Thursday, June 29, 2006

Admitted is such a pretty little word!

My grumpy, admissions guy came through! I am soooo lovin him right now. It feels like just yesterday that I was told it will be a couple of weeks until my application process will be complete. I log on to their website today for my daily dose of anxiety. And what do ya know there is that cute, little word: Admitted! I could not believe it. I actually had to call and verify. Yep the darling, little lady (with a big smile in her voice) confirmed my suspicions. ADMITTED!
Bring on the frat boys and kegs!
Oh wait....mother, I meant...ahhh...for a theological viewpoint of course. I would never dream of participating in anything wrong or sinful.
I wonder if they will send me a college ID. I thought I heard on the radio that Thursday night is college night at the bar. Maybe I could just print the web page out. Would that work..... once again, mother those are all just theories..... must go celebrate and pop in my new favorite movie...... Oh yeah, and that is not a pic of me. Although, I am loving the hat and cape!

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Anonymous said...

Serves that litte grummpy guy right. How dare he make you question yourself. Congrats.