Monday, November 6, 2006

Who does a gal cheer for?

I sat next to a Gordan fan and I am best friends with a Dale Jr fan (real fans call him DJ-by the way). What a predictiment I was, I remained neutral and went for the #6 car. I remembered him from the time I attended last. He was the viagra car, it was funny...he wrecked and his hood got stuck....ya well, nevermind. He's now AAA. And his name is Mark Martin.

He lost. But I took this pic to share since it reminded me of Sunday's Gordan and DJ going back and forth with passing each other. The text messages between the two above mentioned fans were almost as entertaining as the race.

I'll work on who I'm gonna root for next time. I might have to do a little research. (after my homework of course!)

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