Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Speaking of...

....really good looking blondes....

If I did go to the Hottest Mom in America contest... I probably would have gone from 350-400ish women to somewhere between 30-40. Not bad numbers. Although, if they really knew how much my intelligence bumps up my "hottness", they would....oh wait....that probably wouldn't be good. But hey, at least for this week, I shall walk around with an over-inflated ego!
And, not that I'm admitting anything here, but if I did go...I would have received a cool t-shirt. At least it wasn't...ahem....wouldn't have been a totally wasted trip!

They will be in Miami this weekend....maybe I should fly on down there...they have a poll going on their home page that asks where are the hottest mom's, Dallas or Miami.

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