Friday, June 30, 2006

Blonde moment # ________

..ahhh...forget it, who keeps count anyway?
I just realized that I cannot find my mailbox key!
Dear Dream University,
I would love to open that acceptance letter and dance around it, but I can't even keep up with my key!!! Is there anyway you could just hand deliver it to me? I think there was mention of brilliance in an earlier post. I just make no guarantees to keep up with physical objects. Give me knowledge and it stays with me forever! (I'm a woman-they taught us this in sex-ed!)
In Blonde Love,
Where's my manager? Is there a job description of key-keeper-upper in her contract?


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ten things I love to do:

(Other than get accepted to my first choice college.)
10. Balance my checkbook. (My mom is a CPA.)
9. Take naps on Sunday after a really big meal. Bonus points if it's raining outside.
8. Laugh so hard that some one asks if I'm crying.
7. Get laughed with (not at.)
6. Watch my kids sleep.
5. Dance silly (water sprinkler, shopping cart, the twist--so much fun!)
4. Sing really loud with all the car windows down at a stop light.
3. Attempt to fly a kite (not something I have ever been succesful at).
2. Spoil supper by eating desert first.
Drum roll please......#1
1. Get a brain freeze from eating ice cream really fast with my kids. Those really do hurt!

Sidenote: That is not my child....I think...

Admitted is such a pretty little word!

My grumpy, admissions guy came through! I am soooo lovin him right now. It feels like just yesterday that I was told it will be a couple of weeks until my application process will be complete. I log on to their website today for my daily dose of anxiety. And what do ya know there is that cute, little word: Admitted! I could not believe it. I actually had to call and verify. Yep the darling, little lady (with a big smile in her voice) confirmed my suspicions. ADMITTED!
Bring on the frat boys and kegs!
Oh wait....mother, I meant...ahhh...for a theological viewpoint of course. I would never dream of participating in anything wrong or sinful.
I wonder if they will send me a college ID. I thought I heard on the radio that Thursday night is college night at the bar. Maybe I could just print the web page out. Would that work..... once again, mother those are all just theories..... must go celebrate and pop in my new favorite movie...... Oh yeah, and that is not a pic of me. Although, I am loving the hat and cape!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

? in my pebble sized brain

If my GPA or ability to get a certain computer program to work directly equaled my IQ, then today it would....well let's just say it would be a really low number..... just call me baby.
Still not feeling good 'bout the college thing. The talk with the grumpy, admissions guy didn't make me feel any more confident. Come on, guy, put a little smile in your voice, even if you are going to so reject me in, yet, another week of waiting. Let me, at least, enjoy my independance celebration without feeling the need for additives!
Annnnddd, I was so wanting to learn the art of downloading music and it's not working out for me today.
Little secret: Technology confuses me sometimes more often than I would like to admit. But don't tell anyone I said that ok? I'll deny it later!!

Last one on Star Jones, I promise!

I do have to mention that I was driving back to the office at lunch and the DJ on my favorite little radio station said...are you female, do you need a job.... i thought, finally my dream to be a radio personality will come true....well there is now a job opening on The View....
What a tease, I was excited. I just knew my dreams would finally come true. Ahhh....I'd rather hold out for something bigger anyway. I'm still waiting for my manager to get me the right connection.
The View Joy vs. Star Jones on

Hmmm.....interesting...this was from April 8, 2006.
Warning...some cuss words....
Star Jones Leaving The View!

This is the moment she leaves but it doesn't show her actually being kicked out. I'm a little disappointed.

Babies come from....

The good Lord above, according to my 3 year old! I asked her last night at the supper table where babies come from (yes I know that was daring and brave-but I like to live life on the edge) and she said God brings them.
But how does He get them here?
He puts them in the mommy's tummy.
Oh. How does He get them in mommy's tummy?
Shrugs shoulders. Continues eating.
How did God bring you to me? Do you remember?
Nods head, smiling really big.......He brought me over on the boat mommy!
Ah-ha. I completely understand now.
Anything you need explaining-just ask my 3 year old.

Harry Connick, Jr

made the cover of my Redbook.
It seems so strange to me
how odd he looks, but so
cute. I'm fascinated.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sometimes I feel like.......

somebody's watching me........
Frustration sets in when you realize that your computer guy advised you ahead of time to buy Norton Anti Virus and ya didn't do it.
So what happens? Ya get to call the computer guy back and say ahhh.....having problems. He comes over and says.....I'll fix go spend money on that good ole' Norton like I told ya to and stop calling me with these silly problems!
Yes sir.....

To my vast audience.....

......of one!
I swear I will put some good stuff on here for you to steal and put on your blog!! :-)

During my short absence......

..........I have decided to apply for a university's online undergraduate program. According to their minimum standards I should have this in the bag, right? Then why, oh, why do I feel sooooo nervous about this process. It's a VERY good university that I have dreamed of attending since childhood. (I competed in a swim meet there once and fell in love with the campus.)
Keep your fingers crossed! I am supposed to hear from them on Friday. Time seems to tick so slowly when you're waiting on something so important!
I refuse to tell you which university it is!

Miss me?

I have added the joy of the internet to my lovely little home. Now I can hide in my bedroom and ignore my many children.....wait maybe I should go do a head count! Nevermind, I can hear Sponge Fred Circle Shirt in the background. We're good....will resume blogging now.