Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Should have listened.....

...to my horoscope. I got a tummy bug yesterday, went home miserably sick (better described as violently-but I'll spare the details) and I didn't feel so awesome today. I think I'm warming up to the idea of a healthy person and am feeling confident enough to eat (or pig out) some supper.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Junkie Juror?

I'm not even sure I'm this nutty.
At least, I hope not.

My horoscpe

told me to hold off on any work related activities. Would that be ok with the boss?
Probably not.
But at least my creativity is flowing.


is just plum neato.

Oh yeah....

...don't believe I caught sight of any of that 20% chance of rain either. I did see way off in the east some flashes lights coming down from the sky. I might research that later to figure out what it could have been. Basically my first thoughts are, aliens invading or bolts of lightning. I would have posted a picture, but I couldn't ever get close enough to get a pic. Maybe some other time.

This page

outta keep you busy for a bit.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Huh? What's that? I may have to visit www.dictionary.com.
I read in the forecast that there is a 20% chance.
I probably won't hold my breath.
But, I bet rain would ruin this guy's fun.

Cold Front?

It was only a hundred and zillion something degrees today when the office AC broke. But at least I heard there is a cold front coming this weekend that will put us around 93.
Maybe I'll take a jacket.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I might need break....

because I have spent too much time on the internet including this site.

New Soda Machine!!

I was so excited to see a soda company hauling away an ancient and VERY annoying soda machine. I got to work this morning, rushed to the new machine to get a nice, cold soda to wake me up... and guess what.... they didn't fill it.
What a tease! They bring a new, improved soda machine, only to leave it empty. It's like a sick, terrible joke they played on those of us seriously addicted to caffine.
That is not very nice. I could have gone postal.
Then again, due to the lack of caffine, I was too lazy to do anything about it.

People Change...

.... and I would have to say this is a family of traditions.

One of my ..........

...... many reasons not to go to Iraq. This would scare me.


....according to snopes.com is bacteria found on the bottom of woman's purses. I think I will go blow torch the bottom of mine now.

Actually, I guess that would go for briefcases too. I think I'll add disinfectant wipes to my grocery list......

Thanks to the email buddy who forwarded that email to me!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can't blog right now

I'm on a very important call!

Ok, Luke, I'm sorry, you were saying how much you adore me? Go on, go on....

Monday, July 17, 2006

I think....

....someone may have used one of these on me the other day.... hey wait a sec... that is just wrong!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Interesting site.
You can observe your choice of 5 different scenes.
Make sure your sound is on.
I'm not sure which is my favorite scene.

For Stress Relief....

.......Enter here.

I'm exhausted

I went to the local grocery store for this week's groceries with children in tow. (tired children)
I get what I need with little arguments, from my followers. Even the cereal isle wasn't too painful. (Ever asked two children to pick out one breakfast from a whole isle?)
  • Self checkout: entered wrong pin # for debit card. Lots of beeping alarms go off. Slightly embarrassed.
  • Exiting: the ink cartridge (I paid for) set off the alarm. More embarrassed and a little annoyed.
  • Going to car: I drop the 12 pack of soda I just purchased in the middle of the street, had to hollar at the poor kids to go cling to a parking sign, hold hands and don't move! Very embarrassed and feeling sorry for my poor kids. How on earth do they get through a day with me? I should start saving for counseling now.
Finally home and thankful to be out of that silly store. I'm almost tempted to move to a big city just for the available internet ordered grocery delivery. I would tip BIG for that. I'm not a good shopper.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I think I need some advil now....
Very interesting, but don't look too long.

Friday, July 14, 2006


You know she really doesn't look it....story here.

Saw II

In my downtime, while being a sickly individual and lacking strength to do much of anything. I finally watched Saw II. I was almost as impressed with the II as I was with the first. The only downfall was that I was expecting to be shocked at the end.
I was shocked and happy, but just not as.....oh my'ed. (If that didn't make sense, then I might not be fully healed yet.)
I must note that this time I was wise enough to watch it during broad daylight!

When the Doctor says...

It's gonna hurt...there's a good chance it's gonna hurt!
Even if you've been getting shots for years, a penicillin shot can be a pain in the....
well...it will be a pain where ever it gets put!

(I may have been a little under the weather this week.)

But I'm feeling better now.

My temp. gauge read....

which may, or may have not been true and correct, but it felt as if it were a whole lot more.
The point is, I witnessed first hand, a person wearing a sweater today...... more specifically a long sleeve sweater!
And to think you thought I was crazy!
At least I had my ear muffs on too.

Temp. Out Of Service

Sunday, July 9, 2006


Do you have a morbid curiosty? If you don't then don't click here.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

New website...

I'm amazed to find many new visitors to my little blog. They are all coming from here. I have to admit I had never heard of this website, but I'm impressed by the idea of it.
Where ever you are coming from, welcome to my little world!! Post many comments. Go ahead and make me feel popular! Someday I'll be a movie star and you will have left your mark!

Good Technology Day

I have finally achieved communication between the camera, printer, and computer. I am happy!
Which is just in time, considering I took 600 pics at a family gathering today. Payment, was agreed, just feeding me lunch.
I took some awsome shots and had a blast.
After all the family pics were done, everyone jumped in the pool.
I got thrown in....clothes and all....soooo not nice!!

Oh yeah......drive careful!!!! Wrecks are scary. I cried for 45 minutes.
(That pic was 2-3 months ago, no living souls were injured during this accident.)

Friday, July 7, 2006

More Marriage

Amber Frey has found love.

Survivor News

Little Stephanie...who was on two different seasons got married
on a beach.....very sweet.

Paris Hilton

says she is not the ditzy blonde character she "invented" for her reality TV show "The Simple Life."

Yeah, well, me neither.....
I just create this my character every morning to entertain family, friends, co workers, and the gerneral public.....
Wait, she's getting paid for this?
I so need an acting career!
And to think I'm good at it.

Ah Ha!

I found a key!! Nice apartment manager has a copy...sure do love her...
lack of posting due to the mounds of paperwork/websites it takes to actually get classes going.
Oh yeah, and that simple little thing called financial aid.
Gotta love it!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

By the Way

Takeru has now taken this Nathan's title for the 6th time!!!!
Come on, let's root on this Joey-fellow for next year.
I may have to actually make the trip next time and cheer Joey on.
Funny line after the sports event "America needed a hero and America has a hero in Joey!"

My One Sport's Blog

probably ever. Might as well make it really good on the Fourth of July.
Who won Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island this year?
Even though an American came really close by 1 3/4 hot dogs, Takeru Kobayashi took the win again!
The American's name is Joey Chestnut. And he ate 52 hot dogs!
Takeru set a net record with 53 3/4 hot dogs.
And I am disgusted with myself that I broke my own record of never having visited ESPN's website.
Wow and a chick...Sonya Thomas came in 3rd with 37 hot dogs. I'm impressed.
For all my coworkers that think I have a bottomless pit...I'm not sure I could do that!
My stomach now hurts and I think I will go do crunches now!

Too Scared To Sleep....

I feel like I'm 12 again and watched one of those movies my parents told me not to.
Ok, late night, movie on a movie channel, never heard of it. Saw. Could be a horror movie and it is probably dumb enough to bore me to sleep, is my thinking.
As I wish I had a teddy bear to clutch right about now, I'm so scared I could almost drive to my parent's house and crawl in bed with them.
I'm such a baby.
This movie blew me away. I was impressed with how much it scared me, but more so of how much the ending just blew me away.
I generally sit during movies and forsee things happen that I saw saw coming. Shessh. I used that word and got shivers. But the ending of this movie had me sitting up in bed, clutching the covers, with my mouth wide open. During the credits, all I could say was oh my. Oh my.
Wow. And to think, when it started I had never heard of it before.
I hope I don't have nightmares when I finally do drift off. I've never taken any sleep aides before but may have to take a midnight ride to corner store.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Movie Daycare?

I just went to movie for the first time in a lonnnngggg time! I was amazed at two things that have changed in my absence:
1. They have Dr. Pepper! Wow! Forever it's only been Coke products. I was happy to sip a Dr. Pepper in the movie theatre that was purchased at the theatre!
2. They had a daycare! Why did it take them this long to come up with that idea? I'm impressed and excited. I just might visit the movie theatre more often!

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Thanks Jen #2

for not laughing TOO hard at me!!! We had a good time Friday night....listening to really good music on the web and just being plain goofy.
It's past midnight and I'm not sure if I heard her correctly but I think she just asked if she clocked out today.
Sometimes it good just to kick back, be silly, childish, dorky, sing along to, yep, you guessed it: New Kids On the Block.
Jen, in my book, you're plantium!!! You are the color purple.....love ya!!

Thanks, Jen for the walk down memory lane!

So who was your favorite?
Come on, fess up, we all adored them...... it's ok, we're adults now and "pinky promise" not to make fun of you!