Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I don't generally feel anything until noon; then it's time for my nap. -Bob Hope

  • I woke up in pain all night last night. When I finally decided to get out of bed, I realized I couldn't get out of bed. Literally....or physically. Hubbie had to help me out. I couldn't put pressure on my hands down without a jolt of pain throughout my arms.
  • So, like any good husband would do for his wife, my hubbie cut up a pain pill in itty bitty pieces for me, got the kittens off to school and put me back in bed.
  • I was feeling a little better the last two or three days. I think the moments of using my hands/arms when I probably shouldn't have are catching up with me.
  • Yep, I have The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I've been moping around the house for a week and in pain.
  • I am on restrictions by the doctor's office and can't work until the doc fixes my wrists.
  • Right now I am waiting for the insurance company to approve an EMG study ordered by the the ortho doctor and then I go back to the ortho doc to see what he recommends for treatment.
  • I'm up for anything at the moment....just.get.them.fixed. 
  • I did the steroids. Nothing. I've taken pain pills. Thrown them up. There's one that semi makes me super sleepy - although does nothing for the pain. But I sleep a little better.
  • I have splints that are supposed to stay on all the time. They look goofy. 
  • I watched Dancing With The Stars last night for the first time this season (and for the first time in a long time). I was disgusted to see Brandy get voted out and Bristol still standing there. Maybe that's why I don't watch that show.
  • Could the jawbone found in Arubia be Natalie Holloway? Or could there be a chance that she isn't the only female that has died in the last five years? I'm betting it belongs to someone else.
  • that was some good stuff. I love that show.....except for the awkward parts. any kissing scenes while the kittens are watching.
  • I'm gonna go insane sitting at home all day. Really really soon.
  • I went on a road trip yesterday after walking the older kitten to school. The pup and I made it all the way to the Sonic for a cup of Java. My oh my was that good. 
  • I figured out on day one of staying home that i can tether the pup to my belt loop, wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt, and walk around the neighborhood forever. 
  • This wouldn't be so bad if I had more use of my hands (without pain). 
  • And to answer the age old question: would you rather go without your hands or your feet? That's still up for debate. I'm not sure I would be particularly pleasant without my feet. I love to walk and run way too much. It's frustrating without the hands...but at least I can use them a tiny bit here and a tiny bit there.
  • Good grief the kittens and hubbie have been getting onto me...."put that down!" "leave that alone!" "wait-wait let me do that!" They constantly hollar at me. 
  • Yes, yes...I know, I thankful for what I have. There are plenty of others out there that don't have the luxury of dealing with a loving sweet family to take care of them.
  • But still.....I just wanna be able to help out around here.
  • I've figured out I can continue my daily blogging without pain by taking the entire day to write them....a little at a time. 
  • Now off to bed. I gotta get some no-rest so I can wake up exhausted and still in pain in the morning so I can call an insurance company to find out what a gal has to do to get an EMG study approved and schedule already. 
  • Did I mention they consider this workman's comp? Ugh. 


SpoonerStreet said...

So you did this whole post using text-to-speech, right? Now that is impressive!

Propagandist said...

It's a sad day, for the Internets, when the hottest, blond, girl blogger is broken.

Get over felling guilty about making BG do your bidding. You're a chick, you're suppose to enjoy making a guy your bitch.

Hope you get well soon and they do the minimally invasive, two-stitch CT Release technique.

Kat said...

I heart you!
Thanks for cheering me up!

....and make that two of us hoping for the words "minimally invasive".

Kat said...

Spooner - Swype Technology and kids helping out is impressive.