Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm exhausted

I went to the local grocery store for this week's groceries with children in tow. (tired children)
I get what I need with little arguments, from my followers. Even the cereal isle wasn't too painful. (Ever asked two children to pick out one breakfast from a whole isle?)
  • Self checkout: entered wrong pin # for debit card. Lots of beeping alarms go off. Slightly embarrassed.
  • Exiting: the ink cartridge (I paid for) set off the alarm. More embarrassed and a little annoyed.
  • Going to car: I drop the 12 pack of soda I just purchased in the middle of the street, had to hollar at the poor kids to go cling to a parking sign, hold hands and don't move! Very embarrassed and feeling sorry for my poor kids. How on earth do they get through a day with me? I should start saving for counseling now.
Finally home and thankful to be out of that silly store. I'm almost tempted to move to a big city just for the available internet ordered grocery delivery. I would tip BIG for that. I'm not a good shopper.

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