y’all!







Monday, September 20, 2010

Late Monday Thoughts

  • I nervously took new puppy, Miss Precious, to the vet. I was a little worried because we didn't personally know the people we got her from. That probably wasn't the smartest move I've made.
  • She got some shots and now has herself a cute little tag. The vet just loved her...although, I have a feeling - they do a lot of that..."oh that is a beautiful/handsome puppy dog!"
  • When we walked in the vet, there was a guy waiting to pick up his turned out to be a bird. I have no idea what kind, but the tech walked out of a room with it and he put it on his shoulder, walked over to the desk to pay and then went outside. He went straight to his vehicle and got in the car. The bird stayed put. I was just fascinated. It really was a beautiful bird.
  • She weighed in at five pounds and the vet thinks she may gain a itty bit more. 
  • To the commentor that chewed me out over the puppy....Ugh! (And their gripe was right.)
  • I hated to admit to the vet that our troubles over poddy training was more due to inconsistancy by us and not because of the puppy. Although, I will add that we have been turning the timer on after she eats and have stuck to her schedule (except I might have been over feeding turns out.)
  • Tonight I have been better with keeping with the...."she's either in your lap, direct eyesight or in the crate."
  • She/we did good last week -- until the weekend hit and the kids were gone. Ugh.
  • Wow! Good grief, hubbie has some show called Crunch Time on the TV and it showed the Arkansas/Georgia game on that was a crazy game.
  • Annnd, I sooo caught - the Barndon JAcobs incident during the game last night. I only saw it, because I noticed the security guys talking/arguing to the fan. The tv volume was down a little bit and hubbie was in the dining room....I backed that tv right up and had to figure out what the heck was going on. Hubbie - suggests the "do a search of Brandon Jacobs on twitter". I did and then couldn't look away from twitter. There were a lot of retweets and a lot of 'what the #$%@!'. I love the twitter search bit. How the heck did I miss that capability?
  • Work today sucked this left wrist was killing me...all the way down my arm. It'll hurt every now and then and advil normally makes it stop. Today, that didn't work and ice didn't do much for it either.....(beside stop the tingling in my finger.) That's probably not a good sign. It's still a little sore.
  • I picked up the kittens Sunday and when we got home - they gave hubbie the tenth degree over why in the world he would get a cat's toy for a dog? We didn't answer. They asked again. He smirks, raises an eyebrow and says, "Unless...."
  • Girls squelling and running around to search for the kitten. They found her in about five seconds. It was a fantastic moment. Silence followed by....oh my!! IT'S SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
  • My older daughter posted a pic of the new kitten on her facebook. Her room was a smidge messy - but it was mostly her school stuff sprawled over her bed, the picture looks like her room is a mess. I'm gonna have to remind her to look at the background of her pictures before posting a picture.

  • Now, we have a turtle, puppy, doggie, kitten.....I wonder if I can sneak the baby monkey in now. At his point, hubbie wouldn't notice....would he? Come one, dare won't be my fault.
  • Eek..past my bedtime. I sleepy. Gotta go snuggle up with a handsome sweet man. :-)
  • Night.
PS. New kitten haz no name yet. We can't decide.
And yep, she's a siamese, if you please. She's a siamese, if you don't please.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Thoughts

·         Didn’t I make a vow to myself that I would not consume any more coffee passed lunch time? I was up waaay too late last night a little on the wired side.

·         Sing this in your head: “It’s Friday. It’s Friday. It’s Friday.” Didn’t that feel good?

·         The all city garage sale in Decatur this weekend? I soooo need to drag a bunch of junk out into the driveway at the Decatur house and put up a sign that says, “FREE STUFF”. If everything was gone by the end of the day, I’d be ecstatic.

·         I am petrified that I will find out who got voted off Survivor before I get to finish watching the episode. I love the suspense during tribal council.

·         My hair is driving me crazy. I am in dire need of my salon.

·         Let’s see if I can make it through the day and actually remember to get that estrogen shot. If I’ll just call the doc….

·         The new doggie is having trouble with the concept of “going” outside. I’m trying the method of…..she stays in the crate except to go outside, briefly, in hopes that she will go “teeteepoddie” outside. Yesterday didn’t go well. It kills me to hear her whining from her crate. I fear I may cave too soon.

·         I read a comment on hubbie’s blog that someone trained their yorkie to ring a little bell that was attached to the door anytime it needed to go outside? How the heck does one pull THAT off?

·         Tomorrow’s football game of TCU/Baylor should be fun. We’re going. I’ll be nice and NOT cheer for the opposite team that hubbie is cheering for…..this time.

·         MY high school football team was on ESPN last night. It was awesome to watch a West Texas team play a Florida team and see them play on LIVE TV knowing that I went to that school!!!! Annnd, they won! Last year they were the state champs and are looking fairly promising again.

·         Back in my high school day……the football team sucked. BIG TIME!

·         K – enjoy Friday.




Thursday, September 16, 2010

Survivor Thoughts and The Bet Video

Thoughts while watching the first episode:

Jimmy Johnson is sooo gone!!
There is noo way that he is going to make it in this game!
Why does Survivor not like the 30 year old range? I feel very offended by the lack of folk in the not-young-but-not-old group.
Jeff Probst just gets cuter and cuter. Has he always been wearing the necklace around his neck? I don't remember seeing that before.

Oh my gosh....did Jimmy Johnson just say that other players may resent him because they might be a Philadelphia Eagles fan or a Boston Redkins fan?
I'm automatically rooting for Jane on the older team. She just won my heart within 30 seconds of talking.
The overtalkative goat farmer is sooo getting voted off first. Jimmy Johnson will have to go after her.
Night one and Jimmy Johnson is puking that night? I might rethink the line above.

Younger Tribe:
I'm not a fan of Shannon after his "dumb blonde comment towards. What a pompous jerk!
They haven't even been there one day and all of a sudden the men in the younger tribe have lost their clothes?
The more I watch I really REALLY want to see Shannon gone. the girls have accidentally misplaced their clothes too?
Please please, please, let Jimmy Johnson keep his clothes on.......on no....I just saw shirtless Jimmy Johnson. Ewww. That was gross.
The gal with the "leg" - Kelly - was probably pretty smart by throwing out the.... "I'm missing a leg due to a birth defect" really quickly.  Dude! You soooo need to see her abs. That chick is one strong looking chic. My first impression was that she would go only about 1/3 of the way through - due to sympathy. I'm changing that....I think she'll go further because she's looking pretty strong.
The African American chick that just bad mouthed the girl without a leg is sooo asking to get the boot.
Chase is a "hey now".  Kinda. Colby is still the #1. Noone will EVER take his place. (Ahem...I mean on the show...not in real life. In real life, my wonderful husband is my #1.)

Before the first challenge, my hubbie makes a "hot sports opinion" that the show is rigged, they are paying Jimmy Johnson to be on the show and their is no way he is getting voted off soon because they need him for ratings.
His bet is that Jimmy will be one of the last five Survivors left. Me? Come on....that guy is NOT gonna make it. He will be one of the first five gone! I'm sure of it.
We stopped and broke out a video....

We're not sure what the winner/loser gets/does. Any suggestions?
He rules out public humiliation as a losing punishment. Boooo. But he sweetly says, he loves me and would just appreciate the bragging rights.
Ok, fine---so he's not going to sit through dinner at Frilly's with a dunce cap on...but there's gotta be something.

We got to watch the first challenge and the older tribe lost.
Tomorrow night we'll continue with the second half of the show. Please, please, please VOTE OFF JIMMY!

My Holly's Pick Prediction: The goat farmer gal with the cowboy hat will go first if the older tribe loses the next challenge Or Naonka from the younger tribe.

I'm totally jealous over the monkeys. Goodnight. (Waaaay passed my bedtime.)

(Of course you are soooo on my side, right? Right. Thanks, I knew I could count on your support.)

Lunch Time Quickie

·         I’m having the worst time of getting into the blogging mood today. I’m not sure why. I think I’m just in a weird mood today period.

·         I actually sat down at 9p last night and watched the news. I got so sucked into Dallas PD alleged beating scandal. What a mighty slow news day.

·         I’ve noticed Hubby staring at Twitter…..alot. I finally figured out what he’s been doing……watching a live search of what ever he is watching on tv. I tried it out…..during the news I put in the search words, “Fox 4” “Dallas” “Police” “video” “cops” “fired”.

·         Turns out, there’s some pretty funny people twittering out there. I was amused over some of the comments.

·         I may have to try that twitter search thing more often….maybe during one of those sports events the television is always tuned into.

·         I finished the book yesterday….Still Missing. Wow. That was an incredible book. It’s not for the faint of heart by any means, by the style of writing was truly great. I will only mention that the story is told through visits to a phychiatrist by a victim of a horrible abduction. Instead of chapters…there are sessions. Not one detail was left out of the story and the ending does not leave any questions unanswered. The only disappointment I had was realizing that Still Missing is the only book that author has written.

·         So, last night I found another book – I don’t remember what – BUT I go to purchase it from Barnes and Noble so I can download it unto my old iphone (that I still use because my android doesn’t have a decent reader app) when my eyes are suddenly fixated on the part where announces that now you can download their Nook App onto your android phone.

·         I’ll be. I downloaded it and now I have The Nook App on my Android.

·         It would be awesomeness but it doesn’t change the fact that the HTC Hero is a crappy crappin’ phone.

·         Sorry…I’m calm.

·         I soooooo don’t like that phone.

·         Maybe I was in a weird mood and it wasn’t a lack of feeling of blogging.

·         Oh – and I think I’m overdue for my estrogen shot. I’m not sure why I can NEVER remember to keep up with that thing.

·         Hubbie would probably appreciate me getting a little of that happy serum in my little bloodstream.

·         I might work on that.

·         Ok – that’s all you get for now…..I needs to eat me some grub so I have the energy to make it through the rest of the day.

·         Have a good day before Friday.




Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm in Shock.

(Click to Enlarge.)

Wow! That is incredible! I can't believe he found the turtle.

I thought I had her hid in just the right.....Huh?, no, no....that's not what I meant.

I meant to say, I thought I looked everywhere for her.

It's a good thing she showed up. Some people....ahem.....(mom) were beginning to sense a connection between the death of the fish and the "disapperance" of the turtle.

I can't be held responsible for all things around me that just happen to die an untimely death and/or wander off on their own. 

Wait.....I just reread the above email. She wasn't accusing me, was she?

Anyhoo.....hey! Hubbie found the turtle!! Time to go home and rejoice!!! Way to go, honey!

Lunchtime Quickie

·         I had the strangest case of sudden onset hives last night. I have no clue what happened – but I had a crazy allergic reaction to something. The girls and I went for a walk with the doggies, I cooked a quesadilla casserole for dinner and I 409’d the kitchen like crazy. A little while later I was outside watching the doggie while I chit chatted on the phone. That is when I first noticed an itch on my upper left arm. My first thought was a mosquito bite until it started feeling almost like a burning sensation when I itched it. A couple of minutes later and I felt like there was a patch of small, rough bumps in that spot. I go straight for the hubby and asked if he could see anything. It didn’t take long for the little area to go from small to a larger coverage area of around 4x5 inches. After an examination under better light, realization that my upper right leg had the same exact problem going on – my sweet hubbie decided to make a run to the store and grab some benedryl.

·         I used The Google Contraption to see if I could figure out a cause to my breakout – but didn’t come across anything. Of course, I did see an article of….Emergency signs of Anaphylactic Shock that included tightening of the throat and/or wheezing was a serious indicator of to rush to the hospital. Naturally, upon reading that, I felt like my throat was automatically closing up shop on me. I knew it wasn’t – it was in my head. It’s the same effect as you sitting there scratching your own arm after reading of me being itchy. You didn’t have an itch. Yea, I saw that. It’s like a reaction of a yawn after seeing someone else yawn.

·         Funny little Husband suggested it could be the new doggie I’m allergic to. Nice try, honey.

·         To my facebook fan…OK – OK – I’m blogging! Sheesh – you don’t have to HOLLAR at me.

·         Well, maybe you do. I like nudges when I slack on the blogging.

·         I’m considering starting up the weekly videos again. The hubbie and I were discussing it the other day and I miss doing that. We’ve had some funny moments on some of them. You’d watch them, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you love to see what the man in the suit does on his own time….when he’s not blogging?

·         I’ve lost a whole pound over the last week. So, that means next week I will gain a pound. I swear, no matter how hard I try – I can’t seem to get rid of this last ten pounds. Heck, at this point – I’d even settle for staying put at five more pounds lost. I fear, I may have to try harder and that would cut into my daily habits of being lazy that I’ve developed.

·         Speaking of being lazy, I’m sure I mentioned that I read Bend In The Road and loved it. A commenter once suggested that I read Firefly Lane in hopes that it might be my style of read. It was great too. I cried at the end. It wasn’t all that exciting or mysterious – but it was good and kept me just interested enough to stick through it. I’m now reading Still Missing by Chevy Stevens and it is shockingly intense. I’m a little over half way through with it. I could have blogged yesterday during lunch, but I couldn’t put the book down long enough.

·         New puppy, Precious is doing semi good. She’s really come out of her shell the last week and we are working hard on a routine and the ever frustrating process of house breaking her. It turns out that I’m pretty much the only one capable and qualified to clean up puppy poo. Trust me, potty training is quickly becoming my top priority in that house.

·         Shhhh, don’t tell Hubbie Mr. Top Dog in the house or the kittens, but are adding one last animal this weekend. A Siamese kitten. She is beautiful with blue eyes.

·         In the meantime, we will be continuing our search party for the missing turtle. I worry about how long she can go without water. I fear this will not have a good ending.

·         See how much I heart you? I used my lunch time to blog instead of read…..and man oh man,  is that book getting good. It’s VERY intense.

·         K- have a good…..wait…what’s today?