Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Go me....

I'm starting to really feel the pain of an actual college student. I think my poor mother is soooo glad I live sooo many miles away at the moment. She had the bad timing and bad luck today of emailing me the how's it going with college email.
Sorry mom!
One little question turned into a long, long answer. I think I wrote back a novel. I didn't remember college being this much work to get started the first time. She said it was a pain back then too. (About 8 years ago....eek, I'm still young I swear!!!)
It must have been sooo bad that I blocked it out of my memory. Maybe I'll do that again after this degree.
But the point..... yes, boss there is a caboose (somewhere)....
I actually got to sit down this evening and pick my first 15 hours.
Wish me luck and don't get mad if I start throwing in a little spanish on an occasional blog. I have to take 4 spanish classes, one of which I'll start now....don't they know I only speak blonde?!
Once again, wish me luck!

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