Tuesday, June 30, 2009





I'm still here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pssst....it's official.

Iphones don't smell like poo anymore, casuse I have one. I have no idea how I have lived my life thus far without.....this thing is incredible. I love the aps! I even found one that works as a check register for your checking account.

The one I have is someone else's "original" after they went for the new one that came out Friday. Mine isn't the 3G one, but I live in the sticks and apparently we ain't got them fancey 3G stuff out here.

Still, it freakin' rocks!!!

It's also incredibly easy to work/figure out. My six year old shushed me when I was trying to explain what an app was....I look over her shoulder and she's googling webkin world on safari. Later on, I downloaded a couple of game apps for the girls to play with and this morning she picks it up and says...."oh cool, you got me some games." No explanation on how to work it was needed.
I'm happy. I'm in.....phone...heaven!

Lunchtime Blogging

  • Today is Monday. Ick. I'm still not a fan of the Mondays!
  • I'm a little disappointed in the grapefruit diet, but I'm sticking with it. I lost three pounds last week. Yes, three pounds is a lot but I read all the reviews of a ton of people losing way more.
  • This is the last rehearsal week for the play. If you are planning on coming to see it, you better call and make your reseverations FAST!!! The seats are not expected to last very long. Since this is a musical and a dinner theater it is expected to fill up pretty quick.
  • Last week there was a tranchula outside my office door, I wished it ill....I wished it very very ill. The next day, it was sitting in a corner.....dead.
  • I'm pretty sure I have special powers.
  • This weekend was busy busy busy, but I managed to fit a bike ride in, only to have a wreck occur right in front of me. I have the ability to remain, calm and steady even in the midst of chaos. Pics can be seen here.
  • I was very happy to have my camera on me at the time. (Of course I waited until the victim was loaded in the ambulance and in the good hands of the Wise County EMS before taking pics.)
  • Lunch over.
  • Back to work.
  • I have an exciting announcement that's scheduled to post later. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mexican Food

You Are a Burrito

You life large, and you're happiest when you're the center of attention.

You are popular and appealing. You are charming and naturally flirtatious.

You are a trendsetter. You're always trying something new, and you never get stuck in a rut.

You are open minded and adventurous. You love to mix seemingly random elements together.

I wasn't sure what to think of burrito at first, but me popular, appealing and charming? Oh, quit making me blush. ;-)

Trouble at Work



There is a tarantula outside the office door right now.


Kat no happy. Kat not a big fan of tarantulas. What.SO.EVER!


Body shivers.


I’m feeling tortured and taunted by it. If it moves just one of its multiple legs towards my desk…..then I’m out the other door and protesting with a sign.


I’d hate to make the guys chose between me and a poisoness spider, but I will. (Surely they wouldn’t chose the spider….its not tall enough to operate the copier…..right?)


Side note: Pic is actuall pic, just not taken by me. Pic also does not do it justice….that thing is gigantic and spewing evil venom from its fangs.




Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • I would give you a yea it's Tuesday, but Tuesday just doesn't excite me the way Friday does. Poor Tuesday, I kinda feel bad for it.
  • I have looked forward to surprising the kids with an afterwork trip to the water park tomorrow, only to look up the hours and realize they close at 7p on Wednesdays. Boo.
  • I'll save that one for a couple of weeks.
  • Seven rehearsals left of the play till opening night. Gulp. It really is coming along. Roughly, but coming along. Its awesome to really feel the show. Props are coming on stage choreography and singing is coming together.....awwww, it's almost time. (Let me say again: Gulp.)
  • I've been getting back in to my up at the crack of dawn work out schedule and love it. I just miss the Red Bulls and Bad Girls.
  • Bad Girls was my power drink that was sugar free, carb free, low calorie, yummy tasting and packed with caffeine that isn't being sold anymore. I sadly bought the last three in all of Decatur. (Unless someone knows of where some more are.....then.....by all means, hook a sista up, yo!)
  • I feel like my thoughts are so full of nothing. I wish I had just a smidge more time everyday to surf the internet and give you just a little bit more.
  • My brother and his kids are coming to visit next week. He has three days off in the middle of the week and wants to come hang out. He'd come this week but our poor mother is suffering with poison ivy and the flu. I'm hoping to keep him busy at my house and am hoping he doesn't get any bright ideas to come watch my rehearsal.
  • Speaking of the flu, did you know the W.H.O. raised the Pandemic Level for the H1N1 to a level six yesterday? I didn't remember seeing that in the news (since I watch so much) but I did catch it on Fed Ex's website.
  • Last thought: still on the grapefruit diet...holding strong. If I can make it through the kid's ice cream on Thursday then I can make it through anything. Hmmmm.....ice. cream. Sorry, ADD thought.
  • I weigh in on Saturday, so we'll see if a week of this crazy diet mixed with good excercise has made any difference. Wish me luck.
  • Ok, enjoy your Tuesday and appreciate it not being Friday. Afterall, I'd be thinking of sleeping in tomorrow if it were Friday.

Stealth Cat

Once again, it is time for one of those videos that I probably find funnier than others.
Yet, I still post it.
And giggle!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The much younger me

I am gracing you with a pic of me at the estimated age of 11 or 12. My friend, Sabby, was kind enough to share this with me via text. I giggled when I saw it. And, no, I'm not sure why there is a cat in the sink.

Side note: If you know my older daughter...this is more proof on how much of a mini me she is from....me.

Thanks Sabby!!

(PS-Sabby, What's the deal with the cat, was that at your house or Angie's?)


  • The grapefruit diet day three = ZZZzzzzz.....This diet leaves me with no energy whatsoever. Struggling. I'm not sure I can keep it up long term. I've also cut energy drinks out of the diet too. That's part of the problem. I'm used to a ton of caffeine in my daily diet. Forget carb and sugar cravings...I'm craving a Red Bull.
  • I think I slept half the day yesterday. I even snuck in a nap when I had work to do.
  • Whe have a new member of our family. His name is Bubbles, and there is a slight possibility Bubbles could be a her. Bubbles is a turtle.
  • Yep, we have a turtle. We needed just one more pet.
  • The girls are now begging for another cat, because our Prince Fluff ran off and we haven't seen him since December. They don't understand why I'm not giving in to another cat.
  • Three dogs. One turtle. That's too much.
  • My leg is still a little sore. (Sigh)
  • The show opens in less than two weeks. Eek!!! I'm getting a little nervous.
  • I need two more hours in the day....just two more and that would make me happy. Well, at least until the play is over.
  • Enjoy Monday.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Thoughts

  • I'd like to start off by saying....It's Friday!! Yea!!!
  • Ok, on to my skatterbrained thoughts.
  • I started the Grapefruit diet today. I'm desperate. I'm also hugging and loving on the eliptical machine every morning-its not the same as running but I'll get there.
  • So this morning, I was enjoying the newscast on Fox4 who decided to warn me AGAIN that today is the day. The switch to digital tv will be today. They even decided to "test" what your tv will do once the switch is made. ....Ummm, is it bad if my tv went bizerk when they did that "test"?
  • Shoot....and that was the good tv. Imagine my surprise with toothbrush in mouth when I realize that I probably won't be enjoying falling asleep to my Seinfeld reruns on that tv until I investigate that box thingie to plug into it. Nice.
  • And yea, yea, yea....i know there are certain websites out there that explain the whole process to me......I just can't believe I'm one of the idgits that didn't get this fixed ahead of time.
  • For the first time, last night's play practice actually felt pretty good. It's beginning to come together. For some reason during the rehearsal schedule's this particular week is always a tough one....past this it gets way way way better.
  • We have a ton of new people involed in our troupe this year. I've met so many more just in the last two productions. For this production I think we have a pretty good cast. I think I might even be excited next week!
  • I made a big booboo in my bank account yesterday. I set up a bill to be paid by the bil payment option and then decided to reschedule it earlier this week when I realized there were four other bills due first and this particular big one (house pymt) wasn't even due for another two weeks.
  • I forgot to cancel it. Imagine my panic when I peek at my payday deposit to realize I have very little money left in my account. Gasp...that payment--I forgot to reschedule it.
  • I called the bank-got a 1-800#, got a woman telling me it was impossible to change this transaction--while reading from a script, couldn't understand her accent and her getting her verbs and nouns backwards....finally sucked it up and through out the: "Let me talk to your supervisor."
  • I rarely do that, but I was thinking of the electricity that is nice to have in my home. I'm now on hold and praying this guy doesn't have an accent or a cue card to read from.
  • Alas! I get Karl, from San Antonio, TX who reviews my situation and offers to cancel the payment, put a temporary credit for that amount in my account and then take back that amount once the payment is returned to my account in the 3-5 business days it will take.
  • Karl from San Antonio, I love you.
  • (Colby Donaldson: I'm just saying that out of extreme gratitude. I don't really really love him in the same way I do you.)
  • All is well, electricity paid yesterday and the rest will be paid today. Whew. Close call.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember the Rapping Flight Attendant Video that I shared with ya?

I found his twitter.

I get an A+ in stalking skills testing today.

I noticed he has over 1,000 followers. That just goes to show that a youtube video can make you popular......now off to figure out my camcorder.....
Do you think youtube still accepts mail in VHS tapes?

My gift to the World

Your Gift is Imagination
You are constantly dreaming. You are always thinking about what could be.
You love to express yourself in many ways. You have a way with words and tell vivid stories.

You love to be amused. You are good entertaining yourself, and other people find you hilarious.
You're the type of person who finds staying happy easy. There's always fun to be had!

Not far from the truth on this one....I do love to be amused!

What's your gift?

YouTube in 1985 (collab)

Youtube started in 1985?

(I did not have to look up on wikipedia on when youtube really started.)

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Two weeks left till opening night. Yikes! Biting nails. I’m still not sure I want my sweet mommy to come see this play. I’m waiting to see the choreography on one of the numbers. You know you are curious enough to see me in a green tu-tu, aren’t you? Can you contain your giggles?
  • I was very very very grumpy and almost unruly at the last rehearsal. I’m ditching that attitude and will be better behaved. I might have cried when I got home after the last rehearsal because I was so frustrated and I hurt someone else’s feelings by saying something---which was not intended to be mean, but came out that way. I’m an idgit.
  • My older daughter went on a mini-date last night. They went to see Up and he gave her a little present. Ahhh….he’s so smitten over her!
  • I sent her a text message after she left that stated: “NO KISSING!” The boy’s mom went with them and sat in the same row.
  • I think I almost drove her crazy ahead of time by making her get ready so far ahead of time. Then I almost pushed her over the edge with her outfit and making sure everything matched and looked cute.
  • I completely don’t understand why Cleburne has had so many earthquakes. Are they real earthquakes? I might need to spend just a few  minutes each day reading the news and learning what’s going on out in that big world outside of Kat’s Land.
  • Then again, that would probably take away from the time I spend oogling Colby Donaldson’s pics over the internet and/or playing on facebook.
  • My older daughter really wants her own twitter page. All of a sudden she is not acting her age……of 3 months old. Does she not understand that she is still my sweet little baby?
  • My younger kiddo was talking to me last night and mentioned something with a, “……remember?” I said “No, when did that happen?” She replies, Mom, it was 17 minutes ago when I was sitting on the couch.” That child says the funniest things.
  • I need to go back to doing these Thoughts at night and not at the crack of dawn…..I’m afraid of spending too much time on here and running late to work.




Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kat's Wednesday pic

I sent an update to my twitter while at the wedding that it's not a real country wedding until someone catches a snack and throws out the Steve Irwin voice. I laughed....hard. I also took a zillion pics of the snake...probably too many.

I tried to twit pic it but my 3G network took the night off and decided not to travel with me to the small town where the wedding was.

At any rate. enjoy this pic while you get that voice in your head....
I was going to give you a video of Steve Irwin but found his daughter at his memorial instead.
Oh my, was it incredibly cute, sweet and moving.

Wednesday Thoughts

  • I was having a great day at work, feeling the effects of staying focused and on top of things with a clean neat desk when I felt this sneaking suspicion that I was missing somthing...then I see the date lit up on my phone and realize I've got a leg appointment that I'm about to miss.
  • Yuk. I ever so dislike asking the boss last minute if I can take off and disappear for a doctor's appointment that I scheduled six weeks ago. Thank goodness he was cool about it.
  • I did take the opportunity to belt out several of my parts from the musical all the way to Fort Worth and all the way back. I'm so gonna master my parts whether I like it or not. At least I got a giggle out of some cars that gave me funny looks while singing.
  • I never imagined a musical would be this difficult/challenging. Acting is one thing, trying to act, sing and dance a choreographed dance is another.
    Not. Easy. At. All.
  • I think I am completely lacking in self confidence the last couple of weeks.
  • Seriously, I think my body/mind and sanity needs the jogging. I can completely feel now how running can be a stress reliever.....now that I can't run.
  • I'm getting back, slowly, into the exercising routine and still have the marathon goal, but I am going to probably remain easy on myself until after the play.
  • Ok, outside of my whining and frustrations....
  • Somebody smell poo? Apple comes out with another Iphone and decides to start selling the old one of $99. How many versions of the Iphone are out there now? Like seventeen? and I don't own .... one..... yet?
  • Oh wait.... did I say outside of my whining?
  • My eyes are bad. No I'm not getting old, Supposedly my daughter's eyes are not the best either...yet she catches a ton of stuff that I just can't read/see/focus in on. And did I already state for the record that I'm not old? Court Reporter, can you back and read the part where I stated that I'm not old?
  • Back to the feeling insecure this week. Musicals are not easy....I do know that this one will get better, easier and in turn end up being fun.
  • Next week is the week of the rehearsals where I look back at this week and feel embarrassed for feeling like freaking out. (At least I hope I do...)
  • Even though this is Wednesday thoughts, I'm writing this Tuesday night....and its time for me to crawl into bed. I don't even need anyone to rock me to sleep tonight or sing me lullaby's.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I’m still alive and kicking. My leg is feeling better and better each day. Its still sore, but its getting better and that makes me happy.
  • I really really need to update my marathon blog. I’m behind.
  • Play practice is in full swing and the opening days are coming up very very fast. I got a little frustrated last night when rehearsal seemed at its most unorganized.
  • I have a solo part that opens one of the songs in an a cappella fashion. I’m a tad nervous about it, but I did nail it once last night and the director gave me a fist bump.
  • As a side note, I knew there tends to be a higher number of gay men in theatre I just didn’t realize how many were right under my nose. I think my gaydar is broken.
  • I have a new babysitter for the summer. I’ve known her and her family awhile and was pretty comfortable with this decision. Yesterday was their first day together and all three looked incredibly worn out. I giggled. Good babysitter.
  • Blogging will be slower than normal this week for me. I have children, play rehearsals, two weddings to finish up and a private photo shoot to finish up.
  • Speaking of photos, I met a florist who may be exchanging business cards with me. He does a lot of weddings are refers clients to friends. I love the guy, he has the same type of thinking I do….sarcastically funny. We get along. Just. Fine.
  • OK-that’s it for now…hopefully I’ll do a lil bit each night and keep up with this.




Wednesday, June 3, 2009

  • This Baptist website has got to be a joke from someone with an incredible amount of time on their hands. I was lured there by this article and it is the craziest website I've ever seen. Judging by the pic of the girl by the oversized monitor, it looks straight out of the 90's. I repeat, it has to be a joke or prank.
  • EDIT: Ah Ha! Taken from the bottom of the website. Copyright 1996- When Jesus Says, Americhrist Ltd. All rights reserved. TOS The Landover Baptist website is not intended to be viewed by anyone under 18 (The ah ha was directed toward the year.)
  • Time Waste: One Word.
  • I was not kidding when I said I would probably wear my new woot shirt today. I even got a compliment from a female co-worker. "Nice shirt." :-)
  • Just had a guy check in with me on my leg injury. He offered to carry me around until it healed. I laughed. He responded with a very serious tone, "Serious." (Uncomfortable.)
  • I am in another play. Yep another. This one is a dinner theatre musical. I shall be singing and dancing. I'm nervous. Very nervous. (Please be advised there is some adult language/content in this show.)
  • My leg feels somewhat better this morning. I don't remember waking up in uncomfortable pain last night. That's progress.
  • Colby Donaldson, I just wanted to make sure you knew that I was kidding about all that Eminem talk on my previous posts. You know I'm saving myself for you, We're soul mates.

Google Wave Developer Preview

I watched some of this video introducing Google Wave and showing off some of its capabilities. I was impressed and excited about it. I can't wait for it to released to the public.

I think it is going to make a big Splash in the internet community.....get it? Splash?

O...K....There ya go...my nerdy moment for the day.

The gig is up.....

An emailer alerted me to talk that the Bruno/Eninem "fight" was a set up.

Make no butts about it.....Butt-gate.....is over.

I found two different news sights that say:

US Magazine and Yahoo

"Yes, the Eminem-Bruno incident was staged," head writer Scott Aukerman says on his blog. "They rehearsed it at dress [rehearsal] and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show."

Both refer to Scott Aukerman's blog, but I read that blog. I even checked the guy's twitter. I don't see where he confessed. I can see how that would be a rehearsed set up. It was funny. It even had me. My sweet Marshall is a great actor. Superb! That's why I have had such the crush I've had. Way to go Marshall, good job! You got me!!

Marshall, btw, if they are just saying that to save face, I'll still volunteer to get your backside. I'm here for ya. Right here on this blog, give me the word and I'll go pluck everyone of those little feathers out of that outfit of his and then I'll give him a wedgie he'll never forget!

Baby doll, I'd do that for you! I really would.

Hey Look at my shirt!

ShirtWoot had a special one day of pay $6.66 for a random t-shirt that they have laying around their warehouse.
Not a bad idea.
I plucked out the plastic card and signed up for one. Attached is my shirt. Pretty cool looking. I might even wear it tomorrow.

And since when did I turn in to this t-shirt, jeans and sneakers kind of girl? I used to wear skirts, blouses and heals....high heals. Now I get excited about a t-shirt?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attention: Youtube

I'm not sure why you have it out for me. All I'm looking to do is provide the world (through this blog) with the occasional giggle, a peek into my brilliant mind and share a piece of my inner soul. For the third time you have delayed the posting of a video that I stole....errr....borrowed from your pretty little storage container to help me achieve one of those goals.
You have this pretty little feature that allows me to send the video to my sweet blog directly from your website. I originally thought that was neato....now....strumming fingers impatiently upon my desk....notsomuch.
The last time I borrowed one of your videos, you didn't actually send it to my blog until 2am. Only vampires and wierdos stay up that late! Once I saw it immediately post I realized that not only did you take forever and a day to post it, you gave me a double helping.
So this is your official written warning. Your first offense was met with a strong glare and a not so nice word or two muttered under my breath. The next time this happens, I might ...... uhhh...... I might..... ummm...... well, don't you worry about it Mister. I'll think of proper punishment, somehow someway.....even if it means not speaking to you for a day or so. Don't test me, I'll do it. I mean business!!
That's all, now get back to work and go find that missing video that hasn't posted to my blog yet.


My driving?

You Are a Mostly Polite Driver

You are high strung and easily worked up. You have a heck of a temper, and you're ready to fight anyone who ticks you off!

You are a fairly aware person, but you can't help but make judgment errors from time to time.

You'd like to think you're a fair person, but you occasionally think you deserve a special kind of justice.

You can be a rather tense, grouchy person - but you try to maintain your dignity.

You have the utmost respect for authority figures. You feel that rules - and their enforcement - are important.

You are somewhat focused, but you are also a bit scatterbrained. Distractions can get you in trouble.

You are a very responsible and conscientious person. You often consider the feelings and needs of others.

Your have a huge ego. You are apt to see yourself as the most important person in the world.

I was scared of the results of this test! I'm a terrible driver....as in patience with others, not skills. Although, I like to think I've gotten better since those last two tickets.....

Tueday's Thoughts

  • I just spent ten minutes drying my hair to realize I'm fixing to walk outside in the pouring rain and it get all wet again.
  • My umbrella is at work in my desk drawer.
  • I went on a date once to eat at a restaurant near a mall and we pull up to a little bit of rain. He refused to get out of the car until it stopped raining. We sat for fifteen minutes. I decided he was more insane than I was. I voted to just make a run for it.
  • Three days of school left and then I will have a 1st grader and a 6th grader. (I'm feeling older.)
  • I woke up really nervous this morning remembering a dream of talking on the phone to someone and telling them everything.....and I mean alllll the deep dark secrets. I'm scared to look at my call history.
  • Play practice last night. I got very frustrated just sitting there on the corner of the stage. It was great to go and sing my parts but I wanted to get up and be a part of the choreography too.
  • Heal, Leg....I command you. Now HEAL!!!
  • OK-go on with your Tuesday and in a little bit I will share with you a slightly nerdy moment I had last night.

Monday, June 1, 2009

How to mix basketball football and gymnastics

Pretty cool.

Plus, I really like that song playing with it......

June's Here

Love, Lilly

Monday's Thoughts

  • Back from a week off from blogging. I blame the leg pain and depression. I'll work on not doing that to ya again. I know ya missed me.
  • Scary Spice shown in public with a 18 pack on her stomach. I don't care who the chic is.....There is no way I'm standing next to her to get my picture taken with her. My next stop would be bulimia. That just goes a little overboard......unless of course, my body were to look like that, then I'd tell all ya haters to stick it and I would never put anything on over my bathing suit.
  • Temporary link to the MTV Award's Eminem vs. Bruno bit and Eminem's performance. I'm sure it will be taken down within a day. Some say it was fake and Eminem was in on it. I doubt it. My bet is that he didn't know ahead of time.
  • My younger kiddo won a singing contest last week. Her elementary school had its own "idol" contest and she made it to the finals for her grade. They only competed against their own grade levels. I got to see her perform and she was adorable. The dad next to me leaned over to tell me she sounded fantastic.
  • I've updated my marathon blog with my latest injury that has left me a little depressed. I still believe I can overcome and conquer!
  • I would say that my leg feels better today, but it doesn't.
  • I've been cast in a musical, Suburb, and I'm really nervous about it. It involves singing and dancing at the same time. I missed rehearsals last week thanks to the leg.
  • I'm not the biggest fan of Mondays and especially not of Mondays the week after a holiday week. That'll just make this week feel even longer.
  • Kids are out of school on Thursday. I love summer, but I still have to work and I know that the kids are gonna go stir crazy in this house.
  • Where did the phrase stir crazy come from?
  • On with the Monday......