Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wanna Work With Me?

Ok, seriously....I think it might be true.

Walking on Water

These guys are crazy! I will admit that it would be kinda cool to pull that off!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts


·         I sat down to watch the Bachelorette last night and completely zonked out on the couch. I didn’t wake up even once. All three doors unlocked, both garage doors open, lights on in the house. Older daughter came in the living room in the morning to tell me she slept in…I almost freaked out…until I realized it was 6am. She slept in at 6am? Ugh.

·         Oh well, we all made it with no problems. Yay.

·         Older kid mowed the whole back yard and some of the front yard last night. I pulled weeds and cleaned the kitchen. It was a productive night.

·         I also did a whole 41 minutes of tae Bo. THAT is one heck of a work out. I was close to quitting several times but younger kiddo would start pep talking me, “Come on Mom! You’re doing great!!” “It doesn’t really hurt! You can do it” “Keep it up! Don’t stop!!” I would keep going. Then she fell asleep and I cut the video off. That’s some really hard stuff.

·         I’m now seriously considering bringing an exercise ball to work to sit on in place of my chair.

·         Swim suit. Swim Suit. Swim suit. I can do it. Tae Bo is a piece of cake!

·         My contacts are old and man oh man do I feel it! I need to sit and order some asap. Hopefully I’ll remember this evening. Fingers crossed.

·         I spelled Rome, Italy “Rhome” yesterday. I got called out on it via a text.

·         Glee comes on tonight and that makes me happy. Very happy.

·         The Bacherlorette looked really good, from what I did stay awake to watch, it has a bunch of looney, crazy, really good looking guys. That makes for great tv!




Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Quote

Since it's Monday, I give you:

"The future will be better tomorrow."

Dan Quale.

Monday Thoughts

·         I am super sleepy today. I went to bed waaaay too late last night. I hate it when I do that. My sleep schedule was a little nutty yesterday. I woke up before 8am yesterday morning not feeling good, made a recovery to jog my long jog and then crashed out for a two hour nap. The nap completely messed up my day. I had stuff to do.

·         I figured out that the explosion (a couple of weeks ago) between a bathroom electrical socket and my hair dryer that was plugged into was probably caused by a metal necklace that fell in between the plug and socket. I believe that…..When I finished drying my hair I laid the hair dryer down while turning it off at the same time. In the process it blew hair to a necklace hanging above the plug that fell at just the right time to explode just before I turned it off. Case solved. I could be a fire investigator.

·         I’m back to using the dyer again…’s probably safe. Right? Right, of course it is – I’m an expert.

·         Anyone watch the Bachelor from last season with the Texan hottie, Jake Pevelka?

·         Oh my, my, my……What a cutie.

·         Sorry --- temporarily lost in thought. The chick, Allie, that left towards the end of last season will be the Bachlorette and it starts tonight. I still wanna see her with Jake….since, of course, I can’t be with him, then I’d like for him to be with a good gal. I’ll have my hands full with Colby Donaldson. Since Survivor is over, I suspect he’ll be coming by to profess his love for me at any moment.

·         ….and if that Colby doesn’t hurry up I may decide to stalk fall in love with the very cute Tony Romo.

·         In the meantime, while waiting for Colby, I will most likely be stage managing the next show with The Off 380 Players. It’s Tuesday With Morrie – a VERY good book. Yay – how fun is that? I had a conflict with being out of town for a week in July that could have affected me working at that show. Turns out, there is another gal in the troupe with the same interest for stage manager and same problem – we’re gonna work together.

·         I still can’t remember which effect/affect to use.

·         This weekend we get to go see Wicked on stage. I’m pretty excited…..except the looney person (and no, this time, I’m actually not referring to myself) that picked the date, time and got all the tickets organized for this Saturday didn’t notice that….Hey! It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Then the looney person mentions what a great weekend it could be for sneaking away somewhere. Tell me about it. My brain was thinking the same thing.

·          I watched Unfaithful for the first time this weekend. What a sad/crazy movie.

·         One of the guys at work went to Rhome and Italy for vacation. He was telling me about it since I’m Catholic and I would find it interesting. Ummm…..I’m not Catholic. My mother just recently found out that she kinda is, but I’m not.

·         Company luncheon Friday was great….I was so excited one of the bosses ran off with the pies I brought. The only problem I now have is: there are three, let me repeat: THREE freakin’ cakes in the fridge right now…and one of them is a HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE cake.

·         This is going to be a rough day. Very rough.

·         Happy Monday.




Way to go, Facebook

From an email I received:


Facebook users to be on their guard, after an attack this weekend designed to infect computers with adware.  Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users are thought to have been hit by the attack which posted a fake video to profiles entitled "distracting beach babes".

The malicious posts, which were made to appear as if they were coming from users' friends on Facebook.

Accompanying the messages was a movie thumbnail of a woman in a bikini.  However, security experts warn that clicking on the movie's thumbnail doesn't play a video, but takes victims to a rogue Facebook application that informs users that they do not have the right player software installed, and tries to trick them into installing revenue-generating adware.

The rogue Facebook application then posts the same message to users' Facebook friends, spreading the video link across the social network.  Security experts estimates that hundreds of thousands of Facebook users found themselves under attack this weekend, echoing a similar scam that spread on Facebook last weekend involving the sharing of a fake video entitled "sexiest video ever".


Don’t click on it… matter how tempted you get!

Brittney Murphy's Husband Now Dead

Good grief, first Brittney Murphy's mom found Brittney dead five months ago and now she has found Bittney's husband, Simon Monjack, dead at the age of 39, last night in the same home (and room) that Brittney was found dead in.
That is very wierd.

The similarities are remarkable . Murphy was found unconscious by her mother Sharon. Sharon found Simon unconscious as well. Murphy was found in the master bathroom. Simon was found in the master bedroom of the same home. Paramedics administered CPR to Simon. Simon administered CPR to Brittany. And they may have both died from cardiac arrest ... 5 months apart.

That is very wierd. And I understand that Brittney's mom was living with the Simon?
He died from cardiac arrest, but I got a feeling that there's more to this story than just "natural causes".

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Qoute of the Day

If you can't say anything good about someone, sit right here by me.
- Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Update from my brother.....

This is an excerpt from an email from my brother...seems the kids are doing well. Mostly....

I think coming to visit sounds like a great idea. I've been going absolutely stir crazy here, (and the girls too). R-Man is doing very well at the new school. (Talk about teeny tiny town though). He's been a straight A student the last 2 report cards. He had to go for a few weeks without his medicine while we made arrangements for a new doctor (and the money to make it happen), but thank goodness we made it through without any problems at all. R-Man's behavior has actually continued to improve even with all the changes since Decatur. He's now doing daily chores (very diligently I must say I've been impressed so far) for an allowance of $2.50/week. Anyways, he's been doing pretty well and I've been very proud of him. We still have our daily struggles, but they are getting better.

For his birthday he'd wanted a fish for quite awhile, and he got a cool blue Beta. Then with some of his birthday money he got a fiddler crab ( those things are freakin hilarious to watch) from Wal-mart to live with the fishy....Well....The crab croaked 2 days after getting home, (turns out their necessary living conditions are not at all resembled in the least bit at Wal-mart in the way they are sold) ((man I was pissed about that one, still am actually)).... and then 2 days after that, Baby R fed the fish to our dog Rosebud...(who apparently LOVES seafood)..

Well, R-Man took the deaths pretty hard. We had a graveside service in the yard where we buried him in one of R-Man's old pill bottles for a casket. Everyone took a turn saying something nice about "Phil" and laid a flower on his grave. "Bill's" body on the other hand was never recovered so we just kinda left that one at that...(I made sure to walk Rosebud quite a ways from the house during poo-poo outings for the next couple days... Anyways, he bounced back soon enough and his granny just got him another Beta last week..This one's been doing good and everybody has been great at "Baby R Patrol".

....made me giggle (and miss them all even more)!

R-Man sent me a message on facebook and said that his little sister, Miss Sweet R, still calls me Skinny Aunt Trina. (Gotta love that kid!!!)

Thursday Thoughts

·         It feels just like a couple of days since I was dreading my Monday morning. Now it’s Thursday already? My oh my, the week has flown by!

·         Big girl had her band concert Tuesday --- pretty, pretty…..pretty good.

·         Little girl has a ballet recital Saturday. It should be adorable! I can’t wait!

·         I have become a double fake Excel Expert this month. Ok, not really, but I have added more features, formulas and charts to an excel  workbook that I’ve been keeping for the last two years and it’s pretty cool to think back at what I started with and now see what all it can do…..and I did that. Me….the blonde one. Yay!

·         We were issued hard hats at work this week……those things are not good for the hair. I think I’ll stay at my desk for as long as possible and as much as possible.

·         I think there is a slight chance of rain today. Maybe. Maybe not.

·         If I ever wondered if I missed my calling as a dog hair cutter person, well, after last night – there’s a 123% probability that I did not. My poor dog. She looks……ummm….like she got a really, really bad haircut.

·         Last night was a little exciting around my house. We had a dinner guest, cut the dog’s hair, and then booked a Girl’s Trip for this summer. We’re going to Disney!! Yep, being broke with bills paid and vacation paid is a good feeling. A really good feeling!

·         My older daughter got out of bed at 1am last night, walked down the hall to my room and announced that she was going to take a shower. My response? “Huh?” I heard her go to the bathroom and tinkle…so I thought – she must have been sleep walking. Then I heard the shower. Yep, she took a shower at 1am last night. When she was finished she came back to my room and told me to get up –it was my turn to shower. Then she looked at the clock. “It’s 1am, I thought it was 5 am….can I go back to bed?” hee, hee….poor girl.

·         I talked to a very dear ole’ friend on the phone last night for a while and he advised me that HTC has come out with an update for my phone as of yesterday. HTC put out the next update as of yesterday. I’m soooo working on that tonight.  I might give that hair cut a second try tonight too. Poor doggie. Don’t ask for a picture of her. I’m too embarrassed.

·         I’m still waiting for the reaction from my neighbors when the peek over the fence to say hi and do the double take when they see her.

·         I might splurge on tanning for a month or two. I’m one heck of a white girl.

·         I joined in on and started a photo project called “365” with the concept of taking a self portrait once a day for 365 days. I made it 20 days. I’m gonna try again.  It was in flickr last time – I think I might actually upload it to my facebook this time. Wanna be my fb friend? I started with a pic yesterday….let’s see how long I can make it this time.  Any bets?

·         I noticed that a facebook friend posted a comment that said, “

·         I’m in a really really really good mood this morning and I have the worst splitting headache ever. I’ve had it since yesterday aft

·         Happy Thursday, y’all! (Now…where did I put that bottle of advil?)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Song

One of the guys at work mentioned this song and now it's stuck in my head.

I guess there are worse songs Somewhere Out There. (Don't you dare click on that.)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What the....

Well, my Wednesday started out with a bang....literally! That would be a pic of the plug in my bathroom that blew up WITH my hair dryer plugged into it!!!

Tomorrow is gonna be a baaaaad hair day. Anyone wanna donate a new hair dryer? Sadly, that was a kick butt hair dryer too.


Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

·         I heard today that local honey will help with allergies. I looked it up. I’ll bee.

·         This morning I was thinking, if I were to die today, I would be completely embarrassed of my closet. There’s nothing incriminating in there, it’s just packed with messiness. I have a bad habit of keeping stuff I know I’ll probably never wear just because of the ‘what if’ factor. What if I lose those twenty pounds since I’ve worn that pair of pants last? I think I have stuff in my closet from high school. (They might come back in style.)

·         Do you think the guys at work would laugh at me if I brought one of those big exercise balls to sit on instead of my desk chair? They’re supposed to be good for the abs. My tummy needs some work.

·         My daughter swore the other night that she saw a guy in a tuxedo wearing a top hat and carrying a cane standing at the corner by our house. I thought she was crazy or kidding until I heard later that night that it was prom night. Makes sense now.

·         Did anyone go see Nunsense in Bridgeport?

·         Speaking of seeing…yay, Glee is on tonight.

·         Should I feel silly if the “I’ll bee” in the first bullet point made me giggle?

·         This has been Tuesday, hasn’t it?


Monday, May 10, 2010

Afternoon Cutie

I seem to forget sometimes how cute that Jake Gyllenhaal is. I should probably not totally rule him out. If my boyfriend, Colby Donaldson, ends up not doing well on Survivor, I could use Jake as a backup. He does have the cutest....dimples when he smiles.

....and a sense of humor too.

Afternoon Giggle

Ok that was funny...but I don't know how it ends. Did he eat one of the fishes or not?

I'm not good with being left in suspense.

Weekend Catch-Up

My weekend? Well, well, well….let’s just say I’m pretty sure my overall self is on the verge of a downward spiral. My “baby girl” had her birffday on Friday and is now the big 12 years old. Sigh.

I don’t feel old, but she just seems to be beginning to change into a young lady and I don’t like it one bit. Not at all.

Friday was the school dance and she had a friend over to get ready at our house. At time to go they walked out in itty bitty tank tops, hair done did (hair looked great) and huge smiles on their faces looking very pleased with themselves.

I hollered at them to go put more clothes on because they were not going out dressed like that. They both assured me they didn’t plan on it….they both had sweaters they were wearing over the tank tops. (uhhh….I completely felt the “I wasn’t born yesterday” saying.)

Saturday we ran the 5k in Aledo with my mother. Mom got first in her age group (again). I had an incident (again) that put me 5th – instead of 2nd or 3rd where I could have been. I’m repressing that memory and moving forward. My big girl beat Nana (not by much) and the little one finished the entire route. Afterward I enjoyed the best nap ever.

Saturday night was The Party.  You know what else comes with this “12yo” age? Girl drama. Umpfh. I should have seen that coming. It wasn’t too too bad….but still. I will say one girl called her mother to complain and the mom chewed her out for her behavior and then called to apologize to me. I was pretty impressed with the mom. Her daughter was not exactly in the right….and I was trying to figure out what to say to keep everyone happy good.

The movie projector outside while the kids settled on the trampoline turned out really well. The weather was great! They watched “The Box” – although I’m not sure any of them really watched the movie. I went out several times to check on them and they were complete chatterboxes and giggling yet behaving.

My younger one and her friend put on black clothing and made a belly crawl from the back door all the way to the trampoline to scare the big kids. I was shocked they made it without a peep – or getting caught in the action.  (Cracked me up.)

Sunday was nice – mother’s day. I didn’t diet the entire day. Kid made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, left over pizza for lunch and tv dinner Chinese food for dinner.

I took two naps and watched The Blind Side with the projector in the back yard with my two girls snuggled up to me.

At the very end of the movie we started to feel sprinkles. The timing was great. The projector goes back today – and I’m not sure I can ever enjoy a movie at home as much without a projector. A backyard movie was great.

So there ya go….a play by play account of my weekend happenings.

Happy Monday.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Nunsense - 2ND WEEKEND

Now Playing:

Go see a play this weekend and support your local theater. I order you to. (And tell me the female stage hand/student isn't the cutest and most talentest you've ever if her talent runs in her family!)

LAST CHANCE TO SEE IT!!!! DON'T MISS IT!!! (I saw it last Sunday and laughed my rear off! Greatness!)

Coolest Shirt Ever

I want one in pink that has a they make those?

Thursday Thoughts Posted A Day Late

My NCAA basketball bracket at work came in second and I got a little prize out of it. Cool.

I would be upset that it took this long to inform me and send the prize my way, but I’m too distracted with the fact that I came in second!!!!!

If a package says “easy open” then it isn’t. I have individually wrapped small portions of cheese that is a pain in the neck to open. It’s my daily snack and I go through getting mad at my cheese slice everyday….yet I keep buying the same kind every time I go to the store.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I plum forgot to send the census form in. I’m a dork, I know. I had a census worker stop by yesterday for the interview. I learned that she has a political science degree. Is this what she went to school for?

I’ve been shopping for contacts online and have discovered that they are expensive (for my kind) and you get the best deals per box with the more you buy. I just don’t want to buy a year at a time. I’m not sure why I don’t but I don’t. That whole concept drives me nuts. I just want one…maybe two boxes at a time for a reasonable price.

I finally submitted my vacation request at work for this summer and it was approved. I am officially excited about the summer. VERY EXCITED!

I got through an evening last night without a snake, spider, mouse….all was well – until I awoke this morning to find a cricket in my bathroom sink. I think my daughter might have mentioned that it was in there the night before. I should pay more attention when she’s talking about bugs.

Ali in comments mentioned stuff from Lowe’s for the house to combat the snakes. I might try that. I really really don’t like snakes.

I’m almost done reading Tuesdays with Morrie. Ugh – that’s a sad story. Next I’m going for In Cold Blood by Kapote. I intend on following up with movies associated with it, too.

I don’t have much today.

Oh – wait – Survivor is on tonight!! Yay!! Break out the bib – I plan on drooling over Colby from 7:00 to 8:00….ahhhh, sweet Colby.

I would like to also announce my prediction for the winner. Sandra. Yep, Sandra. I feel really really good about that….and sad that I’m pretty sure it won’t be my boyfriend.

Ok – now you may carry on with the Thursday.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nerdy Way Of Announcing Pregnancy

I am soooo not a sci-fi fan of Star Wars or Trek. I can never remember which is which -- I just know they are both torture to me. This video, however, made me laugh.

Wednesday Whining

What could be a great way to start the day other than with a flat tire?
I even get the pleasure and delight of sitting impatiently on the walmart auto center to fix the flat.
I'm hoping its fixable. It's a little on the worn out side and has a pretty big nail in it.
Since I'm such bright cheery person I like to look at the positive of the situation. It could be could have happened on a Monday.
More yard work last night. I cleared out and trimmed (read butchered)  the front bushes. That was not an easy task.
I did have the opportunity to meet another snake. This time I had no doubt that the thing was alive.
This was not the same snake as last week....which makes me nervous.
We did, finally, get to stop by lowe's last night for our yearly purchase of flowers for the flower bed.
I swear they have the friendliest workers ever.
Walmart could work on that.
Ugh I swear the car in front of me is getting everything done that walmart has to offer.
Did I mention that I'm impatient?  
I think what gets me is sitting here, stranded and feeling like forever is passing me by.
If I'm gonna have to be away from work I can think of a trillion other things that I could be doing.
Aaaand, if I had known it would have taken this long, I would have skipped right up to Starbucks and enjoyed some hot java and maybe even some fattening yet yummy muffin.
At least I got to share the wait with you.
Thanks for letting me whine.

EDIT: One old tire replaced with a brand new one....and those thangs ain't cheap neither!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Justin Bieber

"German, I don't know what that means. We don't say that in America."

Such a smart kid. Kinda.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Thoughts

  • Good morning! Aren't you so super duper very glad that today is Monday? I am!!! I LOVE Mondays! They are awesome!
  • (I sounded believable during that last bullet point, didn't I?)
  • Last week on Thursday, the plan was to hitch a ride after work to Fort Worth and bring back the bike, but it was really windy and there was a pretty good chance of rain Friday and Saturday. So, back up plans were made and ultimately followed through with. BUT it didn't rain - in fact, it was gorgeous outside.....all weekend! Dang weather played a trick on me and I didn't get to ride. Booo.
  • I did get to go to the Movie Tavern to see Furry Vengance though. The movie was horrible, but the company was great, food was ok -- and it was The Movie Tavern. You just can't go wrong at The Movie Tavern (normally - although I still haven't seen date night yet).
  • Brendan Frasier is a C List actor, in my professional, expert opinion.
  • Last week I started mowing the front yard, I stopped half way through to empty the grass out of the bag when I came across THIS guy in my mower. I froze, but figured there was NO WAY that creature was still alive. I poked at the grass next to him with my gloved hand. Nothing. I took my glove off to get a pic of him with my cell, figuring he was dead. I took one pic, but - since I am trained in the photographic ways, I decided a couple more pics with different angles would be a good idea. I leaned the phone in closer to get another pic - the thing jumped and slithered deeper in the mower to attempt a getaway. And of course I remained calm and didn't run away screaming and crying as if Freddy Kruger was chasing me with a chain saw. Or...maybe I wasn't totally calm. My neighbors gave me the look of, what the heck is she doing?
  • Ugh...I'm still scared to go out there. I never did figure out which way he went.
  • I got three books last week, based off of suggestions and have more lined up from more suggestions. I'm loving the reading list. Right now, I have Tuesdays With Morrie (I'm stage managing it this summer), Firefly Lane (it's starting out pretty good) and In Cold Blood (suggested by "Art Vandelay").
  • 5k this weekend. Outta be some fun.
  • Now let's get going with the Monday. Yum.