Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I might take on drinking.... that is. I recieved most of my little school books today. So I read my history of the United States Up Until 1877 assignment to my 23 kids for their bedtime story. It was a precious moment. Then I woke up a couple of hours later....
I'm taking an intensive writing class....only 30 writing assignments. What the heck was I thinking when I choose that class? Maybe I should submit the UA test now and check for drugs.
Saturday we lost the football game.... we sooo need a win! It was really exciting to see our boys intercept the ball. Yikes, I'm learning sports....
I did accomplish a plan with the football coach and a football mom for the homecoming parade though. That was progress. And I realized my cheer daughter can make spirit sticks. I won't mention that she made them better than I did. That part is very not important. She made 13 Sunday night. I think I made 1 with the help of the 3 year old.
Just let it be a couple of more years before they outsmart me.

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