Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Babies come from....

The good Lord above, according to my 3 year old! I asked her last night at the supper table where babies come from (yes I know that was daring and brave-but I like to live life on the edge) and she said God brings them.
But how does He get them here?
He puts them in the mommy's tummy.
Oh. How does He get them in mommy's tummy?
Shrugs shoulders. Continues eating.
How did God bring you to me? Do you remember?
Nods head, smiling really big.......He brought me over on the boat mommy!
Ah-ha. I completely understand now.
Anything you need explaining-just ask my 3 year old.


*ME* said...

Hey at least at three she didn't pop out with the truth...just give her a few years in public school! LOL
Really that's so cute!!! (the boat)

Anonymous said...

Cute kid. Maybe a little too much like her mom. Just kidding.