Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The things I miss when I'm not blog stalking

I should have listened and turned away.
She shouldn't have stopped.
This little piggie had roast beef and this little piggie had none.....
Girl's got talent....and an incredible camera.
I agree on all points....except, I kinda dig the song.
Reminds me of a funny scene from Office Space.

There's more, but someone just told me I'm up passed my bedtime.

Gotta go sunggle.


The Kat is Back

Tuesday Lunch Thoughts (finally)

I have been a bad bad blogger this last week. I actually blogged while in Disneyworld and then I haven’t since. Bad me. (Thanks, M!)

I had a ton of cleaning last week to catch up on, two suit cases full of dirty laundry and then a first week of school to get through. I cannot tell you how much paperwork is involved at that school district. I’m not sure I even filled out this much paperwork last year.

The older kitten is taking a couple Pre-AP classes this year. I read the curriculum for the math class and they are going to cover two years of math in one year. Over the summer the band students from her new school were given summer scales to work on with incentives if they learned the scales. Sheesh, these scales are not easy at all! Poor thing has a ton of homework for the Pre-AP classes and has a lot of catching up on in band.

I should share with you that I’m getting fat. Yep, I ate waaay too much in Disneyworld. Thanks, a lot, Mickey Mouse and your goofy meal plan.

Annnd, I have the biggest pimple EVER!! It’s incredibly huge.

At least the marriage is still going well. I think one of the vows was to love me even if I’m not so pretty looking.

We have now been married for 66 days. My, my how time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when we walked down that isle.

The old house is still almost finished. It’s been painted on the inside and looks great (nice job, Mark). It’s now waiting on new carpet to be installed, then it will get a final scrub down and be ready to sale. I can’t tell you how mentally hard it is to pay a mortgage on a house that I am never at. At least the electric bill is nice and cheap.

I had my mother and her sister over to the new house Sunday for dinner and cards. I actually pulled out the family china, which I think I’ve only used once before. It was fun having them over….I made a yummy pot roast and the kittens made a yummy cheesecake for dessert.

I was also a little distracted last week finishing up reading Bend In The Road by the same guy that wrote The Notebook. Good grief I cried like crazy at the end of that book. The only thing that really bugged me was that the story teller kept referring to one of the main characters as a sheriff instead of a sheriff deputy. It drove me nuts throughout the entire book.

Now I need to find another book to read.

Having two adults in one home sure does makes things a bit easier….especially when that other adult is actually home, involved and helping out. Big difference.  

I’ve got a craving to cook a chicken pot pie….where did that come from?



Friday, August 20, 2010


last full day of a really packed week.

Last night after I bogged that we had been so far lucky to escape an asthma attack....she started wheezing and coughing. It wasn't too bad and it was after back to back rides that she screamed and screamed on.

Today is EPCOT and I read a warning of.someone that said it really stands for Everyone Person Comes Out Tired. Is it bad if we start out that way?

I'm not exactly sure what the plan for tomorrow is beside loading the shuttle at 3pm to head towards the airport.

Girls start a new school Monday, I'll be late to work and be welcomed by loads of paperwork and an office that is normally very quiet.

Last night the parade at Magic Kingdom was very good and entertaining.

The fireworks show by my castle was awesome.

I have "it's a small world" stuck in my head.

I would looove to get a Tiger autograph for a certain fan out there.

Happy Friday, y'all! 


This time for real.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a blizzard out here

Well, ok maybe its hot as hades here, but we are going to Blizzard Beach today so maybe the heat won't be quite so horrible.

It's Thursday, we have three days left. I'm sorry  to sound sappy, but oh my how I miss my husband extremely bad. I no longer care that he snores and talks in his sleep. I also crave to hear his loud laugh.

But most of all I long for a long, warm hug from him.

Sigh....ok, time to get cooled off with some water slides.

Update during lunch:

I'm hungry, this place works ya out. You can take a chair lift to the major slides but the wait for that is extremely long. Your next choice is the stairs.  There is a lot of them. I mean alot!

We've still had a major lucky streak here with good service, not a long wait on lines and the ability to hit up all the major/big rides early.

Somehow we hadn't had any melt downs yet either. We have had our share if slight grumpy spells but their usually associated with heat or lack of energy that shade and a cold, refreshing power_aid drink usually helps pass pretty quick.

We timed our trip around a dinner special that started the day we got here. It has so many meal points and so many snack points. We are way under on both. They divide out to be 3 dinner points and 2 snack points per person per day.

Our dinner at the castle takes 2 points each, but we've used a snack point for a smaller breakfast twice so we have extra. An ordinary dinner here for a family of four can range from $80 to $150. That's without alcohol. Yes, paying for food here can make you go broke fast. Oh, and don't forget to tip your wait staff.

I will say that it OS not normal to find a staff menber in a bad mood or not willing to help out someone.

Every employee has where they are from on their name tags. They are from all over the world and they USA. I have yet to see one from Texas.

Of course the guests here are multi cultural. The accents, languages, habits and customs are the most diverse I have ever seen in my entire life.

I might have bought the younger kitten a new bathing suit and left it at home. Thankfully, older one brought two suits.

I also ran off without someone's asthma medicine. I've been over worried. So far....lucky.

We just finished lunch and now I feel a nap coming on. I shouldn't have  eaten that cheesecake.  I'm exhausted, sitting in a secluded spot in the shade by a speaker with some good music.....current song is Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves.

More later. Z's right now. Shhhh....pic from yesterday. There's a monkey behind me.

Post nap and preprincess dinner:

I'm not in the least bit hungry.

I am, however, very interested in a red bull or even a couple more cups of coffee.

The nap at the park was good but I feel more tired than before.

The water park was fun although it seemed a bit small. We still have Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark to hit up that we will probably do on Saturday before we take off.

I think the kittens are just about the perfect ages to do this. They'll remember it.

My younger one talks a lot. A lot. A lot. A lot.

There's a lot of people here.

It's an Animal Kingdom kind of day

Shoot, I meant to wear my zebra print top today. Ugh.

Animal Kingdom says they have more coaster and scarier coasters than the other parks. I'll let you know if we find that claim to be true. Well, two of us can attest, while two other fraidy cats can't.

As part of our resort there are busses that run all day to all the parks. You can be at any of the parks within 20 minutes...well, so far.

We still have both water parks and Epcot to check out.

We have dinner reservations to eat at The Castle in Magic Kingdom with the princesses on Thursday and a restaurant named Tokyo in Epcot for Friday lunch (sushi) 

The breakfast reservation with Mary Poppins was awesome. We got a ton of autographs from several characters. Food wasn't too bad either. It was at The Grand Floridian resort.  

Here we go, time to get wild.......

(once again I forgot to post )

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Hollywood Studios

It's Tuesday and its hot here. I'm a huge fan of the shade.

There's a billion people here and there's not a cloud in the sky.

Yesterday I think we spent the whole day near someone with a  birthday. If it's your birthday, then the workers sing happy birthday to you. Yep, we literally heard that sung every five minutes. I'm good to not hear that sung again for awhile.

Today is Hollywood studios where we will get to do a backlot tour, see the Indiana Jones stunt show, ride the Tower of Terror, eat at a Sci-fi dinner theatre that we have reserved and there is some star wars thingie that my mom is interested in.

Now, I should warn you that there is a really good chance that I could finally get discovered and hit it big. I do promise to keep blogging.

(typed yesterday and I forgot to hit publish, my bad)

But....I might tell you that the show at the end of the night was "Fantasmic" was fantastic.

The 3D shows here are taken to the extreme by adding wind effects, smells, and drops of water. Pretty cool.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Reporting Live

....from Disneyworld. We have been up since 5am Texas time and I'm hungry. We have a reserved breakfast with Mary Poppins and her crew. I'm hoping to see some chimney sweepers sing and dance. I wonder if "just a teaspoon of sugar" will be on the menu.

Pic is from last nights dinner.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tae Bo

"Everyday above ground is a positive day."

-Billie Blanks

Pffft.....has he been to Texas during the summer...in August?

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I love stuff like this. Literary's Last Words. 
  • This top ten list reminded me that people really are crazy.....Ten relationships that facebook ruined. (And of course - it was facebook an facebook alone that caused the demise of each of those relationships, right?)
  • Do you know what the worst part of packing up and moving is? The unpacking....specifically the little things. I will admit we are extremely close to being done. Done. I look forward to that word.
  • What's even better to make the moving experience great? Let's throw in a scavenger hunt in the middle of a superstore and call it "School Supply Shopping". Ugh, I don't like the shopping for school supplies. Target last night was too horrible - but it wasn't fun either.
  • Do they still make scissors for "lefties"? I couldn't find any last night. Can't the regular scissors just be flipped around?
  • Beavis and Butthead making coming back n MTV? heh heh...heh...cool.
  • Blogger has redesigned their posting page/dashboard thingie and added automatic spam detection. Goodbye word verification on the comments. Yay. That thing drove me nuts.
  • Then again...they may only do that with the newer blogger and not on the old style one.
  • You know that flight attendant that quit? I got video!
  • OK, it's now close to 7am and I gotta go -- I think my chariot to work is about to leave me. Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Bo The Bailer"

I'm sure that nickname won't really catch on....

Tuesday Lovings

If you aren’t a fan of mushy, lovey-dovey stuff, then skip this post.
• My poor sweet husband is having a bad day today.
• First of all, this morning on our favorite radio morning show, one of the hosts goes on and on about Disney that he just got back from. I felt sad and a little guilty that I’m going on a girl’s trip without him. We’ve only been married for 45 days and in 5 days we’ll be gone for a week. But the girls and I have been planning this trip for over a year with my mommy. (And he might just enjoy a little quiet time.)
• When it was time to get out the door, we both hopped in the family truckster to carpool to work and the family truckster wouldn’t start. He doesn’t have to say a word. I know he’s not happy. He takes a deep breath, tries again….nothing. Another deep breath combined with a frustrated smirk on his face…..and I do the calm voice, “It’s ok – we’ll take the Pinto Station wagon and figure this out later.”
• I’m still optimistic at this point, but it may be a tad worse than I think it is. We’ll see.
• We get almost to me work and he realizes…..he doesn’t have the keys to the office…..and he’s way early to work because my start time is pretty early.
• After all that, I get an email from him thanking me for being there and it was so sweet that it made me tear up….at my desk!
• Even with a trying morning he is still the sweetest and most gentle man I know.
• For many many many more reasons than just him being sweet and gentle, I feel like the luckiest wife on this planet. I have an incredibly wonderful husband that I love dearly that loves me back.

Photobooth Engagement

Ok, this is cute, sweet way to capture the moment of proposing to a gal.

(Although, I wouldn't have changed a moment of a certain proposal from my very own, Mr. BuBear. It was absolutely perfect!)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

By The Cure.

I love me a Friday!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday End of Work Day

·         I swear I spent the last four hours at work juggling eighteen different tasks with the phone cradled in one ear, the radio in the left hand and typing furiously with the right hand.

·         I am still not a fan of crickets. At all.

·         My younger kitten has finally pulled off a first: She has slept in her very own big girl bed all by her self

·         I needs me some estrogen. Huge. Quickly.

·         School starts in less than three weeks? Wow….this is coming up fast. Very fast.

·         Sometimes I think about what all needs to be done between the two houses and I feel like all that work will never end! I haven’t had the big….”sad to leave my house” moment yet. I think it’s because I’m still in limbo over there and still making house payments and utility payments.

·         Does an article advising of an Huge blast of sun’s plasma heading toward Earth bother me. Nah. Does it make me a little bit nervous…uhhh, YEA it does!

·         How long has it been since you made shadow hand puppets on the wall? Me? Last night…..still makes me giggle to think about it.

·         I was a bit down yesterday afternoon and my older kitten says, “Mom – You look pretty today.” It was really nice to have that out of the blue from her. Sweet kid made me smile when I was down.

·         My little kitten curled up in my lap last night and fell asleep with me rocking her and patting her back.  I realized when I stood up to carry her up the stairs to her room that she is definitely no longer “little”.

·         Now….I wonder if I can find me some estrogen to make everyone in my little home happy and stop fearing me chomping off their heads.




Funny = JailBreaking a display iphone4

Never leave your nerd unattended in a store.

via The iphone User Guide

Cute or Not?

I'm kinda leaning towards cute. I think.

via Ugly Overload

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Officially Home

You know you've moved in when you put the trampoline together.

On and On and On and On......

Journey's Song, Don't Stop Believing

...I wonder if anyone has checked The Google Maps to get directions from South Detroit to Anywhere.

Oh, they have...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Afternoon Pick Me UP

Hey, wait ... a ....second.
What the what?
OOops. I think I labeled that pic wrong.

(via www.peopleofwalmart.com)

Nike Likes Big Butts and They Cannot Lie....

Tony Gentilcore (who ever that is) declared this add to be: "Best. Ad. Campaign. Ever." .....but he's pretty funny.

I don't have a booty. Ten thousand lunges? Sheesh, forget that....I'm out.

Monday Lunch Thoughts


· I love arguing with a boss via email. I think it keeps them on their toes and I don’t have to hear them holler/cuss on the phone. They wouldn’t fire me for being sassy electronically would they?

· The kittens came home this weekend. Yay! I got my sweet hugs last night. Finally. Then, within two hours there were cat-fighting and driving me crazeee. My sweet husband even had to fire off a, “Hey, hey, hey…ladies!”

· On the way home after picking them up, the older girls starts sobbing. I ask her what the heck is wrong and she tells me her boyfriend broke up with her through text message. She cried on and off all evening. Poor thing. She really liked him. I told her she gets to look forward to being the mysterious cute new girl at school.

· They got to see their newly redone bed rooms that hubby and I spent the last two weeks slaving on so that they would be ready when they got home. It was worth it. Their rooms look fabulous!

· Saturday did not start out very well at all. We actually got in an argument at 9:40 in the morning….I remember the time because he said, “It’s 9:40 in the morning and we are arguing already?” Of course it didn’t last long at all….he’s too sweet and funny to stay mad at.

· And Saturday was miserably hot…..the Uhaul experience did not go well for him once we were done with it.

· We spent so much time busting rear on the house this weekend that I totally forgot to pin him down and make him do another Video – cast. My plan is to do a short one weekly.

· Saturday afternoon, I cleaned out the turtle tank and fish bowl. Sunday morning I fed the fish – a gorgeous blue beta that we’ve had for five or more months. Sunday afternoon I do a double take-in shock that it’s……..dead. I have no clue what I did wrong…but I feel terrible. I killed our fish.

· The older kitten knows it died, but I haven’t told the younger one yet. I’m stalling.

· …..and that’s not even the worst part.

· I go to pick up the girls and then remember…..as we walk in the door….that I forgot to send him to his final resting place. I was very panicky when both kittens went straight for the kitchen where the turtle and fish have been hanging out.

· Thankfully, my wonderful, husband had held a private, quick, service for the fish before we got back. Whew. Close call.

· Not bad for my 12th husband.

· Happy Monday.

Static Dog

Someone get that pooch a bounty dryer sheet.....stat!

The woman's laughter is great.