Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cowtown Maratho

I left the house this morning and ran 13.1 miles...half marathon. I did it last year too.

2009 results:Chip Time2:36:24
2008 results:Chip Time2:15:55

That's a bit of a difference. I imagine that if I hadn't stopped to tinkle twice today I would have gotten a lot closer to last year's time. I actually stood in line at three different porta-poddys. (AND I hate porta-poddys!!) I had to tinkle BAD!!!

I got to see the full marathon winner and second place pass me running super fast. They better watch out for me next year!

This year, I had no sleep before hand.....maybe five minutes around 5:25am and my ankle gave out around the 5-6th mile. I might have regretted the lucky charm breakfast about then too. And I had an ankle injury that I ran while feeling tremendous amounts of pain from it and I took in a bunch of dirt in my lungs and have been hacking ever since.

I took lots of pics and updated to twitter but twitter is now way behind on the posting and I don't understand what's going on. I might repost the pics I took later.

For now? We rest a little. OK, we rest alot.

Shhhhh.....keep it quiet around here.

Mood: Feeling beaten all over.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Welcome to my Friday night filled I am going nowhere this evening other than once or twice to the fridge area scrounging for chocolate.

My plan is to read a play in its entirety (ok...maybe entirety but over the course of the weekend).

Watch Survivor's episode from last night.....and post about it.

Do yoga on the wii. Why do I feel like saying 'Perform' rather than 'Do'?

Drink a cup of hot tea.

Go to bed early.

Mood: Content.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Survivor Episode 2

Thanks in whole to Stumble Upon.

I went to CBS's website which kept causing my computer to crash, I'm guessing because everyone is watching the crazy show. So I stumbled for a different way to watch it and found this website.

I love the inkernets.

***Spoiler: I was glad to see Candace get "blind sided" and get voted off. Honestly, I don't believe in a blindsided vote on that show. You have to suspect that at all times on that show. No one is your friend and the term "trust" is used loosely. I could so win that game just living on the mistakes of others. Read that last comment as slyness and not cockiness.

My favorite player so far is Sierra. Her job is listed as a model and I would normal dislike her just because she's competition, but there is just something about her that I like. I find myself rooting for her.

I'll watch Episode 3 tomorrow. Thanks to the high quality on the cast tv and on cbs's website. I don't want to get stuck with watching it on regular tv ever again. Heck, I have discovered tv on my new cell phone and it's kick butt impressive.

Hmph. I might look into a better quality tv. I'm a fan of technology. I'll look into that.

Mood: Satisfied.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Dying Dad.

A dying dad's letter that just happens to be in craigslist looking for his daughters. I have no idea if its truth or some sort of gimmick. If its real then it makes me so desperately sad for that dad and hoping upon big piles of hope that somehow his daughters read that. I'm also very curious to know the story.

If its a gimmick, then there is one sick in the head, yet creative person out there. Exactly what does that person gain by that? Is there something I've completely missed?

Mood: Hoping over disgust.

Survivor Episode #1

was fantastic! I completely forgot to hit the timer on the DVR two weeks in a row. I searched the internet left and right and found it on The picture was incredible and the sound on my new kick butt head phones was....kick butt.

**Spoiler**...if you haven't seen it, then go somewhere else till you do.

At the beginning of the show, they all hop off the truck and each team has to vote for someone right away. Noone has spoken to each other and knows nothing of each other. One tribe picks the old lady and the other tribe picks the tired looking one. The old lady is nuts and was angry, the quiet one confessed she had a fever of 102 thanks to strep throat and was on antibiotics. She seemed more hurt. The catch was that they were not going home, they were put on helicopters and flown to the camp sites, everyone else had to endure the four hour hikes. Nice turn of events. Everyone (included the old lady and the quiet one) assumed it was to vote off the game.

I love Survivor.

At the end, quiet gal's tribe won immunity; granny's tribe went to tribal council and they kept granny....who reminds me of someone who has taken more than their fair share of home made meth.....and got rid of a tiny annoying strange young gal.

Mood: Catching up.

Dating 101 - Intro

So, through my experiences I feel its only fair to share with you what I learn. I know you are completely content with stalking me. I don't blame you. I am, after all, very good looking, extremely smart, creative and an up and coming actress/superstar.

But, this stalking thing won't last forever. There will be the police reports, my jealous boyfriend(s), restraining orders and of course, what are your neighbors going to think? At some point, you will lose your legal battles with my highly talented team of attorneys, possibly that promotion at work due to the rumors, injure yourself by skinned your knees crouching behind a bush or get arrest by fighting over a hiding place with another stalker.

So, back to a normal life you'll go and at that point in time, when the Court orders you to watch no closer than 500 feet away, you'll think back to this Dating 101 course you are about to go through and thank me fondly with that creepy smile of yours. Hopefully then you will be prepared to chase after a gal and successfully make her your girlfriend. I'll expect an invite to the wedding although I won't attend (restraining order, remember?). Naming your first child after me would be greatly appreciated also.

How long is this course, when will you graduate and how much will this course cost? Well, that, my friend is up to you. During this time, should you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below each post. If your question is a little more personal and doesn't involve a rash please feel free to email me. I do reserve the right to post it in this blog so the other stalkers may learn from you....although I promise to not identify your secret fake name.

Until then, Good luck.

Mood: Helpful.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cowboy Out.

OK- Cowboy was nice, but I can't do without the computer. I just don't understand how one can live without one. He's a ranch hand and doesn't have one at work either.

Kbuggie just can't compute.

So, tonight I said fair well to the good dancing cowboy with the great fitting jeans and warm hugs. I guess that's not bad for a first attempt and two great on a country dance floor and the other feeding the cattle.

Mood: Not distraught.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Courthouse Pics

Is there anyone out there that has NOT taken pics of the Wise County Courthouse? The top right one I took at night (just in case you didn't figure that out) and captured the reflection of the Courthouse off the tinted glass of the barber shop. I took a similar pic off the reflection of my station wagon's bumper but it didn't look as neato.

Oh yea, Kbuggie is a photographer on the can hollar for all your family portraits, wedding or pet photography needs. I'll let you throw lots of moula at me. I don't mind cause I'm nice like that.

Mood: Capturing.

Get Learned

I actually found a video that explains the credit crisis. I like how its explained for a short attention span like myself.

Wanna know why our economy is in its current state? Go here for an explanation.

There is your educational moment contributed by kbuggie......for the week.

You are very welcome.

Mood: wantin' a box.

Good bye Cat.

Thoughts from the play:

I've had more people ask someone later if I'm really pregnant and then become shocked to learn that I am NOT pregnant.

I had a guy....(and I'm 98.72% positive this guy was NOT hitting on me!!) tell me I'm a really, really good actress and should really really pursue a career. He's my new 2nd favorite person (1st fav is Bobby).

We broke the set down in less than an of the many advantages of having a huge cast.

I miss everyone already!!

I would like my next role to be something more show a different side of me.

A couple of audience members told me they did not like my character.

I wonder how many people around this county will gossip about me being pregnant?

Every show we did, I had someone in the audience that I had invited. I am truly grateful and extremely thankful for that.

Acting is addicting. I absolutely love it!!

Mood: Reminiscing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Date with the Cowboy

I met a very handsome 33 yo cowboy in public with his extremely adorable 4 year old. Mr. Cowboy was very smooth and actually talked me out of my number. I was tempted to give him my special hotline. (940) 627-5546 (Go ahead and call it...I know you're tempted.) But I decided to take a chance and give him my real number.

Looks: Pretty, pretty good. (Mr. Cowboy's jeans makes his rear look mighty nice.)

Brains: Eh. Not quite up to my brains are pretty big...and I realize that makes it hard to keep up.

Personality: Outgoing...very.

Special Attribute: Amazing dancer....he has rhythm.

Date: First we went dancing at Billy Bob's, which was pretty fun. The next morning he picked me up to go feed cows (his job as a ranch hand), which I giggled a poking fun at him kind of way for referring to it as "relaxing". A friend referred to it as the same. I went, had a good time, a few laughs, and realized driving down a dirt county road in silence, that I enjoyed the country and appreciated the experience. The baby calves were very very very cute. It's a shame they grow up to be.....well, fat, not cute and sold to a slaughter house. Made my heart sad. Do they know their fate? I also learned quite a bit.

Now for some reason, I might be a little worn out by Mr. Cowboy. He does a lot of texting, calling but no computer'in. He doesn't have a computer and for that matter no internet. Gasp. I fear this may not go further. How does one live without a computer? I just can't imagine that in this day and age.

Stay tuned for Mr. Next.

Mood: Searching.


I have no clue which direction to put this blog in. I'm kind of leaning towards a lil bit of a saga over the dating life of one hot mama. Undecided. Now that the play is over, I can spend a little more time on it and make some changes here and there.

Oh, don't you worry your pretty little reading eyes, I'll keep the changes small and spaced out. I won't shake things up over night. I know it was torture to be without me the last couple of weeks, but I am very happy that you stuck with me and waited for me to come back to you.

My first change, I shall leave this up to you......see the poll on the side and vote.

Mood: Open

I met a germ once.....

What a crazy interesting germ filled week I've lead....or followed.

It's midnight and not my weekend for the kids but they are tucked neatly and nicely into my bed. Little one got whiny and fussy during the play and I realized that she had a fever. Poor thing. I gave her advil and she konked right out. She woke up in time for curtain call...carried out by her stage dad. Her actual dad claims illness of his own tonight. I'm unsure if I actually believe that.

But either way...I'm always happy to have kids at home, even if they are sickly.

Disclaimer: I might have fallen asleep while writing this last night. I sat in my recliner, wireless keyboard and mouse by my side and fell asleep in the middle of a sentence.

Kbuggie was tired.

So update: it's now morning after. Little one is outside running around the backyard screaming with delight as the doggies chase her around. I just hollared at her to get her toes in here and settle her "sickly" self down!!

I was going to send her to the doc today, but fever and she looks and is acting like a million bucks.

Also, I caught wind of another home remedy.....and these days, after the whiskey bit, I'm totally into home remedies. A mom tells me to put vicks vapor rub on the feet of my lil baby because your feet have the biggest pores on your body and will soak it in more. She stated it was a homeopathic thing. I told her I didn't understand her big words, but I'm so trying it!! I'm not sure my lil one coughed at all last night. (That or my whiskey home remedy prevented me from hearing anything in my deep sleep.)

Sorry for the long post. It's just that we've been apart for too long. I've got lots to tell you!! More to come. Thank you for being so patient! And keep an eye on the twitter and twit pic of mine for good stalker faithful following of me!

Mood: Not bad. Not bad at all. (could be the whiskey talking.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Kbuggie conquered a bit of exercising tonight. It's good stress relief. Badly needed stress relief.

40 minutes on the Wii.

30 minutes on the eliptical.

Good workout. Yeah me!

Annnd after one sickly week I didn't pig out or go nuts off my diet and I lost a pound. It wasn't the optimal two pounds for the week.... but hey...I'll take one pound. It's better than none.

Mood: Fair.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Perfect Date Dating Video

As I ponder the dating scene and what it will have to offer someone as gorgeous and brilliant as myself....... please, please, please let my date NOT be like this guy.

(Stolen from my twin sister's facebook.)

Mood: Hellllo, Bobby!

Vocal Medicine

1 shot whiskey, some lemon juice and some honey.

I can't promise its the best tasting stuff out there. But I think its really helping my voice. I did a shot of that last night. Well, maybe just the whiskey. Today I actually went for the honey, lemon and whiskey mix. Ick.

Right now, I'm trying the hot tea with a shot of each of the ingredients. Its actually not too bad. We'll see how well it works. It comes highly recommended from a dear friend!

Mood: Tipsy.

Out for a day.

Poor Kbuggie Junior #2 is a sickly child today. Miss thing has an upper respiratory infection and a fever that got up to 102.5 last night. We are currently going back and forth between tylenol and advil for the fever and treating the congested cough with prescription cough syrup. Poor baby. She only got upset when I told her no school...... but, but, but today is pajama day!

So she gets a bit of an energy burst (thanks to the Reece's cereal and tylenol) and I decide its a good time for a drug run to the IGA with a stop to Subway for lunch.

We run into two bosses at the Subway. Made me giggle. I swear, I swear this kid is sick!! I was sooo tempted to pull the thermometer out of my purse and show her temp! They got a kick out of it. I think I might have been more embarrassed that I didn't have any lunch at home to feed my poor sickly kid.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow. Until then....I must work on the connoction of ingrediants for my lost voice. It's getting better....sorta.

Mood: Quiet

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Hey lookie!! The director made this slide show! Great job Marty!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Letter from Kbuggie

Dear Voice of Kbuggie,

Why did you leave me? Why must you be gone this long? Was it something I did? Was it something my brain asked you to say? Hollaring at those cute construction workers on the side of the road was just for giggles. Maybe I spent too much time singing on the Wii Rock Band this weekend. (I blame Ms. Wine.)

Whatever it was, I apologize deeply. I’ve missed you and soooo feel how important you are to me. In your absence and in hopes of bringing you back, I’ve consumed almost a whole bag of cough drops; so many that your downstairs neighbor seems to be plotting a protest if there are anymore consumed.

With you being gone, the guys at work are now poking fun at me….they seem to enjoy the silence left behind. (Sniff, sniff….) It’s just not the same without you!

I miss you!!! Please come back. Please?



Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day.


As if getting a speeding ticket wasn't bad enough for my budget (yea, yea...I know...totally my fault)....

.....we're sitting at the stop light and my older one gasps....just as I hear the all too familiar sound of the window falling into the door!

Didn't I just fix that you ask? Well, yes, I did...I fixed the back passenger left side window. I also had the front passenger replaced when I first got the pinto. Now? It's the back right window. At least I know I can fix it myself and not shell out a zillion dollars to the dealer....just a hundred for the part.

Great. Just great.

Mood: Experienced in frustration.


My voice is gone and my throat still hurts like crazy!

Yesterday's performance was incredible, the cast party was fun--although I pretty much had very little voice at that point.

I went for the couch pretty early and watch a movie. The rest was badly needed.

Today I drove out to Dallas for a Management Meeting. I took a CPR class this morning with a Vietnam vet as the instructor. He's also a fire fighter/paramedic and a sheriff deputy/chaplain. He's on of those older guys that teaches old school and doesn't really care if he offends or not. I was very interested in what he had to say....and he didn't hold back.

I struggled through the afternoon presentation and felt my head drop once. I was ultra sleepy with the lights dimmed and the owner of the company talking with a smooth, slow voice......

When I got home this afternoon with the kids, I went for the couch-hollared at the younger one to change into her tumbling outfit and then I might have konked out. When I woke up I felt terrible-almost to tears that my older one took care of the younger one and they had to feed themselves. This is one of those rare times when I would like to put down my independance and let someone take care of the girls and me. Then again......

So back to the couch I go. Dinner for me was some ice and a frozen veggie serving.

Mood: Exhausted.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Opening Night...


I had the best compliment EVER after the show by an audience member. A lady came up to me and said she didn't like me.....then she followed up with...I didn't like your character! I'm sure I like you, but your character wasn't nice!!

That was cool!! ending scene (which is my favorite) was AWESOME!!!

My grandparents came and liked it, my mom came and gave me three thumbs up.....yes, don't poke fun at my mother, she has three thumbs-she can't help it!

Good day.

AWESOME performance by all. Incredibly smooth!

Come see it, come see it!!

Mood: Excited.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

Come see it!!! (Click on pic to enlarge.)

Facebook invite with some more info here.

Off 380 players website with info here.

Mood: Inviting.

We have a show!!!

It went fantastic tonight!! Incredibly fantastic!!! I am sooo excited. I have always been excited to be a part of a show but this one feels extremely great.

Media night was tonight and I'm not sure it could have been any smoother. It was fantastic.

Update on my costume....the director is a genius. She does not get near enough credit for her big brains!!!

I'm so excited....we have a show, we have a show......We have a SHOW!!!!

Come see it!!!

Tomorrow you'll have to miss me....opening we..... COME!!!

Mood: Thrilled!


Head cold is now full blown. You know it’s bad when I’m popping pills and drinking Dimetabb straight from the bottle. I’m fairly positive that I do NOT have the flu. I’m basing that entirely on the fact that I got the flu shot.


My costume is a mess. I tried to fix it last night and only made it worse. It doesn’t help that I don’t have any energy whatsoever.


I’ve got Dayquil, Halls Cough drops and DM Elixir spread out over my desk. My brain doesn’t feel fully functional today.


Last shared piece: my throat feels like someone took a blow torch to it. There’s nothing like some good nostril drainage to get one going in the morning.



Mood: Longing (for my bed).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cop out.

I'm not sure I'm spelling that correctly. I'm halfway considering not posting until Friday night after the play or maybe Saturday around noon when my tired body finally rolls out of bed. It's busy, I have two kids at home, six more on stage and one fake one on the way for a couple of hours each night.

For the most part of today I've felt icky in a sickly kind of way. I'm not completely positive I'm going to make it through all of rehearsal tonight. Sore throat, headache, no energy whatsoever....and my fever is going up and down. Ugh.

For now....must work on the costume I've made a mess out of.

Didn't I tell ya I whine alot....well this is the spot my whining goes to.

Mood: Dragging.

My week.

I'm getting sick and I know it.

#1 I've been sneezing and sniffling my brains out for almost a month now. I've gone through a whole box of Advil Allergy....and Zyrtec....oh and that other stuff I used between the Zyrtec and the Advil that wasn't that great.

#2 I attempted to give blood today, but was denied....I had a fever and my iron was too low.

#3 Now I'm freezing and my back hurts really bad. I think the advil I took earlier has already worn off.

But it's all ok because....well....I'll think of something later. For now, I shall take more advil and go to bed.

Mood: Frail.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

The nemisis: She drives me crazy. The mention of her name, the thought, the sound of her voice just makes me cringe. Big Big Big time. Directly she has never done anything to do me harm, but indirectly her actions have affected me. I think her constant negativity has made her to be yukky in appearance. She is also not a bright person at all and proves it within seconds of opening her mouth.

Tonight, I actually had to make a late night call or two and go on a rant about her. Generally I try to be a calm person, but I think my something over flowed tonight. Now that I'm back to being calm and rational, I feel kinda bad. Hey, I said kinda.

The female crush: Not in a you-know-what kind of way. It's hard to explain, but she's the one that I'm drawn to with no funny business going on. She's smart, pretty, well spoken and carries herself well.

She is the one that I see or meet up and just fumble for my words, don't know what to say and just feel all giddy silly around. Today I almost crossed her path but took a different out of the way path just to avoid her. I feel bad, my I didn't want to feel like a goofball by tripping over all my words again and feeling as if I were an idoit.

The ugly: Whether its with a good or bad person, either way the ugliness can be drawn out of me. Now how do I let that happen? That is when I feel like a social experiment gone wrong: 1) Doesn't play nicely with others. 2) Has trouble interacting with others.

Mood: Introverted.

Birthday Shout Out.

Did you know today was Flickr's 5th birthday?

I'll be.

My bad, Flickr. Happy birrfday!

Mood: Belated.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Love Fest Week

I called and canceled something that was ordered for Valentine's Day. I halfway considered letting it go through to its destination just to save myself the phone call and then changed my mind. That was depressing.

"Yes, Hi, Merchant of The Love Store, I need to go ahead and cancel my pre-ordered gift of love. Yep, that one. No, no, ma'am, looks like my love won't be called for this year. Yada, yada, yada......Yes, ma'am, if I change my mind, I will call back."

Speaking of wonderful romance. If you have something to say to your Valentine and don't know how, then try one of these.

Mood: Blah

Twenty Two

Today's wrap up:

I didn't get pulled over today. That is a good day for me.

A very special grandmother made her delicious tuna helper just for me. That was the sweetest thing ever.

So my dinner of a tuna fish sandwich, chips and a beer was almost the best meal ever. Why the heck am I drinking a beer? It's kinda yucky. Do these things get old? It's causing me to lose the lingering taste of my sandwich. Good bye beer.

My dog is outside my window, snoring. Loudly.

I'm tired.

I'm ready for you to rock me to sleep and sing me a sweet lullaby of how wonderful I am.

The title of 22 wasn't a mistake. It was my strange mystery for the day. You're welcome. Hang around and you'll get more strangeness from me.

Mood: Waiting.

Weight Update:

I refuse to discuss the 2 pounds that I put back on over the last week. I blame the diet commercial with the Hungry character. He’s just so cute!!

Mood: Gainful

Nice Monday.

Monday's time sheets are done, I've got a grilled chicken wrap settling nicely in my belly, and I have five minutes left in my lunch half hour.
So....lucky you, you get to hear just a smidge bit from lil ole me.
I should be running lines in my head, but I'm scared to over rehearse. Is that really possible for a blonde like me?
This week is dress rehearsal week at the stage and I'm starting out this week on the tired, worn out side. (Note to self: get more rest on the weekends.)
I have family and friends confirming their required/requested/begged presence in the audience. I am excited. My grandparents are even stopping back by to see it. They came to see me in Curious Savage and requested show dates for my next appearance.
OK-now go to this website and decide which performance you are going to attend. If you are nice, I might even grace you with my autograph after the show. I'll use my fake-pregnant belly as a make-shift shelf just for grins.
Mood: Reminding.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Youtube entertainment.

You can find the song for a dollar minus a penny on the good old itunes.

Mood: I like different.

Complaint Department

Dear t-shirt selling website,

I would like to pronounce, for the record, that I am not too pleased with you right now. As I look over my shoulder at the cute little shirt I bought from you, I have a big problem with it....its TOO little. When you say woman's medium.... exactly what do you classify as medium? You have done the ultimate wrong to made me feel .......*Gasp*......fat!! And we all know I am .....*sigh*......not a ......*deep breath*.....a size.....LARGE!

I ordered the woman's medium and it fit my daughter. My ten year old daughter. Don't mind me....I was just hopping to feel good about myself by actually buying ME something to wear after losing ten pounds. Ten pounds!!

Adios, Mr. T-Shirt Selling Website,
See if I visit you again!!!

Mood: Bloated, maybe?

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Here is how I just ended my lovely weekend.

It kind of reminds of last week. Here.

Now what's that contraption called that lets you control your desired (legal) speed. Oh control. I'm not sure my station wagon is equipped with that.

Mood: Slowing Down.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh. No. Dog in sickly ways.

Both dogs were tested for heartworms out of routine. We have never done this before but the vet strongly recommended this after the last visit.

Benji has tested positive. Izzy negative. Izzy has been prescribed heartworm prevention, but Benji is currently waiting on more blood work to be sent to a lab in California. Then its suggested for him to undergo treatment and will stay at the vet for a week. I understand the treatment is very rough on the dog. I'm not sure I could put him through that.

The vet might have said a dollar figure out loud that infected my heart. I didn't argue because I had little girl tears traveling down sad faces beside me. There's still good reason to be optimistic over this, but there's no telling how bad this is since he's not been tested before.

If you have a dog....GO get it tested. Now! Read no further....leave me and call your local friendly vet.

Not good. I don't deal with broken hearts very well.....especially of my children.

Mood: Feeling Pain.

Busy day.

-Dogs to vet for heartworm tests.

-Costume search and resewing fake pregnant belly.

-Lines, lines, lines.

-Birthday party for kids to go to.

-I'm working a jog in there somewhere. Maybe.

-And tonight......we wine with cards. Yum!!!

-Until then.....check out my twitter. I'm gonna post a pic of my new t-shirt.

Mood: Busy.

Babies, babies....

I got a text message from a friend stating they gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Five minutes later I got another text from another friend asking for prayer for a pregnant mom not able to hear a heartbeat.

What a happy scary world we live in.

Mood: Sweet and Sour.

David After Dentist

Funny Video. Kid goes to dentist to get teeth pulled, doc gives him drugs and dad films.

Mood: Giggling.

“good person respects all weman”

This is a real dating profile:

"The feature that captures my attention is my Face I am always told how hansom I am that I take a good picture

On our dream date, my match and I would we would go out to diner go window shopping and then grab a cup of coffee
if during the day we would grab milkshakes and go to the cuntry in are personal time after getting to know her ferst and sertanly her to know me I would have her pose nude for me nothing vaulger I feal all women are beauty full and should be respected and also somtime watch a good movie at my place

My closest friends describe me as being a good persion kind loving very polite allways thinking of others hansom loving animals would stand up for them if the time was right that I make them smile and laugh give knolage and allways be their for them and that all women should be treeted well that their place is not in the kitchen

If I could live anywhere it would Colorado because of the mountains and snow pine trees the sent in the air and hikeing"

Wow, and to think I thought I would never find love again. Excuse me, I must go write a reply to this guy. After we do non-"vaulger" nude photography, I wonder what kind of movie he had in mind....

Mood: Amused

Friday, February 6, 2009

Peek a Boo!

Miss me today?

Well, of course you did! That's why I am .....The Great Kbuggie!

After a long, hard day in the factory, working my delicate little fingers to the bone, I went out for the night. I know, I know, you're sitting there wondering where was kbuggie?

My little girls, Mother and I went out to see a play nearby in Weatherford. The Theatre Off The Square was opening Harvey. It was well worth the trip over and the girls loved it. The younger one fell asleep towards the end and missed seeing Harvey....the pooka!!

In one scene, someone looks up the definition of a pooka in the encylopedia. My ten year old later described her favorite scene in the play when "the nurse guy looked up pooka in the wikipedia." She made me laugh.

Mood: Enjoyable.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More me from the past....

I am gracing you with two pics:

The first one is me at the young age of cute was I? Yes, I agree, very.

The second is me on the ambulance ten years ago at an elementary school teaching kids about 911. I miss those days.

Mood: Reverting back.


Stay with me......I've had an occasion twice this week where one area of my life that is completely separate and different than another area of my life has had one word appear on both sides.

The first one was in regards to a podcast I listen to and something that was said on a recent one. A co-worker sent an email and she mentioned a word that was used in the podcast, and her email was kind of out of the blue. I stopped, thought of a careful reply and yep, she replied back...I think she's a member of the same crowd. I'm waiting for further instructions on that one. Weird, but interesting. I know you're sitting there and just muttered the words, "What the heck are you talking about, kbuggie." But if you knew the podcast aannd this co-worker you would totally understand.

The second instance had me a little concerned. I had an IM between myself and someone else that was just freestyle writing we came up with. I was so excited with this story line and how spontaneous everything was that I spent most of it on the edge of my seat. It was so great it should be published.
Two days later, I get an email at work from another coworker and he used an uncommon word in his email. Gasp. there any way...nahhh.....

But on days like these I feel paranoid that I'm living in a staged world like The Truman Show with Jim Carey and there's always some character from the outside trying to give me a hint that this is all made up. (Which is reason #103 on why I think the world does revolve around me.)

Mood: Suspicious.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I know you have been waiting patiently and eagerly for me to arrive home and post many posts, but I'm sleepy. I also have lines to read that I totally missed tonight, and I'm out of clean socks.

Sorry, I now realize you could have done without the mentioning of the sock. No wonder I'm single.


Mood: Needy.

Bad Start

Kbuggie is not in a good mood today.

My supplier of my sweet addicting power drink is having problems with their credit card machine today and their ATM machine is done. Since I don’t carry cash and didn’t leave enough time for a catastrophe such as this……I’m without my power drink until at least 11:30am.

I also ran off and left my lunch at home.

Mood: Longing

Tech Week

Just to remind you, we still have two more crazy, stressful rehearsals at the theater this week.

We open next weekend--Valentine's Day Weekend.

In your world, that translates into slow reading of your favorite subject: me.

Watch my twitter and twitpic....and I'll give ya a little excitement here and there.

In fact, go be a "follower" of me on twitter.

Come on, be a good stalker....its not that hard. (You might even like twitter enough and become addicted!)

Mood: Tempting

Disturbing Thought

I just realized while counting and doing math in my head....

1.) The pic below was half my life ago.

2.) My older daughter is four and half years away from that age.

3.) I'm feeling not as young as I was.....well half my life ago!

Mood: Uneven

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My old days...

.....before I became the famous supermodel actress that I am today.

This is me in high school at the Band Banquet.

That was not my date for the night.

I went with the sweetest kid EVER and dumped him that night. Ugh. What a terrible girl I was.

I'm pretty sure his parents have disliked mine ever since.

I still feel bad.

(The date actually baked me cookies and put a love note in one of the cookies.)

I'm also pretty sure I stuffed my bra that night, because I was on the swim team and had no body fat whatsoever....which meant....nothing to put in a bra...besides kleenex.

There, now you may exit my memory lane.

Mood: Embarrassed.

Oh the pain.

Oh the agony!!!

I ate catfish for dinner. Ugh. I'm so full and miserable.

Why? Oh WHY!!

Someone tell me I'm looking chubby so I'll quit doing crap like that and stick to my starvation diet.

Need sleep......

Oh to play practice.

We'll talk more about this when I get home!

Mood: Stuffed

Monday, February 2, 2009

One Shirt

I just bought myself a t-shirt.....and there is only one person out there that knows which shirt I just bought. I had half an hour left before the new one rolled in.....and I got one!!

Kbuggie is excited.

(Don't worry, mom-#1) I'll show it you. #2) It's my valentine's day gift to me from me. #3) I'll show ya this weekend.)

Mood: Spent.

Not forgotten... beg:

And yes, you are coming to this play. I begged....I mean I demanded.

If you don't, I'll cry.

I'll cry right here on this blog.

My tears will run down this page and I will be blue.

We can't have that happen, can we? No. We cannot.

Until then....I'm going to study "blocking" and lines in Act III in preparation of your arrival.

And yes, you can bring all your friends, too.

Mood: Sleepier.


And I just got home half an hour ago. This week is tough. It's tech week mixed with a costume parade.

Tech week: Is when we go through the motions of each scene so the people in charge of lights, backstage cues, props, sounds and any changes in between scenes know when to do what. It's normally a hurry up and wait process. It also comes when the cast is at that point of...will we ever get through this play doubled up with a side of we've spent too much time together and the director is driving me crazy. For the director she has over and over and over again barked directions and wonders if anyone is listening or if this show can really be pulled off. There is typically some...wait....make that.....a lot of anxiety involved when we haven't gone completely through the play yet. We all settle down and love each other again when we pull it off (as we will).

Oh ANNNDD it's also costume parade time. The definition of that involves every character standing in different parts of the stage in complete costume and make up so the director, costume designer, stage manager, tech people....and really anyone else crazy enough to be sitting in the audience.....makes sure every tiny detail on that person looks perfect.

This is the biggest cast I have ever worked with. Period. Its hard. Very hard. We have 12 adults and 8 kids. Good grief. It's crowed and drawn out.

Oh and don't get me started on my opinion of how bad Tennessee Williams (the writer) was on the "blocking" in this play.

Blocking is a term referring to where each character is supposed to be, where the action takes place, and what the motivation is for each character in that scene. He lacks to say the least.....could be worse....but he lacks.

All in all....I'm pretty sure we'll pull this off. I have confidence and am still impressed with everyone involved. Other than the normal expected trials, its going pretty well considering the complexity of this play and the number of people involved.

Wow I went on and on tonight. Thanks for listening. I feel better.

Mood: Sleepy



Six more weeks of winter is being predicted by the highly precise groundhog. Makes me sad.

Mood: Cold

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weigh In

Drum roll please......


Woo hoo!!!

And that was the weigh in BEFORE my seven mile hard run up hill today.

Yep, patting myself on the back.

I'm going for another month of this kbuggie diet special. It seems to be working.

Mood: Lite


Movie Review:

Taken was a good good movie. I walked in expecting the only part of the movie to be good was the part that was shown in the trailer.

I was wrong.

Oh my, there was some unexpected moments in that movie. There are too many unpredictable movies out there that I have time and time again knew what was going to happen ahead of time. Movies have too much foreshadowing. (And to think my 9th grade English teacher didn't think I paid attention.)

I like Liam Neesom. I always forget how much I like him. Why do I do that?

This was an action packed movie that surprised even me. I even felt tense a couple different times. Don't walk into this movie thinking you know what's going to happen.

There ya go.

I liked it. (And the eggrolls were great too.)

Oh and the waiter was great eye candy. I order a second blue thing just to flirt a little more. And good grief, was that waiter was smooth. I'd go see a terrible movie just to interact with that guy. Then again, I have a short attention span so I probably wouldn't.

Review: Taken Good.

One More Confession

I got a little sad and depressed Friday. It's kinda silly, but I came across an email that made me sad in a mad kind of way. I had plenty of friends offering to keep me from boo-hoo'in my night away but I refused. I was very close to going to a birthday party....or two, but I went to bed after work and stayed there....for awhile.

At one point I decided being in bed was not the solution and I should walk out of the house and do something even if it was for a little bit. So I did.

I showered, put my comfy blue jeans on and I went to another movie. I decided I can probably get away with the crazy go by myself behavior for one more weekend, before I get kidnapped by friends. I like movies, plays, events that you can watch and enjoy. I do like getting out, but I just wasn't ready to be around people that know me yet. I'm not used to being so social. Really.

Saturday's errands finally let something click in my little brain and I'm back to feeling good. Friday's depression was just a temporary setback. I'm back to being a big girl.....and what does Fergie say about Big Girls? She says, Big Girls Don't Cry.

So, forgive my odd behavior but I've gots me some adjustments to make. I must search for the new kbuggie inside....kbuggie. 1st discovery: Kbuggie thinks its wierd to talk in the third person.

Mood: Free


I am a fan of theater. Not only do I love being on stage but I love going to plays too. I've been on a mailing list for a theater in Addison that I had wanted to go to, but just haven't. These people have the craziest stuff. They don't hold anything back. At all.
Nudity? Sure.
Cuss words? Why not.
They do the plays that others wouldn't touch.

A New Drama advertised PG-13 so I didn't let my mom go with me and feel bad that I didn't tell her that is where I was going. In retrospect, this one wasn't that bad. I'm not sure why I guard my poor sweet mother, it's not like she hasn't heard a cuss word before. I bet she would have thoroughly enjoyed this play. I now feel bad (as I should) for sneaking over there without her.

The play was great. I was pretty impressed with the acting and that says a lot coming from my "professional" viewpoint. The story line wasn't exactly unique while it deals with love, deception and murder, but the ending was unique. The play is actually a play about a play that ends on stage of the play. I'll stop there, you have to go see it.

I command you: (in a deep loud voice) Go see it. It was great.

I'm definitely going to visit that theater again. I might even take my mother.....well, as long as there isn't anything too risque.

Mood: Three thumbs up.


My betwittered quit working.

That made me sad.

I had to let it go.

Mood: Dismissed.

Violent Departure

Dear Lunch at Casa Playa Maybe Eye-a something or other,

I have to start out by saying it was fantastic seeing you today. Mother and I stopped by after church in hopes for some aunthentic Mexican food and you proved us well. The brisket tacos were delicious. I might have eaten a tad too much, but under the circumstances surrounding the talk I had with my dear sweet mother, I can't accept the blame.

Now after we left you and the company of the waitress, we went to mother's house for a good game of cards. I let you settle in my stomach as I sat quietly (and nervously) trying hard to beat mother at cards. It came close and seemed really tense during the last two rounds but I was careful not to upset you while you settled in my tummy.

Once mother beat me at cards, I was prepared to take a nice, little easy jog with mom and dad's dog. I consulted with mother, Lily (the dog) and put forth great thought myself in regards to the path and length of the jog. I'm afraid I failed ask you of your opinion. For that, Lunch, I apologize. I really apologize.

It wasn't intentional to run that hard for so long, but I didn't realize my destination was going to be mostly uphill, filled with pep hollaring at the dog and, of course, I didn't realize it was going to be seven miles. About half way there you made your presence known. I tried to shush you and reassure you that you didn't have to leave. I still say you were more than welcome to stay. The josstling up and down while we ran wasn't really as bad as you claimed.

I believe I am most upset in your choice of exiting from my poor defenseless body. You were so violent in how your burst out of my head. Really, was that necessary? Was it not possible to handle this situation in a more rational manner?

At any rate, I'm sorry our time together that started out so well had to end in such a horrific way. I now feel, so, so......empty. Until next time, take care.