Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Random Thoughts

  • Well here we go. I guess today would be the first official day as a SAHM (that's the abbreviation for Stay At Home Mom's that we give ourselves).
  • For an incredibly long time (since early November) I have been off work with bilateral carpal tunnel. After anti-inflammatory, steroids, physical therapy all failed to help - I ended up having bilateral open carpal tunnel release surgery to relieve pressure off the median nerve.
  • No, I did not go with the Brown Method.
  • For anyone that truly believes that the surgery is a quick fix is incredibly ill informed. (I mention this because I read a comment someone posted about me.)
  • The recovery for this takes about a year to be back to normal --- and there is a good chance that 100% flexibility and strength may not be possible.
  • I loved the company I was working for and had full respect for management - but maybe the job that demanded so much typing wasn't meant for my skinny little wrists.
  • My right wrist is still swollen and painful at time - but it is getting better. I'm on the path to recovery.
  • So, after much discussions - hubbie and I decided to attempt to manage to live without my income.
  • (Please, please, PLULEEZE someone buy the ole house. FAST.)
  • So here we are. Day 1 of At Home Me.
  • I need to get some organization to my daily schedule. Any suggestions? There's gotta be some tricks to keep me on track.
  • Oh yea, my laptop hard drive crashed over the weekend.
  • I just dropped the Family Cat off at the Vet. She is really curious what it means to "get fixed". The vet tech LOVES her and thinks she is adorable!! hahahaha!
  • Younger daughter turns out to be quite the softball player. Older daughter - takes after me - she tried out for every sport in athletics to only make the cross country team (which lets everyone run). 
  • Hubbie hasn't been committed yet. yet. 
  • Keeping plants alive may no longer be my special talent in life. Apparently. 


aroundthecorner said...

Great to have ya back Kat. I will put you back on my blog roll!

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Kat, let me volunteer my services to check Barry's books. (both sets, the one he shows you and the set he keeps private). Once we obtain full disclosure, I'm sure that you will be comfortable with your financial well being. While I am more familiar with Stacy, I am confident that the there will be a similar Green gene of, shall we say "thriftiness"?

P.S. Glad to have you back.

Kathleen... said...

Congrats on the stay-at-home gig -- it's an incredibly rewarding experience. X's a million. =)

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Hey Kat, I noticed you didn't publish my comment. I hope you know I was just kidding.