Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I did it...

...I must mention that I could not hold out until Christmas Eve to give my kids their DVD player.
They stayed with Nana and Papa for a couple of days and I drove to meet Nana halfway. I decided before going that I would just hook it up and go.
So I pick them up...."Mom, this is awesome.....Is this really ours.....you are sooo cool!
Yeah, I know, I know...."
So it worked pretty good for awhile....
Then it starts with the 3 year old.....Mom, I can't hear it. I turn the radio down....Mom, I can't hear it. I check the connection on her headset blindly while driving, feels like it's in.....MOOMMM, I CAN'T HEAR IT!!!
Ok, Ok....I pull over. I get out of the car in the cold and look at it again, I check the connection-good. I listen myself, and I can hear just fine. I look at her and say I have no clue, honey, but it works now.
Ok, five miles later...same thing...same routine...I pull over again and look at her. HEY....keep the headset on your head and over yours ears and you will hear just fine! Oh, ok mommy.
I think the blonde thing just might be heriditary. Yikes......the blonde leading the blonde.
Sadly, we had the same conversation on the way to school this morning.

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Anonymous said...

You haven't given us an update in a long time. Is nothing exciting happening in your life? We find that hard to believe.