Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ten things I love to do:

(Other than get accepted to my first choice college.)
10. Balance my checkbook. (My mom is a CPA.)
9. Take naps on Sunday after a really big meal. Bonus points if it's raining outside.
8. Laugh so hard that some one asks if I'm crying.
7. Get laughed with (not at.)
6. Watch my kids sleep.
5. Dance silly (water sprinkler, shopping cart, the twist--so much fun!)
4. Sing really loud with all the car windows down at a stop light.
3. Attempt to fly a kite (not something I have ever been succesful at).
2. Spoil supper by eating desert first.
Drum roll please......#1
1. Get a brain freeze from eating ice cream really fast with my kids. Those really do hurt!

Sidenote: That is not my child....I think...


Anonymous said...

Pretty good top 10 list.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she looks just like you

Anonymous said...

You know that is to your child.