Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Working Thoughts

  • Someone at sent an email to me asking for my help on an issue with our phone system. I have no problem helping out, but they closed the email with ….. or please forward this request to another IT member if you cannot assist. Someone outta tell this guy I am sooo not IT….if he really knew me he’d giggle at the thought of me being that smart.

  • I actually had to help someone turn their computer on this week after a power outage at our plant. I kept waiting for laughter on the other end of the phone as I was explaining where the on button was. Nope. They were serious.

  • What was worse than asking how to turn it on, was actually having to hang up the phone and go across the plant to his desk to show him how to turn it on. Sheesh.

  • Two guys at work….one Hispanic and the other Vietnamese argued over the pronunciations and meanings of Queenland vs. Quinlann. It was pretty funny listening to them argue over who was right…..they both have extremely thick accents…..and I’m not referring to a Texan accent.

  • Our Vietnamese guy was eating an “Asian Hamburger” today and I did a double take and said, “What the heck is that?” He said it is just like an American hamburger. I looked closer and asked what was inside of it. He said it had ham and mushrooms and some other vegetables. I had to explain that our hamburgers generally have cow meat in them and not actually ham like pork. He thought I was pulling his leg.

  • Our next discussion was over more of his frustration towards the English Language…going back to the pronunciations, spellings and meanings…such as, Arkansas vs. Kansas. He’s not too pleased of the different pronunciations of the “Kansas” part of those two states.
    I knew he can speak different languages and asked to remind me what all languages he can speak: Vietnamese, French, Russian, German and some Spanish…..oh and, English. Good grief, we have some guys that seriously struggle with just the English language.

  • Speaking of guys that struggle….I kid you not, we have a guy that talks and sounds exactly like Boomhauer from King of the Hill.

  • Time for Friday workings to be over…….

Stolen Tip of The Day

"....try to live your life in such a way the preacher wont have to lie at your funeral."

-borrowed from a friend's wall post on facebook. (I promise I'll give it back when I'm done with it.)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interactive Mirror

Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.

Ok, I'll admit this mirror is cool as heck, and my kittens would love it to pieces....but I have a 12 year old and I can guarantee you that she spends enough time in front of the mirror as it is. If this contraption was installed in her room.....she would never ever walk away from it. (I have no idea where she gets this from.)
Now the other offspring of mine....well, she is still a little kid and could care less about what the mirror has to show her. That little stinker can go outside (after I've tackled her and made her brush that hair) and within seconds she can somehow manage to be covered from head to toe in dirt.
Maybe that mirror would distract her long enough for me to pull off a ponytail. OK, I'll take one.

And my other home improvement find....I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind one of these 3-D door covers where put on our bedroom door.
....and wouldn't it look cool?

Lunchtime Quickie

· I’ve already mentioned this before….I think, but….. I jumped off a cliff. It was kinda scary-fun. I almost didn’t do it. I turned around to chicken out and heard a guy lean over to another guy and say’ “Looks like we gotta choker.” Other guys says, “She’s a girl – what do ya expect.” So I turned back to face the cliff, looked back at them to give them a glare and did what any girl would do……I jumped.

· Crazy part? (Yes other than actually jumping off a perfectly good cliff…..) After the jump, I make it through the crowd back to my husband who was going to video the jump…..and he didn’t video it. I don’t remember why…..I think I was still in shock from jump. That’s a heck of a fall! So, I forgave him on the spot, sucked up my fear and did it again…..that time he did manage to get it recorded. (Link is actually a friend’s recording….I’ve still got to upload and then post his video…a verbal exchange between himself and someone walking in front of the camera and about to block the view of my second jump is pretty funny.)

· I would like to state for the record that I’m not quite sure that the screaming heard in the back ground is me. There was an extremely large crowd gathered upon the cliffs to sit and watch people jump….there’s a really good chance it was someone else screaming at the exact same moment that I jumped…..and just happened to have stopped screaming the exact moment that I hit the water.

· I have a strong craving for some sushi. I think it’s been well over a month since I have gotten to eat any. I’m wondering if I can talk the ole’ man of mine into Sushi on our Mexican Food Date Night……

· Oddly, just seconds ago I had the passing A.D.D. thought of trying to remember how long it’s been since I sneezed and was happy to imagine my allergy season had passed. I’m on a sneeze-less streak. I just sneezed…..three times in a row. Streak over. Maybe I should go ahead and dig for that allergy pill afterall.

· I hurt my foot in Jamaica playing sand volleyball. My foot still hurts. I got it x-rayed a week and half after the incident because it still hurt at that point…no broken bones. Yay. But now…22 days later – it still hurts, I still can’t bend my toes all the way, and you can still see a knot where the injury is…..I’m wondering how much longer till this thing heals? “Is this gonna last forever?”

· We’re renting a Uhaul truck this weekend to bring the last little bit of my stuff from the old house to the new house. Do ya think the hubbie will let me drive that thing? It’ll be just like driving an 18 wheeler. Do those things come with CB radios?

· The painting at the new house is soooo getting close to coming to an end…I can almost see myself putting the paint brushes away for a long long time! (Did you catch the context clue/foreshadowing I used with inserting the words “new house” in that sentence?) Well, that was the case until the husband reminds me yesterday that we need to think about painting inside the Decatur house that will be for sale extremely soon. Shaking head….dangit…he’s right. Ugh…more painting.

· The kittens both wanted two walls one color and two walls another color in their rooms which seemed like a neato of an idea until you get to the part of painting in the corners where the two walls meet…..not an easy task.

· Tonight’s experiment is going to see if I can make paint magically disappear off of carpet where we got a little accidentally crazy/sloppy.

· The kittens have been gone for two weeks and FINALLY come home this Sunday. Is it Sunday yet? I sooo can’t wait for them to see everything. Yay!!!

· We are on a countdown of 17 days till the Girl’s Trip to Disney. Eeek! 17 days? I’m gonna board a plane WITHOUT my sweet husband’s shoulder to sob on in 17 days? I’m gonna have to put on the best acting in my professional acting/modeling career EVER and be calm for the kittens? I’m gonna need to stash some travel size booze in my purse.

· Speaking of counting…..I’ve been married for a whole 33 days and I haven’t gone crazy yet…..errr, or driven him crazy yet!

· Today my sweet, kind bosses ran late for a meeting before lunch and decided to hold it at Chili’s. One of them came back telling me how great that hot brownie with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup was. I’m considering a strike….with picket signs…..that will only end when I get chocolate.

· Wait…my yearly review comes up next month. They were very generous to me last year (and that was after hiring me at more than the pay of my last job.) Maybe that Chili’s dessert isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

· I’ve been absurdly good in staying away from chocolate. I miss chocolate….I need chocolate….cho…co…late. Anyone gotz 75 cents they wanna lend give me?

· Gotta go.

· Happy unsweet Thursday.

Zedonk Cute?

Kittens = Cute
Baby Monkeys = Cute
Baby Pandas = Cute
Baby "Zedonk" = ??? huh?

A Zedonk is apparantely a cross between a donkey and a zebra. I feel as if I've just about seen everything now.

Moon walking dog mower

Check it's a combination of two meme's put together.

Did you know I had to look up the word "meme"? I figured it was another word to use in place of viral, but I had to google how to pronounce it. (Hint: It ryhmes with cream.)
Who started the fad of using meme instead of viral and why was that necessary?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jersey Shore

So they'll let just anybody ring the bell at the NYSE? Tell me that didn't really happen.

Dancing in the Rain

Eh, they're not too bad but I'm pretty sure they stole some of those moves from Barry Green.

Tuesday Thoughts

·         The power was out for a couple of hours last night. That was actually kinda fun.

·         Once again, I went to sleep later than I meant to last night and I’m super sleepy today.

·         Judy made a comment about a husband and wife doing house repairs side by side. I can’t tell you how good it is to conquer the projects together. I love spending time with him and really love working alongside him.

·         I kinda ran off without my make up bag this morning. I didn’t discover this until we were half way to work. I seriously debated whether or not to turn back and get it. It almost seemed ok to go into work 30 minutes late with makeup than on time with none on. I just know this will be a day that the big bosses decide to drop in, I come across some big time movie producer, or I’m photographed for a news story. THAT would be my luck.

·         Of course, my sweet husband makes sure to tell me how beautiful I look even without make up. I’m pretty sure he’s working on husband of the year.

·         Did I mention how sleepy I am? I mean….incredibly sleepy. I would do just about anything for a little nap right about now.

·         I got a Scentsy candle as a thank you gift for a photo job I did last year and have been actually turning it on the last several days to try to cover the paint smell…. I really really like that thing. Anyone know someone that sells the wax squares that go in those things? I need want more.

·         I finally watched the double rainbow video last night and laughed out loud. It was greatness.

·         I also took a recommendation to listen to a podcast called RISK that is done by the NPR and it was really funny. It’s a bit edgier and less held back than their normal stuff.

·         This week the flooring gets replaced and the water well gets fixed (finally) at the Decatur house.

·         We’ll also try to finish up the kitten’s rooms hopefully before they get home this weekend at the new house.

·         ….and maybe I’ll get more sleep in before they do get home.

·         Night.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Roadkill Beer Art?

I saw this pic on my google reader and didn't stop to read the article - because I figured it had to be photoshopped or some sort of joke.
Then a faithful reader emailed me to tell me of my awesome-ness and suggested reading the website that goes along with that pic.

The decision to wrap the bottle in a dead animal was taken to indicate how special the beer was, blending brewing, taxidermy and "art."

A great man once told me that "people are crazy!" I think I believe him.

Proper Opposum Pedicure

I sat and watch the entire video. I feel as if I shouldn't admit that it made me giggle.

Monday Thoughts

·         Monday? Ick.

·         I am exhausted. I think I over did it this weekend…BUT I got rid of more furniture, went through more stuff, worked both hold over performances this weekend and spent quality time with my sweet husband.

·         We went to bed nice and early last night and I still work up feeling like I’ve been up for two weeks.

·         This is going to be one of those tough kind of days…..unless the coffee at work comes through for me – then it could get better.

·         I took advantage of the Craigslist this weekend. I posted a piano that an past office manager/friend gave to the girls and me. I was very happy to have come across a couple from Fort Worth that were interested in it.

·         We met Sunday morning and loaded it up on their trailer. Yay – it’s gone…THEN they sent me another email last night relaying the excitement their kids showed when they brought it home and thanking me. They were REALLY sweet. That made me happy.

·         I also used Craigslist to post a dresser. The guy I gave it to – was helping out an employee of his, which seemed very nice of him to do. When they came to pick it up I saw a home repair sticker on his truck. I had him look at the water well that hasn’t turned on for some reason. He found a box that wasn’t getting electricity to the well. He’s replacing that today…..and the labor to do it is really cheap – giving him a dresser might have helped that out a little bit.

·         I even used Wise County Classified to find a new home for my big dog. I was prepared to not like/approve of anyone that showed interest, but the couple that took her were very cute. They have a 9 month old baby that wanted a kid friendly gentle doggie. They had a husky for 19 years and had to put it to sleep. Mallie was on her all time best behavior with them. She even fetched a stick that the husband tossed several feet away…..and brought it back. Stinker…she never did that with me.

·         Last night our little mutt howled and cried all night. He misses his girlfriend. He is going to drive me crazy. I should probably call them back and see if they would take him too.

·         My feet are overdue and ready for a pedicure. I’ve been putting it off because of a foot injury that I received in Jamaica.  Dang sand volleyball….but we won that game.  The injury is still a little sore –but the bruising and swelling seems completely gone.

·         The play is over. It’s that happy-sad time where you are ready for it to be over but you don’t want it to be over because you won’t get to see your friends as often.

·         Off380 Players held auditions over the weekend for the next seasons plays and I didn’t go since I am now living in Fort Worth. It would be way way waay to hard to act in a play in Decatur/Bridgeport with the kids going to school in Fort Worth. But I have to admit – I’m a little jealous over the sweet friends that were cast in plays.

·         So now, back to just getting the two houses situated. One to sell and the other to settle down in. That should keep me busy for a little while.

·         Tell me when it’s Friday, ok?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Panda Cuteness

I think I found something just as cute as a baby monkey.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays Thoughts

·         I’ve turned into a painter. Three rooms to paint in the new house and furniture getting moved in, moved around all over the place. I really can’t wait until the dust is settled.

·         I’ve concentrated on the new house so much that I’ve neglected the old house. My grandparents are coming through on Wednesday to pick up some furniture. We’re extremely close to having that place cleaned out. Painting on the inside of it is also on my agenda, after giving it a great big scrub down. Hopefully, the lawn service company (Shout Out to Champman Lawn Service in Decatur) has conquered the forest in the back yard and have it all looking nice and pretty again.

·         I have a couple of bushes that I planted and one of them is supposed to be really pretty once it gets a bit bigger and blooms. I’m tempted to take it with me and replant it.

·         I can’t wait for the kids to come home and see everything we’ve done while they’ve been gone. I’m sooo hoping we can pull off having everything put away in its place before they come back.

·         I miss the vacation. I need a beach/pool, some shade, a refreshing drink, some music and no clock or to do lists.

·         The radio was making fun of Tiger Woods again. I almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.

·         The play Tuesdays With Morrie is being held over for two more performances this weekend on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  If you are interested in acting or helping out in any of the productions there are auditions being held this weekend also. Information is at the bottom of the page on the linked site.

·         I am having the worst trouble getting facebook to change my last name. I’m almost getting a little frustrated. I do understand that there are trillions of facebook users and I do appreciate facebook taking on the task to approve all name changes to keep people from putting goofy names like myspace had. The update profile/change name section warns you that facebook will approve the name change request and it may take 24 – 72 hours. It’s been 3 weeks! I did the next step of emailing facebook (which is not easy) two weeks ago and still…nothing. Ugh.

·         I may have to start a cause on facebook – “Someone at Facebook, Please Approve Kat’s Name Change Request”.  Hmmmm….at first I was kidding….then again…might not be such a bad idea.

·         I’m betting that Lindsay Lohan stays in jail for 34 days of her sentenced 90. That’s my bet.

·         Ok – on with the Tuesday.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Thoughts

·         Average newly married woman gains an average of 18 pounds in the first six months after the wedding. Sheesh…I’ve lost that over the last five months. I would go insane if I gained every bit of it back!

·         Then again… sweet husband loved me five months ago….hmmm, that’s it – send over my two favorite men, Ben and Jerry.

·         I saw on the news channel that Sara Palin daughter’s was proposed to by the father of her child. My mother, sitting and watching the same show actually said, “Well, I guess her and the Baby Daddy were meant to be after all.” My mother said that. Those words came out of my mother’s mouth. That made me giggle…. pretty good! For you to really appreciate that – you have to really know my mother. I freaked out once as a teen when she said, “Well, that sucks.” I couldn’t believe she used the word “sucks”. Actually, I’m still a little shocked. My mother is extremely smart, close to perfect and typically doesn’t use slang. It was pretty funny when she said that.

·         I have had a rough time lately trying to decide if I should or shouldn’t let a comment here or there go through. The last couple of them have been about MzChief and AnObiter – I’m hoping they looked at those comments and blew it off - as in that Anon person is nuts. I feel pretty good that goofy comments like the ones I let through don’t really phase MzChief or AnObiter. They both seem as though they are pretty tough and intelligent.

·         I heard on the radio that the BP fix to stop the leak is still holding up unless the sea floor cracks? That doesn’t sound good at all. ….then the d.j. on the radio brings in a fake bubba sounding Sea Floor Fixer Company spokesperson. It was pretty funny.

·         Yard work was horribly hot yesterday. My sweet husband showed up to help and brought a cooler full of ice and bottled water. Yep – best husband ever.  He thinks of the little things… keeping his wife from killing over from over- heating.

·         I’ve now hired a lawn boy. Well, it’s actually a Lawn Service Company and I have never done that before – but the back yard got complicated.  And that’s complicated in a very very tall way.

·         Hey – Go See The Play Tonight (or tomorrow, or the next day – or all three)!!!!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesdays With Morrie Reviews

I kid you not...I know I've said "this show is great" everytime I've seen a show or have been a part of one......BUT, this one is incredible.
From wiki: It tells the true story of sociologist Morrie Schwartz and his relationship with his students. Both the film and the book chronicle the lessons about life that Mitch learns from his professor, who is dying.

I completely understand that it sounds odd to hear a performance of a play that is based around someone dying described as "is incredible" but it is exactly that! I read the book before rehearsals began and cried like a baby.

The play is a bit different as it does have some comedy in it....even up to the very end. Jamie Furlong, plays Morrie Schwartz and Scotty Johnson, plays Mitch Albom. The two of them together are can really buy into the roles they are portraying and they have so nailed the timing and delivery of every funny moment. I have seen them do this same play over and over and over.....and each time I didn't think they could get better....but they did.

Awesome Review found in the Messenger: Here.

"Morrie" is memorable

By Pat Slayton Published Thursday, July 15, 2010
It was my great pleasure to enjoy the intimate venue at the Decatur Visitor's Center for the Off 380 Players production of "Tuesdays with Morrie." I have been a season ticket holder almost all of its 10 years, and this was the best performance I have seen.
Jamie Furlong as Morrie was convincing and inspiring as the dying sociology professor, but the outstanding range of emotions displayed by Scott Johnson as Mitch Albom was amazing. Under the skillful direction of Ray Cornelison Jr., the audience felt as if they were privy to a very private conversation.

I encourage all of you to attend one of the remaining three performances this weekend. But take a tissue along as there was not a dry eye, male or female, at this afternoon's performance. Bravo for the talent we have here in Wise County.

Pat Slayton
Lake Bridgeport

Pat was not the only one to state, "...and this was the best performance I have seen." I heard three different people during Sunday's show say the same thing.

I have been involved with plays before when the director will tell the tech crew/stage hands to be sure to laugh at the "funny parts" or be sure to clap at certain parts to help cue the audience. This play needs absolutely no cue from the crew at all and the mention was not even spoken by this director, Ray Cornelison, Jr......who is a pretty confident guy (rightfully so). During Sundays "curtain call" when the actors come back out to the stage for applause - the audience was already on their feet clapping like crazy with huge grins. The ones that weren't taking part in this standing ovation were digging for a kleenex, napkin or (in one case) a neighbors shirt sleeve to wipe the tears away.

I'm telling ya.....don't miss this one. Seriously. There are only three shows left and then your chance to really experience it will be gone.

July 16th and 17th at 7:30 am or July 18th at 2:30 pm. Performances held at The Decatur Visitor's Center at 106 So. Trinity - right off the square in Decatur across the street from The Messenger.

Reservations/Info at

If I were you, I would get there early because each show is sponsored by a local business (this Saturday's sponsor is my personal favorite) and they provide refreshments for the show. There is not an intermission because the play is really not that long....annd you can say hi to me in the tech booth. I'll even give you an autograph! Oh - and beware - Sunday's matinee did not have very many seats left open at all.....I suspect this coming weekend will be packed.

I write like....

I Write Like by MĂ©moires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I'm not sure if I'm disturbed or intrigued by the guy. Wiki article here. He committed sucide at the young age of 46.


Cool - now a pair of under-roos that come with junk for your trunk.

From New York Fashion website:

According to the Daily News, "Big bums are shaping up to be the summer of 2010's hottest trend." One might argue that this season is a good time for the ass because, while many fall 2010 looks were all about boobs, many spring 2010 looks included panties instead of more legitimate bottoms. However, the Daily News says big butts are in because Serena Williams, BeyoncĂ©, and Kim "Will Not Go Away" Kardashian have them. Also Lourdes recently blogged that she is "totally obsessive about '80s shorts ... the kind that makes your butt look kinda big." If that's not a phrase to start a trend, what is? Anyway, the helpful ladies over at SheFinds have found some undergarments to help those of you ladies with small butts to look more voluptuous in the rear. If you're not into the ass bra, you can try the $30 pair of padded underwear by Pure Style Girlfriends (what — was "Clothes Spirit Babes" already taken?). Because in the summer, you need something to accelerate your butt sweating.

...and you know if those New Yorker's suggest it....then it must be fashion. I'm not so sure about the "80's shorts" though.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

  • It's Wednesday again? Already? Good grief. At least the week is getting better than how it started.
  • Saturday's shuttle bus drive from the airport had me experiencing some major motion sickness. I was almost unable to battle it.
  • Sunday I got up to leave for the matinee peformance of Tuesdays With Morrie except my car was dead. Completely dead. That would be reason #1118 on why I am thankful for my husband. He got it started....and I should mention it was facing forward in the garage.
  • Monday, well, I already blogged about that. I think you've heard enough.
  • Tuesday was still recovery from the day before but did end well. We got to play with some paint.
  • Now here we are today. Wednesday. Today the little one has The Dentist appointment, and she is not a fan of that at all. Not one bit. A certain little munchkin has two little "sugar bugs" in her little mouth.
  • We did plan some fun around the appointment, though. We went to McDonald's to play and snag a Happy Meal and after we are meeting Nana who is delivering a couple of critters...a certain baby turtle and one little fish.
  • Big girl is being a trooper - she brought a book and is actually being sweet and supportive to the little sister.
  • I've always felt so lucky on how well they get along with each other and play together and look out for each other....over the last few months they've discovered they are actually siblings and have decided they are probably supposed to argue, pick on each other and drive me crazy.
  • Can we all just go back to being four or five years old? That really was an awesome age. Between birth and twelve - I'm pretty sure it's my favorite.
  • On the way to work yesterday, I stopped at the corner store for some breakfast and the little clerk noted my ring and mentioned how gorgeous she thought it was. I beamed and boasted we just married almost three weeks ago. She gave a very sweet congrats and gave back a shrugged shoulders of, "Oh, well, I just had a baby." She said it as if my event was so much more over the top exciting than her own. Bringing a human being into the world for it to gasp it's first breath ever.....yep totally boring.
  • I've now been sitting and waiting for little one's appointment to be over with and I'm having trouble sitting still. She actually cried and did not want to go with the nice little nurse.
  • They gave her some happy "feel goooood air" to help her relax. This place really smells of that stuff. I need out of here. I wonder if the Denti Fear is hereditary.
  • All of a sudden today the "r" key on my laptop is being a little finicky. It's driving me crazy. I have no doubt that I've missed a few r's.
  • The dentist is also pulling a baby tooth that was stubborn....that should make for great show and tell at home.
  • One week off from work and my desk is still overflowing. I've also had trouble getting back into the groove after last week. It was awfully nice to walk around for a week with my sweet hubby and not keep track of time, emails, shipments, purchases, vendors, payroll, work orders, drawings.
  • Now five hours later and the turtle and fish have found their way to the new house. I guess its really official when you move the critters in.
  • Pic above of turtle not actual turtle that moved in. Our Shelby was too jet lagged from the journey to pose for a picture.
  • Now, the laundry to put away, another car load of stuff is put up and the house is kinda quiet. I think I hear a pillow or two calling me and a certain wonderful hubby.
  • Adios until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Invisible Homeless Man

That's not real, right? There isn't really an invisible homeless there?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Late Thoughts Monday

  • I woke up this morning and got ready for work. I realized vacation was definitely over. I wasn't deciding on which pair of flip flops to wear to breakfast instead I found myself trying to decide which diet microwave pasta bowl to take for lunch. Ugh.
  • Next was waking the kittens up before the crack of dawn to get them where they needed to be on the way to work. It felt like such a cruel act.
  • And of course, working means no nap after lunch....or does it?
  • So, lunch was eaten while working on payroll, while also battling a problem with our phone lines.
  • After lunch....I started not feeling so well. It was a gradual onset that led to a very violent eruption starting at my tummy and ending with me kneeling before a porcelain structure that I could have promised my soul to if it could put a halt to the maddening act.
  • .....I guess there's a reason why I read of a warning not to worship false idols. Those little suckers don't come through for ya.
  • I was a thankful at that moment that there was still a house in Decatur with one lazy boy chair recliner waiting with open arms to comfort me in my time of pain.
  • The nap was rough...but it was still a nap. When I awoke I found a couple of kittens to take with me to the new home. I wasn't sure I was going to make the drive....but did.
  • Thankfully, upon our arrival at home sweet home, my beloved knight in his shining armor (that resembled a nice suit) was standing tall to come to my rescue and battle this horrible monster. He appeared with a little cup of pink solution.
  • It worked....little by little.
  • Now, what on earth could have caused this horrid event?
  • After much investigation and deliberation we deduced that it was a pasta bowl that was consumed beyond the use by date.
  • Ick. I'm still shuttering at the thought of what I went through.
  • I guess they little dates mean business, huh?
  • What a Monday. At least I got my afternoon nap one more time.
  • Now the kittens are snuggled in bed and I'm thinking I could use some sleep too.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jamaican Update

....I'm uploading this before we pack up the laptop and board the plane......

More when we are back home and he gets all the laundry done!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Problem, Man!

  • The nice wonderful week in Jamaica is almost over. We are passed the hump day and on the downward spiral.
  • I have a heaping amount of dirty clothes, a jammed and bruised foot and I miss my kiddos.
  • It's been awesome hanging out with friends, soaking up the sun, jogging on the beach, trying new things to eat and just absorbing the worry free attitude that seems to linger in the air.
  • I'll miss the smell of the ocean, the reggae music playing everywhere, and housekeeping. (They put a flower on the pillows everyday when they make the bed and sweep the buckets of sand from the floor.)
  • Soooo.....what's Jamaica like?
  • Well, let's one we stepped out of the airport to board the shuttle bus and we're a little bit worried to see a fierce hurricane like rainstorm greeting our first look at the land. It didn't last long but had me worried that our week would be spent trying to find something to do other than lay by the water.
  • We made it safely to the resort....and good grief, the ride was a bit longer than I thought it was.
  • The temperature here has been around 90 for the high and the lows about 75-80 all week. There has been a couple of very short rain storms each day, but only long enough to cool the air off and leave that good rain smell in the air. It's not as hot here as it is back home, but I feel like I've sweat a gallon everyday. (Yep, I've consuming the water like crazy!)
  • The people here rarely smile - which is very odd to me. They walk slow, tell you good morning - but they mostly seem to solemn in all they do. Oh...and they are not, I repeat NOT, in any hurry at all! I though they spoke pretty much only English - which has the thick accent and spoken kind of quickly, but they also have a different language of their own....and I can't even begin to describe it. Sometimes it seems like they are yelling something fierce at each other and I'm just waiting for a fight to break out. It seems tense.
  • Daily activities mostly consist of some sort of excercise for the two of us either at the gym or running the beach to start out with. We've taken advantage of an empty hamoc, a beach side chair, and hanging out at the pool. We've played sand volleyball (which can get mean and serious pretty quickly), Barry went deep sea fishing with the guys and I went with the girls to do a little shopping. He didn't catch anything - but I came back with a bag full of treasures for two certain little girls back home.
  • We went with a very large group on a catamaran for a three hour party tour of the reef and a set of caves. The party boat had a slide on it and I actually pulled out some ole' high school diving skill of sliding down upside down head first and pulled off a beautiful - and almost splash free - dive for a huge cheer from the crowd. It was almost my greatest moment here. I loved the slide - it was great! This thing was almost about thirty foot drop. Loved it!
  • Tomorrow we head off for one last excursion to a restaurant named Rick's Cafe that sits with a view of a cliff that everyone jumps/dives off of. Barry gave me the stern look of "Don't you dare jump off that thing!" (I'll let you know how the jump was! tee, hee, hee)
  • Now it's off to sit by the beach and rest an injured foot. I might have had a bit of a collision during the volleyball game yesterday. I feel pretty good that it's not broken - but man, oh man did that thing swell and bruise like crazy.
  • More later!
  • Enjoy your.....wait...what's today?