Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Thoughts

Poor puppy. The things I put her through.

  • Puppy and I sat on the front porch to hand out candy while the girls went trick or treating with a couple of others and hubbie was spliting time between the ranger's game and hanging with me. It was a good night.
  • Some of those little kids were EXTREMELY adorable. I can't remember how many times hubbie or I would say...."He/She is SO adorable!"
  • Puppy got lots and lots of attention. It's odd how seeing a puppy will cause people to stop, pet her and then proceed to share a story of the animals they have at home.
  • I think the crowds of people coming and going were good for the puppy. She was pretty well behaved.....except when she saw other dogs. She seriously has no idea that she is a small dog and not a big one. That spells trouble.
  • I was shocked on how many kids were trick or treating. We ran out of candy before 8pm and I had bought 5 jumbo bags of candy.
  • When the girls got home they wanted to pass out candy so they started handing out their own. It was cute and sweet.
  • After 8pm it seemed as if the only kids left were tweens and teenagers. We are two houses from an intersection in the neighborhood and a pretty big group of kids --- maybe 20-ish, without adults were running rampart around that intersection. They got honked at a couple of times because they stood in the intersection not letting cars through.
  • They were throwing something, too. Unsure what but it's very possible they might have been throwing eggs.
  • One tween/teen aged child was dressed in plaid, had a mask and was running around after little kids with a fake chainsaw. It was an insane scene.
  • That was about the time we decided to head inside for some frozen pizza and to watch Modern Family from last week together.
  • One of our vendors at work gave us (as in the company) two tickets to the World Series game at the ball park. To keep it fair - they took a poll of who could go and held a drawing.
  • One of the guys at our shop won. Then he was kind enough to send a picture from the game. I'm so hatin' him right now!
  • I hate to say this, but I saw defeat in the eyes of a couple of players around the 6th ending. I have the prediction that this will NOT end well. I hope I'm wrong.
  • Cowboys who? I saw a guy at a Halloween Party Saturday night that had a Romo Jersey, the dorky hat and had his arm in a brace (broken clavicle).
  • The root canal last week wasn't too bad the day it was was late that night that I was really regretting not having pain meds. #1 I am really bad at swallowing pills. #2 I hate the weird feeling that pain drugs give. #3 Pain drugs make me sickly and I hate throwing up. #4 I think doctors tend to give out pain drugs like candy.
  • If I can get through pain without drugs then I'm happy...but that night the tooth and my carpal tunnel was too much too bear. Poor hubbie felt helpless and sad because I laid in bed with little tears falling on my pillow.
  • The carpal tunnel is hurting a lot more over the last month. Ice and advil aren't cutting it any more. I also completely don't understand why it will keep me up at night or wake me up at night. I'm laying still...I'm not doing anything repetitive.
  • I also have a sneaking suspicion that I may have a thyroid problem.
  • This is an odd one...earlier this year I was diagnosed with vitiligo. That would be the disease that Michael Jackson made famous. Go figure, I grow up the awkward ugly duckling, blossom into the swan (cause I'm sooooo good looking) and then get vitiligo. It won't kill me, doesn't hurt, isn't contagious, but still....I'm gonna end up looking so weird if it gets any worse. Right now, its mostly in parts of my body that normally can't be seen.
  • I'm falling apart. Fast.
  • Don't eat too much candy. It'll rot your teeth. But if you do, I highly reccoment Excellent Dental in Decatur. They are nice, nice, nice.
  • Plus, Dr. Renfro made me giggle, when he delivered a message from hubbie's blog that said to give me "Ugh" because of the root canal. Dr. Renfro sees me in the hallway and says, "Ugh". I give him a weird, "Huh?" and he mentions he read hubbie's random thoughts for the day. Ah I get it.
  • Happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

I guess you may have to pay a visit to the highly publicized Brown Hand Center for your carpal tunnel. Supposedly not much down time from them.

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Check out the ultimate in house pets on my blog. Makes dogs and cats a piece of cake. lol

YM said...

I hope you're having some relief from the pain and can find somebody who knows what they're doing to help you with the carpal tunnel.

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Hope you get well soon.

Judy said...

DR. Renfro is wonderful!!! Went to him for years before I moved to East Texas.
Hope your carpal tunnel goes away soon! I can't imagine the pain and miss reading your blog!