Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Family Member

Isn't she adorable?

We probably didn't NEED another dog, but she looks so much like ours and Yorkies tend to entertain each other.
Tend. I used the word tend.
Our puppy is a ya bit spoiled and jealous. Stinker.

The new puppy is a huge fan of fetch. Constant fetch. I've been making her trade lovings for a couple of throws. She was a little skitish puppy when we brought her home and I'm not sure her previous owners spent much time cuddling and petting her. Poor baby.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Feed Me!!

Guess who has two thumbs and pulled off all ten days!! THIS GAL!

I am going to keep juicing at least once a day. I am also going to be eating a bunch of the raw vegetables.

My weight is still at ten pounds. I have stalled. Boo. I'm sure being active next week might help that.

I'll do this again, but it's kinda costly because I kept running out of stuff.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Exactly seven days. I have made it exactly seven days. I have lost exactly ten pounds. Ten pounds!! I think the dramatic loss on the first two or three days were water weight, but now I think I'm actually losing real weight. Ten more pounds and I have a bunch of clothes that I have missed wearing for months. 

I have no doubt that I can make it to Friday. No doubt. I have even demanded a date night out on Friday night from the hubby. Hello, dinner salad and water with lime. I'm guessing most restaurants don't keep beets on the menus. 

This fast didn't require much self control. That's one thing I that got my weight to the amount that it was. No self control to keep myself from eating foods that are bad for me and not eating ones that are extremely beneficial.

I'm taking the juicer on vacation with us. I won't juice every meal, but I will juice at least once a day. I kinda like this healthy stuff. I really like how I feel this week. When we get back, I'll probably try again for the 30 days.....but after I do a little more research on the lack of protein in the juicing fast. I have bought a couple of books on this juicing fast craze and will do things a little different next go around. 

Energy is still up. I'm still doing the xbox Nike workouts and coaching softball is helping. I also went for a little walk yesterday. It was gorgeous outside. Temperature in the 80's outside is perfect to me. 

Sleeping is better. Before the juice fast I was waking up at least once to sneeze like crazy and another time to tinkle. I was also sleepwalking. (Still don't believe that is true and not the hubby and kids playing a prank on me.) Then I was waking up at 4am. Wide awake. The last two days I've slept without waking up and have struggled to get out of bed at 7:30 to take the high school kid to school. The old me used to be able to sleep anywhere and hard for a good twelve hours. 

I'm still using the restroom everyday. Not sure how that is possible, and you probably don't want to know that much about me, but there's plenty of fiber in these fruits and vegetables. I'm also still keeping up with the 

On Friday I'll go ahead and give out stats. I weighed and measured the day I started this and will weigh and measure again on Friday before I eat anything solid. 

Three more days. I really can do this.  Tomorrow I'm going to browse at shoes online. Yay shoes! Even better, yay weighing less and being healthier. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


I went through Walmart to get some more produce and have beets in my cart. The sweet checker hollared at the next checker for the code for Artichokes. I pointed out that those are beets and not artichokes. I also showed her where the code could be found.

So far, my favorite lunch juice is Green Lemonade:
Apples - 2 md
Cucumber - 1
Kale - 4 leaf
Lemon - 1 (peeled)
Spinach - 2 cups


4 days left

Did I say the other day that I was feeling less cloudy? I might have been wrong. I missed two PTA meetings Friday.
It might be in my head, but I caught my reflection Friday and actually thought I looked thinner.
I'm not craving anything, I'm not having any trouble feeling full and I still have energy.

If we didn't have a trip planned for Spring Break, I actually think I could pull off a 30 day fast. I might try it in the future just to see how long I could go.

My stomach was grumbling later in the day yesterday. I made it until noon before it was time to juice again.

Yesterday evening after watching the family eat Girl Scout Cookies and then eat pasta - I announced I wasn't going to make it till Friday on the all juicing. The girls reminded me that swim suit season is coming up.  My husband decided to bribe me with a prize if I finish. Shoes. Ugh. He got me. Shoes. I'm going to finish this for the shoes.

So, day six is here. Friday's eatings should be fantastic. Although, I'll probably still stick to the raw fruits and veggies as much as possible, just not in a juice. I'll eat them.

Weight loss so far today is 9.5 pounds. And I have also lost inches off my waist. (I sound like an infomercial).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Chopping Broccoli

Day 3 and thanks to my husband, I have this song stuck in my head. Imagine the looks on the kid's faces as he stood in the kitchen and sung that. Heck, just imagine him singing that. Pretty funny.

Someone on hubby's blog warned I should be sure to include iron, omega-3's, and vitamin D. They also emphasized the word "fiber". Good idea -- multi vitamin added to the diet and making sure I get all of that daily. 
Yesterday morning I had to go to a nominating committee meeting for next year's pta board. We held the meeting at another pta mom's house. She's one of those types -- house spotless, very warmly decorated and probably got up at 5am to bake a cake and blueberry muffins. Ugh. Homemade Blueberry Muffins. That was the hardest part of yesterday. 
The rest of the day wasn't so bad. I even worked out on the Xbox-Kinect with the Nike workout. 

Physical Ailments I'm hoping the Juicing will help cure.
Bad knee - from running and from taking a blow directly to the kneecap with a softball
Back pain - first injured working on the ambulance
Back pain - another injury from the car wreck 1-1/2 years ago
Menopause Symptoms - I had some lady parts removed a while back.....two of them used to supply me with estrogen.
Allergies - Probably not -- but, it would be nice to not wake up in the middle of the night with a sneezing fit - or pull the car over because the sneezing is so bad.
And of course --- my weight. 

I weighted 4 days ago and was the same weight I was when I was at my most pregnant. Today, I am down 6.5 pounds. That sounds like a lot, but I'm skeptical -- I'm betting a lot of this is water weight since some of the veggies act as a diuretic. 

I'm still feeling like I'm in a good mood and today I don't feel as "cloudy" as yesterday, but still a smidge. Yesterday I probably could have used a nap after that work out, but we had a little girl's talent show to attend. A post work out juice picked me right up. 

Beets make things that come out of your body turn a different color. That might have been a little shocking. 

I am drinking the recommended amount of water 3 days straight for the first time in......a long time.

Someone noted that cleaning the juicer would be a beating. Not really. It's takes a whole 2 minutes. Scrubbing the cooked on grease off the frying pan after the girls had turkey sausage with my homemade sauce takes longer.  

Last Night's Supper Pic

Beets. Yum.