Friday, August 4, 2006

One more and I'm over it..... (at least for today)

K- So they filmed outside this morning (1st pic). I was amazed on how much is involved in a tv show. Too many thoughts to list. But I am very impressed with how friendly the crew was. They were VERY kind to us gawkers (3rd pic.) And no I was not hanging over the balcony to see the stars. (Well, at least not at that moment!)
But the difficult part was when they moved inside and every five minutes you would hear QUIET ON THE SET! ROLLING! QUIET PLEASE! That wasn't bad in itself, BUT if you were trying to get work done and go home, it puts a damper on things when you get stuck in the hallway between offices. I swear I made a mistake in my choice of shoes today. I may not have been discovered, but I did personally discover those things are loud as heck! Craziness!
Pic #2 and the events directly after made my day. I got a close up shot (on break) annndd I waved and blew a kiss at him and he waved back. Even if he probably did roll his eyes behind his sunglasses and mutter a couple of unnice things under his breath & behind his smile, it still made my decade.
I'm good.

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