Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday? We'll see.

Here's how it happened.....
I may have had an incident yesterday. The entire day I was focused and on track with household duties. 
When the kids got home from school I even had them doing really well and ready for the evening softball game. 
With an extra 30 minutes to spare I decide to put my research on the baby weeping willow cherry tree infestation problem to work . 
Warning: If you can't handle spiders then don't read the rest of this. 

Hubbie and kids saw a spider on the tree, I found a cluster of tiny bright green egg sacs and there was webbing on the tree. 
I destroyed  the eggs sacs (odd: they were empty), cut back the dead part of the limbs, removed as much webbing as I could and felt a little freakish about dealing with a spider issue - even though I killed it.
I kept feeling as if I had something on me, BUT knew I didn't and just tried to remain calm. 
While hosing down the tree I find an itty bitty something on my right arm. I flick it off and do a ewwww dance. 
I look closer and realize there was more than one. 
Starting to lose it. 
They are all over my arms....on my skin....they can be seen on my white shirt. 
Now. I'm. Freaking. Out. 
My first instinct is to declothe and spray myself down right there in the back yard. I had my belt and shoes off before I got inside. I had mostly everything else off before I got to the washing machine. I make a dash for the shower and toss my underoos and brazier in the sink with the water running. 
I might be on the verge of hyperventilating and crying at this point. Ok. I was crying. I can't stand spiders and I can NOT handle that many on me. Ewwww....on me!!! 
After scrubbing all my 3000 body parts - I hear the dog whining outside the bathroom door. I shush her. She starts again. I shush her. She starts again and this time I can hear the 2nd grader's voice with some alarm in her tone coming towards my bedroom. 
I opened the shower door to see lots of water and realize the sink drain was clogged by the garments and caused overflowing. It only took half a second to realize that the 2nd grader was going to tell me that the water was going through the ceiling downstairs in the kitchen. 
Now I am extremely close to a mental breakdown....... it was pretty bad. Thankfully we had the worst of it cleaned up (using EVERY towel in the house) before hubbie walked in the door. I will say the ceiling could have been WAAAY worse. 

So, apparently the shower isn't the only thing that needed grout work or recaulking. Ugh - add that and ceiling repainting to my project list. 

Somehow we made it to the softball game and the girls won. The 7th grader in the house, walked up to me at the game and said mom - stop. there's something on your.....then she proceeds to remove something from my neck. I freeze (and fight back tears from fear that the shower didn't take) and ask with a very shaky voice if there are more. 
"Nope, you're good."When we got home I looked at the white shirt - there were still some on there - but were not alive. 

I worked on an ambulance and have seen some horrible things, I don't scare easy, I remain calm in emergency situations ...but I can NOT do spiders. 
I still have the heebie jeebies. I may need therapy. 
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Anonymous said...

I understand completely! Same happened to me, only it was 1, & it was big! I still freak out just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

7th grader probably taught by her mom to fear spiders showed grace and courage.

aroundthecorner said...

Go back to day one on my blog Kat. Read about my spider incident. Not funny then, funny now.

mzchief said...

Spiders, snakes and crickets freak me out worse than the rest of the creepy crawlies. I combat the creepy crawlies by poisoning a vast perimeter around my home.

Have you ever noticed that spiders will look at you or attempt to escape just as you are about to step on them or smack them with something?

It is really me but I my proxy server is being weird and will not let me log in.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back online Kat...I hate spiders too.Killed one once and about 1000 babies come out of BIG SPIDER and go in 360 degrees in my house...FREAKED out...sprayed them with first aerosol can i could find handy....i think it was PAM....anywaysyour story made me chuckle, not about the Spiders on you but imagining Barrys Face when you had to explain the water...LOL

cmoore....Lake Conroe