Friday, October 21, 2005

Worst Day Ever

Do I dare ask what else can happen......

In 24 hours:

I was pulled over twice by DPS and then a city cop and given a ticket (only one),
I was bitten by a pit bull in the back of my leg,
my tire ripped apart-all the way-while passing another vehicle on a highway,
and my donut went flat.

The tire of course was in the middle of nowhere with NO cell phone service. The nearest town was 15 miles away. Once the donut was aired up, I just wanted out of that town. Almost to the city limit sign....I closed my eyes for one quick sec and took a deep place like home, no place like home.....thump, thump......I ran over a small animal! At this point....I could do nothing but cry.

The tire thing was cruel justice for my lead foot. It drove me crazy to go 50 mph all the way home.

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