Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football Ball Weekend

First stop, New Orleans Friday night, and yes I got to experience The Bourban Street scene. It was a crazy atmosphere. Insane. Did i get any beads? Hmmm.
I saw street performers galore including a couple of small brass bands that even had a tuba.
There were bunches of people hanging out on balconies with buckets of beads. Mostly men, but there was one with a woman tossing out beads  if you'd show her something.
Saturdays stop was the Washington Huskies playing at Tiger Stadium. We arrived three hours early to check out the tail gating. There must have been 1 billion dollars in RV's in 5000 square feet of alumni parking. If you've never ever caught sight of tail gating before a college game, then you are missing out on some serious over the top school spirit. I went to one of those small colleges that didn't have sports, so I missed out.
While trying to find "Victory Hill" to watch the marching band's entrance i spot this extremely tall man. He turns his head slightly my direction and I instantly realize it's Shaq!NBA star, Shaq. Apparently, Mr. Shaq attended LSU back in his day. Wiki claims he is 7'1", I believe it. That's crazy tall, and that's coming from me. I'm 5'8" barefoot. Toss some girly shoes on me and i can easily be 5'8 or even 5'11.

Today is watching Baylor's Robert Griffin, III play for the Washington Redskins against the New Orleans' Saints. This should be interesting, and i didn't expect the NFL tail gating to be crazier than the college. After walking three blocks to eat breakfast, I might be wrong about that. These locals are crazy!

Oh, i showed my belly button to get beads from the girl on the balcony. She totally wasn't paying attention and tossed me some. Some guy near me hollered at me for cheating.

As I'm blogging this, six men dressed in Washington attire stumbled down the street singing/yelling/chanting something about RGIII.

And yes, Shaq's picture is sideways. I'll eventually figure out how to correct that via the app.

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RPM said...

"Apparently, Mr. Shaq attended LSU back in his day."
Yeah, he was kind of a big deal when played ball for LSU.

I'm jealous of ya'll getting to experience this great of a sports roadtrip. Lightning in a bottle.

But cheating for beads in Nawlins? That ain't right!