Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Schooling

  • Who was the last person to wake up this morning? This gal!!! Yep, both of my alarms were turned off by my sleepily self. Thankfully, both kids got up on time, got themselves ready, and my sweet husband decided he should make sure I was alert and oriented before he left for work. 
  • That could have been a disaster. But it all worked out well, thanks to an evening of preparation yesterday. School supplies and back packs were all ready in the car. Clothes were already laid out and ready to slip on. ANNND The 3rd Grader even had the time to brush her teeth. (I can't wait until the age when she is self aware and doesn't require constant nagging from me. The 8th Grader spends a good hour in the morning perfecting her look.)
  • We even continued our tradition of donuts for the first day of school.   
  • Big kid delivered to her 1st day of 8th grade 40 minutes early. She's very particular about her school mornings. She requires early arrival so she can sit around with her little group of bff's and check out the cute boys. 
  • The 3rd grader might have had to sweat a little because the traffic around the middle school and the intermediate school directly across the street from each other had a horrible traffic jam that resulted in cops showing up to direct traffic. We didn't see that last year. It took us a good 30 minutes to drive the 1-1/2 mile (round-trip) to drop off The 8th Grader. 
  • We are Keller ISD - which is the school district that has been all over the news for cutting the bus service out of the budget and now only offering paid bus service regardless of distance from the school. 
  • There were six buses that pulled into the middle school -- all filled up with only 1/3 of students. Those same buses used to be completely packed last year. 
  • Thankfully, we are within walking distance - and normally do walk (with puppies) but -- the fashion diva didn't want to walk and carry all the school supplies. I don't blame her. But man, that bus conflict sure has created a horrible mess of traffic. It was already bad considering their are two schools directly across from each other. I can't imagine how bad it got after we dropped off The 8th Grader way early. 
  • In my head I said "We are ..... Keller" just like they did in the movie "We Are.....Marshall!" 
  • Uh oh. Left hand is getting all numb and I haven't typed very much at all. I have a suspicion that the doctor that performed a carpal tunnel release on on my left wrist earlier this year may have done something wrong. 
  • I should let my wrist rest. In bed. While Napping. 
  • Go ahead...hate on me whilst I enjoy me some sweet slumber during your working hours. 
  • Next post today will be my Hot Sports Opinion on the Cowboys football game that I watched last night. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Morning

  • It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everyone's lookin' forward to the weekend weekend. 
  • And I didn't even have to look up the lyrics. (because I can still hear my husband singing that word for word)
  • I've paused the soap operas, pushed aside the bon-bons' and have decided to allow my blogging talents to return for your reading pleasure. 
  • Life has been good. Yep, marriage with The Great Blogger has been good. Very good. You wouldn't believe how sweet and caring that man is. Yea, yea, yea - I know he has his haters. But he is an incredible guy. 
  • Speaking of sweet, he bought me a new dryer yesterday and amazingly, it was here at 8am this morning after I called Lowe's to pay over the phone last night around 8pm. I heart the Lowe's. (Home Depot and Best Buy just didn't seem interested in our money.) 
  • Husband will finally have clean under-roos when he gets home, just in time for date night. I wouldn't blog how many days with clean unders he went would I? Pfft, of course not. 
  • Today a visit to the doctor for the yearly school medical paperwork for the asthmatic kid and maybe I'll splurge on a little shot of happy estrogen for me while we're there. 
  • Then it's off to chase down some composition notebooks and we're hoping to end the hunt for the pocket folders with brads. Fingers crossed.
  • I should mention The 3rd Grader begged me to sign up for "Room Mom" since I am now a stay at home mom. Eek! 
  • Partyin', partying' yeah! Partyin', partying' yeah! Fun fun Fun Fun. Lookin' forward to the weekend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stay at Home Mom Overloaded

OK, I'll admit it...this stay at home bit is waaaaay harder than I thought it would be. There are so many projects, things to fix, kids activities, the laundry never stops piling up, yard work .....

If I could just get a little help around here.......

......not a bad idea!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday? We'll see.

Here's how it happened.....
I may have had an incident yesterday. The entire day I was focused and on track with household duties. 
When the kids got home from school I even had them doing really well and ready for the evening softball game. 
With an extra 30 minutes to spare I decide to put my research on the baby weeping willow cherry tree infestation problem to work . 
Warning: If you can't handle spiders then don't read the rest of this. 

Hubbie and kids saw a spider on the tree, I found a cluster of tiny bright green egg sacs and there was webbing on the tree. 
I destroyed  the eggs sacs (odd: they were empty), cut back the dead part of the limbs, removed as much webbing as I could and felt a little freakish about dealing with a spider issue - even though I killed it.
I kept feeling as if I had something on me, BUT knew I didn't and just tried to remain calm. 
While hosing down the tree I find an itty bitty something on my right arm. I flick it off and do a ewwww dance. 
I look closer and realize there was more than one. 
Starting to lose it. 
They are all over my arms....on my skin....they can be seen on my white shirt. 
Now. I'm. Freaking. Out. 
My first instinct is to declothe and spray myself down right there in the back yard. I had my belt and shoes off before I got inside. I had mostly everything else off before I got to the washing machine. I make a dash for the shower and toss my underoos and brazier in the sink with the water running. 
I might be on the verge of hyperventilating and crying at this point. Ok. I was crying. I can't stand spiders and I can NOT handle that many on me. Ewwww....on me!!! 
After scrubbing all my 3000 body parts - I hear the dog whining outside the bathroom door. I shush her. She starts again. I shush her. She starts again and this time I can hear the 2nd grader's voice with some alarm in her tone coming towards my bedroom. 
I opened the shower door to see lots of water and realize the sink drain was clogged by the garments and caused overflowing. It only took half a second to realize that the 2nd grader was going to tell me that the water was going through the ceiling downstairs in the kitchen. 
Now I am extremely close to a mental breakdown....... it was pretty bad. Thankfully we had the worst of it cleaned up (using EVERY towel in the house) before hubbie walked in the door. I will say the ceiling could have been WAAAY worse. 

So, apparently the shower isn't the only thing that needed grout work or recaulking. Ugh - add that and ceiling repainting to my project list. 

Somehow we made it to the softball game and the girls won. The 7th grader in the house, walked up to me at the game and said mom - stop. there's something on your.....then she proceeds to remove something from my neck. I freeze (and fight back tears from fear that the shower didn't take) and ask with a very shaky voice if there are more. 
"Nope, you're good."When we got home I looked at the white shirt - there were still some on there - but were not alive. 

I worked on an ambulance and have seen some horrible things, I don't scare easy, I remain calm in emergency situations ...but I can NOT do spiders. 
I still have the heebie jeebies. I may need therapy. 
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Monkey

......riding backwards On a Pig.

Yay! I finally got that I Whip My Hair Back and Forth Song replaced in my head.

Song available On itunes

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Random Thoughts

  • Well here we go. I guess today would be the first official day as a SAHM (that's the abbreviation for Stay At Home Mom's that we give ourselves).
  • For an incredibly long time (since early November) I have been off work with bilateral carpal tunnel. After anti-inflammatory, steroids, physical therapy all failed to help - I ended up having bilateral open carpal tunnel release surgery to relieve pressure off the median nerve.
  • No, I did not go with the Brown Method.
  • For anyone that truly believes that the surgery is a quick fix is incredibly ill informed. (I mention this because I read a comment someone posted about me.)
  • The recovery for this takes about a year to be back to normal --- and there is a good chance that 100% flexibility and strength may not be possible.
  • I loved the company I was working for and had full respect for management - but maybe the job that demanded so much typing wasn't meant for my skinny little wrists.
  • My right wrist is still swollen and painful at time - but it is getting better. I'm on the path to recovery.
  • So, after much discussions - hubbie and I decided to attempt to manage to live without my income.
  • (Please, please, PLULEEZE someone buy the ole house. FAST.)
  • So here we are. Day 1 of At Home Me.
  • I need to get some organization to my daily schedule. Any suggestions? There's gotta be some tricks to keep me on track.
  • Oh yea, my laptop hard drive crashed over the weekend.
  • I just dropped the Family Cat off at the Vet. She is really curious what it means to "get fixed". The vet tech LOVES her and thinks she is adorable!! hahahaha!
  • Younger daughter turns out to be quite the softball player. Older daughter - takes after me - she tried out for every sport in athletics to only make the cross country team (which lets everyone run). 
  • Hubbie hasn't been committed yet. yet. 
  • Keeping plants alive may no longer be my special talent in life. Apparently. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breaking news

I'm back to blogging.

Thank you all that sent little encouraging messages while I was on the injured list. More later that fun.
This morning I went back to the doc and was given a full release.
Then I quit my job.
Oh boy. This outta be a journey.

As a gift to you, I bring you a pic of Hot CNN reporter who is covering the situation in the gulf.

I'm not really sure what the situation was or is.