Friday, August 4, 2006

Please help me!!!

You see, my parent's are going to sell their sweet, little home and move. Before it goes on the market a couple of things could be done to help it sell, such as the back fence needed replacing horribly! Their side yard is concrete blocks and their back yard used to be old, rotted, falling apart, wooden fence. They could pay Lowe's to build it for a pretty penny. But why do that when you have free labor in the form of your children, in which, you raised. Yes, guilt still works.
So here's the dilema.
Replace the wooden fence or put up concrete blocks? Let me add, the wood, will have to be purchased for full price available in their town. The concrete blocks---REALLY cheap in another town 45 minutes away.
Either way, I think building a wooden fence is eaiser and the guy at Lowe's agrees with me. My brother, who is a nerd, thinks the concrete blocks would be just as easy.
Any professional opinions? Expert witnesses? Past experiences?
Heck, I'll just settle for thoughts.
(Actual pic)


You know me and my wood knowledge said...

Wood would be much easier than the blocks

Anonymous said...

Or I could hire someone who knows what they are doing.