Sunday, August 3, 2008

Been Awhile...

....Since my last post....BUT

maybe, just maybe....tee, hee, hee.....

I'll keep up with it this time.

Today was a super busy and tiring day.

The girls stayed with dad the last two nights even though it is "my weekend". I suffered from a horrible allergy attack over the last couple of days. Notagood.

I walked in the night clinic, threw thirty bucks at the check in lady....within twenty minutes doc hooked me up with some good stuff. Yea....

So I went home, called Mr. Dad and they were at the grandparents fixin' to walk out the door to eat. He offered to keep them one more night to further my rehabilitation. I wasn't exactly thrilled, yet I didn't hesitate to konk right out.

So I awake this morn, test out the new allergy drugs (yes plural) two this morn and one more to pick up from the pharmacy as soon as I find that silly insurance card.

I picked up some lunch meat, bread, apples, chips and propell waters (that were on sell 3 for $10) and off to meet sweet Nana at the zoo.

Pics here.

Fun times by all. I played with the telephoto lens most of the time. Something isn't right with it. The manual switch is the only mode that it will work in.....and apparantly with my bad eyes....

The wide angle is great, but the camera's flash won't work with either lens.

Back at home--lil one and I stumbled in for a nap...she spent three seconds in protest, followed by a yawn and ended with the sound of sweet snoring.

We awoke to find me running late for a bacherlorette party that I should be attending and taking pics at....yet my head is back in full blown allergy head. Yuk.

I managed to wiggle my way over there and had quite the shock as to the theme.......we won't go there in this family friendly blog....that at the moment is private. But still........

So now, I'm loading the pics....that I don't appear in any of them....and I will appreciate my subjects very much for all the entertainment. I'll still be giggling tomorrow.

Arrival at home....first night to run next door and care for the animals that belong to the neighbors that went out of town today. Sweet family.....3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 bunnies, 1...yep...1 fish, dad, mom, 4yo bro, 2 yo bro, and one in mama's belly--gender undetermined at this point.

For to bed.

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