Monday, September 25, 2006

Slow Posting....

........all week! It's homecoming weekend. Go team!!
Crazy week! But I'll make up for it next week and over post just to balance it out!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Didn't work

I went to my fortune teller website and it didn't work....
I asked it if I was hot and it told me.... "Negatory, Captain!"

Not nice.

I think I'll go to bed and get my possibly, badly needed, beauty sleep.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Prepare to be impressed

with photography.....awesome picture!

Speaking of...

....really good looking blondes....

If I did go to the Hottest Mom in America contest... I probably would have gone from 350-400ish women to somewhere between 30-40. Not bad numbers. Although, if they really knew how much my intelligence bumps up my "hottness", they would....oh wait....that probably wouldn't be good. But hey, at least for this week, I shall walk around with an over-inflated ego!
And, not that I'm admitting anything here, but if I did go...I would have received a cool t-shirt. At least it wasn't...ahem....wouldn't have been a totally wasted trip!

They will be in Miami this weekend....maybe I should fly on down there...they have a poll going on their home page that asks where are the hottest mom's, Dallas or Miami.

It's almost time....

I haven't watched yesterday episode yet, but I will review the taped version tomorrow night.

I believe I should appear on next week's episode....stay tuned and look really hard for the blonde in the background. The REALLY, good looking one, that is!

They really should put me on the tv..I already enjoyed the paycheck they sent.

Yesterday's Blonde Moment

Monday night football...did I mention we won?

On the way to the game, one of my 30 children's water jugs was sitting in the front floorboard, I may have turned slightly sharp around a curve (missed the curb) and it fell over. Thought nothing of it....till we arrived at the field to find the whole thing leaked out....

Thankfully I had something in the floorboard to soak up the excess water from ruining the carpet in the vehicle. My history book! I think I'm still broke from the over $100 I paid for this sucker. OK, so before what comes around goes around....I want to state for the record I LOVE all my text books and read them faithfully. None of them are boring AT ALL! Especially that history one.

Poor book!


Hey we finally won a game!! Our girls got to do the touchdown cheer three times!! Awesome, huh?!
College update.... good grief that's a whole lotta reading, I had no idea that history and government could be so boring!! But then again, this will get me into law school (hopefully) or an assitant manager at the McDonald's! Hey, didn't they change their menu up to include some healthy salads?

Yawn.... maybe I'll blog more next week, I mean tomorrow... maybe.... keep your fingers crossed.

Hey, if everyone would do one homework assignment for me, then I could have soooo much time to blog! Anyone fond of writing English papers or reading all about the history of the United States up until 1877?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm on the internet!

Look at this link.....I'm the really good looking one!

David Blane not for real?

This website claims to explain how David Blane is a liar. Whatever, I've watched him on T.V. He really does it! I want his autograph.

Are you...

a hot mom? Well, since I am the hottest mom (even after 19 kids) I will be here on Saturday! I'll just forward all my calls to my manager.

I might take on drinking.... that is. I recieved most of my little school books today. So I read my history of the United States Up Until 1877 assignment to my 23 kids for their bedtime story. It was a precious moment. Then I woke up a couple of hours later....
I'm taking an intensive writing class....only 30 writing assignments. What the heck was I thinking when I choose that class? Maybe I should submit the UA test now and check for drugs.
Saturday we lost the football game.... we sooo need a win! It was really exciting to see our boys intercept the ball. Yikes, I'm learning sports....
I did accomplish a plan with the football coach and a football mom for the homecoming parade though. That was progress. And I realized my cheer daughter can make spirit sticks. I won't mention that she made them better than I did. That part is very not important. She made 13 Sunday night. I think I made 1 with the help of the 3 year old.
Just let it be a couple of more years before they outsmart me.

Thursday, September 7, 2006



1. arousal of the mind

2. divine influence

3. stimulation of the mind

4. prompts action

5. moves the intellect

Could you find it anywhere? Here?

Help this person.....

find their lost animal.

I wonder if there is a reward... I think I've seen it around where I work.

Awesome view...

from space. Take a peak if you're not afraid of heights.

Fake Moon Landings Revealed

It's a good thing I found this page or else I would have woken up in the morning still believing NASA actually put people up there. And to think I fell for it in the first place. Man, that NASA is good!!

The Wonders of Technology......

...can do so much these days. All those pretty little actresses on tv...ever wonder how they look on a regular day?
Warning before visiting this site.... Lisa Kudrow is a little on the scary side if you're used to the cute little thing from Friends.

Hey, I'm suddenly impressed with myself. If I can look this good without photo editing, I wonder how good I could look with it? Hmmmm.... manager?

I think I might want to....

....go crazy!!
I think I might change this up a bit for my 3 and 1/4 readers out there. I might just go to giving a monthly update on college and a weekly update of football scores. I really need a good reason to get a better internet variety. Any opposed? No? Great!

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


on what he's done to make him a famous actor, but he sure is cute, so I don't care!
Go Sean Patrick Flanery, whoever you are.

I'm also too lazy to google him.

Go me....

I'm starting to really feel the pain of an actual college student. I think my poor mother is soooo glad I live sooo many miles away at the moment. She had the bad timing and bad luck today of emailing me the how's it going with college email.
Sorry mom!
One little question turned into a long, long answer. I think I wrote back a novel. I didn't remember college being this much work to get started the first time. She said it was a pain back then too. (About 8 years ago....eek, I'm still young I swear!!!)
It must have been sooo bad that I blocked it out of my memory. Maybe I'll do that again after this degree.
But the point..... yes, boss there is a caboose (somewhere)....
I actually got to sit down this evening and pick my first 15 hours.
Wish me luck and don't get mad if I start throwing in a little spanish on an occasional blog. I have to take 4 spanish classes, one of which I'll start now....don't they know I only speak blonde?!
Once again, wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I never thought....

I was shocked to hear the cause of Steve Irwin's passing today.


If I weren't a starving actress I would frame my first paid gig's paycheck that I got in the mail. My manager was very proud of me. We even discussed me quitting my job as a fry cook at McDonald's, but decided it best we wait for a couple more jobs....
Well, that, and make sure I can make it past editing and actually be seen on TV.

Broke Down G-Ride...

The poor vehicle I abuse on a daily basis called in sick on Friday. The poor window broke. Clunk, is all she wrote. It went strait inside the door. I think my manager was mad at me that day!
So , off to the shop she went. The window, stereo, and air conditioner are all getting fixed with nice Greg in charge of it all. I even get to drive a rent car.
Not the same, though.
My promise to the vehicle: I promise to be more careful and nicer, I swear...... at least until you go to the local dealer for the brake job. Then it's like a brand new vehicle.

I just hope the mechanic doesn't have parts left over when he's done!