Friday, July 29, 2005

Boondoggling and Bumfuzzling

A little exert from a newspaper led me to a new to me word. I thought maybe some one just made up this word until I looked it up in the dictionary. I was bumfuzzled when I found it is really a word. And if boondoggle is a word, then I was thinking bumfuzzled should be too. So just out of morbid curiosity I looked it up. IT IS!!

"WELCOME TO PARADISE The North Richland Hills City Council is having a budget planning retreat today and tomorrow at Garrett Creek Ranch in Paradise and some folks back home don't like the idea. City officials say the two-day session is all work and no play and they are trying to build consensus on budget items. Critics say it's a boondoggle and the distance makes it difficult for some residents to attend the sessions. The council should be more frugal, one critic told the Star-Telegram. " --Wise County Messenger Update

n : work of little or no value done merely to look busy v : do useless, wasteful, or trivial work

bum·fuz·zle ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bmfzl)tr.v. Chiefly Southern U.S. bum·fuz·zled, bum·fuz·zling, bum·fuz·zles
To confuse.

Once again, this should prove how easily amused I can be.

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