Friday, November 19, 2010

Car Derby Friday

I have never participated in a car derby before,, much less an edible car derby.
#1) That is waaay harder than it seems.

Our sweet second grader went with limes for the wheels, two garlic bread sticks for the body, hello kitty pencils for the axles (axles were allowed to be non food parts), orange peels to connect the bread sticks to the pencils, tostito chips with sparkly sprinkles for the headlights, rolos in red wrappers for break lights, macaroni colored black for the door handles and one peanut butter cracker with a smiley face poked into it for the driver.
Front View:

Back View:

#2) I have never been so entertained over kid's creations. You can only imagine what a bunch of second graders could come up with.

(Psst--BG - look at the one with the lucky charms cereal on it....they put their lasagna noodles together like a sandwich. Why didn't we think of that?)

#3) Hers didn't win first (or second, third...etc...) but this one with the green apples for wheels traveled 20 feet and did win:

#4) Hers might have fallen apart when it hit the floor after going down the ramp.

Oh well....
She said she had fun and didn't mind it falling apart. That made me happy and proud.

Good times.


aroundthecorner said...

I think it was a great car Kat. Only from experience do we know to use Grapefruits next time. Wins the long run every time!

Hope your feeling better, sounds like your in much pain. Friend had the same issues you describe and after therapy ended up having surgery on both wrists. She is like new now. For all its worth.

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

ashley said...

Fun!!!! Rann should do something like that!

I keep hearing about this new-fangled surgery for carpel tunnel. Minimal invasion surgery. Hopefully you'll get that and recover much faster.