Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Broken Promise

I know I promised not to blog anymore on the Prison Break thing, but this is one I can't let go unmentioned. I was used as an extra on the show. They came back for a second taping in my big town.
Yep, very exciting day I had Monday. Happy Day. I got to walk down a sidewalk in front of a store. So, basically, you have to look past the main characters, out the window to notice me walking by. Annnnddd. that's if, it makes it past the editing department.
That was one hurry up and wait kinda day.
But, it'll do for a start. Soon, it will be me as the main character.
I won't mention the vehicle I abuse on a daily basis got more coverage than I did.
Hey I did get to be really close to the FBI agent guy. He was pretty nice.
I was more fascinated with the crew. All that stuff. So much technical stuff. I was amazed.
I still haven't figured out the guys that stand in for the characters. But that's why this is Kat's Blonde Moments and not Kat's Brilliant Moments.

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