Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Did I do that?

I cleaned so many clothes yesterday that I almost broke the house! 
Fromm Hubbie's Blog:
"Had a "oh, no, the air conditioning at the house isn't working" moment last night. Fortunately I got lucky and diagnosed the issue after only two hours of rising heat. "
One of the comments in response:
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Barry, you have to change your a/c filter. Best every two weeks during July and August. Dirty filter = iced up unit. SEER rating of a unit is only with a new filter in the system. As dust builds up it gradually blocks air flow and the efficiency of the system goes downhill.

Energy tip of the day: Don't run your clothes dryer when it is 100 degrees outside. A clothes dryer pumps cool 70-degree air out of your house. The resulting low pressure sucks 100-degree air into your house. 100% of the cool air in an average 1200 square foot house is sucked out every hour the dryer is running. So dry your clothes early in the morning or move you dryer into your garage."

I might have washed, dried, folded, hung and put away about 7 loads of clothes yesterday

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Laundry Lady said...

I did that yesterday, and am still doing it today.....I decided to clean the linen closet because it was all jumbled up and smelled like dog arse. Dayum, do I have a lot of bed linens. I finally found the culprit. I think my hubby put an unclean dog blankey in there.....it was the last thing I pulled out, and boy did it smell. It and all the unmatched bedding are now in a black trash bag, destined for either the dumpster or the animal shelter.