Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Turkey Day!

I am thankful I did not pig out this Thanksgiving. I did gain a pound this week and I don't mind at all.
I can say that I was one of those shoppers the day after waiting in line all night. I arrived at Walmart at 12:30 am to get my hand on a blitz item. I was first in line for a dual screen portable DVD player for my kids to watch in the car. Sadly, this is probably the best Christmas present I have ever bought them. The chances are extremely high that this present will not get to see wrapping paper. In fact, I may let them have it tonight.
So if I do give it to them tonight, now what I am gonna put under the tree for Christmas?(Besides the typical baby dolls, fire trucks, etc...)
I think I like Easter better......only have to get an Easter Bunny, take them to an egg hunt and they're exicited.
Did I mention that my older daughter's friends think I'm really cool? This holiday puts alot of pressure on a mom.

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