Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes I will marry you!!

Although, I don't think he was talking to me it sure does sound nice and he probably has a huge fan club of women! I may have to re-read his blog to see if there is anything in there regarding laundry and snow....


Internet was down today. I was forced to clean the living room, kitchen, bathroom annnnd do laundry in the cold, cold icy weather at the laundry mat. Not fun!
But I'm back at my nice, warm, comfortable desk and am actually thinking of going to bed!

Child Kills Mom and Brother

How terrible.

Snow Day

It snowed here!
Yesterday the County Judge closed all county offices for today.
Our school district was not so nice. They decided to hold school today.
I took the kids to school and waited until they were counted present and then picked them up.
I got home and they finally closed the school an hour later. Too late, I was already snuggled back in my bed for a nap.
After my nap, we cleaned up their mess and went outside to have a neighborhood snowball fight. Fun! I just love it when it snows in Texas. We so don't know how to drive here. Just close everything down and stay home!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Read up on...

this article if you ever thought about re-gifting. As for me, I want a four-wheeler and don't care if it's been used or not as long as it runs. I wouldn't mind one bit if it was re-gifted!

I'm back...

After too many hours of driving in the car, I am back home. Arkansas was a nice place to visit and the police are awfully nice there. I realized that I like those razorbacks after all. The nice officer was busy listening to the game and didn't want to miss anything so instead of writing me a ticket he asked me to please slow down. Nice officer. Go Hogs!

Holiday Highlights:

1. I slept in the day after Thanksgiving and decided not to go shopping for the first time in a long time.

2. I will forever be grateful for the present I gave my kids last year!

3. Four wheelers are really, really fun---not so much, when your mother is driving, tends to make one nervous.

4. I gained 3 pounds this year. I might take up jogging again.

5. I beat my mother at cards for the first time in my life. I will always cherish that moment, because I fear it might not happen again. She's really good!

6. My great-grandmother's bed is not a super-king and her dresser is not eight feet tall--a childhood memory can be slightly disproportioned.

7. Family can be fun to be around.

8. Four wheelers are awesome--twenty acres of land with trails through trees tend to help out. I'll post pics later.

9. Elvis Presley's house is not as big as I thought it would be.

10. If you're ever in Memphis, TN..go to Corky's Bar-b-que. Best stuff I've tasted in my life (outside of grandma's kitchen, of course).

11. I missed the dent in my bed that my little body has made and might be grumpy tomorrow morning when I actually have to get up early. Yuk.

12. Got through three chapters in Government.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Excuse my Grumpiness...

I won't let the night pass without wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Word of advice: Pass on the wine. Ten minutes later and I'm still trying to dab away that taste from my poor tongue.

Notagood Monday...

I thought I would put all 23 kids down to bed early tonight and enjoy a glass of wine during the end of a bad Monday. I can be an adult for a change. The wine has been sitting in my fridge for a couple of weeks and it just looked good. I serve it every weekend to intelligent, well-off people at the second job. Maybe they know a good thing.

Then again, little Blonde Kat might not be a great big fan of Merlot. Icckk.

I'm back to being childish over the end of my evening. Where's my Dr. Pepper?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I wonder.....

if there is a guy out there that will promise his future wife a pan, a comb, and perhaps a cat. Oh wait, I think I found one. Man is that gal lucky!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

Today's Geography Lesson....

Here is a map of I20 running through Cisco, Eastland and Ranger.
Wow...imagine being outsmarted by a blonde if you ever thought that I20 didn't run through those three towns!!

Doogie, Say it Ain't So...

I heard today that little Doogie Howser proclaimed his gayness a couple of weeks ago.
No, no way..I reply.
Then after a very short research...I find this article.
Does he know that I begun my crush on him a long, long time ago when he was the doc? So unfair. Yep, we can go ahead and cross him off the list.

Of Course...

My sweet little mother (who is very short) just had to make the artificial intelligence blonde joke! Nice, Mom....nice.
Wait...Christmas is just around the corner....
Funny, Mom....funny. Love the new house.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Miss New Hairdo

I've been debating for awhile to try a new hairdo. So I had a couple of inches snipped off and went brown.
It took two colors to get there and didn't completely take in some spots. So now I'm brown with red and blonde shimmers here and there, which makes for a very interesting color. I'm semi-happy. My little gal did an amazing job. But now I miss being blonde.
It's already lightened up a bunch over the weekend. By the beginning of the'll probably be all faded away.
If you're upset....get used to it. All of us big movie stars do it. We love to change our look often. (Now if I could just work on the movie star part, I could afford to change looks more often!)

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Don't forget to make time to vote!!

Lots of fun

It was fun and I had an awesome time. Next time, I'll remember to get a t-shirt.

When I got home, I didn't even care that I had no electricity until 5am due to a lightening stike, a small fire and a down electricity line across the street from my homestead-like living quarters.

And the winner is.......

Last pics of the night and, boy howdy, did I hollar at my camera. My poor little batteries had given in at this point. And so did my back on the 10 mile hike back to the camper.

Nice line after one of the last cautions

Monday, November 6, 2006

Not bad

Only one ambulance got used. Good job drivers. This one walked for his mandatory ride to the Infield Hospital.

Oh, I get it....

And suddenly the need for this many
ambulances makes sense.


I could not consider myself a true photographer if I didn't get pictures of the big wreck.
And for you non-race car fans out there........... Judging by the number of people at the Texas Motor Speedway (typically referred to as TMS for us fans) this possibly is only directed to three people........

The Nascar racers are supposed to drive on the track.....not on the grass.

Race Car Fan

The race got really intense toward the end. I want to say there were around 11 cautions, but I could be wrong.
That many cautions would leave a person slightly on the edge of their seat....if one were to sit.....which during the last 30 or so laps...we didn't. (We meaning...just about everyone in the joint.)

(Pic was of a guy down the row from me. His facial expressions were very interesting to watch. He got much happier once his guy won. I think he finally smiled.)

Who does a gal cheer for?

I sat next to a Gordan fan and I am best friends with a Dale Jr fan (real fans call him DJ-by the way). What a predictiment I was, I remained neutral and went for the #6 car. I remembered him from the time I attended last. He was the viagra car, it was funny...he wrecked and his hood got stuck....ya well, nevermind. He's now AAA. And his name is Mark Martin.

He lost. But I took this pic to share since it reminded me of Sunday's Gordan and DJ going back and forth with passing each other. The text messages between the two above mentioned fans were almost as entertaining as the race.

I'll work on who I'm gonna root for next time. I might have to do a little research. (after my homework of course!)

I give...

I'll admit that I went, but did not enjoy it! Here are three more pics.

The joint was very messy and I was very far up in the stands ( a whole 18 rows.) Ok mother, this is all you need to call me, and I shall talk your ear off. Any other pictures posted here on Nascar are NOT real!!

Nascar Sunday

There might be a slight chance that I might have skipped church to go on a last minute invite (that was possibly forewarned on Friday) to .........drum roll please.....NASCAR!!
Exciting times! Here pictured..ahem.....if I went and skipped church----(which...shhh...I can't admit because my dear mother reads my little blog once a year).-------would be a friend of mine whom I would have gone with....if I went...

PS. Hey D, nice sunglasses, by the way! I need to go with ya next time you shop! You must have a fabulous assistant!!

Thursday, November 2, 2006


I'm always fascinated by cool photography. Here's a good one.