Friday, March 1, 2013

Chopping Broccoli

Day 3 and thanks to my husband, I have this song stuck in my head. Imagine the looks on the kid's faces as he stood in the kitchen and sung that. Heck, just imagine him singing that. Pretty funny.

Someone on hubby's blog warned I should be sure to include iron, omega-3's, and vitamin D. They also emphasized the word "fiber". Good idea -- multi vitamin added to the diet and making sure I get all of that daily. 
Yesterday morning I had to go to a nominating committee meeting for next year's pta board. We held the meeting at another pta mom's house. She's one of those types -- house spotless, very warmly decorated and probably got up at 5am to bake a cake and blueberry muffins. Ugh. Homemade Blueberry Muffins. That was the hardest part of yesterday. 
The rest of the day wasn't so bad. I even worked out on the Xbox-Kinect with the Nike workout. 

Physical Ailments I'm hoping the Juicing will help cure.
Bad knee - from running and from taking a blow directly to the kneecap with a softball
Back pain - first injured working on the ambulance
Back pain - another injury from the car wreck 1-1/2 years ago
Menopause Symptoms - I had some lady parts removed a while back.....two of them used to supply me with estrogen.
Allergies - Probably not -- but, it would be nice to not wake up in the middle of the night with a sneezing fit - or pull the car over because the sneezing is so bad.
And of course --- my weight. 

I weighted 4 days ago and was the same weight I was when I was at my most pregnant. Today, I am down 6.5 pounds. That sounds like a lot, but I'm skeptical -- I'm betting a lot of this is water weight since some of the veggies act as a diuretic. 

I'm still feeling like I'm in a good mood and today I don't feel as "cloudy" as yesterday, but still a smidge. Yesterday I probably could have used a nap after that work out, but we had a little girl's talent show to attend. A post work out juice picked me right up. 

Beets make things that come out of your body turn a different color. That might have been a little shocking. 

I am drinking the recommended amount of water 3 days straight for the first time in......a long time.

Someone noted that cleaning the juicer would be a beating. Not really. It's takes a whole 2 minutes. Scrubbing the cooked on grease off the frying pan after the girls had turkey sausage with my homemade sauce takes longer.  


Bear said...

I'm curious as to what kind of juicer you are using. I saw an infomercial on one called the Nutribullet. What an amazing little machine. if you are interested.

Kat said...

Breville found on Amazon

I like it.